Thursday, February 21, 2008

Deklarasi Rakyat launch Saturday

Click here to read my second article which appeared in Singapore's my paper today.

MalaysiaToday's RPK wrote in his column today that this Saturday, the Barisan Rakyat people will launch the Deklarasi Rakyat. It will introduce its candidates officially on Wednesday.
Details and HOW TO ATTEND, here.


  1. Anonymous12:12 am


    maybe you can encourage bloggers to blog on all these "SPECIAL DAYS" by dedicating it in their blogs to


    for the well being of the country...

    There are too many people surfing nets and reading blogs to let such opportunity pass...

    just a thought.


  2. Anonymous12:46 am

    Vote for KJ, King Jack!

    Because...... Father-In-Law says so!

  3. Anonymous12:55 am

    Stop KJ, King Jack!

    Because..... watch the video lah!

  4. Together we can make a different

    And a quote from Alcoholics Anonymous:
    "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the strength to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."

  5. Anonymous2:18 am

    Appreciate if anyone can answer - no info for this at the SPR site. They say u can register thru out the year but can we still register if we get into town on March 7, i.e. just a day before the voting day or is there a deadline for registration? And u cant register online, right? Thanks.

  6. Anonymous3:52 am

    Salam Bro,

    I tabik springlah kat you because
    sampai ada yang provoke tanya samada you dah kena beli ke?
    masih lagi you redha publish the comment made and many more mad annon's scastic remarks made.

    Udah lali dalam perjuangankan Bro!

    We back you all the way.
    I am firm upholder of 'Freedom of the Press only where 'truth' prevails'
    By the way try reading a poem by Faiz Ahmad Faiz 'SPECK' @
    It got feel Bro.
    Biar orang lain buat kerja gila,kita memerhatikan aje.

    EC.Was Here.-Cant Find My Way Home.

    Cool bro,bertenang,released tension sikit with Bandit Blues @

  7. Anonymous7:13 am

    Anonymous said...

    Appreciate if anyone can answer - no info for this at the SPR site. They say u can register thru out the year but can we still register if we get into town on March 7, i.e. just a day before the voting day or is there a deadline for registration? And u cant register online, right? Thanks.

    2:18 AM


    only voters that registered before february 5, 2008 can vote in this 12th GE...
    that's democracy a la malaysia...

  8. The People’s Front
    Rising out of a need
    The Malaysians hope for it
    Will it shine in the days ahead?

    Cutting race barriers
    Waving flags one unity
    In the land of many races
    It has to be in politics
    To get the momentum going

    It is said a small step leading the way
    Eventually the ripples will be seen in the seas
    Spreading far and wide helping by the wind
    The changes come alive in peoples’ minds

    The People’s Front
    It can’t stay behind the line
    It has to fight on the political battlefields
    Cutting the bad guys
    It makes the nation proud again

  9. Anonymous9:53 am


    Please suggest to RPK to launch
    " Tahun Merawat Malaysia 2008 "
    campaign to all Malaysian.

    Starting with the GE to start the ball rolling by kicking out of the parliament and ADUN candidates which voters feel not suit to Malaysian politic.

  10. Anonymous12:47 pm


    'Perang Poster' ni kerja macam di zaman jahiliah.

    Take precedent from Y.M Raja Nazrin Shah wedding,he refuses to to accept all the extra pomp-pomps advertise in the paper in stead channel it to the needy.

    Million spent on printing by all parties.
    What a waste,insteadkan elok channel it to some others form of kebajikan.

    This perang poster is out dated,waste of time and money.Need a monkey to climb a pole untuk pasang the banner.

  11. Tony Pua just blogged that Po Kuan is coming back to defend her seat!

  12. Anonymous1:29 pm

    Nurul Izzah vs Shahrizat Jalil

  13. Anonymous1:55 pm

    Rocky, please try to highlight why overseas students have problems casting their postal votes:

  14. Anonymous2:46 pm

    Good job rock!
    Keep it up!

  15. Anonymous3:37 pm

    beware! the mice is blingkin!


  16. taklimat petugas pilihanraya di Media House Ayer Keroh pagi tadi oleh Puan Ramlah(SPR) menerangkan penggunaan dakwat di jari adalah tidak wajib... tolong sebarkan

  17. much awaited nomination, confirmed rembau now up for kj, good luck cegubard

    and all the best to nurul izah for lembah pantai

  18. Anonymous5:15 pm

    Now it's finally been confirmed that KJ will contest at Rembau. His FIL Bapa Imam Hadhari is getting senile by wanting to build a dynasty of future imams Hadhari.

    This is pure nonsense.

  19. Anonymous7:35 pm

    beware! the mice is blingkin!

    anon JBtropper,

    I'm wondering which is more harmless mouse/mice..whatever or rat?

  20. Anonymous8:33 pm

    TQ to whoever answered my quwstion on the final date for registration. Now its too late for me, wished I knew about it earlier on but could not find the info anywhere. The SPR site does not provide a detailed info (esp. on dates, folks overseas etc.)and has yet to answer my email.The Embassy couldnt inform me either. Read so much about the vote opposition drive but wished someone, some active blogger somewhere had mentioned this even if casually. Too bad.

  21. Anonymous10:29 am

    any ' trademark ' would be useful for us in JB.


  22. Anonymous10:53 am

    "I'm wondering which is more harmless mouse/mice..whatever or rat?"
    when come to one it will be mice, small.......cute!
    when it goes blinking, run like hell ( close the window ) cos the ' cybertrooper ' is tracking!