Sunday, January 20, 2008

Kit Siang gets Thaipusam wish

Jan 23, Thaipusam, is national public holiday. The PM has declared this year's Thaipusam a holiday for [correction: for KL and Putrajaya, NOT for all the states], hardly two hours after Kit Siang wrote in his blog here that Abdullah should do it "instead of just thinking about it".
"In the past decades, both inside and outside Parliament, DAP has been calling for Thaipusam to be declared a public holiday and not just a state holiday in Penang, Perak, Selangor, Negri Sembilan and Johor."

Happy Thaipusam, everyone. I don't think the PM and Kit are the only ones who'll claim credit for this, as hinted here.

update: Zorro knew about this from his Hantu last week.


  1. Anonymous6:42 pm

    is Pak Lah strong or weak?

  2. Anonymous6:53 pm

    how bout 80 pct off on beer prices, for the coming Wednesday. If you feed people peaunuts, you get mongkeys. No need to help Indians, achieve their NEP wealth target, just give a Holiday and 80 pct off for beer. heheheh, Soldier of Fortune.... if Bursa is closed, no funny MANI this Wednesday ...yucks...

  3. Anonymous7:07 pm

    Hahahaha give the Indians a holiday and they give you their votes?

    They already running the country's judicial system. One look at the events surrounding the RCI and you'll be hard pressed to understand why the Indians claim they are marginalized.

    Drunk Indian lawyer, corrupt Malay judge and an opportunistic Chinese businessman. From the streets to the courtroom, Indians have made a mess of this country. No wonder the Malays (who's culture was derived from ancient Indian empires) refused to acknowledge their historical legacies.

    I would have supported the idea before the HINDRAF thingy. But to do it now only shows our weakness in times of crisis.

  4. Anonymous7:29 pm

    Rocky, imagine if you have a business to run and 40 workers to feed and I'm sure you'll not be so excited!

  5. Anonymous7:30 pm

    Though I am a Hindu I think we dont need Thaipusam as a Public Holiday. The best they could have done for Malaysia is to allow extra annual leave for those who practices Hinduism. In that way, we can keep the productivity and also the rakyat happy. True National holidays should be like for Merdeka and Mlaysia day which can extend more than 2 days.

  6. Anonymous7:51 pm

    This is a UMNO-BN carrot to the indians voters.

    UMNO-BN have insulted the indians by demolishing their temples, calling Hindraf terrorists & crooks and all.

    Will the indians be bought over with Thaipusam being a national holiday? Will they forgive UMNO-BN for treating them as 3rd class citizens for this national holiday?

  7. Anonymous7:55 pm

    who says the recent indicents are all but rubbish?

    i mean, yes, for one reason of wanting the British Gov to pay few trillions.

    err..two reason, with the second one is the impact of what they had done.

    this thaipusam holiday, instead of thanking Abdullah, they should 'holy' those 5+1 (those 5 are now in Kamunting, another is still 'working on the struggle')

    and also, we will see some more in the me.(jobs, high profile competitions a.k.a Petronas Car Craze and the 1 milllion Telekom, contracts, etc.etc)atleast, until Mac 2008. after that, you'll have to Q back in the line lah.

    ps- about one girl kissing PM on stage. theres one pic somewhere showed PM kissing his wife ON STAGE. maybe 4th floors' idea to RESURRECT Hadhari's policies. lol

  8. shhh...he's thinking.

    Am sure ppl will say bloggers bloody criticize everything..when he doesn't think we complain, when he says he is thinking, also wanna complain!

    For my part, I ain't criticizing him for thinking; just that in reality & from our sudah cukup experience of him, we know that thinking's like ....beyond the man!

    I think the bodowitalk for "i am thinking about it" is more about playing for time as surely we can't expect a puppet to pull its own strings, no?

    I still don't see how rescheduling 1 day of a Hindu holiday will win BN votes. I mean what does that "act of understanding" intended to show abt our government?

    That Msia govtis religiously sensitive or culturally accomodating or what?

    The risk of NOT redesignating the day is higher than just switching it.

