Sunday, December 09, 2007

Walking with 500 cops

With or Without the Bar. AFP correspondent Romen Bose interviewed me as we were walking from Sogo to the Bar Council's heaadquaters this morning. I told him I regretted the arrests made by the police. "The action by the cops was totally unnecessary. We are walking for human rights, man, and you can see for yourself how peaceful the walk is."

We found out later that 8 lawyers and activsts had been arrested. Lawyer Haris Ibrahim, one of the lawyers who picked up where the Bar Council had left the walk, had to calm down some of the walkers. There were many cool heads. The police should have just allowed the walk to proceed.

The Malaysiakini reporter must have been a pain for the cop in charge, Supt Che Hamzah Che Ismail. "Why did you arrest them? It was a peaceful walk. Why did you stop them?"

"I have my human rights, too," Che managed.

Why did the Bar Council cancel the walk? The question played in my head over and over again throughout the walk. I am disappointed with the Bar, of course, but this morning I was proud to walk with some brave lawyers. I could almost feel how unhappy my lawyer, Edmund Bon, the chairperson of the Bar Council's Human Rights Committee, was. He had wanted so much to walk.

An hour or so after we left, they told me that Bon had been arrested for allegedly preventing some City Hall workers from bringing down some posters at the Bar Council's headquarters. The Bar marks this years World Human Rights Day (10 Dec) today.

I spoke to Bon later. "It's a sad day for (our) human rights," he said.
I was walking with many brave girls. There were about 100 walkers. More than two dozens journalists. 500 cops (the Malay Mail reporter asked Supt Che Hamzah the question). And a chopper in the sky.

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For professional pics, go to Suzanne Lee's site.


  1. yes, i am also very disappointed with the bar.

    haha... the police's reply on human right was really priceless.

  2. Anonymous3:57 pm


    Bravo...for the walk...wish I were there with you if not due to my work's nature.

    The whole country's politicians have gone hay-wired these days and they won't listen anymore.

    Take the big-mouth Nazri as example. If he doesn't know manner, at least please keep his mouth shut instead offending the international community with the "lay-off" thingee.

    Take on the sleepy head if not paranoid Baa Dah Wee now, I am even more let down by what he said when he was newly selected and now how he behaved. And then he told people ...."I hear you", but does he really hear what the people wanna tell?

    And to all friends out there, salutes to those who have been caught by the cops today.

    Keep up the good work.

    Tee and the family is with you all.

  3. The morning walk
    Down on the streets of KL
    The 100 or more people
    Wanted to walk for freedom talk

    Uniformed police
    Blocked their way
    Democracy isn’t working
    Humans Right locked into a box

    Pleading and cajoling
    Nothing moved the stiff faced police
    Disperse now and stay away
    This isn’t the way of democracy

    Lawyers try; lawyers ask for to march
    The stiff faced police never bulged
    Charging on the hapless people
    5 lawyers charged on illegal assembly

    So what does sleeping head say?
    The fundamental right yet it is blocked all the way
    Democracy a right to assemble peacefully
    This is Walk for Humans Right

    BN leaders say
    How so when businesses affected?
    Saying words without giving losses
    Street rallies not the way
    But when people write to them
    The baskets wait in the corner
    Gathering the basket ball

    The morning walk
    For Humans Right police don’t care
    Arrested the people
    For breaking the law

    The ruling elite make its way
    Head I win tail you lose
    But morning walk will be there
    The drum beat has already sounded
    For a change into the future

  4. Anonymous4:32 pm

    Mr Rocky (Batu?) Yeah, you walked for freedom and human right although I dont understand what kind of freedom you are looking at, as a Malaysian I feel that I am free to do anything I wish for as long as I do not break the law.

    Your intention to walk may be genuine BUT you must remember that there are others out there who have evil intentions towards the very freedom or peace that you are fighting for and may cause unnecessary problems and untoward incidents especially with small kids walking with you adults. Bear in mind that the Hindraf issues are still not settled yet and can you imagine what can happen if the Policemen were not there.

    You should be Thanking them. You walked and they were there on a Sunday Morning to protect you all.
    Please dont always see the negative side of other people or the Establishment. Put yourself once in a while in their shoes.

    You have fine intention but NOT everyone have the same. For the sake of ALL MALAYSIANS, ALL LAW ABIDING citizens, the silent majority please think before you do anything especially before you write anything.

    You got millions of fans or readers. One lie means you lie to millions out thre. One wrong information, one fitnah..goes to millions. Please think of Akhirat and the FREEDOM you want to enjoy in AKHIRAT too. I am sure you know what I mean.

  5. Hi Rocky,

    Thanks for the posting. I just had my account for today's event up already.

    See you next round.


  6. Anonymous4:41 pm

    like the pic of you with that little girl in tudung. I bet her fashion sense alone annoys the living daylights out of the 4th FL crybabies LOL.

  7. Anonymous4:55 pm

    By now you all should know:

    I hear you means just that.
    It does not mean - I will act on it.

    Hindraf is now a 'terrorist outfit' after it pleaded to the government to 'hear' its case for the affected people. It advised that if the government does not 'hear' then the affected people might resort to LTTE type violence in a worst case situation.

    * Oh - the last para above was the vital link the authorities were looking for - to give a new brand for Hindraf, as an LTTE connection outfit.

    (Same like interpreting people instantly as 'immoral' if there was a statement saying 'women must be given enough opportunities to earn a decent living as otherwise they may look at alternatve means')

    Leave it to the current establishment to interpret their way and make life difficult for those who want to do things peacefully.

