Monday, January 14, 2008

No more that popular

Gored but not by bulls. Pak Lah is in Spain where dead bulls live for the matadors, but at home is where he's getting really gored. See Screenshots for a report on the PM's worst-ever approval ratings.


  1. Anonymous5:45 pm

    i suppose it does boil down to popularity.
    does Pak Lah know that people are really making fun of him?
    it's not 1 or 2 o even 10 people.
    i never realised that so many ordinary folks have come to realise that he's always going overseas.....
    one mak cik said: "Asyik ke luar negeri saja....cuti cuti cuti. cukup lah berbulan madu tu."

    what is happening is the young people are going back home to tell their parents about whta's been happening. Hey, son-in-law also gets special mention during family dinners.

    it's 1999 all over again!

  2. Anonymous5:52 pm

    Pak Lah seems to be travelling all over the world and it never stops. I wonder if this is necessary? Is there a feedback done on the result of all his travelling overseas ? Do they bring in additional investment or this this wasting taxpayer's money?

  3. Anonymous6:13 pm

    Mr K: Apa yang si dollah buat
    sampai boleh dapat 61% votes

    Mr J: Dia buat bodoh.....

  4. rocky,
    I have never heard any of our previous four PMs being mocked as much as PM zzzzzzzzzz.
    He is colourless, dim witted and totally lacking in charisma and intelligence.
    I don't think this 61% is accurate. The survey has been doctored to please the government or else the team would have been hounded as they did to ASLI.
    Or the survey was conducted in some kampongs.

  5. Anonymous9:59 pm

    not only that but by publicising the suspect's photofit n displaying it all over the country the police actually doing a diservice to the poor girl n her parent.The suspect knowing that he is hot may just panic n decide to probably even bury her alive to cover his tracks. It would be sensible for the police to carry out their investigation without publicity.

  6. Anonymous10:17 pm

    What is the rationale for PM's visit to Spain? For what? It is only a talk shop far away in a country which is of no consequence to anyone. And his loving wife is going with him to provide him moral support. This is BULL. This is BULLSHIT.

  7. Anonymous10:41 pm

    By doing nothing...with a strong economy the country can go on autopilot and still get by......but with arrogant sycophants around him hell bent on their own can only bring ratings down.

    And he sleeps on..

  8. Anonymous10:47 pm

    I just surfed in from rantingsbymm. We have to think back why Pak Lah is chosen to be the Prime Minister.

    The newspaper reported that Tun Dr Mahthir said aspiring leaders resorting to unethical ways and even violence to become a leader should be rejected outright.Anyone wanting to be a leader could try to acquire the right qualities but he may not succeed.How he handles his failure will demonstrate whether he really has the qualities. There are perhaps a 1,000 people in Malaysia with good leadership qualities but they are never going to make it simply because the circumstances are not propitious for them. On the other hand, there may be people with poor leadership qualities but they may become leaders because leadership appears to be thrust upon them.Seven attributes of a good leader. They are:
    A good leader may not be humble but at least he should not be boastful.
    He must be prepared to accept responsibilities but should not be too pushy and insistent on taking the lead.
    He should not seek to blame others for failures but to admit his own culpability. He should not point fingers or seek scapegoats.
    He should be modest and not seek praise and glory.
    He should know how to handle his followers as much as his superiors. He must be sensitive to the sensitivities of others.
    He should be willing to do what he expects others to do. He should uphold the slogan of leadership by example.
    He should be learned and more intelligent at least by comparison of the people he leads.
    A leader must have ideas, ideas on the direction he leads, ideas on the things that he and his followers must do or achieve and ideas on the improvements of their well-being and their surroundings.
    Equally important he must know how to make his ideas become realities.
    A leader must be aware of the needs and desires of his people, to evaluate them, to direct them in the proper direction and to plan and execute together with his followers the objectives successfully.Good leadership is obviously very important. We cannot always identify the good leaders early enough so that we choose the right one. The German people who chose HItler did not know what kind of leader he would turn out to be.Leaders who turned out to be good had great difficulty in winning the support of people initially. Even the Prophet of Islam was stoned by the people of Taif when he started preaching the religion of Islam,” he said.The rise and fall of great nations and almost invariably the rise was due to good leadership.
    “When the leaders are incompetent, the countries would fall. The people may be the same, the background and the wealth and resources may be the same, but when leaders are incompetent or just plain bad, then great nations, even great empires can fall.Dr Mahathir said no matter how people try to show the qualities and characters of a good leader, it would still not guarantee that they would not make mistakes.“And similarly, no matter how much we learn about the qualities which make a good leader, it is still possible for us to choose the wrong one,” he said

    I copied and pasted this here from the newspaper. After reading, I have many questions in my mind. Many people think that Tun Dr Mahathir was a great Prime Minister. Do they ask themselves why he chose Dato Badawi as his successor ? So while we may be saying that our dormant hero is sleeping away, yet we cannot blame him 100 %. Why didn't anyone suggest somebody else to Tun before the appointment was made ? Or is this a way of making sure Tun's dreams come true ? So if Dato Badawi has to depend on people like Khairy, can we really blame him ?

  9. According to today's The Star Badawi is supposed to go tell the people at the Civilization Conference how Malaysia has over come and presumably come to a happy cohabitation of the diferent religions. In addition to everything that he has been accused of, we can now also add that he is a blatant liar!..Hey, he accused Hindraf of telling a blatant lie didn't he? Should we now put him in Kamunting as well?

