Monday, January 07, 2008

Snakes on our train

Sex perverts on LRT. Shawn Sharif, 24, has been taking the Light Rail Transit to work every morning for the last 18 months. Although crowded, it was an efficient mode of transport from her home in Wangsa Maju to her workplace in KLCC. But now she doesn't look forward to it anymore.

"There are sex maniacs on the loose on our trains," she said.

These perverts would stand behind their victims and rub themselves against the hapless women in the train packed like sardines. One of the "regular perverts" always wore a black t-shirt.
"During one of my beautiful morning starts, I stumbled upon this man's act and a timid-looking Indian girl was the target. I could not do anything but only to call the girl toward me and offered her some space to stand next to me. She told me then that she has become his target not once but twice and more. She said she was too afraid to do anything." - Shawn
The blogger has written in to Putra LRT, Rapid KL, Puteri Umno, a TV station and the mainstream papers BUT none of them has made the matter public. The response from Puteri Umno's webmaster took the cake: "We will check your submission in the next few hours, if it is interesting an relevant we will publish it soon. At this moment we have 110 submissions waiting to be published".

I am posting Shawn's accounts and her letters to the authorities with the hope of raising the alert on these perverts. If the passengers can look out for one another, perhaps we can make them disappear.

Go here for "Sex Maniacs loose on YOUR trains" and other letters and stories about two-legged snakes on the LRT. After that, do check out Shawn Sharif's blog underEstimated-overEstimating for Dry Humps, etc.


  1. Anonymous6:06 pm

    In Tokyo, there are reserved coaches for ladies during peak hours. Perhaps RapidKL should consider this for Putra, STAR and the monorails

  2. I agree with the first comment, even in Manila there are special carriages -ladies only. I have had this experience in Melbourne, mind you, it is worth it to buy a pepper spray or elbow to retaliate.

  3. I pity and sympathise with those who are facing this problem. But I would also like to say that when these women are being harrassed sexually in those trains (all kinds), they should scream, tell off the perverts or make a scene so that others knew about it and that these perverts could be apprehended (or wallopped at the very least, not that I am recommending/promoting this). Hey in Singapore, I have read many cases where the women catch hold of the culprits and call the police. Thats why you dont see this happening much in Singapore.

    When women suffer in silence or dont do anything about it when the act is being committed and when OTHER WOMEN WHO SAW SUCH ACTS just only pull the poor victims away instead of bashing the perverts head with something, then you have failed in your duty to protect yourself.

    In a crowded train, there will be perverts. Hey do your part too!

  4. Anonymous6:50 pm

    I had trouble with such a perv on a Bangalore-bound train in India. Elbowed him...but he was unfazed till I took out my fruit knife. Then, he couldn't leave fast enuff.

    Today i carry stuff that could be weapons, in my handbag, and sometimes on my person. I'm not the least sorry for that.

    Hey, a rape victim probably gets further traumatised a police station.

    This city is fast becoming unsafe for women and kids. I say we should look out for our own safety, and that of other women.

    And you know what Rocky, you could be molested, mauled, robbed in broad daylight in front of many people, but i would not count on someone coming forward to help.

    I'm not surprised that the Indian girl was too scared to do anything. Fear can cripple you. I've been there.

    I salute Shawn for having the responsibility to do something about it like writing to the people concerned, even if she was ignored.

    Maybe high profile bloggers like you and others could help make this into some kinda campaign for greater awareness and also force transport providers to ensure the safety and security of passengers.

    By the way, the people who are responsible for Nurin's death are still out there.

    The police? ah...they r busy getting ready for the coming erections.....heheh

  5. Bro,

    Kalau sesiapa yang kena dengan ular ni, jerit aja kuat-kuat. Lepas tu bagi penampar sekali. Baru padan muka dia.

  6. i have experienced this once. mcm biasa lrt penuh mcm sardin and i noticed this man kat belakang saya rapat sgt. i could feel sumthing...err you know...damn i was so scared that time.

