Saturday, January 19, 2008

Datin's peck sends 4th floor boys reeling

The wife of a Penang Datuk sent the media officers of the PM's department scrambling today after she broke the Hadhari protocol and gave Pak Lah a peck in the cheek.

The kissing scene happened in Penang this afternoon when the PM was officiating an event involving the Datuk.

Editors of the mainstream media have been warned by the 4th floor operatives not to use the story or the picture. Bad for elections.

Do we dare expect a picture to leak out?


  1. Anonymous10:57 pm

    This Datin got the hots for Pak Lah?
    What will he say to Jennie? Will she have a fight with hubbie?

    Wah, PAS will have a field day.

  2. Anonymous11:09 pm

    It could be "the Kiss of (Political) Death".

  3. Anonymous11:33 pm

    Who's the horny Datin Rocky?

    Don't keep me suspen la!

    First Pl squeezed Datuk Michelle Yeoh empok shoulder now a horny Datin gave PL a kiss on the cheek.

    Wow, our PM hot la!

    Faiti, faiti la Rocky, who the Datin aaaa?

  4. Anonymous11:44 pm

    aiyo...what is wrong with this datin...better man out there than Pak Tidur...trying to get her husband some advantage ka so he can stand in election.

    actually no big deal la, must be an innocent peck. 4th floor boys go jump out of the window.

  5. Anonymous11:48 pm

    Show! Show! Show!..

  6. Anonymous12:11 am

    So what..just a peck on the pipi only la.
    Just like the bloody rocker (but more of a pop singer) wannabe who buka baju on live TV during an 8TV bash. Sadly the station got a 3 months ban on airing live or delayed telecasts.

    So what Chua Soi Lek wants to f@#k a lady half his age.

    So what!

    Bloody shallow minded...just bloody shallo minded. Guess this is what happens when people wrap their heads too much.

    No use praying five times a day but raping goats and chickens instead....drink beer but say cannot eat pork...go perform the haj with corrupt money.

  7. Anonymous12:19 am

    Rocky i was there when the Datin peck the cheek of Pak lah. That Datin gave away her huge family mansion at the most expensive area in Penang to be turned into a public University. Pak Lah came to officiate the event commended her in his speech for giving away her family home for public education. She was then invited on stage during the launching ceremony and as she came up she just gave Pak lah peck on the cheek and caught him by complete surprise. No way for Pak Lah to shove her or to duck. A few thousands people were watching. Pak Lah I must say was sporting enough to just stand still but i could see he was not comfortable. It was an occupational hazard for him. On this one lets be fair to Pak lah.

  8. Anonymous1:24 am

    Bro Rocky,
    Since you are so stubborn (ego?) by still refusing to remove or delete the pictures of parents and victims of "Mat Kucing",suspect believed to be Nurin killer, in the recent posting,I do think you will have no problem finding and publishing the picture in your blog.For the sake of freedom of expression I think you have no problem about it.
    Bob From Kuching

  9. I am sure he has been pecked before when he visits overseas.

  10. Anonymous1:40 am

    Married men always irresistable lah...

  11. Anonymous1:41 am

    After a scandalous MCA star downsouth, are we safe to go out in public? Datin? Kiss? Is that not haram? Will her lips be sown? Will Puteri Umno and the religous hypocrites now come out with their diatribe to call her a slut to be made a spectacle of?

    Will the Hadjari man send her to Jais detention camp for "ajaran agama" Islam cuci?

    For Allah's sake (oops! hmmm... I forgot this word is copyrighted by Jais and melayu bumi muslims in Malaysia), can someone give these religous bigots a crash course on the difference between a kiss of sisterly affection, and a kiss of lust?

  12. Bro Bob from Kuching,

    You can help me. Write to the editors of the NST, Malay Mail and Harian Metro (or to the Group EIC of the group of papers) and tell them of how you feel about the use of those pictures.

    I was told that the editors were jumping up and down the day I blogged about it. But they won't respond to me and they won't bring the pictures down from their archives and they won't apologise for the unjournalistic decision to expose the pictures of the kids' parents.

    If they respond to you in any way bro, this is what I'll do: I'll publish your letter to them and their response to you, and then you can tell me to do what you deem is the necessary where their pictures which I published in my blog are concerned.

  13. I was told it's a Datin Irene Yap, a generous socialite from Penang.

    Anon 12.19am, it's a lesson for the PM's protocol officers. Thanks for your version on what happened. The 4th floor boys should learn from you.

