Tuesday, January 01, 2008

First scandal of 08

Health Minister admits he was on sex video clip. The first day of the new year hasn't even ended and Abdullah's Administration is rocked by its first scandal.

And what a rocker it is.

Go to Hard-T (URGENT! URGENT! Dr Chua Soi Lek Sex Scandal! and Aksi Apek Yang Ganas) blog on my side-bar for more, including a screenshot of the sex clip and pictures of the press conference in Labis, Johor, today.
The Star's sms alert:
1/1 Health Minister Chua Soi Lek admits he is the politician in the sex DVD circulating in Johor; the girl is his personal friend/STAR
I was told the clipping was made during MCA's Team A vs B battle royale but was covered up for political expediency (the same rason it's now out in the open, presumably). The YB must have thought it was all behind him.

p.s. Bernama has the story HERE that says:
Despite his admission, Dr Chua maintained that he would not relinquish his government and party positions.


  1. Anonymous5:45 pm

    The most decent thing is for the minister to resign!
    Its been the trend lately to pass the buck to the PM and to let the PM decide.Look at the Perlis MB.
    Also,The PM himself has been guilty of khalwat when he travelled together with the then-unmarried Jeanne.
    Who can blame the ministers when the man at the top is leading by example?
    Sorry-lah, the present leaders do not have integrity at all!

  2. Anonymous5:47 pm

    wow the first day of the year

    Started off With a Bang !!!

  3. Anonymous5:52 pm

    The minister in no fuss has admitted that he is the one. So what?? Haiya...small matter lorr.. He's non-muslim cabinet minister. Surely Islam Hadhari rule doesnt applied here. What's more if his wife also give consent to him presumably the wife could no longer render her duty. Come on guys, be realistic lorr!!!!

  4. Anonymous6:07 pm

    personal friend ke ...?

  5. Anonymous6:08 pm

    2 facts about the minister "kinky" acts:
    1) For a moslem; God warns that the hell await who commits that.

    2) For a married Chinese Malaysian man; the wife surely will send the man to hell for enjoying that. Full stop.

  6. Stay healthy, shag more!


  7. Anonymous6:14 pm

    Hotel rooms should not have cctv camera. Its an invasion of privacy. We have no business in other people private matters.

  8. Hey!
    Why should Chua Soi Lek resign! It is his own private affairs and no business to the rest of the world, unless if he is neglecting his duty to the country,the people or his community, such as not doing his job by sleeping or suffering from necrolepsy, or even alzheimer, or flying out of the country secretly for a special treatment! The man(Chua)is still a virile man let him have his moment!
    Let us not be a society of hypocrite! Let him be!

  9. Anonymous6:24 pm

    Why should Dr Chua resign?

    Did Rahim Thamby Chik resign? Did Muhammad son of Muhammad? Did Abu Hassan Omar? Did Anwar Ibrahim? Did Azalina Aziz?

    Someone denied any romance between him and a certain Jean Danker but later married her. Did he resign? Did we ask him to resign?

    I never thought KJ should resign over Maya Karin.

    Why should Dr Chua resign? It's his private life. And if we go by track record of politicians in this country, we'll find that Dr Chua is no less a politician and no less a leader, by the benchmark that has been set.

    So why resign?

    Let the people decide at the next general election, shall we?

  10. Anonymous6:25 pm

    laa...what's the purpose of being a minister and still cannot shag his close friend?? baby also he screw what!

    cheh...he sets such good example for us.

  11. Perhapas it's because he is a minister that everybody is making a big fuss over what is considered a private consensual intimate relationship !

    I wonder how intense the heat would be if it had been a Muslim minister !The fireworks would be enough to burn the disc to a cinder !

    Anyway, it is going to be a sumptous menu for the opposition to dig in with their forks, knives and 'parangs' ! They are going to have a field day over this exposure !

    Conversely, our PM (worse still the MCA President) will have sleepless nights trying to come out with some good, believable, excuses.

    Yes, save everybody the headaches . Just resign from the cabinet.

    Hey, who was the film director ?
    Or was it a try in self-filming ? If it was, then it was not a bad job, considering.

  12. Anonymous6:30 pm

    "Hotel rooms should not have cctv camera. Its an invasion of privacy. We have no business in other people private matters."

    Correct...correct..and more korek please. If only those in Lingam's video clips have the guts like Minister Chua Soi Lek. Just imagine the whole cabinet minister would have to view Chua Soi Lek in action before Pak Lah could make any decision. OMG!! Put in urself into his shoe. My friend Samy Vellu could see me bang so hard. This minister is a really Man of the Year even before first day of 2008 end.

  13. Anonymous6:42 pm

    Now the probe on DVD must focus on whether he really put on any protective gears or not. If none, he is rightfully deserved to be sacked. Why? He is Minister of Health. It is going to be a national crisis as the minister of health himself not adopting one of core values under healthy lifestyle campaign.

  14. Anonymous6:46 pm

    by hanging on to the mca/ministerial posts - shows that it alright to screw someone daughter/wife behind your partner back... izzit?

    for goodness sake, he is not any tom, dick & harry... as a public figure must have some respect for his ministry.

    a 'honourable thing' for him to do - to resign.

  15. Anonymous6:59 pm

    beeranyone said...
    by hanging on to the mca/ministerial posts - shows that it alright to screw someone daughter/wife behind your partner back... izzit?

    for goodness sake, he is not any tom, dick & harry... as a public figure must have some respect for his ministry.

    a 'honourable thing' for him to do - to resign.

    BUT..THE BOTTOM LINE.. BN has it own ways to resolve this problem. It depends how good one to kowtow his chief. Knowing Minister OKT and current PM, both guys are nuts compare to Liong Sik & Tun M. But one thing for sure, his political career is finished as far as Malaysian political landscape is concerned.

  16. This the same AhPek who for all his worth, told the public '...Medical mistakes are unavoidable...' and pays a meagre 60k conpensation for hospital negligence to the parents of Baby Yok Shan.

    60k for cutting off a baby's arm! He is unfit to become a leader of anything.

    Baby Yok Shan have a whole future ahead of her and here we have Leaders who says it's 'ok' to make mistakes in Gov Hospitals.

    Why doesn't He goes into one, himself? Afterall he should have confidence in his dept's handling of hospital care.

  17. Anonymous7:21 pm

    Sudahlah---leave him be ! Only his wife can punish him, and she has forgiveen him !
    He's done a fairly good job as a Minister of Health. Judge him by that!
    There are other worse corrupted, crooked, dishonest and lying public figures who deserved to be kicked out -- and they are still around building their financial kingdom--and what have we done about them ??

    I repeat--only his wife and children can be his judge and jury !

  18. Anonymous7:24 pm

    Not bad Mr Minister...
    You do practise what we doctors advise others , "Sex is the best therapy"...
    No wonder you're so supportive of the "Condom" program....

  19. Anonymous7:25 pm

    btw..."Make Love, not War!"
    Happy New Year!