    So what is the big fat hairy deal?

  9. Anonymous8:13 pm

    It was Zorro that broke the news on January 15. He is the only one deserves the credit and of course the Hindraf community who made the difference. MIC knows that the community is divided, another cheap tactic by BN

  10. Anonymous8:21 pm

    What's the big deal? Its only holiday in KL and Putrajaya, the former to ease the traffic jam and protestors, the latter just an excuse to have the day off for the sleepy one.

    But NO national holiday 'cos no significant Indians elsewhere.

    Anyway, Happy ThaipuSamy everyone.

  11. Anonymous8:28 pm

    It was Hindraf, not DAP, MIC or PPP who got the holiday.

  12. Anonymous8:56 pm

    anon at are you talking about la, the whole world knows it was an INDIAN/Hindu with damn ugly glasses who had access to Govt secrets aka Official Secrets and get a group picture taken with the CJ practically in group orgy wth what the fuck are you talking abt Indians are 3rd class citizens? its the bloody Indians yg berjaya themselves yg marginalize their fellow men by not pushing their problems when they have such high placed connections...go fuck Lingam Sos, Ananda and etc la...and stop blaming others.

  13. Anonymous8:57 pm

    try getting public holidays for Thaipusam and Deepavali recognised in britain or usa or australia.wahhh so marginalised ha?

  14. Anonymous9:08 pm

    Heyyy...KL folks and Putrajaya workers must be thankful enough to Hindraf. Without them surely no Thaipusam holidays in KL & Putrajaya until whosoever becomes PM of this country. To those greedy businessmen & towkays out there, its time to take a break again. Chinese towkays normally shutdown their business the whole week to celebrate CNY. Is one day off for Hindus to celebrate Thaipusam too much???

  15. Anonymous9:21 pm

    i just don't know why everyone is whining about being discriminated against ...Lingam, Chin, Tengku Adnan...all races are equally representing supreme corruption what..but I think the poor Indian Lingam is getting whacked from all sides for having the biggest mouth and messing up the whole a drunk, boastful Indian with Official Secrets...kah kah that's a classic case of the Indian becoming the underdog...

  16. Anonymous9:25 pm

    You are really cheap Wanker, razmataz!

  17. Anonymous9:38 pm

    I am a muslim and works somewhere in KLCC. For the past 10 years I am forced to take one day off during Thaipusam simply because my house just next to Batu Caves. Just ask any Selayang & Batu Caves residents who work in KL during that day on how their journey to office and back home would be during Thaipusam. Its a nightmare for anyone to go to work in the morning. Politically motivated or otherwise, holiday for Thaipusam is most welcoming especially for residents of Selayang & Batu Caves who now can rest peacefully at home during Thaipusam.

  18. Anonymous9:52 pm

    Hey Pak Lah,

    Since you are in a generous mood, how about doing away with income tax for everyone??

  19. Anonymous10:12 pm

    Hallo positive OK. He wants to give you holiday..just take it. Why worry, be happy. This is what we call kerajaan berjiwa rakyat. Adfa problem settlekan segera.

  20. Anonymous11:03 pm

    Thats the way!

    Declare a holiday for a small territory (FT KL and FT Putrajaya) and sit back to feel satisfied that all the problems faced by the Malaysian Indians are over.

    Problems like:

    a. Unemployment amongst this segment of the Msian population still in the many estates in Kedah, Perak, Seberang Perai, Pahang, Johor etc

    b. Demolishing of temples in other states, except Selangor where the MB has given a grace period of around 60 days? (after which the acts continue?)

    c. One or two seats only for medical students in Malaysian public varsities. The rest must beg and borrow to send the kids overseas - only to be told half way that such universities are not recognised by the Msian government

    d. Body snatching of so-called converts who die, without having consideration for the emotional disruption to families of Hindus who are threatened by 'pious' enforcement agnecies like RELA.

    e. Mysterious deaths of the able bodied ones who are invited to police stations for questioning only! Ploice reports lodged against such police action - relocated to eternal KIV folders!

    f. Shareholders of MAIKA Holdings, after 20 over years cannot get back their capital, but assets bought with such money are regularly sold and the proceeds never make their way back to the shareholders!