  14. only pak lah and umno buggers can peck people la.

  15. Generous socialite, my bleeding foot.
    This is a land of tits for tats. Ask her or her hubby or whoever is milking this, the tit they got or will be getting for the tat on peckee's cheek.

    Donating her land for a public university? Tell her to pray hard that an even bigger pecker will not whisper through sleepy head's big ears and convert the land for PGCC2 instead.

  16. Anonymous3:28 am

    So Wong Chun Wai will make sure that Star will publish the picture that Datin Irene Yeap gave Sleepy Head a peck on the cheek.

    My God, I wouldn't do it to a Sleeping Head, who cannot perform at all because he is sleeping all the time.

    So Wong Chun Wai will jsut take instructions from the 4th floor boys. Wong Chun Wai, please take note that the Sleepy Head can not in power for life. Once Sleepy Head is thrown of office, you better join Khairy and Kalimullah running away from this beautiful country.

  17. Anonymous3:29 am

    Still don't see what's wrong with a peck on the cheek. It's a common greeting overseas. And hey, it's not like she placed a peck on another part of his body... :p

    Is a peck on the cheek that detrimental to Islam Hadhari? Does that mean now all Muslim men have to cover up their face with a tudung for fear of being pecked on their cheeks by women anytime? Wow, what a reversal of gender empowerment!

  18. Anonymous3:48 am

    suaramalaysia, go kiss a cow's asshole

  19. Anonymous7:15 am

    why? what wrong with kissing, not like lover kissing etc. what so big thing about that. Hugging and kissing in public is allow in Islam hadari to express friendship and moderation etc. They r not in lov. of all u dont know the Datin is Pak Lah sister.

  20. Anonymous7:28 am

    peck in the cheek is so common to the rest of the world except Malaysia, no big fuss...BUT I am glad that Pak Lah will lose quite a substantial amount of votes if such picture can be spread like wild fire to the public (read Muslim)

  21. The PM should be fully exonerated on this one.
    There is a little girl in every elderly lady.
    Like little girls who run after and even swoon on seeing celebrities, this lady got excited with Mr First Celebrity.
    This picture, if released will have no effect on the Chinese population but a devastating one on Malay voters and rural folks.
    But then which newspaper editor will have the ba**s to carry the picture? None.

  22. Anonymous9:17 am

    Pak Lah,

    Sebagai Imam Islam HAD-HARI, tolonglah terangkan dalil dan hadis yang membolehkan lelaki mencium perempuan dikhalayak ramai yang diamalkan dalam Mazhab HAD-HARI. Nampaknya, semua orang, Islam mau pun yang Bukan-Islam, dah keliru sejak Mazhab HAD-HARI tuan ni diperkenalkan 4 tahun dulu. JAKIM, boleh tolong tak ? Siapa nak tanggung dosa kami ni kalau tuan-tuan yang lebih mengtahui tidak membimbing kami dengan betul ???

  23. Anonymous9:51 am

    she is pak lah kawan peribadi ..maybe

  24. A kiss on his cheek
    A surprise looked on his face
    He didn’t know what wind blew
    On the stage everybody stared

    Reporters and cameramen knew
    Pictures of sleeping beauty and the white knight
    But this one isn’t food for folders
    It was just a wrong move
    Forgetting about protocol

    The wind blew
    Carrying the images to the 4C boys
    No publication no way it must be shown
    Let it cool let not talk about it

    Maybe in You tube it will display
    The shine of pearl the wind of change
    As BN gears up for the coming poll
    People have already made the choice

    A kiss of doom; a sign of goodbye
    It depends how one looks at it
    On the seas of wind changing
    It is best a new one taking the wings

  25. Anonymous10:15 am

    Goostee Roostee,

    Where got Pak Lah kiss pompuan one. The Datin kissed him la. Moosti get your fact right, doh.

  26. Anonymous10:21 am



  27. Anonymous11:10 am

    Much ado about nothing.

    Can we move on,please ?

  28. Publish the picture, please. It is a public picture, in a public event, witnessed by "a few thousand people".

    I do not see how publishing the picture can be anything negative.

    Please publish the picture.

  29. Anonymous12:07 pm

    Faizal Tahir is demonized and slapped with ridiculous bans for taking his shirt off during a performance.