  7. Anonymous7:55 pm

    Those so-called Puteris in Umno have wrong priorities or they simply don't care about "trivials" such as these snakes on a train.

    Too busy trying to secure contracts and making up your puffed-up pink faces, Puteris?

    Take Nurin's case and the cases of missing girls and young women. Do we hear or see Puteri Umno showing concern?

  8. Adakah perlu koc LRT berasingan untuk lelaki dan wanita? :)

  9. Shawn Sharif, 24..

    At first I thought that Shawn was I guy and I was like Oiyooo...

  10. Bro Rocky,

    When the political system decayed, the social environment decayed too.

    Where a child was murdered and rape (Nurin), the police and the govt threatened to arrest the parents and charged them for negligence.

    When rape cases are on the rise, the parliamentarian debates centered on the women's dresses as the fundamental cause of the social ills.

    Where Chua Soi Lek's DVD was distributed FOC by his political enemies, the police arrest the ordinary citizens.

    Where organized crimes and leaders were banished, the legal system protected them and the police officers were indicted for other offences.

    There are more... so, what has happen to our social and political system? It's long decayed. We now even have to argue who is the true God and who can pray to Allah. Prophet Muhammad said he did not come to give us a new religion or a new God but it was the same God with Abraham, Moses and Jesus. So, if it is the same God, why are we quarreling over it? Even Pak Lah, an Islamic scholar himself directed that Allah is only for Muslims in Malaysia; some kind of patent rights or copyrights, or, exclusive ownership.

    But nobody can own God; He is universal, omnipotent and omnipresent. He is the God of all human and creation. Yet, our political system felt we got to distinguish ourselves by it.

    So, if the social ills are spreading fast and wide, it's because of the decay in our system - political, social and judicial.

    Only a good government can set it right and reduce the social ills; but sad to say, we may have to wait for decades to see one.

  11. rocky,

    Nurin was allowed to be tortured and die.
    And the killer is still out there, somewhere...perhaps on LRT coaches.

    I can imagine the girl's fear when she was "molested" by the LRT pervert.
    I hope she will be brave enough to give the guy a good elbow and whack. And scream.
    Because at this one except fellow passengers (like Shawn) will be helping her.

    And Puteri Umno's response? Classic duuh.

  12. In the time the Puteri Umno webmaster took to give his pulitzer reply, he could have posted the alert and taken the matter to the next level. Now that he knows he hasn't, can he

    That's why we are still third world. At least in third world countries, there is a yearning to improve, and they can see targets.

    Here we have backward minds chugging on the track of nine to five, without using one centime of their brains to even think what if the caller is their wife or daughter.

    There is no standards left in our country.

  13. Anonymous10:40 pm

    Plz just get in an earlier train where its not packed like sardines. Forget hoping for segregated coaches as the current coaches are already not enough to support the peak hour traffic.

  14. The human snakes in crowded places
    The perverts clothed in gentlemen’s attire
    Rubbing lusts nobody dares to scream
    They look for timid women
    As the crowded train speeding along

    The timid women
    The scores of them
    The perverted people know
    When shock reigns in the mind
    No sound will come
    This is the fear
    Be alive better than dead
    This is what the women are conditioned
    Give everything hope life is spared

    Imagine in crowded train
    Packed like sardines
    The sick minds physically roam
    The scared women no place to go

    Our social rules
    Changed long time ago
    Do you see guys give up seats for women?
    If a guy does it, many will stare at you
    The changes eroding the gentleman’s code
    It lies bare the women have to fend themselves

    The fabric of society
    It becomes hard and soulless
    How many talk to their neighbors?
    Sometimes one doesn’t even know their names

    The perverts will roam
    Free on the crowded trains
    In my time it was in the crowded buses
    Packed like sardines squeezed like monkeys
    Nobody gave way the women stood all the way

