Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ex-Sun journos turn on-line

Suckers that we were. Many of us peace-loving Malaysians were fooled by the promises made 4 years ago, by the smiling face on the postcard, by the "personal" letters sent to our homes, by the Mr Clean image, by the "stark contrast" between the heart-warming Abdullah Badawi and his stone-cold predecessor.
Jacqueline Ann Surin's flashback Keeping the Promise would surely remind many of us of that false euphoria and a deja vu that leaves a bitter after taste. Knowing now that we deserve to kick our own asses for being so gullible.

The good thing is Jacquie and some friends have started their own website to write what the Sun may no longer be able to publish.

p.s. We bumped into Citizan Nades, the face of the Sun, last night. Chatted about journalism, about politics, about disappointments. We await his next move.


  1. yay for free speech and free media!

  2. Anonymous7:29 pm

    nades is a friend. he has my backing for his next move.

    blogsphere will never be the same again?

  3. Red herrings abound, bro.

    The proof of sincerity will be watched very closely.

  4. Anonymous7:46 pm

    Is it true then citizen nades and terence fernandez have been approached by the Malay Mail? Heard that they will be on Datuk Ibrahim's payroll after the elections. They don't come cheap, though!

  5. Anonymous8:11 pm

    Hope Citizen Nazes joins them. Will definite miss the OLD SUN.

  6. "Knowing now that we deserve to kick our own asses for being so gullible."

    Call this smugness, but I did not believe in his promises. I never trusted him one bit and so I voted for the Opposition.
    Why you may ask? I heard his him speak as a member of UMNO Team B in the late 1980s and I did not like him nor see him to be trustworthy. Intuition you might say but to me it was a negative vibration within me. I was repulsed.

  7. Anonymous8:58 pm

    Another out of job journolist turn to blogging ...

  8. Anonymous9:14 pm

    i'm putting my money on Nades and his side-kick Terence joining MM in April. If it happens, it'll be good for MM. All the Melayus in MM has to buck up, raise their standard and be prepared to 'work'. Good for them.


  9. For the man that he is, I salute you Nades and wish you the very best in MM. Pls continue your column in MM

  10. Anonymous7:21 am

    Hope Nades and Terence join MM.
    Give Jac a column, to cross promote her website. Let MM be 'the paper that cares, the paper that scares' once again.

  11. Anonymous9:25 am

    Whats wrong with the Melayus in MM?

  12. Bro,
    Shar101 hit it on the head !Close watch is imperative...!!!
    Talk is cheap.

  13. Anonymous1:29 pm

    Nurul Izzah vs Shahrizat Jalil

  14. Anonymous2:27 pm

    IMN (ibrahim mohd Nor) is an extension of the media prima team. Ang we all know who's in control of media prime - none other than confidante of Son in Law. What make anyone think IMN would allow ex-Sun journos to continue hitting at the govt? Nades and Terrence? i think these guys are overated. Unlike you rocky, these guys seem to have nothing good to say about the govt. Would ibrahim want that to continue and risk his businesses?

    ibrahim, don't be taken in by all this talk. At the first sign you are trying to reign your editorial team in, you'll be a target of their venom. Criticing endlessly like Nades and Terrence is the easiest job in the world.

    Di it right first time Ibrahim. If you are loking for a credible journo, rocky is your man.

    exMM 1990s.

  15. Anonymous4:10 pm

    Salaam, Pak Rocky

    Have you heard anything about this "warning" from Youth & Sports Minister Azalina to bloggers?

    I saw it as a brief report on Spore's Channel News Asia teletext.

    Seems to me that the bloggers are hitting sensitive places, hence the "warning" from Azalina.

    Speaking of which, could Azalina tell us how much in public funds was spent in Malaysia's futile bid to host the 2010 Youth Olympic Games?

    Yah, the same Youth Olympics that has just been awarded to Singapore to host in 2010!

  16. Anonymous5:11 pm

    Has Terence Fernandez mellowed, or has he been told to mellow? See his latest column "Fair hearing for all" in The Sun, Feb 22.

    I hope that he hasn't been "psychoed" into "toeing the line".

    And why the long silence from Citizen-Nades? Has he thrown in the towel?

