Thursday, February 21, 2008

Defaced Kok

You'd need a crane to do that to Kok's face. Click here.


  1. Anonymous1:09 am

    hahaha ...

    he talked kok and somone black-faced him. fits the shame.

  2. Anonymous1:14 am

    a crane? perhaps a few clicks of the mouse will do too!

  3. Anonymous1:19 am

    that would have taken hours to do and there are cctv all over the LDP, so if any of you guys have a video of the act, please upload it to youtube...way cool

  4. Anonymous1:30 am

    I heard of Zorro - Unmasked.

    But has Koh gone Zorro - Masked?

    Or did he do something naughty that they have to block out his eyes?

    Is Police or ACA after him?

  5. Anonymous1:36 am


    must be an inside job by bn to defame the oppositions.

    try harder bn.


  6. Anonymous2:25 am



  7. Anonymous3:11 am

    That was no photoshop. I drove along the LDP and saw the defaced poster too.

    I dare say the most likely culprit is UMNO Youth though. Remember when they brought a posse to intimidate him last time after the comments he made in Dewan Rakyat?

    Won't be surprised if they try to pin the blame on the Opposition anyway though.

  8. Anonymous4:08 am

    'Criminals do not die by the hands of the law. They die by the hands of other men'

    George Bernard Shaw

  9. Anonymous4:45 am

    betcha the image was defaced by a computer. ;D

  10. Anonymous4:58 am

  11. the black paint on the face is symbolic. It means "you suck"

  12. Anonymous7:16 am

    Certainly a better picture to reflect the BN representatives.
    Eyes blinded by power and greed.

  13. Anonymous7:25 am

    maybe Lee Hwa Beng got so pissed off that Loh was trying to push Low's own candidacy..LHB got someone to do it.

    LHB claims it was done by oppo.; If I were opposition, I will not deface it..I will leave it there for the people to see the face of a lapdog for UMNO. Only during elections can you see the face of these faceless dogs

  14. Anonymous7:44 am

    The person or persons who did it must be a staunch supporter or Rev. Jesse Jackson!

  15. Anonymous8:03 am

    Which moron would spent so much trouble and time to deface the poster?????

    It is a shame such stupid act or culture is happening in Kelana Jaya.

    Do you think we should vote for such party or government????

  16. If only whoever did this had spent the time, energy and money on his old parents (and old people in general), his siblings (who maybe morons too), his own familly (who most probably lack his attention and time as he is away "defacing" faces!), or on himself so that he gets to be a better human being with all the qualities of a good human!

    On another note, the person is probably jealous that mr loh is so handsome and he is so ugly! HAHA

  17. To anon@1:14am
    a crane? perhaps a few clicks of the mouse will do too!

    Was shown in TV3 prime news last night too. so can't be the mouse click.


  18. Aiya... you call him Kok... his surname is Loh! I thought you were talking about Teresa Kok....

  19. Anonymous9:44 am

    a crane? perhaps a few clicks of the mouse will do too!

    it is real dude!!! just take a drive from sunway pyramid towards federal hiway..and next to Kurnia Insurans Tower...there u are. Damn
    !!! It must be a vandalism job of the decade.

  20. Anonymous9:51 am

    those black smudges are bushy hair? So can I say it is a hairy Kok?

  21. Anonymous9:53 am

    I read he said that he saw the illegal billboard has been left unused and he took it as an opportunity to use it. SO does that mean we can use illegal things after they hv been left abandoned? Oiii, you ada otak kah? Or you are just a BN bigwig?

  22. Anonymous9:58 am


  23. Anonymous10:37 am

    can anyone confirm that they have seen it at the location? i kinda agree with anon 1:14

  24. Anonymous10:43 am


    who's the contractor ha ? Would like to hire them to do the same job on Dollah poster all over Malaysia.

  25. Anonymous11:11 am

    Rockyfella, the guy belongs to MCA Team A1 and he's trying to make a comeback without the blessings of the new honchos. But the other people from MCA Team A2 decided to put paid his political ambitions not unlike what they did to Chua Soi Lek.

    Imagine to what lengths some people went to destroy the latter's political career. So you see now to what heights also they will climb to mar the good guy's image.

    BTW, a mobile crane was hired to do the Italian job in the wee hours of the night when you were in blissful slumber. That's what the money can do to the politics. In godforsaken Bolehland country, money will make people climb for you - never mind if they slipped and fell to their deaths at such unearthly hours when the dew of dawn is damping their underpants of desperation.

    Wonder what the MCA people of Team B are thinking right now? What are their plans? Another heated tussle again? Defacement and defilement is the name of the game and the shame of the MCA in GE12

  26. Anonymous11:22 am


    I saw a banner in PJ with the picture of Khir Toyo and Mat Taib. Does this mean that the Two Million Dollar man who could not speak English is making a comeback?