    Love your neighbors
    It isn’t the slogan in our times
    It is hard really to find in the city
    I know in kampong you know everybody
    But in the city
    You are on your own practically

    In crowded places
    Jammed by many people
    Pushing and shoving every corner
    This is where the perverts making marks
    On the unsuspecting women
    So they think in the crowded places
    Nobody will see
    Reaction will be slow
    Many don’t want to make a scene

    You know the Police
    Even you call the Police will ask so many questions
    Until you give up let it be
    Some of you may have experience
    How the Police treat you…………
    Some pleasant most times unpleasant
    So one tries to forget
    Put on thick skin ignore the rubbing

    If the guys can give up seats
    Most of the perverts will behave at least
    On the crowded trains among the guys

    We are conditioned don’t ask for trouble
    Today you may win what about tomorrow?
    Will you keep looking at your back?
    You don’t know the pervert(s)
    You don’t know about his friends
    Think about Ah Longs…….

    I know what I am talking about
    I had seen families hacked to death
    Gangs came to catch the running dog
    Because he wanted to be a good citizen
    So the gangs cut him to pieces

    The women should protect themselves
    Carry any sharp object which can turn into weapon
    Use pepper sprays then scream loudly
    Maybe the crowd will react positively
    On a situation calling for help or something

    Don’t depend on the crowd
    They will not help as much as you like
    Unless they are uniformed personnel
    Perhaps then you can escape……….

    I am saying changes have evolved
    Women are on your own
    Look after yourself every day
    The gentlemen of yesteryears
    You can’t find them anymore

    It is sad isn’t it?
    Women the cradle of the power in their hands
    Yet they are hopeless in masculine society
    When perverts, robbers, rapists and peeping toms strike
    Help will come slowly

    So take up measures to protect yourself
    Don’t let situation makes you a target
    Learn it like a man does your homework
    Stand up and feel the power in your hands

    When you are afraid
    You are always the target
    This is the rule of life

  15. Anonymous10:45 pm

    you see, perverts are second most hated figure even in prisons. the first, of course, child molesters/ child rapers.

    i suggest to anyone who been 'rubbed' by those perverts, to scream loudly. louder the better.

    then i think, that pervert will get what he deserved. maybe mata lebam or disjointed knee or bahu.

    people, help!

  16. Bailey et al...I don't understand...someone rubbing up against you, and you freeze and become so scared. Why?? Kalau sorang2 kat rumah, or alone outside... I can understand..or if you are a kid, I can understand...tapi ni in public, women!!! Just bash the bugger over his head la...apa takut..sheeesh. Or scream at him to stop it la! Apa yang nak malu... kawan2 yang nampak tu pun, tolong la bash sekali!!!

    In situations like this..Islamic segregation of males and females makes sense doesn't it? Exactly why Islam requires it.

  17. .....agree with warrior2,it happen to my friends and when they made a scene those perverts got caught.....

  18. Anonymous11:23 pm

    i suggest we take photos of these animals in action and publish them on the net. if no camera, we do a citizens arrest.

    if the authorities ain't doing anything, it's time for the people to bind together and stand up. i think many of use have had it with the current situation in malaysia (e.g. mat rempit, snatch theft, sexual harassment, etc.) i say we stand up against these SOBs and teach them a lesson that the people are angry and we ain't being victims no more!

    - john

  19. Anonymous11:59 pm

    As an interim measure, Rapid KL should post appropriate announcements on the PA system - warning passengers of pick pockets and sex maniacs, and the action the victims can take, e.g. reporting to the Rapid supervisor (if there are none at present, engage them during peak periods. I don't recommend the victims of the sex maniacs acting aggressively, for this could lead to a more aggressive reaction from the perpetrators. We don't want any harm to befall the victims.

  20. Anonymous12:39 am

    Dear bro Rocky

    First and second comment make the point. why don't the authorities seperate the coaches. ladies coaches, mens and family coaches.