    You want the list to go on?
    I may run short of single alphabets to itemise them.

    And this idiot Semi-value thinks he has done a fantastic job of getting another public holiday for Indians and has thus solved all their problems?

    Wow, kalau macam itu, why do we need the NEP to help out the poor? Let there be more public holdays declared every year. That way, NEP can be phased out!

    Everyone will be happy - truly Malaysia Boleh, no more Malaysia bodoh.

  21. Anonymous11:06 pm

    "Jan 23, Thaipusam, is national public holiday. The PM has declared this year's Thaipusam a holiday for all the states, hardly two hours after Kit Siang wrote in his blog here that Abdullah should do it "instead of just thinking about it".

    from rockybru blog. - NATIONAL HOLIDAY

    "Thaipusam declared a public holiday for Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya"

    NST - KL and putrajaya. so which one is true???

  22. Anonymous11:14 pm

    malaysians love holidays, no?

  23. Anonymous12:00 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Happy Thaipusam. Good for us who works in KL and especially those who have to ply through MRR2 near Batu Caves and also Jalan Kuching. The traffic jam is unbearable. But come to think of it, the government should have given the holiday long time ago. Batu Caves not situated in KL, meh?

    Anyway, thank you very much for the holiday declaration.


  24. Now, is this going to incite some of those "Tuan Melayus" for whom it would seem like this is giving into the demands from Indians?

    It seems more like as if this is UMNO licking Indian ass. Feels good actually. But no way its going to change my attitude. They can continue licking ass. But then Samy licks UMNO ass all the time and so much that this UMNO licking Indian ass is not going to amount to much.

  25. Why not give pak lah some credit here. He made a decision! At last. A decision. Imagine. No committee was set up some more! Imagine how difficult it was for him to decide. He had to go to madrid to do that. Imagine the sacrifice he made for us, especially indians.

    Wow... we should declare the day he declared thaipusam as a public holiday as another public holiday.

  26. Anonymous12:42 am

    A well-oiled and orchestrated "all is well-wayang and the rakyat must be grateful to BN script" from Barisan's concubine mainstream media and the dacing boys is a spectacle of the "feed them crumbs" and they will "muda lupa" who we really are tactic.

    This so-called convenient Thaipusam as "national" holiday gift is an insult to both Malaysian Indians and thinking citizens of the country.

    As a nation independent for fifty years, non-Muslims have been treated as some sort of second-class entity that needs to beg on bended knee for what the Constitution gurantees.

    Nevertheless,the Constitution has been ammended over several hundred times in that it has become as soiled as yesterday's nasi lemak bungkus.

    Such posturing and so-called "gift" of holidays is a Barisan election gimmick that will no longer work. It will not conceal the unlawful detention of human rights ativists and political dissidents under the ISA.

    Carrots and crumbs will not "tutup mata" rakyat nor will the corrupt practices of the Barisan regime be eclipsed.

  27. Anonymous1:51 am

    Anon at 11.03pm,

    I refer to your point (c).

    Those stupid parents who sent or planning to send their underachiever children to overseas to read medicine should just strap a suicide bomb on their bodies and blow themselves away, before their kids start a collateral damage and kill thousands of Malaysians...

    They never realise that their kids will never's true that multiple A's in public exams do not make a good doctor, but a good doctor need brains and ability to process knowledge - and most of them are expressed in the A's in the exams...

    Don't talk about minimum requirements...when your son gets 1A in STPM and still you think he can be a good doctor - it means your brain need evaluation are only giving false hope by letting them to choose the glamourous, prestige career....You take a loan, sell your car and suffer - only to let your children become a monster with license to kill others and make them suffer....

    I'm working in medical sector and came across many overseas medical graduates (recognised or not) who are either too lost or too stupid to give the best management for patients when they become is either their trainings or their brains ... and that's why Chua Sex Lek decided to extend the period of housemanship - these incapable overseas graduates are flooding the hospitals, causing grieves to patients and families....

