Saturday, February 09, 2008

"I work very hard ... and you know it," says Pak Lah

Work hard for us? Not sure whether to laugh or to cry when I read Tok Mommy's posting on the PM working hard to convince the people that he is a working (or hardworking) PM.
With Parliament expected to be dissolved on Feb 13 [here], which means General Election is just around the corner, the report by The Star has succeeded only in making Pak Lah sound desperate. I am sure by now the voters know very well if their PM has worked very hard or not. No need to shove it down our throats. We already know.

Go read Don't say that I don't work - Pak Lah.
p.s. I am still waiting for Pak Lah to comment on KJ's desire to contest in Rembau in the next GE. He's sure taking his time on this one. Or he has to wait for the go-ahead from the police and ACA?


Anonymous said...

Ho-ho Bru,
Coincidentally, I just got back from Senseintrovert blog, which has compiled Pak Belah's Compendium of Flowery Quotes.

The following quotes all start with "I" and rhyme with his latest "I work very hard" quotes.

Go to for the list, which runs to hundreds!!!

# I Am Not Arrogant (1)
# I Am Not One-term PM (1)
# I Am PM (2)
# I Am PM For All Malaysians (9)
# I Am The Finance Minister (2)
# I Command Majority Support (1)
# I Don't Know (4)
# I Don't Remember (2)
# I Don't See It As A Crisis (1)
# I Don't Think I Can Wait Too Long (1)
# I Failed My Statistics Paper (1)
# I Have A Job To Do (6)
# I Have Big Ears (1)
# I Have My Own Way (4)
# I Have No Interest In Iraq Scheme (1)
# I Need More Time (3)
# I Still Have A Lot of Time To Deliver Promises (5)
# I Will Monitor Them (1)
# I Won't Disappoint The People (1)
# I'll Run In Next Elections (1)
# I'll Serve With Integrity Efficiency and Fairness (1)
# I'm Aware (1)
# I'm Happy Ministers Don't Fight (1)
# I'm Here For Long (2)
# I'm Well Don't Worry (1)

Anonymous said...

"As Malaysians, no matter where we are and even though we are just a minority group, attending a function, we should feel comfortable and happy when attending a function"

Ooh, our PM is often very, very comfortable when attending a function. Sampai tertidur.

Anonymous said...

"I work very hard ...and you know it", Pak Lah.

We do? Well, I don't.

We thought you were looking (and still looking) and waiting for "inspiration" all the time in your dreams. And for your minders to prompt and tell you what to do.

Stop kidding yourself. Just show us some tangible results.

Anonymous said...

I like the "Sleeping While Standing Up" APEC group photo best.

All the World leaders were laughing at him (us).

You have the picture? Its a gem. A sure election winner for his opponents.

Anonymous said...

this Dollah chap reminds me of Habibie...a joke

straycat's strut said...

I happened to watch tv3 news when he made that "I work hard..." speech. He is not the person I know in the last four years.

Anyway, I do admire his ability to make that pious, "trust me" face when he made that statement. I feel guilty already! Now I remember why I voted BN in the last election...

lanaibeach said...

‘I work hard for my money’
The sleeping beauty croons
In the year of the Rat
He will fair badly

When he wakes after a long slumber
He thinks he has people support
Sleeping on his job
Declaring so many corridors
Benefiting his own people
Only the crumbs fall to the rest

‘I work hard for my money’
He brands it his campaigns
Unity in the cluster of bamboos
It is the hidden sword that derails it all
O yeah he sings his song!
‘I work hard for my money’

Till the tail end
He hears his snoring
The encore of his sleeping
He can’t hide; he has no eyes to see
He knows he sleeps through his job
Now he sings
‘I work hard for my money’
Weakly putting up a strong face
People know
He can’t fool them again

the witch's broo said...

our prime minister thinks the rest of malaysia is like him.
as they say you can fool some people some of the time, but you can't fool everybody.

is this guy for real?
i know he's been travelling way too much, and not necessarily working.
ummmm....especially after his marriage to JEAN.
(sorry....i ws told that she was never a Jeanne)

Mr. Smith said...