  20. Anonymous7:36 pm

    He is minister of health, so he is showing us how one should do if he must, the healthy way. After all his family says its ok. But if he holds the culture or religious portfolio then we need answers from him. On second thought what do you expect from this fella?

  21. Anonymous7:38 pm

    Did he say "I serve at the pleasure of the prime minister"?

    Wonder how the conseversation went?

    First man: Apa ini you were caught on tape having sex?

    Healthy man: No lah...all lies there is no such tape.

    First man: what?!!!

    Healthy man: No tapelah but DVD. somemore very clear. Like master copy.

    First man: Who is is the girl, wife ah?

    Healthy man: Nolah......

    First man: Aiseh.. brother your maid? mmmmm quiet young ah?

    Healthy man: No lah...I am not that lucky.. this one is personal friend.

    First man: This is not good for my policy.

    Healthy man: So how boss you want me to resign?

    First man: I have to look the DVD first. Don't resignlah..then almost all the fellows got to resign.

    Healthy man: So I can stay on?

    First man: Yes..yes..let me ask people on other floor, first.

    Healthy man: Oh thank you thank you, for letting me to stay on.

    First man: My pleasure.

    Next healthy man to reporters:"I serve at the pleasure of the prime minister".

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Anonymous7:57 pm

    We should not pass judgement on him, that is his personal friend and even his family and wife said its ok. Please be sensitive of or you'll be accused of infringing into other people's culture and way of life

  24. BTW, if he gets VD or AIDS from his condomless escapades and spreads the diseases around,...send him off to the same gomen hospital where the baby lost her arm and get the same green resident to erroneously inject his member..hopefully will get gangrene, rot off and the baby's parents will feel vindicated...some justice at last, meh...pay him 60 ringgit cukupla as compensation...

  25. Yeah, only his wife can punish him and she's "standing by her man" - just like the lot of political wives - so that she can "punish" him by shopping more. And where is he going to get the money to support her, his family, his mistress, servants, pay for the mansion, Mercedes,and so on? Need I say more?

  26. Anonymous8:16 pm

    quote anonymous said "The PM himself has been guilty of khalwat when he travelled together with the then-unmarried Jeanne.
    Who can blame the ministers when the man at the top is leading by example?
    Sorry-lah, the present leaders do not have integrity at all!"
    can u confirm this statement..dont made wild statement just based on statement made by others in the net...

    for its good for mr chua to resign..be a professional...or i think he will remain until the next election..and pm wont take him for LABIS...if he resign...rugi..no pencen...

  27. Anonymous8:17 pm

    First I must say that he is my kind of politician.Brave and not stupid.For me he is human and not an angel and by admitting he was the politician in the sex DVD could spell a new era in Malaysian politic.Morally he should resigned but personally what he have done by openly admitting he is the man in the DVD.What next politician admit he or she involves in corruption?
    Bob From Kuching

  28. Anonymous8:17 pm

    Fomema says: Chua is simply paying the price for exposing the sale of Pantai to Singaporeans, a deal brokered by you-know-whos. Revenge is sweet ha ha ha.

  29. Anonymous8:20 pm

    have anybody seen the dvd..??
    how's mr chua performance??
    tahan lama ka?

  30. Anonymous8:31 pm

    Roxanne said...
    Yeah, only his wife can punish him and she's "standing by her man" - just like the lot of political wives - so that she can "punish" him by shopping more. And where is he going to get the money to support her, his family, his mistress, servants, pay for the mansion, Mercedes,and so on? Need I say more?

    Just check who had foot the hotel bill while he had the sexual escapade. If the bill chargeable to MOH account, ACA must step in. If Ah Long gang foot the bill, commercial crime cops should come in.

  31. Anonymous8:42 pm

    ha ha...
    was told that the people in Johor make and distributed the DVD door to door lah....

    Ever wonder what he and his 'personal friend' did to have offended the people to that extent to want him finished?

    Anyway, the only thing honorable is for him to resign. How are his election group going to campaign for him? "We support poligamy?", "Adultery is legal in MCA/BN?". His remain in post/politics is only going to weigh on the BN/MCA regime. I don't think they can retain him. But they are careful for he has a strong support base.

  32. Anonymous9:00 pm

    That poor former Deputy CM of Sabah will be cursing!

    Now nobody will bother about his case of the statue erection!

    After all, now the semenanjung side has got solid evidence of a solid erection which will take away the limelight of an intended but aborted erection in Sabah.

    Oh, it all got to do with timing!
    And what a fantastic timing it has been at the start of 2008.

    Sabah people can wait till erections (oopps elections) are over and once the current ruling party comes to power again - you can forget about the erection in Sabah.

  33. Anonymous9:06 pm

    He got too confident and becomes reckless...he ought to resign.If he's not caught good for him but now he wants PM to sack him. What's this ah pek smoking ah??

  34. Anonymous9:14 pm

    resign?/heheh ..i'll bet u Paklah going to do a "HiNDRAF 31" on CSL..

    dia dah menyesal..dan hantar surat kepada saya...

    saya maafkan..
    with this..the male group from MCA ..will promote Islam Handari themself..

    idup paklah.... hahahahah

  35. oooh, can someone send me a copy please! my only interest is to know how big his pecker is.

    apart from that i don't give a flying f**k..as my favorite author the late kurt vonnegut would say.

    his only sin is to get caught. a great many in bn are probably doing the same anyway .

    but all the same the decent thing for him to do is to resign. that's the sort of thing civilized people are expected to do. lets not give our bungling pm more headache...

  36. Anonymous9:36 pm

    If it is about duty or responsibility
    to the Public,
    it is a Scandal to the rest!
    If it is a private life,
    a scandal towards privacy is to be reacted!

    If same efforts been done to dig the scandal of worms to the public
    An appreciation from the rest
    Otherwise, don't provoke over-react!

    Dr Chua, he has at least passed the Honesty Test!!
    How many ministers or other officials had passed Honesty Test?

  37. Anonymous9:38 pm

    AAB will be understanding on this matter. He has been there before..with his maid!

    Welcome to the club!

  38. Anonymous9:41 pm

    I am a lover not a fighter says, "the set benchmark" on morality is set by other senior leaders thence Chua shud not resign. I say, we have to reset the benchmark and call for clean government healthwise, moral wise, management wise and all wise. I suggest a Polls shall be set up to have a feel what the electorate says in this case.

  39. Anonymous9:45 pm

    1. The Liberian president's top minister resigns after pictures of him having sex with two women are published.

    2. Chinese finance minister resigns amid rumors of sex scandal


  40. Anonymous9:52 pm

    U dirty old man!
    Sleaze, British style now showing in Malaysia!!!!!