    What will paklah get? If ban means no early election already. LOL

  30. how stupid that the 4th floor boys had to instruct the editors not to use the pic because i dont think the editors would use the picture anyway because what's the big deal, really? it's not worth a space in any of the news pages.
    pak lah had no choice, i'm sure. socialites do that all the time -- you know -- muah muah.. ordinary folks also do that. its the "now" social culture of urban living-lah. know, that incident scared the crap out of those boys.
    "un-Hadhari", "Parti Islam" must have flashed before their eyes.
    they forget that thousands saw that and probably never thought anything about it.

    Rocky -- i don;t know the Datin...but she giving Pak Lah a peck on the cheek is okay to me. Doesn't make Pak Lah unIslamic.

    But I suppose, his boys think it does. at least they think that others think so too..

  31. Anonymous1:26 pm's only a peck on the cheek...

    next time you run out of story to write, you can write about my dog who's be humping the next door cat...or my friend's suaramalaysia tale of the keldais...

  32. Saya tak faham apa yang kelam-kabut sangat isu ni. Kalau PM cium Datin tu, i faham ler. Tapi kalau Datin tu cium Pak Lah kat leher, nak buat macam mana? Kalau Datin tu tercium leher Rocky, terima jer la kan? Apa kena mengena dengan Islam Hadhari pulak? Alahai ... Elok ler kita bincang isu yang besar2 daripada menghabiskan masa dengan soal2 trivia macam ni!

  33. Anonymous2:05 pm

    Anon 10.15,

    I'm full aware that it was not Pak Lah who initiated the kiss. But as a Muslim, I'm worried that Islam HAD-HARI had either promoted practices frowned by traditional Islam, or had closed both eyes towards their wider & wider commission. And, I want those responsible to be answerable for their brand of Islam.

  34. Anonymous2:06 pm

    Thank god it's not a peck on the pecker!

  35. bro,
    Frankly I don't think any big deal of a kiss lah ! why not, what's wrong with a peck on the cheek,done in the open and not in room 1301 ! long it is not a peck on the holy PM's "pecker".....wait a all fairy tales it's always a kiss that wakes "sleeping" beauty ,right ? or a kiss that turns a frog to a prince, right ??
    Good for "glocals" man....even the arabs kiss both cheeks of men when they meet ,right ? Better a Datin then an huge and hairy arab, bro !

  36. Anonymous3:07 pm

    analisis malaysia,

    Ingat tak tengkolok Tengku Razaleigh? Lagi tak dak apa-apa, tapi mampu mengubah pemikiran manusia.

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. @Analisis Malaysia , anti-bodoh,

    Much ado about nothing...?
    Trivial matter?
    Not important?


    but why the 4th floor boys are scrambling to cover it up?

    So, my newspaper editors, publish it. no less, make it front page.

  39. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Aiiyaah !! you olang !! Lelaks lah !
    Its not like Irene pecker pick a peck on his pecker !!

  40. Anonymous4:34 pm

    let me clear something up: in fundamental/basic islam, unrelated males and females (related as in father-daughter, hubby-wife, grandmother-grandson; endon-SIL is unrelated) are forbidden from touching each other.

    i don't think islam hadhari steered away from this, and pak lah being pecked despite his innocence is un-hadhari-ic. this won't appeal to the majority of bn muslim voters especially in the rural areas who are not used to global social courtesies.

  41. ...saya percaya,bukan telinganya saja yang besar,mungkin hatinya pun besar jugak...ada faminine side kot.....

  42. Bagi saya, itu bukan cium gatal-gatal punya. Itu cium kira macam close friendship la..

    Tapi ini Malaysia. Macam bintang filem Hindustan yang cium Rosmah dulu, bukanlah dia miang kat Rosmah tu. Alahai... tak nak la cakap besar...

    Macam kita cium ungka tersesat atau penguin cacat, takkan cium gatal.

    Tapi ini Malaysia... Pada sesetengah orang mungkin rasa much ado about nothing. Innocent peck. Pada Datin itu pun, mungkin cium PM itu bagai mencium budak berlampin yang baru bangkit tidur, tengah mamai.

    Apa ada hal.

    Tapi bagi orang lain itu gila babas punya kerja!! Dan, ia laku untuk jadi bahan propaganda pilihan raya..