    If Manila, Tokyo and other part of Non Muslim country have doing this..why not Malaysia Islam Hadhari.

    Should this be the next agenda for Malaysian Bloggers, fighting for the better future Malaysia.

    Our politician never experienced this coz they traveled using luxury car, why should they bother this, and we are not their relatives.


  21. Anonymous1:07 am

    Rocky pls thank shawn sharif for hiliting this issue. Hope somebody will do something about it. It happen in all public transport, believe me.


  22. Anonymous1:15 am

    since michael chong has so much on his hands and doing a good job at helping people...maybe mrs michael chong should teach puteri umno a thing or two to help these poor things thats suffering in silence!!!

  23. Anonymous2:29 am

    Don't hold your breath for Puteri Umno, or the YAB Sharizat or Wanita MCA to act against LRT snakes. Wanita MCA made a big fuss and smouldering show of outrage over china-doll maids.

    Remember their outrage concerning that? Yes, their cry was daily amplified in the mainstream goverment-controlled papers warning Chinese women that their husbands could be "stolen" and their marriages wrecked if they be allowed in to Malaysia.

    However, have you noticed the deafening silence from these wanitas lately? What became of that amplified outrage? How did it suddenly disappear when their "health" minister was enggaged in some very unhealthy "performances" in a down town hotel, South of the penninsula?

    Such selective outrage and situational ethics from our so-called wanita representatives and leaders leave little recourse for women like this Indian woman and her sex predators in LRT trains.

    Letters, emails and even reports like these may not awake them from their selfish self-centered political posturing. As some has suggested here, it would be wise for many of these women to fight back using both objects and their voice.

    Fight back. Protect yourself and form citizen networks that support each other. Another method is to ensure these snakes get crushed is to photograph them and put their pics here in blogs for all to see.

    But you can be sure of this - people like our former health minister will protest and fight for their privacy against being "photographed" or video-taped. After all, the crime of those who take the dvd of unhealthy escapades of health ministers is more dastardly than the act being perpetrated.

    You can thank the Star newspaper and the host of the local goverment-controlled media for continuing to propagate such a philosophy.

    The subliminal message from these concubine media convey this: "it is wrong to get caught because it makes the party lose face." And losing face is what we are here to rectify with our daily diatribe and "boria tutup mata rakyat".

    So, if you do get caught just play the shift-blame game. Thats the way we do it and show our undived loyalty to party and our starring performer. Then, make sure to label all others "holier than thou", and make it sure that anyone who brings up the issue of integrity to look like a spineless ant-national culprit.

    It is time for the new generation of Malaysians to trample snakes slithering in the LRT and within Parliment.

  24. I dont know what kind of enjoyment these idiots get from the few seconds of brushing against someone.

    I recommend all women in Malaysia carry pepper spray. Is this popular in Malaysia? Every other women here in the US carry one. It can be as small as something on your key chain.

  25. Anonymous6:54 am

    I don't think that women-only carriages are the way forward - it just moves the problem elsewhere. What is needed is to improve is respect for women - Parliament would be a good place to start! Kicking out sexist MPs, demanding better policies for women, and trying to improve training on women's rights for all parts of the civil service.

    But to the fact that a problem exists - yep, definitely. Had an experience with it myself when I was in KL. He had a sore foot afterwards (no room to kick any higher).

  26. Anonymous7:51 am

    the comments by Anon 6:06pm and Susan illustrate my point that delusionary liberal Malaysians always punish the innocent and reward the guilty!

    go figure...

  27. This is real. Many Malaysians are taught to follow order. No rebel. So this pity girl being harassed also have to swallow her tear and be harassed! Look outside, aren't Malaysian peaceful and listening to order? No wonder so many people easily cheated by scam. We are all frog under a well. We are all naive.