    But as Parquale said, is he a good & capable politician? That's most important! Otherwise, sack him! But his wife should still give him his comeuppance. Cut off his goolies! YES!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Anonymous9:55 pm

    with so much blundles in the previous year, 2008 welcomes pak lah with a sex scandal, so tragic.
    Badawi has got to resign. But in short period of time, power transfer in UMNO is almost impossible coz two camps are struggling to topple each other.
    So i like to come with my proposal, Jose Maurinho to lead UMNO. Why?
    1. He is now out of job.
    2. He is regarded as a special one, not a sleepy one.
    3. He can make the media (and bloggers as well) to shut up because he produces result.
    4. He never increases the petrol price.
    5. His children are still young, so no possibility of in-laws sneak behind.
    BTW, i am a liverpool fan.

  42. Anonymous10:00 pm

    despite all the dismay, dont you think that he is the real hero here. He has admitted his doing. i bet if its going to be the other leaders,for sure they will deny the act and will give all sorts of reasons and excuses under the moon and sky to save their own skin. He is just human and man always remain a man. Man mana nak tolak lubang. Unless man yang suka belakangnya dicucuk another belalai.

  43. Anonymous10:18 pm

    Wow! really a great health minister.
    Sex is good for health and our minister is promoting it! Haha!

  44. Datuk Chua Soi Lek just cannot pass the bulk to PM to use the latter's perrogative to take action on him!! If he is a responsible member of cabinet , he should tender his resignition and it is up to PM whether to accept it or not!! You have committed something unbecoming ,of a father , MP, party leader and member of cabinet, therefore it is incumbent upon you to resign honourably!! DS Ong Ka Ting, there is no way for you to defend your comarade anymore, otherwise MCA will be wipe-out in next GE!!!

  45. ANY Way what a birthday gift to Dr Chua Soi Lek!!(birthday tomorrow 2JAN 2008)! At 61 he is great !!!!!

  46. Anonymous10:24 pm

    Why should Pak Lah not asked him to resign? Under Islam Hadhari's moderate Islam, he is supposed to be open and tolerance to the practise of other race and religion. :)

    If he had to, it's because he didn't didn't live up to expectation to practise the safe sex with his "friend"... then he will have to deal with Dato Marina Mahathir.

  47. This is an invasion of privacy friends. It happened to him and it can happen to you and your wives when you do the hot and heavy. So I think we should crucify the hotel operators and demand Chua Soi Lek to reveal the name of the hotel so that the rakyat would avoid checking in it.

    Forgive me but I have to differ on this issue if it is to ask Chua to resign.

    I think first of all, if you are concerned about him having a wife and family, you should ask him to divorce his wife and leave a good part of his wealth to her. That would be more reasonable because I think the one most hurt in this fiasco is the wife.

    Secondly, professionally, he didn’t have it taped for his own amusement. He didn’t have sex at the Minister’s office like Clinton did in the Oval room. Someone filmed him from 4 ANGLES!
    Thirdly, so far his health policies have been great. The govt hospitals and the standards of the doctors and nurses have been hugely upgraded as their welfare have been taken more seriously since he took office.

    Fourthly, the rakyat should be educated enough to judge a politician by his policies, work ethics and his service to the people and not to rely too much on his private life.

    I’m a tax-paying citizen of reasonable intelligence. If I’m expecting politicians serving me to be 100% morally pure and at the same time very able in the office as a public servant, then I’m asking to be screwed more visciously than the woman Chua Soi Lek made love to in the hotel room.

    As a rakyat, I’m looking for a person in office who can uplift the welfare, economy and everything else that effects my pocket and safety of the nation. What he does in his private time and outside the govt buildings, he will have to answer to his family and God, not I.

    If I want an Imam, I’ll go to the Masjid; Preist, I’ll head for the church; Monks and Samys,I’ll head for the temples, and MIC. I don’t look for them in politicians. I’m afraid I caught one on the Mimbar giving out a sermon in Anwar Ibrahim before who turned out to be a power abusive and corrupt leader. SO I don't need a morally righteous politician, just a serving one.

    I know of one ex-Member of Parliament who was an honourable religious teacher turned politcian. He had 100% attendance in Parliament but I never heard him debate. Instead I was told he even slept while in Parliament and in official functions in the Division. (this even before Pak Lah took office, so the PM didn’t have pioneer status on this).

    Bottomline. If I need to repair my shoes, I see a cobbler. If I need a haircut, I see a barber, and if I need to pray behind an Imam, I’ll go to the Masjid. If I need a politician, I won’t look for one who can repair shoes, cut hair and be religious while formulating and implementing govt policies.

    Get him to divorce his wife and make her rich if you want to be a busybody, but don’t ask him to resign unless his ministry’s policies suck.

    Don’t expect political leaders to be religious. Heck! Even clerics are knowned ass-jockeys, and they’re supposed to serve God!!!

    Expect politicians to be
    politicians, nothing more. If you do, you will be less disappointed and in some cases you will even be satisfied.

    Just be grateful that your sex with your spouse(if you’re married) or even a threesome in a hotel room isn’t posted on youtube. We shouldn’t worry about a Minister having consensual sex in a supposedly private room on an unofficial visit. What we should worry about is that if a Minister’s privacy can be violated by a hotel operator during visit Malaysia Year, what guarntee is there that the rakyat’s privacy is protected everytime we walk into a hotelroom?

    Let's demand for Chua to reveal the name of the hotel and go to town on the industry to ensure that the privacy of the rakyat in hotel rooms are safeguarded from perverts and wankers.

  48. ......poor bed,are they gonna send it to jabatan kimia too........

  49. .......nice title.aksi apek yang ganas.......

  50. Anonymous11:01 pm

    This reminded me of Jack Nicholson's quotes in his latest movie ~ The Bucket List.

    "3 things to remember when you get older:

    1. Never pass on a bathroom.
    .2. Never waste a hard on.
    3. Never trust a fart."

    In uncle Chua's case ~ he didn't waste no. 2. hahahahaha. Way to go, uncle.

  51. Anonymous11:09 pm

    Why the video surface at first place? Political struggle within MCA? Surely YES. No doubt that the post of Deputy President of MCA is gonna vacant after the coming election. The current Transport Minister has cited many times on his health condition. Chua Soi Lek has been tipped to move up to the deputy president post.So, someone doesn't want this to happen and the rest is just history.

  52. Anonymous11:13 pm

    listen here people.

    what do u think this is? a banana republic?
    he is an elected representative.
    how dare anyone suggest that he should NOT resign, that it is his private business?
    excuse me...u think he is chairman of a sendirian berhad company?
    his wife may have forgiven him, but not the people.
    he represents the malaysian govt. MCA can close one eye and let this incident pass. personally, i'd expect the MCA to pressure him to resign.
    what kind of people are we? let's not be hypocrites and accuse those who want him to resigna as hypocrites. it's not a question of hypocrisy.
    if he wasn;t caught and the tape made public is one thing. but, he's been caught. and we know of his little tryst.
    It would be not right for him to remain in the malaysian Cabinet.

    Now... the camera in a hotel room. that is another issue.
    i think we should make public the name of the hotel.
    it is not just an invasion of privacy. it goes beyond that if a hotel has a camera in any of its rooms.