    I have the utmost respect for local grads (although I hate the fact that some of them are Malays who benefited from the so-called meritrocracy, and although some private and public medical schools are also becoming worse in training their undergraduates) because they know when to stop and ask...Rather than wannabe oversea medical graduates - from Indonesia, Ukraine, Russia, Egypt, whatever country - who at all times put patients in danger....

    For those outsiders who never know what's happening in the hospitals flooded by this incapable doctors, you should just keep quiet than talking about how everyone should be given freedom to pursue their dreams...Only those who possess good brain should be allowed to, not some underachiever monkeys...

    And their parents are the ones who we should hang and parade their heads so that the other parents would stop making such a stupid decision.....

  28. no income tax for 2008? use petronas oil money!!

  29. Anonymous3:29 am

    If the Indian will vote BN just because of this Thaipusam holiday, it will be a sad case for the 5 Hindraf fellows who got jail inside Kamunting camp. Go ahead, vote BN and give them more power to marginalize you.

  30. Anonymous6:24 am

    hey! what about Sikh's Vaisakhi Day in April?

  31. Anonymous8:37 am

    another public holiday? that's great! malaysians are pretenders a lotz that they are kinda of workaholics but they are indeed lazy bastards.

  32. Can we add this Thaipusam holiday as another of Hindraf's achievement?

    I don't know if anyone has started compiling the achievements of Hindraf since 25th November. I have previously identified a few and maybe others can help add to this. Here is a short list:

    1. MIC and Samy Velu have got headliners directed to them.

    2. Samy Velu has for the first time appeared on LIVE TV over RTM1 and 2, each of one hour duration, the first being in Malay and the next in Tamil.

    3. MIC got the honour of the Prime minister's visit for a last minute organised MIC function.

    4. Thaipusam holiday for KL and Putra Jaya.

    5. Badawi for the first time responded to any kind of communication with him whetehr through letters or through memorandums or demonstrations or rallies. (So, lesson to anyone wanting to get Badawi to respond to anything, you got to say a blatant lie and rile up the Prime Minister so much that he comes out fuming as to how angry he is. If you can't do that, than don't bother trying).

  33. Anonymous9:00 am

    Pak Lah, Chap Goh Meh don't forget aa.. kasi kita olang cuti meehh..

  34. Anonymous9:37 am

    Even after Thaipusam be made public holiday, FT of KL & Putrajaya are still the state with the less number of public holiday stands at 16. Other states in Malaysia have 17 days at least with Sabah leading the pack with 19days of annual leave. So what's the big fuss all about??????

  35. Bro,

    Sekarang ini ada "special attention" untuk orang-rang India. Dalam masa 2 hari, dua kali Pak Lah berjumpa dengan masyarakat India.

    Alang kepalang, apalah salahnya Pak Lah mengistiharkan cuti umum itu untuk seluruh negara dan tidak terhad kepada beberapa negeri sahaja. Orang India pun rakyat negara ini juga.

    Selamat menyambut Thaipusam kepada semua.

  36. Anonymous9:52 am

    On another subject.... NURIN - NINI

    I'm sure the police are doing all they can but I can't help feeling that solving this case is taking too long. Are our police not trained in the art of investigation ? Has the government not put this as a priority (for whatever reason)?? What do you think ??

    I see many similarities between the two victims (Nurin & Nini) in terms of age, family background, living conditions, health issues, education etc...There seems to be a particular modus-operandi by the perpetrator/s of this/these crimes in terms of selection of victim, surveying, abduction, transportation, imprisonment, abuse, (experimental) torture and possible release/return of the victim.

    Are we dealing with a 'lone-ranger' , a duo/trio, a syndicate or a gang here ? Surely the police should know for sure by now??

    I have this feeling as if we're missing something. As if this latest child (Nini) is right under our noses.

    I feel that we should have launched a full man-hunt, albeit door to door ages ago. This/these cases involving Nurin and Nini must be solved soon if the family of Nini are to get her back alive and to ensure that no other child falls victim to whomever is doing this.