I posted this comment in Malaysia Today on reading the Star. It was an impromptu reaction and I will repeat it here.
Every time I see this PM's face in the papers I get nauseated and when he speaks I begin to throw up. What listen? He never listens!!!!
He says one things and does just the opposite. He lies. He is cruel. He is a hypocrite. He is a chameleon.
He is the worst PM this country has every had.
Dog owner will tell you how they shove down pills down the throat of their pets when they fall sick.
You force open the jaws, insert the pills right behind the tongue, close the jaws shut and grip them together till it gulps down the medication.
The PM has to shove down those words into me for me gulp it in. But then, I will throw up, for thes e words are not medication but poison.

Anonymous said...

from The Star: PM: I work very hard

"Some of you can say that I'm not good, you can say whatever. "But don't say that I don't work."

yes, Dolah... being NOT good at running the country is still considered work, nonetheless!

"I work very hard. I really mean it and you know it,'' he said to thundering applause from hundreds guests who attended the Chinese New Year open house at the Penang Chinese Town Hall here.

wait seminit Dolah... something is not quite right with that statement of yours... you say you work hard and you mean it?

and for that he got a thundering applause from hundreds guests who attended the Chinese New Year open house at the Penang Chinese Town Hall here?

hmmm... the "hundreds guests" must have been really hungry.

Abdullah said as a Muslim, he had an obligation to fulfil his responsibility.

"I have a very heavy responsibility and I have to carry it out,'' he said.

what? you mean after over 4 years you haven't done it already?

"It is God's will that I become the Prime Minister of Malaysia and I am very conscious that I have to serve the people although I personally do not benefit even one sen because of this,'' he said.

yes, Dolah... it was also God's will that Thothmes I became the Pharaoh during the time of the Prophet Musa (a.s.)... but, then again, we all know what happened to that particular Pharaoh, don't we?

He said in fulfilling his responsibility, he has to be fair to all Malaysians, irrespective of their ethnic backgrounds.

yes, Dolah... now all Malaysians, irrespective of ethnic background, has to pay the same higher price when we go to petrol stations to fill up our tanks!

gee, that was reaaaally hard work... no wonder you sleep whenever you can... sometimes, even while standing up!

cheer up Dolah and stop grovelling... although you are about as bad as Bush Jr. but by the will of God... Junior got his second term!

Anonymous said...

i was watching tv3 last night and i thought i heard him said " i work bloody hard". i was shocked at him using the word 'bloody' but then later decided that i must have heard wrong.

did i really heard wrong?
just wondering.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God

He is pleading again and again. Pak Lah, it is time you say "I have to go".

Anonymous said...

"...I personally do not benefit even one sen because of this."

lying in front of thousand of ppls - man this guy is damn blardy biadap.

the country will be better off without this compulsive liar as a pm.

Anonymous said...


Your reminder on Bodohwi is the best chinese new year present to the community. Wish it can be translated into Mandarin for wider dissemination.

And I take this opportunity wishing all Bloggers a healthy and wise year ahead. And Rock Bru, it's time to meet up again for all bloggers and best before the next general election. Wishing all healthy and smart, not to be duped again as in 2004.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

The 4th Floor propaganda machines are working overtime as the elections near.
But those 'brilliant' boys should know better than to push this kind of messages..
Its bound to backfire..and badly too.
Working hard is one thing(many snigger at what hes working hard with ;-) ) but working intelligently is another...

Anonymous said...

If Kit's son and Karal's is contesting . whats with KJ constesting as well and his not Pak Lah's son just son in law.

Anonymous said...

anon 12:42!

two wrongs don't make a right lah. let us learn from indonesia. once upon a time the son-in-law of the President was so hated that the people brought down the President. i am an Umno member and i don't want that to happen to my President.

i don't know about u.

Anonymous said...

by his standards, he really works very hard now. wonder, what was he doing while being foreign minister.
work or no work, dont you worry Badawi your corrupt party assisted by equally corrupt police, AG, judiciary and EC will be re-elected.

Anonymous said...

come on guys, pak lah worked's only that u guys worked much harder to make him look not working hard...


Anonymous said...

Enough talk, mumbling, insults, and condemnation over this "pm"...

Don't we all know that "pm" sounds like and looks like "pm", but for sure not "p**i m*k".

Catch not the voters, but those monkeys counting our votes!

Aint he king of all monkeys?

Anonymous said...

anon (3:59PM),

hey...don't give us too much credit-lah. or rather, don;t insult us-lah.

nobody needs to WORK HARD to convince anyone that our PM sleeps, holidays too much, knows very little about the economy of the country, is weak, has abdicated his duty as PM.....

maybe, he takes instructions very well. and still does... from KJ and his foolish "advisors"...

so....don;t try to spin-laaah.
people are not BLIND nor DEAF. NOR stupid.