  53. Anonymous11:18 pm

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  54. Anonymous11:18 pm

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  55. Anonymous11:18 pm

    Rocky & all,

    Yes, Chua Soi Lek admitted that it was him, rather than wait until ALL fingers point at him. Shows he is a man (besides the DVD might shown his 'manhood' too!).

    There is a morality standing here. Maybe Dr. Chua is arrogant enough to say it in thhe PC meant for his admission that he would go from Cabinet nor party posts, citing that he had met and apologize to the PM, DPM and party President.

    The ball now is on PM 'Flip-Flop' Abdullah's court. There is a precedence to these 'morality' issues.

    'Acclaimed' early nineties "pornstar" D P Vijandran went. Rahim Tamby Chik went when he had 'issues'. Muhammad Muhd Taib had to relinquish his post as MB Selangor when he was arrested trying to 'smuggle' LARGE SUM of money out of Australia (although the court freed him, later).

    Then there was this case against Anwar Ibrahim which should be so fresh in our minds.

    The final one was MB Selangor again, this time Abu Hassan Omar.

    Bottomline, when Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, he did not and would not tolerate all these 'nonsense' when it comes to morality issues.

    Again, lets see what PM 'Flip-Flop' Abdullah's reaction to this, hopefully tomorrow.

  56. Anonymous11:57 pm

    I friend told me CSL should be charged for KHALWAT!! I dont know. Haven't seen the tape. Anyone can upload to Youtube or something?

    Maybe Chua should have denied it was him. And let others call for a Royal Commission of Inquiry to ascertain if the VCD/DVD is authentic or not.

    Chua should not let his fate be decided by the PM, DPM or Party President.

    He has admitted it was him. So do the HONOURABLE thing. Resign and seppuku. Else live on in disgrace.

    Najib and Hishamuddin has the device.

  57. Anonymous12:03 am

    Who needs desperate wives while we have desperate Barsian ministers to perform regularly on sex videos. Have we forgoten the Vijandran sex tape episode? After all Barsisan will in its uusual custom and culture label this another "normal" thing and the rakyat should not be "unduly" perturbed over it.

    I wonder if the tourism industry will get into this by promoting the new "porn stars" from the nations' top political party. Yes Gemilang, Cermeralang dan tak payah beli gamabar lucah dari tempat lain. Barisan Boleh Hantar!

    It would be an excellent "parterneship" if the health minister could recruit his Barisan mates to join forces with the earliar Mas Stewardess sex scandal team. Who knows Barisan may just have hit on the "corrrect, correct, correct industry after all these years in front of the cameras.

  58. Anonymous12:12 am

    take a look at the bini. u cant blame em

  59. Anonymous12:17 am

    You sure it wasn't Samy?

  60. Anonymous12:28 am

    Kesiannya dia. This is a very trying time for Chua and his family. I really think we should go easy and not make personal and hurtful comments.

    Okay, so he won't resign. Hey, maybe it's a barisan thing, you know.



  61. Anonymous12:31 am

    It is a moral issue cos' he's a Minister.

    Also,Anti-Corruption should investigate.Was it sex in exchange of something? (a contract? a tender?)

    It could also be sexual harassment of the highest degree.

    Chua (oh you sexy thing, you sexy thing) SHOULD resign and SHOULD be investigated.

    Those who were caught in the past were pressured to resign (your Melaka man, your Selangor MB , etc etc) Why should Chua be different? Even leaders in the West, East Asia resigned over sex scandals.

  62. very well said, de real deal. you put words in my mouth. i agree with you whole-heartedly.

    having sex with another woman who is not his wife could happen to anyone, why even some other ministers. chua was unlucky to be caught BUT brave to admit he was the person on the tape.

    and yes, it is his private life, why should we worry so much over it. as da real deal said we should judge him by his policies, work ethics and service not his private life.

    it's just like our ex DPM - IF he is a gay, so what? that's his private life. i'd rather have a gay DPM than a corrupted DPM.

  63. If he is a Muslim minister, he would not have confessed as doing so would be committing suicide. But from the comments posted here, our chinese mass seems to be very tolerant of such behaviour. No matter whether he is a chinese or a malay, he is morally corrupt in the first place and must resign immediately!

  64. Anonymous1:18 am

    So we are expecting this HP6 minister to resign ?

    Look like an HP6 person will stay put with a team of HP6.

    Look like more explosions are coming in 2008 !!! Greated than C4 on Altantuya ?

  65. Anonymous1:40 am

    tulung bagi tau mana hotel. takut gua punya dvd/vcd nanti keluar.

  66. Anonymous1:57 am

    love it la! ini macam baru MAN lah.


    proud of it but yet to see the tape la. anyone can post online? redtube etc....

  67. Anonymous2:40 am

    would u implicate a "personal friend" when u were caught? I believe there is more than meets the eye. FOr a minister to be caught with a PRO is even worse than to sleep ard with a friend. Like someone suggested, was the "friend" a gift from some shaddy deals? And now that the obvious hv been brought to light, even the PM have to cover the tracks and accepted his apology less more worms be dug out? Afterall, I believe such "gifts" are not uncommon in Msian political scenes.

  68. Anonymous3:08 am

    Interesting observation mohamed ghouse. "Tolerance" is a convenient word and political-correctness is not necessarily a Western political phenomena. In Malaysia we have conveniently embraced a communal, racial or should i say race-obessed worldview - a "rice-bowl" system of situational ethics.

    Thats why stickers of "anti-rasuah" on police-cars and badges of police-offices have as much value as used chewing gum stuck at the bottom of a town council garbage truck. People and relationships matter. Badges and slogans can not and will not substitute for the integrity and testimony the nation hungers for.

    It is one thing to script eloquent excuses for a politician's sexual escapades because he belongs to a particular race, it is another thing altogether to have the courage to call a leader violating the trust of his wife and the community to be a person who has betrayed such trust.

    Some can only see through racial-centered lenses and attempt to "soften" the violation when it was their cousin who got caught with their pants down. Then again, there are those who indirectly sanction doing the same and empathize with such politicians because they are convinced that no one trully desires to walk righteously, and that such standards are not worth practising.

    In other words, if its one of your kind, just paint a softer hue over the filth. After all, nobody's perfect right? Lets carry that thought further... why not paint it all the way.

    Lets lower the standards for our elected representatives, lets not "criminalise" them when they are caught with other crime, lets go all the way down to illegal earnings, down to illegal properties,rapes,racial profiling, demeaning of women, to deals,to electoral rigging.... do you get my drift?

    Why discriminate between one crime against another? Why have one standard for elected parlimentarians and another for the common citizen?

    Do you subscribe to the notion that an individual could be privately corrupt and publically clean and "productive". That it matters little if a politician is humping women in hotels, as long as he gives us the appropriate licences and does not effect our buisness in any deterimental way?

    This is not an issue of a politician's "private" life. It is about integrity. It is about looking at our children as well as our youth straight in their eyes and being truthful when we say that truthfulness and faithfulness is not a matter of convenience.