  17. Anonymous11:17 am

    Nades and Terence credible journalist? Ha ha, Semua pun cari makan, masing masing ada agenda sendiri juga. No many saints around nowadays. Sigh:(

  18. Anonymous11:40 pm

    dear skillganon1066,

    why did u mention the failed bid for the youth games?

    u lay down azalina's list of sins n its as long as the road from Desaru in Johor which is part of her constituency in Pengerang to Kepala Batas.

    rockybru and skillgannon shd check a huge mansion in pengerang which reduces abang z's white house in kelang to a pondok.

    rockybru and skillgannon shd also check the national fitness council and its actual role. is the syllabus for certification of fitness training accredited?

    rockybru and skillgannon go and dig deep into youyr jrournalistic skills and find out is true the national sprts council's coffers have run dry

    many more, later will continue. next change. coming soon...can ask nadeswaran who gave azalina a big kandar stick. that was a good one.

    nades if azalina continues to be the sports minister, i hope you continue with teh good work. u r about the only one who has the scrotal gumption to take her on. The rest are subservient to the powers that be.

  19. Anonymous10:07 am

    anon 9.25am,

    Melayus in MM are not capable or running the paper. By the way, just heard that one of its news editor who are in charged of its election unit had abandoned its team for a trip, leaving reporters clueles ha ha ha.. that's the spirit!

  20. Anonymous11:51 am

    offstone 11:40 PM

    "scrotal gumption"? Good one, there, brudder! Me? I'd say "testicular fortitude" ;-)

    By the way, did anyone peruse the NST special blurb "Eye of the Tiger" which was published as a supplement Feb 19?

    YB Sports Minister's photos were on no less than 8 pages in this supplement? Over-exposure? You tell me.

    And the editorial in this blurb? "Azalina makes her mark in Sports Ministry".

    Look at the causes "dear to Azalina", as highlighted in the said supplement:

    - Le Tour de Langkawi (financial bailout from the Sports Ministry)
    - Under-19 Cricket World Cup
    - National Fitness Council
    - Women's Sport and Fitness Foundation
    - National Women's Games
    - "Sports for All"
    - Rakan Muda Jiran Muda Community Sports League
    - Rakan Muda Kampung Baru Ku Ceria Community Sports League
    - Tunas Gemilang talent identification programme
    - KL World 5s futsal tournament

    I note that the supplement carefully avoided any mention of the proposed High Performance Training Centre in the UK.

    All I can say is that this YB must be one hard-working minister!

    Now, who is the NST team that put together this blurb?

    Answer: Hishamuddin Aun, Syed Nadzri, Kamrul Idris Zulkifli, Vijesh Rai (Sports Editor) & M.K. Megan (Asst Sports Editor).

    Datuk Zolkples Embong is the D-G of the National Sports Council. Has it run out of funds? I doubt it. After all, what is the budget allocated to the Sports Ministry? Should be easy to check it out.

  21. Anonymous1:28 am

    hey skillgannon,

    you seem to know a lot of insights in azalina's ministry.

    the hertfordshire project is an interesting issue.

    apparently RM10 million was paid or promised upfront to the contractor.

    the contractor will be contesting in the GE you know, one DUN constituency in Selangor.

    this contractor enjoys a good relationship with azalina and the rest of the UMNO pwers that be and power brokers.

    the eye of the tiger is azalina's vehicle surely.

    have u forgotten the Malaysian today episode. rthe ministry spent rm6 million to run the paper. they claims it was for bying space adverts in the paper. Can ask tony francis now with malay mail.

    tony francis still chief editor of Malaysian today.

  22. Anonymous9:50 am


    I hear you, brudder.

    But do the good folks in Pengerang? From what I understand, Azalina has been returned there to her Parliamentary seat, unopposed.

    Is Azalina that powerful in Pengerang that the Opposition thought it best not to field a candidate in that constituency? Nobody with sufficient "scrotal gumption" or "testicular fortitude" to take her on?

    And wasn't it Anwar Ibrahim who claimed recently that a united Opposition would contest every Parliamentary and State seat in this election? What happened?

    It's not good to raise peoples' hopes and then let them down. It may be the standard MO for Malaysian politicians, but it is the rakyat who get screwed!