    We must change our government to set the priority right. We can't go outside to put banner to educate public about such awareness ourselves. Can we? Are we allowed? Who pay for it? The authority did nothing. Did that Nurin Alert poster done by DBKL? I wonder.

  28. "Chikan" is what they are called in Japan. See wiki:

  29. Our politicians are letting all the conmen, sexmaniacs, corrupt officers in the streets.

    Why do we have to tolerate this ?

    Does'nt being a malaysian deserves something more ?

  30. Anonymous10:43 am


    I would ask the Top Cop to get these menaces on our public transport instead of focussing all their energy and resources to watercannon 200 peaceful gatherers.I wonder how the authorities will react if one of their own - wives, mothers, daughters, grandmothers, etc - are victims.But then again, they are all so rich from being on the gravey train that they do not know what's happening to the poor who depend on the LRT for survival. I would suggest all female bloggers get together and take a ride on different routes one morning and give an account of tehir experience on these "molestrains"...

    And to Ms Shawn and Rocky, great job in highlighting a REAL problem.

    Cheers, guys

  31. I use LRT regularly from Kelana Jaya to Ampang Park.

    Since the New Year, I am quite surprised to see police presence on the platform. It seems that they are now putting police in the station. This may only be at the busiest stations like KLCC and Masjid Jamek, but it is better than nothing.

    Anyway, I don't think RapidKL is in a situation where they could offer a single sex train for their commuters. Not when the current service is littered with delays and inefficiencies. Imagine you have a stuffy platform full of commuters waiting for their delayed train, then the next train which comes in is a single sex train. It will be a crowd control nightmare!!

    If you come across perverts in the train, just confront the guy. I'm sure the people around will back you up.

  32. This is not a new problem. Just an old problem in a new setting. What used to happen on buses now happen on the LRT. And let me stress that we probably wouldn't have had this type of problems if PAS is ruling the country. We would have had one LRT for women going in one direction and another for men going in the other. No chance for anybody to feel anybody up or go anywhere together. May be it's also time for people to wake up and realise that you should be very afraid of hudud laws only if you are mischievous. On the contrary, if you don't go around pinching women's bottoms in crowded trains you are not very likely to have your hands cut off. And at least separate trains is a better alternative then coming up with a very Saudi-style solution like putting the harassed victim in jail for being on the LRT unaccompanied by a male relative and letting the molester continue with his perverted activities unimpeded.

  33. Anonymous11:29 am

    As much as care is needed to help those being victimised.
    Caution is necessary to ensure no self appointed vigilante arises to save the ladies.
    Cause vigilantes can go on OVERDRIVE!!!
    And cause untold hurt to innocents be they man or lady.

  34. bro,
    complains of the bad management of ktm or any train stations have been highlighted before..but you know lah this buggers are only interested in making money...not the passenger's safety or other grouses..hmmm
    read what a 13 year old wrote about these stations many moons ago in her blog ...

  35. Anonymous11:42 am

    I can identify with what happened to the poor girl. Once, in the LRT, a nicely dressed man got too close for comfort even though there was enough space for him and me and I loudly but politely asked him "Maafkan saya Encik, nampaknya Encik tak cukup ruang berdiri sebab badan Encik asyik terkena badan saya. Kalau Encik perlukan lebih ruang, bagi tau saya. Boleh saya ke tepi supaya badan kita tak bersentuhan." His face turned beetroot as everyone turned to stare at him.

    Another time, a guy in a bus "accidentally" grabbed my ass, so I "accidentally" slapped him on his face before I got down.

    Stand up for yourself, girls, coz no one else will.

  36. Anonymous12:04 pm

    Hi rocky,
    perverTs existed a long2 time ago. why wait for other ppl to act. this lewd acts happens anytime , so how are others supposed to monitor?? This the time to b aggressive, reprimand LOUDLY and others around will nab the jerk. Kick him where it hurts the most, his "object of harrassment" parents shd teach daughters survival skills, esp those staying in urban areas.