    Being faithful to one's spouse or being whole or trustworthy to the trust citizens have placed on leaders is not an issue of situational ethics. It is about walking the talk even when no one else think it's worth walking anymore.

    Fresh water and salt water cannot both come out from the same source. You can't drink from the cup of corruption and at the same time condemn it.

  69. Anonymous3:25 am

    Mohamed Ghouse,

    "Muslim minister would not confess!"

    Your comment is loud and clear and marvelous in many way!
    One knocks down on many many cases!!

    Do you consider Honesty also part of a morality? So Muslim Minister will never in such case have morality?

    Is this why even political corruptions are in a long list, Muslim ministers never confess to suicide?
    So Muslim ministers take morality only after confession and not after the actions?
    Morality governed by the mouth and not the soul or the heart?

  70. A real bang to 2008!!!!!
    Geez..how can the government consent to all these...purely embarassing!!!!!!!!!!! Get the man out for heaven's sake. Hey..public suffer with all the sex lunatics out there and see what happens to the children of the world!!!Arghhhhhhhhhhh.......

  71. Anonymous4:36 am

    to all you delusionary liberal Malaysians...

    the issue here is leadership!

    if a leader could betray the trust of his wife and family... the very foundation of leadership... then, what is there left for people like you and me?

    also, the fact that he will not resign just shows you what kind of mammal he is!

    but, then again, it's because of you, delusionary liberal Malaysians, that we always punish the innocent but reward the guilty!

  72. Anonymous4:47 am

    I don't blame him, his wife is indeed very indesirable.

  73. Anonymous5:00 am

    Why wouldn't he resign? To cling hard on power and position? Well, the most noble thing to do for himself and his family is to immediately tender his resignation -- during the press conference itself. In this way, not only he save his own dignity, but that of his family as well. In many countries, politicians won't think twice about resignation upon this sort of case. What then makes him different from the rest?

  74. Anonymous7:47 am

    Most probably a beautiful young drug rep for Cialis or Viagra. He is just testing weather it really works before buying a large shipment for the ministry! Seriously though, drug companies always send young beautiful girls to sell their drugs, knowing that most doctors are very "deprived" of live action!

  75. Anonymous8:12 am

    I am not sure whether the woman/girl involve is his so called 'personal friend'. "Being a minister especially health minister he should be setting a good example" that is what the public would think but would you want your life to be under scrutiny all the time? It is his private life and so be it. Cut the man some slack. As long as he is doing his job who care what he did at his own private time.

  76. Bro,

    Dari segi moralnya perbuatan menteri berkenaan adalah salah. Beliau jelas membelakangkan keluarga dan terlibat di dalam seks bebas. Membenteras seks bebas adalah salah satu agenda Kementerian Kesihatan.

    Dengan penglibatan Menteri berkenaan di dalam perkara yang menjadi agenda Kementerian beliau sendiri, ini menunjukkan percanggahan. Cakap lain buat lain.

    Memang perbuatan kedua mereka adalah antara "consenting adult", namun mesejnya sungguh tidak tepat kepada masyarakat kita khususnya para remaja. Perbuatan ini sekiranya dibiarkan tanpa tindakan, akan memberi gambaran bahawa selepas berkahwin, anda boleh mengadakan hubungan seks dengan sesiapa sahaja. Dalam hal Menteri ini, "dengan kawan rapat beliau". Bayangkan sekiranya para remaja kita menjadikan ini sebagai contoh dan idola mereka.

    Saya amat berharap Kerajaan, khususnya PM dan MCA bertindak tegas di dalam hal ini. Negara kita ada 26 juta orang. Ada ramai lagi yang layak untuk dipertimbangkan jadi Menteri. Tak perlu kita pertahankan seorang yang sudah rosak moralnya hanya kerana kepentingan politik.

    Institusi eksekutif atau pun mereka yang dilantik jadi Menteri mestilah mereka yang terpuji latarbelakangnya.

  77. Anonymous8:42 am

    da real deal, lucia,

    he is a minister, for heaven's sake.
    don;t make excuses for him.
    yes yes...he should leave his wife and make her rich.
    yes yes...make the name of the hotel public. does the hotel make a practice of installing hidden cameras? someone else knew about the tryst and where it was held? his "personal friend" intimated to someone about the tryst? they were followed?
    whatever. this is a separate issue and no less relevant.
    so, investigate investigate investigate.

    let's not be pseudo liberals and pretend it is alright for our wakil rakyat and official of the government - a Cabinet Minister -- to be cheating on his wife and have sex on the side.

    no...we do not want an imam or a priest as our Minister.
    he is a politician. so, it's ok, is it? to be caught on video romping in bed and having sex with "a personal friend".
    what kind of crap is this?

    he hold a very public office. make no mistake. it would have remained a very private affair...even if it is rumoured that he ws having an affair..it would have remain a rumour.

    but now it is out in the open.
    morality? the man has none.

    if he has enough honour, integrity and dignity left in him, he should RESIGN!

    Da real deal. Lucia: what happens if all our Cabinet ministers have got "stories" to show?
    we condone their immoral acts because their policies are good?

    that's ok with you.

    No... i do not prefer gay or corrupted (morally, politically, etc..)ministers...

  78. Kenapa perlu cepat melatah " Ini kawan peribadi saya"... kalau benar dedahkan identiti si wanita...kronologi perkenalan.

    Bukannya apa...takut dikatakan RASUAH PEREMPUAN untuk HABUAN...

    Sendiri mau ingat lah beb.

    ACA please look into this matter. MOH have lots of project in RMK-9.


  79. Anonymous9:23 am

    Will the BN Govt. set an Independence Panel to invistigate the source of the DVD first...

    BN will go down!!
    Deny BN 2/3rd majority in coming GE

  80. Dr Chua Soi Lek
    He came clean with his press conference
    “I am the man in the video tape
    Somebody’s agenda I can’t speculate”

    Public figures
    Don’t they know they should look clean?
    In private and public life
    So as nobody can make a dime

    Political ‘assassinations’
    By rivals and oppositions
    This is nothing new in politics
    Think about Julius Caesar
    The great warrior and emperor
    Died in the hands of his own people

    Now let him clean up his shadow
    Let him have the space to deal with it
    With his family, friends, colleagues
    His political future and his work for the country

    The first day of 2008
    A black spot for BN government
    Now the circle completes
    There is no reason for the BN to stay
    Let BN go to take stock
    For a while in the wilderness
    Give the new party……………
    A chance to clean up the closet
    Of many skeletons………

  81. Anonymous9:31 am

    Yes, scandalous indeed.
    Scandalous because this was caught on tape. Which makes it the only difference between CSL and alot of other ministers. He was caught, and the others do too but get away with it.
    He has a point, this is a personal life. This did not involve misusing public trust or funds. This was not misuse of his power or position. This was a personal affair. True, it is a moral issue but why then was Rahim Thamby not made to resign?

