Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Kong Hi Fatt Choy

I stole this graphic from my bro here, wishing all Malaysians and everyone on cyberspace a Happy Chinese New Year. May the Year of the Rat be a blessed one for Malaysia.


  1. The year the Rat
    Ushering his reign
    The smart aleck

    The god Rat
    He comes out to survey
    The beginning
    The election of his comrades

    The taxes and cost of goods
    The pockets full of holes
    The god Rat delivers subtly
    Winking his eyes
    The cheese so disappear suddenly

    The small talk
    The empty promises
    By leaders and government
    Punching holes the god Rat says hello!

    The recession comes
    Eating slowly but surely
    The people will grumble
    Crying too the poor

    So make a choice
    Don’t get fooled again
    US can Taiwan do
    Australia too

    Happy New Year
    O god Rat
    Let your reign be changes
    In the country

    For those who are celebrating
    Kong Xi Fa Cai; Keong Hee What Chye
    Happy happy all the year through!

  2. Anonymous11:02 pm

    I hope the year of the rat will usher in a new Malaysia. A free Malaysia for all.

    This coming GE is pretty much our last hope to take this country back.

  3. Gong Xi, Gong's one to all your readers but NEVER EVER for the road...


  4. Anonymous2:31 am

    Gong Xi Fa Cai to Rocky Bru and family and may God bless you all.

    This year, let the good Rat bites the tails off the bad ones in our august house!

  5. Happy Chinese New Year 2008!!~ May the year ahead be a smooth and prosperous one. CHeers~

  6. Anonymous11:13 am

    I also hope the year of the Rat will usher in good tidings for not only Malaysia but also for Palestine, Chad, Somalia, and many other parts of the world where even the most basic items like water, electricity and a roof over one's head is a luxury.
    Indeed one tries to derive hope from elections in USA and Australia, but to be cynical, do things ever change - the powerful still reigns and even the semblance of democracy will not erode the ravages of the rich and greedy. Power simply corrupts and the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
    Mr Rat will have a tough time!!!!
    But still Gong Xi Fa Cai.

  7. Anonymous12:19 pm

    Chinese Wishes by Photo!
    Everything Red as it symbolize Fortune and Good Luck!
    Golden "Big Luck" on Red Envelopes doubly emphasized the wishes!

    Surely no Red on the Balance Sheet
    Nor "Good Luck" should go to the Crooks!

    For Year of Mouse, here comes the wishes:
    Crooks be the Ugly and dirty Mouse crossing the Streets
    so every one can club them a bit.
    Hearty bloggers be Mighty Mouse
    with all the power against the evil might.
    Citizens not be guinea pig (White Rats)
    so not be manipulated as in the lab
    All be happy as Micky Mouse in Disneyland!

    when translated from Chinese:


    Rocky, you are Mighty Mouse, in this respect, deserving the Fortune and Good Lucks!

  8. Anonymous2:43 pm

    Selamat Tahun Tikus to all who celebrate, esp to Ewoon, Pat Teoh, Uncle Zorro, SK Thew, TV Smith, June Tan, Kean Jin, Daphne Ling...

    dan lain lain Chinamen and women who are not likely to gimme angpow

    Btw, the real miracle that happened today is that there is no traffic jam at Mid Valley!

    Woo Hoo!

  9. Didn't get around to wish everyone wishes.

    SO, wishing all Malaysians Chinese Happy New Year. Xin NIan Kuai Le.

  10. Anonymous7:09 pm


    I smell a rat in an announcement/request from the PM.

    He wanted the 'keris weilding' minister to look into the request by the Chinese Community regarding a school in Damansara.

    Only now the PM woke up?

    So long the poor folks have been displaying this matter at the Chinese Assembly Hall in KL but no one took notice?

    Now, with elections around the corner, this request?

    And it will be discussed, discussed, discussed and discussed only with no solutions - once the BN is voted back to power?

    Good luck to those who continue believing in the guys who continue bluffing.

    This is another Malaysia Boleh stuff.

  11. Anonymous7:17 pm

    Hi Rocky's Bru,

    Here is wishing you and your family a Happy Year of the Rat.

    Gong Xi Fa Cai.

  12. Anonymous7:51 pm

    Do i smell rats???

  13. Anonymous11:33 pm

    Have you ever read or seen the movie.5 star rating by me.It moving.
    'King Rat'played by George Seagull based on a POW somewhere in Malaya during the Japaness occupation.

    Man.... there too many of King Rats now.!!!

  14. Kong Hee Fatt Choy to you and all your readers!