  43. Anonymous5:20 pm

    Much better for all if a woodpecker had mistaken him for a tree trunk and pecked him hard on the cheek

  44. Well, betul ker 4th Floor boys macam tu? Itu yang kita cakap kat sini. Is it true? Mungkin tak betul kan? ... Kritikal ler sikit ... Orang boleh cakap apa sahaja, sama ada betul atau tidak kita tanya ler :) Jangan ambil semua apa yang ada dlm blog, THINK! FIKIR! Dalam blog saya pun bukan semua betul. Itu apa yang saya cakap. Ada yang betul, ada yang separuh betul. Dan mungkin juga ada yang tak betul .. bloggers macam tu ler.. buat gempaq sikit! hehehe

  45. Anonymous6:03 pm

    Abang Lahhh.. next time you cum round my place, I'll plunge my tounge down your throat, oh I will. tehehe

  46. Anonymous6:12 pm

    Saya rasa ini semua sebab orang tidak hormat atau tidak takut sama Pak Lah. Orang Cina pun tahu cium jantan Islam salah. Kepada perampuan Cina mungkin tak salah. Sama rasa laki dia pun ok. Tapi Pak Lah bukan saja jantan, tapi dia jantan Islam. Dia PM. Dia Imam Islam Hadhari. Dia ada bini. Saya rasa bini dia pun tak berapa suka. Kalau orang hormat sama Pak Lah dia tak bikin macam itu. Kaum emosional sangat mau cium, ciuamlah tempat orang tak nampak. Tapi PM kena kata, jangan bikin macam itu. Salah segi Islam. Orang tengok pun tak manis. Tapi tak hormat tak takut punya pasal, itu Datin sudah cium sayang sama Pak Lah. Kena tengok juga. Ini Datin dia bagi derma. Tapi dia sudah dapat apa dan dia mau apa. Dia mau jadi Datin Seri atau Puan Sri apa? Itu {Pak Lah gerenti boleh rekomen. Saya minta orang Cina dan India hormat sikit lah Pak Lah. Jangan kasi dia malu. Kalau orang Melayu marah, Pak Lah susah, orang Cina, orang India semua orang Malaysia susah.

    Apek Sungai Dua

  47. Anonymous6:43 pm

    Anon 5.20pm


    How much flesh would a cheek pecker peck if a sheek pecker peck his pecker

  48. Anonymous7:18 pm

    Bro Rocky,
    For your information, I have sent two email and letters to editor to the respective papers to express my regret over the picture that had been published.But until today no respond from them.
    I not finding fault here bro but I have reading this blog for sometimes and I have greatest respect for bloggers in Malaysia but by publishing the picture in your blog.For me I fully supported your cause because I thought your are different from Kalimullah and the gang.
    My point here quite simple. Bila bro tunjuk gambar blog itu,bro dah bertindak sama seperti editor akhbar-akhbar tersebut.Bro tegur tindakan editor akhbar itu siar gambar tapi Bro buat perkara yang sama (apa beza Bro dengan editor akhbar yang Bro kritik itu?). That why I felt strongly about it. I don't have any personal agenda against you Bro just voicing my opinion.Hope you understand bro.
    Bob From Kuching

  49. Anonymous8:06 pm

    ayoh, rocky,

    why-lah some of your commentors (i suspect cyber warriors out to hentam you-lah...every opportunity they get-lah), pretend they don't get it? tehy don't get what you're saying.

    the way i read it is that you are not whacking Pak Lah for being pecked on. Heheh.

    you are whacking his stupid boys for being so GEMPAQ and so the takut by that bit of public display of affection for which Pak Lah had no way of averting, avoiding lest the poor datin would be made embarrassed.

    you are not making a big deal of pak lah being as, someone said "muah-muah-ed", but by the fact that THAT got his callow boys scrambling for "damage control".

    DAMAGE CONTROL? i bet your ex-colleagues at the NST were probably laughing.

    Whoops...forgot...the good editors have all gone..So I supposed the boys had a good reason to call the editors in case one/some of them (i hear either very inexperienced or very the pandai goreng) WOULD ACTUALLY USE THE STORY. .

    so, actually, rocky, the 4th floor boys had reason to panic...


  50. Anonymous12:44 am

    wakaka..ramainyer orang komen...


  52. With all do respect rocky, Sorry to say this but some of these commenter's here have a much-much lower IQ than the fourth floor boys.

    One fella thinks he has the moral credibility to tell how other people should practice their religion and run their lives. eg. "You malay muslims are stupid you should practice your faith as I tell you cause I am the voice of Malaysia!"

    The other blames UMNO for everything.

    Then we also have your usual islamic scholar.

    Oh not forgetting OMG They disagree with me, they're not real people, They must be CYBERTROOPERS!!