    For me the main issue here is not that a man had sex with someone other than his wife, but how the tape was made in the 1st place. CCTV in a hotel room? 4 angles??!!

    If a ministers' privacy can be invaded like this, who is to protect us ordinary citizens?

  82. Anonymous9:37 am

    Can we NOT make personal attack on Datin? I don't think it's fair.Pls have some respect for women.In this case, women have been treated like they are to be seen/talked about but not heard (the first is cast as a sex object.The second, as someone who does not read blogs or watch TV/read newspapers).

    How you judge Chua is how YOU reflect yourself.Some want to turn this whole thing as a racist issue.Gimme a break!

    Chua is NOT an effective Health Minister/MCA man.To many doctors, he's seen as cocky (pun not intended)and sombong.To many Chinese, he's not doing things fast enough e.g he's trying to make things difficult for Chinese medical students (studying abroad)by making them sit another qualifying exam here in Msia before they can practise in this Bolehland.Maybe this was what triggered his downfall.

    But since a lot has been said of him, let him bow out quietly.

    I can't believe it but I do feel sorry for him.

  83. Anonymous10:06 am

    Saya dari silent majority dan saya kagum bila DR. Mahathir menjadi PM slogan nya (diantara lain) adalah "Kepimpinan Melalui Tauladan". Kalau itu antara pegangaan Parti BN, saya berasa terkilan dan terus patah hati memandangkan telatah pemimpinan2 BN yang membelakangkan Slogan tersebut. Nampaknya makin lama BN memerintah makin berleluasa perkara mungkar yang berlaku. Dan sekarang yang terlibat terang2 pemimpin2 kanan termasuk menteri2, menteri2 besar, dan lain2 ketua2 BN dan pegawai2 tinggi pemerentah.
    Kalau beginilah peralaku ketua2 BN dan "menutup mata sebelah" diatas kemungkaran yang sudah ternyata dan tentunya sangat terlarang dalam mana2 etika Timur terutama Islam Hadhari, saya rasa kepercayaan silent majority akan terus menurun dan tertambah menurun. Akibatnya tak payah nak dikata. Tahu tahu aje lah.
    Kita tidak mahu perbuatan itu dijadikan life style di Malaysia.

    Ingat lah hai amir mukminin Islam Hadhari - yang benar tetap benar dan yang salah tetap salah.

    Ampun mengampun itu urusan ugama dan urusan keluarga dan tidak urusan Pemerentah yang sepatutnya mejalankan perilaku yang mulia (menjadi contoh tauladan umum) dan sesiapa yang keluar dari sirathalmustaqim dihukum setimpal dengan kemungkaran nya.

    Saya beri undi pada usul menteri yang terlibat ( takda shak wassangaka lagi) menarik diri dari jawatan awam dan sekiranya tidak, Ketua BN memberi surat arahan letak jawatan. Wallahualam.

  84. my simple analysis reads:
    1. once you became the liability for the party out you go... like or not.
    2. that act is not a work of normal people, all religious and values forbid adultary... it is the work of abnormal people, ask yourselves, being a normal human being do you have free sex with anyone else (other than your legal wife/ve) as you wish... obviously we normal people don't do that, what more him as a leader... don't ever think about it, you'll be punished...
    3. the risk of being a leader is you have to be truly truth in or behind the eyes of your followers. even bill clinton (the wife supported him as well) gone with a sex scandall... tho' without any tengible sex visuals.
    4. bertaubatlah anda semua (accordance to your religious practise) coz not only the muslim god would practise punishment, but other beliefs also have that same clause.
    5. the recording is just the 'reason' (coz human require reason for them to understand god)for god to take action on him.

    happy new year

  85. u: darling dont u have any project for me?
    i: of course i have...dinner tomorrow...usual place
    u: i dont want that project...naughty boy
    i: just come lorr...i have special gift for u

  86. This is a pre 2008 thing and thus the title dosent reflect the fact.

    As usual, some people are not saying things as they are. I wonder why this is so just as I wonder why,in this case, the Minister is not resigning!

  87. Anonymous10:47 am

    Dear Rocky,
    All this accusation and confession really the best story for the new year 2008..it started with a bang!!!

    The only fault I can see is that our Dato' here were not using the rubber issued by Kementerian Kesihatan.

    He is practise what he preached? Safe Sex that is.

    Is this unique to MCA?There are bigger cows in UMNO .MCA(our Dato CSL) ,MIC(VJ) and to keep the spirit of Muhibbah the UMNO politician should publish their DVD as well.


  88. Should he resign? Lets see
    1. Did he have his bedroom lambada during officre hours?
    2. As a gomen servant he signed his 'Aku Janji' where it is clearly stated he is not to bring disrespect to the office he serves.
    3. Did he have protective sex? As Health Minister this is a pertinent question.

    Resign-lah.Be a true jantan. Go back into private practice. M'sians have short memories. Look at DP Viji who is back practising law.

  89. Anonymous10:59 am

    Let me start by saying that i am not in any way close of being a fan of chua soi lek.
    i was in fact more or less against him during the MCA's team a/team b fight.
    But in this instance, i have to say that he have been brave and acted honourably.
    The whole thing is clearly a blackmail attempt by those who wanted to destroy him.
    Those who called for him to resign should understand that by doing so we are condoning an act of blackmail as a legitimate method of destroying other people's life.
    Check first the whole background of the case before condeming chua of being an immoral person based on our own individual interpretations.
    Do we know these facts? That the girl who was with him is actually a long time girlfriend and that he have the conset of his wife to be with her from the start due to their own personal reasons. That the girl supports herself and own a business of her own. That she never took any money from him. That they really love each others. These facts were actually known by almost everyone who are close to him.
    Despite all the smear said of him and me being on the opposing side of his political group, chua have admittedly been a good minister. He knows his stuff, his policies were reasonably good and he was an able leader who as far as i am concerned is genuine about doing good for his constituents. He was also one of the better exco members while serving the johor state government before becoming a minister. These are facts that we have to acknowledge.
    If anyone wonder why i was on the opposing side of him despite acknowledging his good leadership, then let me explain that politics works in such a way that we have to choose sides as a package. For instance, we may be umno members but it should not stop us from acknowledging that nik aziz is a good leader if he is indeed a good leader and that it is just we opposed his party due to its policies.
    After all, if we want to accuse chua of being immoral, then by whose moral standard should we based that on? Are we moral enough to judge him by allowing the invasion of his privacy? Are we more moral than him for wanting to reward those who blackmailed him by demanding his resignation? Are those who recorded and distributed the dvd more moral than chua according to our standard?

  90. Anonymous11:02 am

    I am sure Soi Lek is putting his future in badawi's hands as a matter of courtesy. Badawi then will throw him to the baying hounds and help barisan score some pre-election political points.

  91. Anonymous11:07 am

    my question is, do you trust a minister who cheats on his wife, and only apologized when the whole affair was blown open?