  37. Anonymous12:32 pm

    Wow, I didn't know Malaysian girls are so submissive when it comes to incidents like these! Hell, even the authorities don't seem to be taking this matter seriously at all! Well, it looks like all my fears are unfounded after all! Time to go hunting next morning haha! LRT HERE I COME!

  38. why Screenshot haven't been update since 3 January 2008?

    where is Jeff?

    can somebody update me?

  39. Bro,

    I saw this in the Sun 'paper today and couldn't help but hope, through your blog, it will be given the maximum coverage. While we bask in the glory of our public funded jets and yachts, holiday in exotic destinations, make inane statements about essential commodity shortages, celebrate the youth and beauty of our wives, spend good public money on giant electronic posters of our great leaders,play marbles in outer space,et al this is what an ordinary Malaysian citizen whose only fault is having some minor physical handicaps like being deaf and blind, had to go through in this land of milk and honey and caring officialdom to get the pittance that is rightfully hers.

    Blind, deaf and sent in circles by welfare dept

    I am a blind and deaf person, who in 1999 had to move out of the hostel for the blind located next to the Tun Hussein Eye Hospital, Petaling Jaya as the Malaysian Association for the Blind (MAB) wanted the land back to expand the hospital.

    Having nowhere to stay, I managed to occupy a room in a house which another blind friend, Mr. Leong, who was similarly affected, had in Section 14, Petaling Jaya. Mr Leong was kind enough to offer accommodation rent-free to five blind girls affected by the move.

    I managed from 1999 onwards to obtain aid from the Welfare Department. Then in July 2007 that aid was suddenly stopped. Wanting to know the reason for this I went to the Welfare Office in Petaling Jaya and was told that my residential address was in Kuala Lumpur and so my name was now with the Kuala Lumpur Welfare Office.

    Although puzzled as I had not changed residence, I went to the MAB office to get the Deputy Director to telephone the Kuala Lumpur Office to find out the situation. He was informed that my name was not in their list and that I should go to the Petaling Jaya Office to clarify matters.

    This occurred a number of times. Each Office in turn informed me that my name was not in their list and that I should check with the other office. I had to move from office to office like a ping pong ball in play. All this occurred despite the fact that the Welfare Officer from the Petaling Jaya Office had visited me in Leong’s house and had even interviewed me there!

    Now seven months have passed and this matter has not been resolved. I have not enough money for food and have to share what food Leong and my friends can provide. My only source of income is from freelance massages which I do when I can get clients, which is not frequent as communication between me and the clients is difficult because of my disabilities.

    I have a disabled father who needs a walker to move about. My elderly mother is crippled by osteoarthritis and can only crawl about. I used to help them whenever I go home to my kampung. But this year I could not do this as I lacked funds.

    So I approached a very good friend whom I have known for 30 years to assist me in this matter. She contacted both the Kuala Lumpur and the Petaling Jaya Welfare Offices. They could not give her satisfactory answers. They only claimed that I had moved to Kuala Lumpur as they had a record which gave my address as No.15, Jalan Tun Sambathan 4, Kuala Lumpur.

    Now this friend visited this address and found it to be a shophouse used by a motorcycle repair shop together with a hair saloon. So how could that be my residential address? Also in dealing with this matter why couldn’t each branch contact the other to try to resolve this matter, instead of pushing me from branch to branch.

    So how am I to live now? What do I do? Go on the streets and beg?

    Wan Zainun Wan Mohamad
    Petaling Jaya

  40. rocky,

    i am APPALLED at the attitude of the welfare department.

    Wan Zainun no longer needs answers. It is not answers that she needs.
    She needs the MONEY that is due to her.
    The money she is entitled to is part of allocations for the department.
    HOW DARE THEY PLAY GOD with her?

    I think she has to put them all to task!
    SHe is not asking for their pity. She is asking for what is entitled to her to enable her to live.