Anonymous said...

This guy keeps contradicting himself.

Anonymous said...

For the information of all - Yes he said " i work bloody hard". I was with my sisters and children and was shocked at him using the word 'bloody'. What a good piece of editing by the newspapers. Rocky, plse comment. I watched NTV7. This is really unbecoming of a PM.


Anonymous said...

Yo Mr rocky, no offense but maybe you should watch your back. Criticizing PM works definitely should gave you trouble man. You have 2.9 Million visitors traffic and everyone reading it over the net. However I like reading your writing bro rocky..hehe

Anonymous said...

He will be the Greatest Malaysian Jolly Good Fellow or IDOL!!

Whenever he starts the Word "I" People will smile in their hearts if not aloud or allowed!
"He is going to start a Joke of himself again!"

Most probably this is the ONLY success he may claimed so far!
But will he claim the same to his Grandchildren?
Or, will his kids explain truly how he can claim?

Don't he feel tired?
Or don't he bother that People are sick of his "I"?

MTH, you must had been deaf when picking this big "I" for Malaysian to be sick!!

Anonymous said...

Well,no one is prefect so are you,hoping for better future is deep in our heart,but to the part or your harsh and extreme criticism here,I would say you are bias in the way that you are lopsidedly giving your shallow comments in here...I do not know your motive indeed which does not vent a sense of harmony...'Shame On You' quoted George.W.Bush...

Shut down your blog and back to work ...Freedom of speech by PAk Lah isn't a consent to a person with a shit mouth like you...


Anonymous said...

Freedom of speech ,I dare you to open it to all here...I will be back!

London,U.K 17.40

Anonymous said...

Nazim (Anonymous 8:45 PM) said... For the information of all - Yes he said " i work bloody hard". I was with my sisters and children and was shocked at him using the word 'bloody'. What a good piece of editing by the newspapers. Rocky, plse comment. I watched NTV7. This is really unbecoming of a PM.

Sloppiness is of course not to be encouraged. But perhaps we should congratulate NTV7 for this unwitting exposé.

This is not the first time either our IDOL (nice coinage by "Sharing") has been caught being unbecoming.

Why lah sooo de very KOMAN!

Anonymous said...

I am anon 10:18 a.m
Thank you anon 8:35 p.m ( Nazim) for confirming that he ( that PM ) did say 'bloody hard'.

I was about ready to make an ENT appoinment come Monday to check my hearing.

It is a shicking how a PM can use the word 'bloody'. I occasionally use the word talking to my friends. But he is the bloody PM lah. Ada class, sikit lah. set a good example. Cakap bersopan santun. Jangan biadap !

Anonymous said...

methinks, the usage of the word 'bloody' just goes to show that our hardworking PM has been down-under too often. methinks, he should cut down on his trips to perth.

now, what do i tell my nephews and nieces when they use bloody in their speech. after all, the bloody PM has set a very fine bloody example himself.

and i am sure, when he talks of rocky to jeanne, he always say, "that bloody rocky, always nak hentam aku aje. bloody fool lah he"

Anonymous said...

"I work very hard ... and you know it"

I work very hard .....

a. only at night
b. that is why I am tired
c. that is why am sleepy
d. that is why I need lots of holiday
e. becos I am just married
f. that is why I need my SIL help
g. becos I need the money
h. becos there are so many coridors

Anonymous said...

Macam mana Pak lah boleh survive sebagai Perdana Menteri selama 4 tahun yang lepas, saya tak faham? Saya pening memikirkan bagaimana rakyat malaysia boleh pilih dia lagi dalam PRU12 akan datang? Bodohnya Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tommy,
The whole UMNO can be revamped plus its president even though u are an UMNO member. U are just a member nobody will care.

Typically, I could be a die hard fan of Man U but when chgs come it doesnt only affect the mgr but to a certain degree of the board of directors and players as well.


Anonymous said...

Dear Tommy, the whole UMNO can be revamped. Doesnt matter if u are just a member. Just when u wanna stop a rot in the football team the whole team upto the mgrs, directors and president has to go...

Anonymous said...

See his face also demotivating man.

Sommore say he work hard.

Things that i work hard for

1) My New Wife
2) My New house
3) My Aeroplane

Errr about the country dont ask i am busy working hard for myself !!!