  92. Anonymous11:09 am

    what bang? he bang first now the toilet paper is scattered all over the place and like a hero he admits and yet with the shit in his arse he is saying he dont want to relinquish his position in the party and goverment....hello wake up...ure not healthy anymore to serve the party and government....period

  93. so sad that this is happening. i shan't moralise.
    dr chua, obviously aint no saint. but really, who is?
    but that is not to say that his act/action should be condoned, this is simply because he is an elected representative of the people and he holds public office.
    and yes, we all can name people in high office, politicians, etc etc.. who have had or are still enjoying indiscretions.
    but it is not them who are caught.

    anywhere in the world...you (as a man holding high public office) can be rumoured to be having this and that.
    for as long as it is a rumour, i think that is fine.
    but when you are caught, and you admit it....i think the outcome is clear. at least it should be.

    also...people... stop making nasty remarks about his wife.

  94. any link to see this action live?

  95. Anonymous11:42 am

    hey fellas leave the poor wife alone la be reasonable with ur comments...imagine what she is going through it could be your sister or mother la!!!!

  96. Anonymous11:47 am

    at least he admitted to it unlike this other fellow who screwed and screwed a mongolian girl and detonated her to smithereen and holding an extremely high post pulak.

  97. So what if he f&*ks around? Something which most of you do any way...

    I'd rather trust such a person who satisfies his sexual urges then a so called leader who backstabs, misuses tax payers money and two time the country.

    There is a line between working ethics and a personal lifestyle...sadly the line is in a confused state in this country.

  98. Anonymous12:42 pm

    Looks like the MCA fanboys are hanging around on this post.

  99. Sdr Rocky's Bru, thank you for visiting my blog.

    This is what I said about the Prufomo Affair in relation to the Chua Soi Lek Affair:

    "The older people and the younger ones who are interested in history may remember the 1963 Prufumo Affair when Lord John Profumo, who was then the British Secretary of State for War, was caught having a brief relationship with a showgirl named Christine Keeler, who was also the mistress of a known Russian spy.

    Not only was Prufomo forced to resign, he was also sent to jail. Even the Prime Minister, Harold McMillan, was forced to resign a few months later."

    You may be right. It will not happen in our beloved Malaysia -- at least not now.

    But as you may recall, there had been pembesar Umno who fell from political perch on account of alleged sexual misconduct and misdeeds.

    Do you think they will form another Independent Commission to investigate the DVD?

    If they do, I hope they will rate the minister's performance as either cemerlang or cemerlang + gemilang or cemerlang + gemilang + terbilang.

    See, we Malaysians are happy people. It does not take us the New Year to be merry. Wine, women (men) and songs are enough to make Randy Andies and Tante Girang happy all year round.

    Soon we will usher in the Awal Muharam and our pembesar will be telling us what a great hadhari Muslim they all are.

    Thank you.

  100. Anonymous12:52 pm

    I do believe there is a market for a discreet company that can arrange for overseas sex trysts for our randy politicans.

    the service would include a security sweep for electronic bugging devices and hidden cameras.

    anyway, i was led to believe that dubai is a favorite place among our malay politicians these days to meet up with whoever starlet or tv annoucer capture their fancy.

  101. bro,
    Firstly look at the bed in the hotel lah !Can't he afford a better hotel then that cheap looking brothel ? Surely a 5 star hotel he could afford for his status as minister....unless his MOH is footing the bill !
    Resign he must and I will rejoice if the entire Badawi cabinet can come out like him ( I must say he has balls...at least !) and admit their "corrupt practise" not just their sexual escapades and resign....then we will have a great country !
    God bless Malaysia and what a start bro....what a start !You sure that was not a "doctored" shot of Samy Vellu...erh ??

  102. Anonymous1:37 pm

    Chua Soi Lek could have done his sex romps outside his home state of Johor, in KL, Singapore, HK, Japan, Korea, anywhere. But why he chose to have illicit sex in a hotel in Johor baffles me. Being the shrewd politician that he is, Chua Soi Lek should be wary of people video taping his sex acts since video cam corders and mobile phones with cameras so easy to obtain. Anyway it is too late for regrets for Chua Soi Lek, but at least he had the decency to admit it first before it gets any worse. Chua should resign and not leave it to the PM unless of course he knows the PM had already assured him he would retain him despite the scandal.

  103. Anonymous2:33 pm

    if this guy can cut corners around his marriage, what more to gov projects?

    he has chosen sex over marriage, what if he is offered money for bribes?

    if this happened to our PM, would you still accept the 'apology'?

  104. My hats off to CSL. I believe he is the first minister to actually come out in the open quickly instead of hiding away for days, admitted his doing to the public, say sorry to the public and everyone concerned, and lastly, did not divert/ blame the attention to videographer. To me, he shows qualities a good leader should have. The same traits are sadly lacking in other politicians.

    As for his political career, I think he deserves to be forgiven, especially in a Government that champions Islam Hadhari. To my shallow knowledge of the religion, we should learn to forgive people when they have done wrong. We are no angels ourselves. Islam also teaches us to respect others - Muslim and non-Muslim alike - and their customs, religion, traditions and culture.

    Hey, it is not uncommon to find chinese men with mistresses and concubines. Their emperors have had them. It is not wrong in their race (since they have no religion - correct me here, please).

    Worse can be said of the Melayus who have strict and clear customs and religion as guidance yet still choose to throw that out the window.

    Anyway, in my books, he has done okay as a minister and should not resign just because stupid people call for blood and hungry to see his head roll. Barbaric idiots. How to progress as a society like this?

    If CSL was a muslim, then yes, he should be penalised for his action. He should then not be a leader.

  105. Cleopatra,

    YES! This is Banana Republic! You are paying the Ministers peanuts and you're complaining about getting Monkeys in return?

    Pay them well and then expect the world from them!

    Don't be a cheapskate!

  106. Black Maria.

    Only Pak Lah will remain if the whole cabinet had to reveal their trysts.

    How can we demand the highest ethics from the people we condemn and redicule on a daily basis.

    We're not living in Disneyland sister! For my money, I want a politician who can create and implement good policies for the betterment of the general public regardless of race and creed.

    You people treat a politician like what he is, a public servant and your dog yet when he is caught with his pants down you call him a disgraced Leader.

    Wish you people would make up your minds. Yes he is a public figure. But he is not a religious public figure. If he was an evangelist, sure have him crucified!

    Better check on your hubby gal! Everyone's naughty at least once in their lifetime.

  107. BigDog,

    I hope Pak Lah will let God be the judge on moral and make sure that his govt is corrupt free!

    Number one issue in GOVT is to make sure reps don't screw the rakyat. They can screw their girlfriends and mistresses all they want!

  108. Yes, Chua Soi Lek, is entitled to his privacy. What he does in the confined of the four walls is his personal business.

    Yes, Chua Soi Lek, is entitled to his personal entity. whether he is a moral or immoral person is his personal prerogative.