  41. frankly, in this case, I wouldn't object to segregation at all

  42. Anonymous4:38 pm

    mmmm.... melons

  43. Anonymous5:15 pm

    A small question to proponents of segregation.
    How do I travel with my family when I vist KL?
    Sons with me, daughters with wife on different coaches?

  44. I was a pervert too once. Read about it in my blog

  45. Anonymous6:31 pm

    If we rakyat were to rely on the Police, I think we will be sorely disappointed. Police today are not public friendly Police but only politician friendly.

    I think the ladies should brave themselves to voice out.

  46. Nice poster ;)

    my only intention is to spread awareness, and just maybe induce people to stand up for themselves.


  47. Anonymous6:09 am

    I don't think segregation would work in the current situation. I ride the Putra LRT every day and there are so many people it would be hard to allow the segregation. I guess the only way that we have right now is to speak up loudly when you see something bad happening.

    But honestly, if the Putra LRT management buy a few more carriages and make them triple carriages instead of the double that we have now, there would be less "sesak" and hopefully no avenue for sexual harassment.

  48. Anonymous8:57 am

    if i were to compile all that preversive encounters, i think i would come out with a very thick book!on the bus..LRT...

    on the LRT, once the shitty pervert was trying to graze my breast, i feel so dirty. now don't ask me what did i do afterwards coz i did nothing much to my regret. At that moment, it was easier said than done.

    Once i saw a guy with his hand grabbing the lady's buttcheek. and another time a guy with rolled up newspaper nudged other man's groin from behind.

    i emailed rapid regarding this, i was surprised that i didn't even get an automatic reply!!!

    segregation of gender is possible. anything is possible. nak seribu, if your wife, daughter, mom, sister in that situation...i'm sure you'll make it possible.

    *another pervert wearing nice working shirt, mawi-like hairdo and wearing shades in LRT.

    ~anon 11.55

  49. Anonymous11:27 am

    Cakap senang.. how about married couple..nak naik coach lain lain ke?. The best that girl jerit saja dan minta tolong pada sesiapa yang ada dalam koc tu dan hajar sex manic tu..korang realized tak different coach means lrt fare will up... end of the day pengguna juga yang merunggut.

  50. Anonymous11:44 am

    Dear all,

    I think what anon 6.06 pm meant by "reserved coaches for ladies" applies to peak hours only.

    Also, I think women are NOT barred from entering the other coaches (only men are barred from entering the ladies-only coaches).
    Meaning that if the girl is with her boyfriend, or the wife with her husband, or the grandma is with her grandsons ... they can still squeeze into the other non-reserved cabins.

    A solo woman can also go to any cabin to ride the LRT, not just the ones reserved for ladies.

    That's how I read it, anyway. And if that is how it's done, it's superb idea. There's nothing religious or sexist in the proposal.

  51. Anonymous3:18 pm

    SHAWN SHARIFF if you are reading this, please get back to me at I work for a newspaper and am interested in joining you to raise the alarm in fighting these perverts!
    Thanks, Vivienne

  52. Anonymous3:55 pm

    oh lord.

    there are millions of couple going to work on their own! separate LRT coach is a no? unless of course the married couple are dragging their children along and a hassle for only one half handling them..then ok lah.

    but, going to the office separately also cannot?!

  53. i had experienced like this in putra LRT also because of my appearance. I wear baju kurung n tudung labuh. These kind of men thought i might be an easy target but unfortunately they are totally wrong! At first i felt scared, but I turn my head and asked him directly and in a very strong voice: "Hang buat apa ni ha? GATAI!!! Nak kena penampaq ka?" in loghat kedah. the LRT suddenly stopped at jelatek station and he jumped out. He is a Malay guy.
    Girls, don't be afraid, if u can't scream or speak, just stomped on their feet with your heels. Be brave....

  54. i agree with amni. Thats what every girls should do. Just give this guys a tight slap then they will know it