Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Chan Kong Choy to "retire" before GE?

Ong Ka Ting, the MCA president, says:

“There will be some leaders who will announce their future plans, including retirement. I can’t tell you how many. I can’t tell you who. I have to respect their wish. They will find the right time (to announce)."
Currently, MCA has four ministers, nine deputy ministers, four parliamentary secretaries and 17 state exco members.

If Chan Kong Choy, the MCA deputy president, is not one of them meant by Ka Ting, I'll be very, very surprised. CKC may not be the one who gained big time from the PKFZ's RM4.6 billion (that honours will have to go to several goons who happen to be big Umno wigs), but he's the Transport Minister and he's accountable.


  1. Anonymous11:26 am

    Yes. Air Asia can't wait forever for him.

  2. No Worry ... CKC sudah kaya. Sebagai Menteri Hal Ehwal AirAsia, takkan tak dpaat saham dari Air Asia?

  3. Anonymous12:11 pm


    Please dont poke fun at MCA. They are good obedient and loyal pets. Even my dog is not as loyal as MCA.

  4. Anonymous12:28 pm

    CKC has his hands full of "blood". how many perished from bus tragedies during his time? his tenure is only filled with contracts and openings for Air Asia and of course the scandalous PKFA. Good riddance but I am sure the next MT is just as corrupt so long BN is running the country.

  5. Anonymous1:41 pm


    Not only CKC, infact OKT and the rest of BN components also kalau boleh...except those who have their own personal interest will stay.

    FYI - banyak sangat unsolve problem under this FIL & SIL team.

  6. Anonymous1:47 pm

    Pretty expected, the sad part is they are free and retire with a huge chuck of money! BN's definition of retirement, duh!

  7. Anonymous1:55 pm

    heard that Dr. Dick went down due to "Ong Dynasty"...

    if Chan Kong Choy goes down then there is strong possibility Dr. Dick claims becoming real.

    2 "C" goes down, 1 "O" goes up... Ong Kah Chuan lor...

    of cource "Ong" means got luck... am changing name to Mr. Ong Ong Ong.

    only in Malaysia!

  8. Anonymous2:45 pm

    I always hear complaints that the Minister of Transport and the Minister of Works are responsible for the various daylight robberies (I mean tolls) that we fork over when we use our highway system.

    At least, you clearly placed the Party whose members were the major beneficiaries of the Port Klang scandal.

  9. Anonymous2:59 pm

    Rockyfella, the political intrigues and internal bickering between Team A and Team B within the MCA is already public knowledge.

    Post-Ling Liong Sik, do you realise the background of our present MCA incumbent is not something unlike the case between TDM and Bodowi. Bodowi was supposed to give way to Najib. So OKT was supposed to give way to Chua Soi Lek.

    After a period of time warming the hotseat, the guy found it to his liking and so intend to stay for good. So why should he want to vacate the seat to his rival? Don't be surprised the downfall of Chua Soi Lek was engineered by OKT and his goons! I bet there is more fractious infighting within Team A - bitter opposing camps within Team A itself. Watch out for Ling Liong Sik's sonnyboy.

    Similarly, TDM was very displeased latelty that Bodowi is not keeping to the terms of a private pact to stay for just one term and make way for Najib! Brace ourselves for more shocking revelations soon in the event Bodowi flops at the coming GE monkeyshow.

    BTW, Chan Kong Choy's days, we all know, is numbered. Presently Team B is lameduck material. This coming GE, OKT will consolidate his position and you will see more of his lackeyboys filling up the woodwork.

    Meanwhile, Ling Liong Sik may as well join Bodowi onboard the COBRA SULTAN and become a cleaner-boy.

  10. Anonymous4:59 pm

    For the good of the People or for their own sake?
    Retire with the gesture of MCA and the rotten they had made?
    Retire to run away from facing questioning over AG reports?
    A body without heart and soul needs any rest?

    Those being victims of their crooked will surely knock on their doors
    to make sure they will be retired with unrest!
    to make sure they understand SHAME on what they had done!
    to understand many many had suffered because they are crooks!
    to let them in the stage of grievances which they had passed to many Malaysians long time ago!
    They will retire but be UNREST!

    Their crooks will continued to be dug and hopefully a real RCI will bring them to court!
    To the cells they deserved!
    So, Grievances be retiring with all these crooks!
    Retiring or not, all crooks be caught!!

  11. Anonymous5:15 pm

    At least AirAsia is doing something positive.

    MAS? Jala's BTP (Business Turnaround Plan) is a big joke! A 5-star value carrier? My friends in SIA are s******g in their pants with laughter!

    And can the Transport Minister tell us why the Malay Chamber of Commerce is pushing the govt to award it the double tracking contract for the Seremban-JB railway line, worth a cool RM10 billion or so? Will this be CKC's parting gift to you-know-who?

  12. all politicians are the same...

    at least OKT is the cleaner of the three (CKC,OKT and LLS).

  13. Anonymous11:22 pm

    "at least OKT is the cleaner of the three (CKC,OKT and LLS)."

    The Master of Inkpot?
    A Negro under the Light to become whiter?
    Working with Gloves does make hands cleaner!!
    Messing with Housing Acts, abandon projects and relaxing Municipal Council made OKT cleaner?

    Abandon Project - 2004
    227 housing projects abandoned involving 75,356 houses worth RM7 billion
    2,326 housing projects abandoned during the course of the Eighth Malaysia Plan

  14. Anonymous11:33 pm

    ya, okt is the cleanest of all... i think this is no good as too clean may bring disaster to our dirty political world. My advise to him is that he should be less cautious of who will be caught for corruption and sex scandal..just sit back and relax and he shall be the richest of all three, power, corruption and girls - the three must in political world!!

  15. Chan Kong Choy to retire?
    Lingam said, It looks like me, sounds like me but definitely not me?
    Chua Soi Lek said it's me.

    so what should Chan Kong Choy say.............

  16. chan kong choy and ong ka ting should both retire from political scene

    they don't have that leadership charismatic like anwar ibrahim, let alone barack hussein obama.

    the way they approach to people issues and projects failure more like a gangster moron, than a political leader.

    above all, they don't have the man enough like dr chua soi lek, the man with the 'right size' dick. no one can deny this fact, even angelina yam!

  17. Anonymous11:50 am

    Those who senior and capable than OKT will be out...This is what he called "new blood injection"--good one will be axed and his lackeyboys to replace. OKT is the worst MCA president in term of leadership and accountability but he is the expert of media controller...Poor readers, we are reading lies posted by all this crodidiles especially written by certain reporters who said is the favorite writer of OKT and his crony.

  18. Anonymous8:28 pm

    IS true...