    Yes, Chua Soi Lek, could have his HUM SUP soul satiaced as a private citizen = a 'personal person'

    BUT, cHUA sOI lEK, being a minister, is holding public office. He is leading a ministery, by virtue of him being an elected member of parliament (read: legistlator = law maker). An honourable entity.

    He had violated every single strand of the fabric of sacredness and honour of the above.

    The only honourable thing left in him is to resign his public office.

    The only honourable thing left for those who ARE defending his RIGHT TO HIS
    is to start opening dictionaries and learn the meaning of words
    honour and moral responsibility

    You people make me MELOYA & NAK MUNTAH.

  109. Anonymous3:48 pm

    the lady was selling condom with free demo..

    As MOH, he need to ensure the quality of condoms before distributed free..

    Just sacked the guy laa if he doesnt want to quit.. we give face ..this kind of act will nvr stop..

  110. Anonymous4:08 pm

    He is literally an MCA big gun. For an old guy he is quite well-endowed with an endurance of a stallion horse. Imagine 45 minutes of continued pumping! The girl was moaning for more when he came all over her face.

  111. Anonymous4:22 pm

    Amazing how some can condone this joker of a minister's behavior, private or otherwise.

    Regardless of it being an official or private act, as a minister this sort of behavior is just unacceptable.

    So what if he is a good minister? There are some moral boundaries you just can't cross such as doing the wild thing with your friend for all to see. If he has ten mistresses and it's all kept hush-hush is another story all together but having it out in the open should prompt him to resign immediately if he had any sense of decency.

    Almost four years ago we allowed a homosexual to be a part of our cabinet. The person still sits there today. Today we have someone who has achieved porn-star like publicity and some still say it's ok.

    Tell me then, when will it be not ok? where do we draw the line? there must be a moral line that cannot be crossed otherwise what else is left?

  112. "BUT, cHUA sOI lEK, being a minister, is holding public office. He is leading a ministery, by virtue of him being an elected member of parliament (read: legistlator = law maker). An honourable entity."

    I'm confused. One minute people who think they are intelligent just because they blog say that parliament is full of monkeys, the next, they are saying it is an "honourable entity".

    Members of parliament's take home pay is less than my company driver's gross salary, and you're saying they should behave like role models?

    They are there not to be role models for my children. They are there to legislate and I'm not sure if adultery is a crime amongst non-Muslims in this country.

    I think we should first let them have their self respect by paying them enough before we can demand the highest of standards from them.

    Kalau nak muntah silakan. I think the nausea is coming from your dogged stubborness to demand for more than what you give.

    Again, you pay them peanuts and expect them to be Winston Churchill. Shame on you!

  113. Anonymous5:54 pm

    Chua has resigned.
    common sense prevailed.

    Da Real Deal,

    I rest my case.
    And you are not living in da real world.
    you'd support corrupt ministers anytime.
    sexual corruption is the same as any other form of corruption. it is unacceptable and cannot be condoned.
    oh please...don;t use the imam, priest analogy.

    the man held public office and trust.
    good for you, dr chua, you did an honourable thing by resigning.

  114. No Black Maria.

    In real Malaysia today, Sexual misconduct is unacceptable but Corruption is acceptable. That is wrong!

    Dr Chua who made love with his mistress in the confines of his hotel room is pressured to resign. The others who rape you and the rest of Malaysia in broad daylight stays put.

    You should know by now that in Malaysian politicians, you should look for the politically righteous, not the moral righteous. If you look for both, than prepare your face to be ejaculated upon the while you foot the room bill at the same time.

  115. Da Real Deal said...

    “I'm confused. One minute people who think they are intelligent just because they blog say that parliament is full of monkeys, the next, they are saying it is an "honourable entity".

    Yes Da Real Deal, you are a very confused person. You don’t even know what is the issue here

    You said:
    “Members of parliament's take home pay is less than my company driver's gross salary, and you're saying they should behave like role models?”

    So, to you DRD, it is all right for members of parliament to indulge in adultery because their take home pay is less than your company driver’s gross salary.

    Dear members of parliament, it is all right for you not to behave like role models because you are poorly paid. DRD says so

    DRD said’
    “I'm not sure if adultery is a crime amongst non-Muslims in this country.”

    Since DRD is not sure whether adultery is a crime amongst non-Muslim in this country, so adultery is all right for non-Muslim ministers, parliamentarians, state councilors and other holders of public office?

    DRD further said,
    “I think we should first let them have their self respect by paying them enough before we can demand the highest of standards from them.”

    To DRD, no “highest standard” should be demanded from those public office holders because they are not given the self respect or not being paid enough. It is then all right for them to do away with anything respectable

    DRD also said,
    “Kalau nak muntah silakan. I think the nausea is coming from your dogged stubborness to demand for more than what you give.”

    Yes DRD, thank you, saya dah muntahpun. Orang macam awaklah yang membuat saya meloya – muntah. Orang yang meletakkan nilai duit ringgit sebagai yang terpuncak dan paling utama – soal maruah tidak ada nilai dan makna bagi anda.

    Since the likes of Chua Soi Lek are paid peanuts and we cant expect them to be Winston Churchill. So go ahead parliamentarians savor your adultery – they are many Malaysians the likes of DRD to defend and champion you

    And DRD, you call yourself “Muslim legislators”. Uwekkkkk!!!!!!!!!

  116. Anonymous12:28 am

    For all those numerous anonymous who gave their critics on CSL , ask yourself truthfully are you so holy and goody..., pls gave this man some space boundaries. It is his personal privacy. This is a very testing time for the whole families. Put yourself in the shoes of the wife and children. Each religion have God listening and watching with these unfair comments.

  117. Anonymous11:40 am

    actually full minister package per month are in this range:

    basic pay : 15,000
    allowances: 40,000

    MP package:

    basic pay : 10,000
    special parliament fund : 40,000

    p/s : this is OSA, cant tell u in detail

  118. Anonymous4:57 pm

    CHUA! my respect on you man. One thing that is you face it directly. NOT like the 'runaway'.

    permas dragon.

  119. Anonymous3:13 pm

    wtf anak...it was just a sexual intercourse, minister or not... i've bet there's many imams, pastors, monks etc who have extramarital affairs...get a life!

  120. Anak,

    Yes. I'm a registered voter and a true citizen of Malaysia. Although I may be a terrible person, but as a citizen, I’m more concerned about how ministers can afford multimillion ringgit mansions living way beyond their means than one minister who lives within his means but has an extra marital affair.

    The rakyat should get their priorities right! Screw the politician who screws us, not the politician who screws his girlfriend!

    Don't get emotional Anak. I sense that you have been betrayed by your spouse more than once and that's where your anger is coming from.

    There are politicians raping us in broad daylight. Their sin is to us. Let's go after them instead of the good ones who's only Sin is to his wife and God.

    Anak, be a lover, not a slave driver. That way, your husband won't have to leave you for a tight fanny.

  121. my respect on you man. One thing that is you face it directly. NOT like the runaway