  10. Anonymous1:53 am

    It is one thing to lie to the world that Malaysia is a "sucessful example" of multi-racial and religous freedom, it is another to propagate such propaganda in plenary sessions abroad.

    The deterioration of religous freedom and relations between the races has reached a crisis level since independence. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has failed to live up to his election promises of transparency and to listen and defend the truth even if it hurts.

    He has failed to be impartial in eradicating corrupt practices even when evidence of such practices were made clear to him. Double-standards of executing the heaviest blow against non-umno politicians while those who build palace like mansions get protected.

    He has failed to eliminate the contagion within the judicary, the police force, and component parties.

    He kept silent (an undignified silence) over blatant racism against Indians while his party leaders insulted thirty thousand of the community as thugs. Others in his party continued such racist insults and insentivity against Indian newspaper vendors for monopolising the service and failing to deliver the goverment ragsheets on Deepavali.

    Abdullah Badawi gave the nation the impression that he could lead the nation from a distance like a toy powered remote control car. Like his predecessor he executed the ISA with draconian viciousness against political dissidents and human rights activits and others who stood against injustices within the Barisan regime.

    Together with the IGP and the media spin doctors, he is responsible for orchestrating allegations and lies that five Hindraf leadears had links with the LTT. Malaysia has suffered as a nation because of such an integrity crisis while transparency and accountability were empty slogans in the mouths of the unholy.

    Once again, the hopes and trust of the rakyat betrayed. Polls like other reviews are not an accurate or objective measure of what a leader or goverment is. People are. The voice of the people has grown louder since October 2007. Unlike the anti-rasuah badges on police uniforms and cars, these voices stem from the heart of people who desire a Malaysia that walks the talk.

    My prayer is that there will be a greater move of the non-violent kind, a people movement towards reform. The rot infected the system deeply, and there is is dire need to disinfect it from within.

    All it takes is the courage to expose the propaganda and determination to pay the price for racial and religous equality.

  11. The sleeping beauty flies
    Into his dreams of many
    When he wakes up
    He yawns; looks around him
    Eyes red asking no question
    Then he goes back snoring

    The morons smile
    Let him dreams
    Trick the survey
    Show him how he fares
    Correct, correct and correct
    They drum it up
    He sleeps soundly with it

    The country affairs
    He can’t understand
    He lets others do his work
    He nods his head anything else?

    Delegation doesn’t absolve a leader failure
    When wrongs need to be rectified
    A leader must be brave to admit it
    He can’t keep silence pretending everything is alright

    So much work to do
    The country only sees sleeping beauty
    Jumping from plane to plane
    Smiling at the cool sunshine
    ‘Honeymoon my dear
    Before I retire’

  12. Pupularity is needed when you need the position, a pre-requisite to obtain that power. It does not matter if he had to pretend piousness, recite a stupid poem, re-brand a religion and shouted meaningless slogans.

    Now that you have the power, its time to reap the benefits. In Pak Lah's case its as much as possible in the shortest time possible. Forget who is ghazali, who is shafie, what is hadhari, what is damai abadi. Now, he is laughing all the way to the bank with khairi, scomi and patrick badawi in tow, leaving us with our jaws hanging and thinking ", kena tipu lagi..."

  13. Anonymous10:13 am

    Yes, TDM screwed up everything... firstly the judiciary and lastly the leadership.

    Leadership, what leadership.... we do not even have a proper succession planning!!!

    No wonder...TDM is now sufferring in silence.

  14. Anonymous11:03 am

    At 60%+ he is still popular...all this talk about his plunging popularity to that level is bulls.

    Lets take it to 53.54%.

    Cantonese should know what it means.

  15. Anonymous12:34 pm

  16. Anonymous1:43 pm

    Yes..Spanish Bull vs Malaysian Buffalo hahahah..
    M ilhamkah Buffalo Park di Langkawi
    14-01-2008 11:17:04 AM
    LANGKAWI: Buffalo Park di Kampung Nyior Cabang di sini, yang pertama seumpamanya di negara ini hasil ilham Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, kini menjadi produk pelancongan terbaru yang menarik di Langkawi.

    Bernama link

  17. Anonymous2:17 pm

    61 pts? this is way too generous, but the ppl figure show another...

    as ism
    crimes hit all time high : -10
    clamping down on human rights : -10
    instill racial discord : -10

    as fm
    sinful bail-outs : -10
    encourage corruption : -10

    as pm
    awol (sun & fun all over ): -10
    sleeping in the office : -10
    holidays during crisis : -10
    buy toys using public money : -10
    and having no idea why ppl put him in putrajaya : - 10

    the ppl rating - big fat ZELO... on his leadership & brain.

  18. Anonymous4:03 pm

    funny, his presence is insignificant that not reported in afp:;_ylt=At_C1Cqx1KXPDCjkBL.5qnyQOrgF

  19. Anonymous9:42 pm

    Anyone want to link the Spanish authorities checks on the Lingam video tape to the PM's visit to that country?

    Some birds whisper that the PM is not sleeping after all and is making these visits to see things for himself.

    Like visiting this European country to hear from the experts that the tape is genuine!

    What say you guys?

  20. Anonymous10:25 pm

    going down ONCe
    going down TWICE
    going down YAHOOOO

    camppas jb.