Friday, February 15, 2008

Did you lose a bomb?

Bomb find in the city. I was driving along Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz just an hour before midnight when I saw some people hurrying away from the intersection in front of the Celcom headquarters. Quite a bit of police presence, too. At first I thought it was another street demo and for a while I suffered a pang thinking that nobody had told me of it. But there was not a water canon nor a tear-gas truck to be seen.
So I called up a couple of buddies from the papers to check it out.

Someone must have dropped his C4 while having supper there (see the Bernama story here).
Wow, have we arrived, beloved Malaysia!


tehsin mukhtar said...

I'm curious as to some people's references to Feb 16 for something big, Rocky. Wouldnt be beneath them to create havoc. Ataupun this bomb scare merely CEREKARAMA/SANDIWARA ..seems this guy tengah malam buta boleh TETIBA nampak bomb ni under some leaves...hmmmm

Anonymous said...


ask dpm ...

he knows.


budak johor said...

and the candidate for the new Johor MB prefered by Istana Johor is.....YB Razali Ibrahim-Muar MP @ Hishamudin former PA.

Khaled Nordin, as long as you are on Dollah's side, the istana won't accept you.

Remember that only in Johor, the only state in Malaysia which Umno or BN warlord can't control and only the Istana will decide...

Even Shahrir dulu pun boleh menang as calon bebas @ cap kunci with the support of the whole Istana.

So KJ, just forget about putting your man as Johor MB.

warrior2 said...

It was a hand granade not C4.

tehsin - it was found at 8 pm by the person and not "tengah malam buta". Anyway, tengah malam buta or 8 pm is immaterial as it could be a well lit area or it is malam mengambang time. Is it full moon now? Cant recall.

Ordinary Superhero said...

After the Altantuya case, these hand grenade or C4 or whatever are easily available. If you recall during the trial, even the officer in charge admitted that he didn't keep stock of what taken out for training and what being returned after the training.

Oh Malaysia Tanah Tumpah Darah ku...

Anonymous said...

well rocky, not surprising. check this blog,

this bomb-carrying truck was not even escorted of any sort. surprising?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

bomb? for a minute i thought Janine was in town...hehehehehe....

LRT said...

why wanna ask PM, he is busy zzz, better ask lingam...

Chow Kit Cowboy said...

I saw it all.

There was this huge, hunky guy with an attitude, who stopped by to pee. He was carrying all kinds of weapons.

When I stopped and asked for his autograph, he signed "Rambo". He must have dropped it when he zipped up. Didn't say where he was going though.

Mr. Smith said...

I don't think it was a bomb or any such thing. It is staged.
Someone puts the bundle there and another reports to the police. Police confirms it is a bomb.
Reason: Instil fear into the people, especially the Chinese to vote BN.
What say you?

Parrot said...

LOL, WTF is with these comments? Has all of the rational minds left the country or gone into hiding, or is this the work of KJ's cybertroop?

warrior2 said...

Mr Smith,

wow, what a reasoning! Hopefully not many like you

Anonymous said...

Hope BN not to pull that taiwan`s chen shui bien shooting episode...does anyone remember that fiasco?or elaborate...I ingat-ingat lupa...

anything can happen in malaysia..

Anonymous said...

16 Feb is the day Hindraf wanted to send children with roses to give the PM at Parliament House?

Now that we only have a caretaker PM, will the kids go ahead?

The bomb - as though only now it is a threat?

We have assasinations of IGP (1970's) and MIC politicians, Altantuya being sent away from the world, and all that is not very serious - but a bomb is?

See big picture lah guys.

All these 'bomb's are to distract us from the buggers who are stealing away the the nation's wealth and stifling our rights.

Even now we cant seem to get organised to get rid of this mess?

Apa guna pendidikan, happenings around us that teach us a lesson or two, etc?

Buck up everyone.

Australians could change their government - we cannot?

Anonymous said...

A bomb found in the middle of the city. That is dangerous. Who will want to throw away one there ? Something to do with the election?

everydog has hisday with the bomb said...

I concurred with mr. smith of 1.54pm.

It was staged to instil fear of religious fanaticism by PAS - suicide bombers and terrorism, typical of BN at every election.

The 3 FEAR FACTORS recapped:

1) Fear of May 13, 1969

2) Fear of Islam, Islamic terrorism

3) Fear of Balik Cina, Balik India

All the body-snatchings (and other religion-related crap) that happened in this godforsaken Bolehland country are intended to instil fear.

Are we to fear again this coming GE? You bet. However, DO NOT discount the next fear below.

4) DO FEAR the ballot box will be switched, tampered with or something else - to cheat us of our votes!

caravanserai said...

A bomb in the city
An empty threat planted by the shadows
Just a crude way to tell
Don’t vote the opposition
Or else this small rat will explode
Burning the rubbish dump anyway

The magic has long gone
Into the night never to return
The bullshit government knows
So like old emperors
Consult the magicians

The last bean had been used years ago
Now it is empty no magic to transform
It is now in the hands of God
He wants to intervene
He never preaches about Islam Hadhari
He feels cheated by the little rats
Chewing up hungrily in his backyard

Now the truth will be known
The people have a chance to put their marks
Change for the better years
The land belongs to everyone
It isn’t 10% cut
It should be 110%
The sweat and tears of every one
So we can’t let a handful enjoy our hardship
Let your vote count this time around!

Anonymous said...

IS there another Ms Altantuya?

everydog has hisday with bad karma said...

An impertinent remark - did anyone bother to ask NR THE C4 MAN to do a DNA test on Altantuya's kiddie boy. Who knows, in another twenty years time, the kid may grow up and become a suicide bomber and NR better watch his back until eternity comes.

The kid with the C4 will one day return to haunt him stiff. The Mongolian Buddhists believe what goes around comes around. and NR's karma is extremely blighted in the death of that poor lady. Don't count too much he will hang around long to be the PM. The title may not be his to keep. Fate and destiny will decide, only God knows.

He may keep as quiet and as low profile (over the Altantuya case) as he likes for now. He can run all he wants and avoid public contact over the issue but he cannot hide the truth from himself. The Buddhists believe one day his karma will catch up on him. Sooner or later. Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

ala... ni semua nak tunjuk.... someone is threatening the country's security and stability... ada riot, 13th may, demo etc etc etc.... build up before election...

bottomline, vote for BN for stability... what a crab.....

macam tak biasa je..... tiap kali election macam ni... kalo tat maniac nak letupkan... the bomb had exploded...

bailey said...

lah...patutlah ramai orang semalam kat Celcom. nampak crowds smlm, ingatkan apa.