    Urban Cowboy

  27. Anonymous11:25 am

    We must lawaaaaaan these BN fuckers

  28. Anonymous11:58 am

    where da fucking u people were last nite when TV3 prime news also show the video footage of the same image?? its a real thing photo shop whatsoeva. Although some may not like to watch TVs controlled by govt. but sometimes u also need to watch to see wadda hell is going on streets.

  29. Anonymous12:02 pm

    BTW, it should be Loh Seng Kok's face or Loh's face, and not Kok's face.

    Please kindly rectify. Thanks.

  30. Anonymous12:06 pm

    Let's do Kit Siang's, Nik Aziz's or Anwar's posters now. I wonder what the reactions will be.... bravo? or like Srikanth's - You suck?

  31. Anonymous12:32 pm

    thinking allowed, think aloud...

    do not be surprised that Monkeys and OrangUtan can be hired to do such work without much hassle, no crane needed at all.

    election is coming and for sure with right amount of reward OrangUtan and Monkeys can think and do things human can deliver though...

    yepppp.... malaysia do boleh!

  32. Anonymous1:17 pm

    why would opposition do it to a guy who is not standing? and why waste their limited $$ on hiring crane etc.

    More like a BN internal doing. LSK is one of the better MPs from BN. more pics here guys

  33. The big question:

    Why is he quoting Reverend Jesse Jackson????

    Is he black???
    YES.. HE IS NOW....

  34. Anonymous1:47 pm

    typical thirdclass-minded Malaysians...somebody must hate him so much, either from within BN or from Oppositions...

    what to do when we have monkeys (BN) and donkeys (Opposition) behaving as animally as possible to win our votes?

    I wonder why God let Malaysia to be overpopulated by these species...

  35. Anonymous1:49 pm

    He Talk KOK Mah

    So people Dont give face lohhh

    Thats why LOH SENG KOK

  36. Anonymous1:52 pm

    2 faCE bn CYBER scum

  37. Anonymous1:53 pm

    well two-face,

    if we do Anwar's, Kit Siang's, Nik Aziz's or any Opposition man's posters (smear it with shit and all), they will simply blame it on BN and it's Umnoputra..

    but if it's a BN man's poster, it "must be an inside job by bn to defame the oppositions" (as said by anon 1.36 am, comment number 5)...

    again, monkeys and donkeys....

  38. Anonymous2:11 pm

    wow, bad branding!

  39. Anonymous2:24 pm

    Don't think the opposition has the time or money to be doing this de-facing it is, they're having problems financing their own campaign.
    Definitely an inside job, either another dirty tactic to undermine the integrity of the opposition or by some disgruntled fellow party member.

  40. hmm this give me an idea to write a best selling horror novel title " a kok without face" now horror genre is top of the list

  41. Anonymous4:04 pm

    You might say he's been KOK faced

  42. Anonymous4:15 pm

    someone told me the face was struck by lightning a while ago. Not exactly a bad omen. Not really a good sign either. Mr. Loh Seng Kok should refrain himself form any form of arrogance and selfish pride or he may be in bad luck (shuay)!

    He should nevertheless thank his lucky stars for the lightning only struck the billboard and not his person. A case of bad chi diverted. To avoid trouble he should preferably tan himself dark or wear black. Better still wear a black mask wherever he goes.

    If he need to play around like Chua Soil Lek, he should keep the condoms handy or bad chi will hound him stiff.

  43. No matter who he is, defaced or not, he's BN. A vote for him is a vote for AMNO Youth Gerak Gempur(Rempit Gang).

  44. Say bye bye to race based parties. Reopen the SJK(C) Damansara or go to jail for all the BN culprits after the GE.

  45. ...humorous people everywhere...

  46. Firstly, why would LHB do it cos the action of defacing the billborad was done after LSK officially and publicly declared LHB the best candidate to replace him (whether he was arm twisted or not is another story).
    Secondly, like some of you people said it, opposition where got money to do all this?
    Thirdly, who stands to gain, politically or sympathy from all this defacing?
    Fourthly, would LSK care to share who foot the bill for the advertisement and how much it cost? From the CNY wishes to this one.
    And lastly, for all regular users of this stretch of highway, before the LSK billboard came up the the famous JJ quote, it was LSK wishing CNY to the public. Why the defacing only happen after LSK gave up the candidacy? Why not earlier when it was wishing the public CNY? Think and think harder

  47. Anonymous11:05 am

    Could it be like one of those mysterious crop circle?

    Yes, the aliens are coming..

  48. Anonymous10:34 am

    no crane needed. maybe those guys from cuci did it. just use their rope and harness, abseil down. hahahaha