Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Screenshots turns 5 today

Not such a David after all. Blogger Jeff Ooi has been at it for FIVE years now! And he's proven that a blogger, with limited resources, can reach out far and wide, and give the paper tigers a run for their money.

Check out his stats HERE as he pits himself head-on against some so-called media Golliaths.

p.s. Sometime this month, Jeff will be "celebrating" the first anniversary of his legal battle with one of the those Golliaths.


  1. Hey, you cannot use "David vs Goliath"! It is Christian's story! Haha, just kidding. I just found out this story few weeks back in Bible "Goliath—the Philistine giant who was killed by David (1Sa 17; 21:9)." Not sure if it is also mentioned in Quran.

  2. YAY, JEFF!!!

    Congrats! And Syabbas!

    I'm with you to fight the good fight!

  3. Yeah ... is he the Sec Gen OF GERAKAN yet ???