  37. Anonymous10:25 am


    Ini lah cara BN mengatasi masalah. Kaum India protes kerana mereka dipinggirkan. Jalan penyelesaian PM Malaysia ialah dengan memberi cuti tambahan kepada kaum India. Cuti tambahan tidak akan mengubah nasib orang India. Cuti tambahan tidak akan menjadi seorang pekerja estet kaya. Tapi, percaya lah, ada orang India yang akan merasakan mendapat cuti tambahan umpama mendapat emas. MIC dan BN sudah tentu akan pergi mencanang dan mengabui mata orang India seolah-olah masalah mereka akan selesai dengan sehari cuti tambahan.
    Terpulanglah pada kaum India.

  38. Anonymous10:32 am

    Hey Pak Lah,

    Kasi Hari Raya Haji dua hari cuti lah! Jangan lupa Good Friday, Chap Goh Mei! dan extra holidays for Sabah Sarawak jugak

    Boney M says: Hooray! hooray! its a holi-holiday
    What a world of fun for everyone, holi-holiday
    Hooray! hooray! its a holi-holiday
    Sing a summer song, skip along, holi-holiday
    Its a holi-holiday

  39. Anonymous11:14 am

    Many thanks to Hindraf for opening the eyes of PM. Since their street protest, we have see many changes to the plight of the Indians.
    As for the declared Public Holiday, why only to KL & Putrajaya? PM mentioned about road congestion during Thaipusam in KL. But why for Putrajaya too ? Any temples there? Any road congestion? Majority are Malay civil servants. So, I really cannot understand our PM!

  40. Anonymous2:33 pm


  41. Anonymous4:53 pm

    This one i really pity for those patients seeking treatment at specialist clinic there. Once u missed an appoitment slot for you, you gotta wait no less than 6 months later.

    UMMC outpatient clinics closed for Thaipusam

    KUALA LUMPUR: Outpatient clinics at University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) will be closed Wednesday as Thaipusam has been declared a public holiday.

    Those who had made appointments for that day can contact the respective clinics to reschedule or call 03-79494422 for an extension number, UMMC said in a press statement.

    The outpatient clinics at UMMC will resume usual operations on Thursday.

  42. Anonymous5:02 pm

    So, will the boycott on Batu Caves this Thaipusam be still on?
    I hope so. The Indians have to send a strong message to those in power that dropping some sweets (which bascially will not cost them anything in the 1st place) will not automatically erase all their past wrong-doings.

  43. Anonymous6:37 pm

    Damn,...You can read him like a book!

  44. Anonymous7:09 pm

    Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya were part of Selangor before, so why this ridiculous arrangement? It's a step in the right direction, especially since Sentul and Brickfields still house sizable Indian populations.

    Doubt this will win many votes though.

  45. Anonymous9:50 pm

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  46. Rocky's note: Pune Deck left this comment earlier. I took the liberty to change a word.

    BOdoh si dolah. [Kaum India] cuma 9% penduduk apa relevantnya. Itu pun berapa kerat yg bukan hindu.

    Hari vasakhi untuk kaum sikh lebih patut.

    Baik, Melayu-raf menuntut cuti awam seluruh negara untuk:

    3 hari untuk raya haji (sampai habis takbir)

    hari wukuf/tashrik

    hari nuzul al quran

    1 bulan ramadhan supaya boleh beribadat sebulan

    1 bulan raya

    nisfu syaaban

    lailatul qadar

    10 zulhijjah

    10 muharram

    1 muharram

    dan jangan lupa hari jadi nenek dan moyang aku

    ... melayan si [kaum India] ni, akhirnya kita kerja cuti saja.

    Dolah kaki tidor ni memang pemalas, kerja dia cuti dan tidor. Dahlah dia umumkan sabtu kerajaan tutup.

    9:50 PM

  47. Anonymous2:51 pm

    GE coming la, worst still after Hindraf, doubt the G will pull this trick. Anyway, all credit should go to Kit Siang! :)

  48. Anonymous8:10 pm

    credit to Kit Siang? My a**!