    Back to the topic...
    Is the datin hot? Hahahahahaha! I tell you that Datin better be one pretty lass so that it would be worth it. Like One of your commenter's said Married Men are irresistible. I also noticed that Widowed men (not divorced) are very-very irresistible among women. Why like that?

  53. analisis malaysia,

    how dare you

    leaders can avoid it.. just look at AHMADENIJAD.. he is ure one humble guy yet no a MUSLIM barriers with woman

    Ada HAD ada HARI

  54. correction

    should be read as this:

    leaders can avoid it.. just look at AHMADENIJAD.. he is one humble guy yet no a MUSLIM barriers with woman

    sorry for typing error

  55. leaders can avoid it.. just look at AHMADENIJAD.. he is one humble guy yet know a MUSLIM barriers with woman

    another correction

  56. Anonymous9:58 am

    No big deal, just a kiss of the cheek. We are so narrow minded. Unless the datin gave Pak Lah a good French kiss with the tongue digging deep, otherwise it is just a peck, nothing more, grow up please. We are not that holy anyway so accept it like an adult.

  57. Anonymous9:58 am

    No big deal, just a kiss of the cheek. We are so narrow minded. Unless the datin gave Pak Lah a good French kiss with the tongue digging deep, otherwise it is just a peck, nothing more, grow up please. We are not that holy anyway so accept it like an adult.

  58. Bro,

    Dalam masyarakat kita khususnya masyarakat Melayu yang (100%?) beragama Islam, beraksi romantik (bercium @ dicium) dikhalayak ramai adalah tidak manis.

    Apabila PM yang menjadi ketua negara diperlakukan seperti ini pastinya akan menjadi topik hangat dan mengundang bala sekiranya tidak dikawal. Mungkin itulah apa yang cuba dilakukan oleh tingkat 4(mengawal berita berkenaan).

    Aksi ini biasanya dilakukan oleh orang yang "biasa" melakukannya sahaja. Masyarakat tidak boleh menerima perlakuan sebegini di khalayak ramai kerana kita, khususnya masyarakat Melayu masih lagi konservatif. Kita bukan orang putih.

    Jadi, perkara yang "biasa" bagi "analisis malaysia" bukanlah sesuatu yang boleh diterima oleh sebahagian besar masyarakat malaysia khususnya melayu.

    Walaubagaimanapun, kejadian ini tidak boleh diterima kecuali ada bukti bergambar, memandangkan apa-apa pun boleh berlaku di musim pilihanraya ini.

  59. Anonymous12:03 pm

    Aiyyaa the datin's family just gave away a huge mansion never mind la if she wants to give paklah a peck..wat la u all..
    Luckily she did'nt grab his balls or wat..even if she did that paklah has to keep quiet also...
    Rumah busat sulah bagi maa...opss cannot talk like this laa..zamzam ban oleady...

  60. Anonymous1:47 pm

    The 4th floor boys have a right to go damage-control crazy over that little peck because it may mean the loss of votes in the traditional/conservative voter belt.

    This close to elections, it was something they cud have done without. But it was an innocent one. This particular episode shud not be used as a character measure of Pak Lah.

    Although much of politics is about perception, isn't it?

  61. Anonymous2:02 pm

    It may not be a big issue if it involves just a normal citizen but in this case, it's the PM. PM of a so called "Islamic Country" who came out with the 'Islam Hadhari' and who were trying to Islamize everything he knows. If it's George Bush or Gordon Brown, I can understand. But this is Badawi.

  62. Anonymous8:38 pm

    Aiyoyo, it is just a peck on the cheek in front of the public . Does anyone think that Pak Lah could avoid that? Come on lah, dont make an issue out of this stupid thing. Memang lah salah Islam sebenar ke atau Islam Hadhari pun memang tak benarkannya, dah tu orang ramai tengok bini dia dan anak dia pun tak serupa bini pemimpin Islam yang lain, itu datin pun kasi ciumlah sikit. Itu pun kecoh ke?

    MenCuit tapi ini hari jadi MenCium!

  63. Anonymous12:51 pm

    After more than fifty years of Independence, the most powerful Malay leader in the land is unable to deal with an issue of a "sisterly" kiss from a lady of another race. Need I say more?

    As Mahathir used to write and speak of the race, it has a whole lot of inferiority and superiority complexes that needs to be dealt with without deflection or morallising. A plain sense of honesty and self-circumcision of the heart is what the good doctor remonds.

  64. Anonymous4:41 am

    Now you know the meaning of the word " swingers " or " swinging ".