    The advantage of all this is, voters are now getting better signals on how to cast their ballot. So let there be free flow of nonsense from the ruling elite!

    You bloggers need to consolidate all this rubbish and showcase it prominently when its time to cast our votes. Make sure it reaches those in the outlying areas - for they are the ones who should know what kind of nonsense is happening in the urban areas.

    Its the bulk of the rural folks who decide who rules this country.
    So don't think you have done a great job by just letting the urban folks know of your daredevil feats. The urban constituencies do not form the majority of the parliament or state seats.

    Good luck in your endeavours.

  8. Tat's the way to go bro.

    Proud wef all of you. Was a bit worried wen heard from tv3 news tat some arrest being made. Tks for your prompt sms reply. It really clear the air.


  9. Anonymous5:32 pm

    freer society and more democratic space? any more bollocks? bigger ears now?

  10. Rocky my brother I hope you know what you doing because if they haul you in I cannot help you for sure, except to ensure that they do not give you rotten nasi lemak!
    I wish I can subscribe to what you and your lawyer friends are fighting for, you see Rocky I am a Malay and I have a very happy childhood and I grew with a set of rules and I am happy with that rules, one is to never to succumb to minority's threats, but its cool we are still friends!
    God luck!

  11. Anonymous5:34 pm

    "Why did you arrest them? It was a peaceful walk. Why did you stop them?"

    "I have my human rights, too," Che managed.

    what an a**hole, when...

    "Certain rights can never be granted to the government but must be kept in the hands of the people"

    "A right is not something that somebody gives you; it is something that nobody can take away"- Eleanor Roosevelt;

  12. Anonymous5:35 pm

    God is watching.....PM Abdullah..U will answer when the time comes. You can failed Malaysian miserably. The survey by TNS and Gallup, does not show the real picture, besides, you lied..saying half of the Cabinet is non-malays (non-muslims), Perhaps you should really see..your cabinet ministers again, when they meet again this coming wednesday..then you will know how many of them is exactly non-malays(muslims). You dont even know the racial composition of your cabinet.
    God pls help Malaysia, this PM is the worst.

  13. Anonymous5:57 pm

    i have given up hope on AAB...and bet you my last ringgit..i will persuade every one i know to vote against BN.

    If they can stop us walking..tomorrow they can just do anything they like.

    AAB claims this country is a democracy..for f*ck's sake show me it is..sleepy head!!

  14. this is a sad day for human rights in malaysia,if we have any...

    "goverment that abuses human rights is terrorist"

  15. Anon 4.32 pm,

    Thanks for yr advice.

    I harbour no hard feelings towards our cops. I think they over-reacted today but I am inclined to believe that they were also just following orders.

    Read my comments at (if it's been published by the blogger). There I said how I made friends with some of the cops and my take on Che Hamzah himself. Yes, they were there to protect us walkers as well. But, really, 10 of them would have been enough. Not 500. The 490 could have taken their day off or go kick some criminals' asses.


  16. How does one have human rights if in exercising them, one denies others of theirs?

    There are no more checks and balances. This country is turning into something even TAR won't recognize anymore.

  17. Anonymous7:01 pm

    I have no issue what you guys are doing. It is the "in" thing, the happening now in KL to do all these rallys. I am behind you guys whatever is right for humankinds, equal rights, whatever.

    But what I don't like to see is CHILDREN participating in all these rallys. I have seen children pictures in Bersih rally, in Hindraf rally and now this peace walk.

    There is no guarantee whatsoever that any rally can be peaceful. No guarantee! You may shout, scream out loud to all these authorities your rally that your walks are peaceful. But leave children at home and leave them out of all these!! You can never know what is going to happen. Noone, I mean noone can guarantee their safety.

    So aunty needing to get this out of her chest.

  18. Anonymous7:11 pm

    shittake mushrooms !! cook it with sambal, nice. try it brother!!

  19. Anonymous7:42 pm

    Rocky, the fight against injustice, bigotry, idiocy, racism, stupidity, is a long, long struggle and I hope we can last the pace. In the meantime, walk on.

  20. Anonymous7:57 pm

    I've just finished watching the vid on msiakini. Whoa, the Malay ladies are awesome. They really are brave. They are articulate, fiercely so. If ever they are candidates in election, I'M VOTING THEM.

  21. rocky, i hate you, got better hair than moi...shampoo apa bang pakai ha??? the little brave ones...luckily they had "no to ISA" on their dahi..and not "no to Hindraf"...

  22. Anonymous9:05 pm

    Lawyers n opposition leaders sengaja nak buat kacau bilau. Dah tahu keadaan sekarang ni tak aman berikutan tunjuk perasaan n himpunan yang dilarang MASIH nakbuat peace walk sana sini.
    Ini subversive. Negara perlu gunakan ISA sebelum keadaan jadi huruhara. Rata-rata 25 juta raayat Malaysia hendak keamanan. Cuma bebera ratus atau ribu saja yang buat karut.

  23. Anonymous10:23 pm

    for what ever reasons ...these lawyers for all people must know that you must obey the law ... you don't march without a permit. That's the law. How are the ordinary man on the street is going to obey the law when lawyers themselves does not do so!!! Your ideal is not a ticket for you to do as you like !!!

  24. Anonymous10:23 pm

    Dunno wat to say..Salute those ppl who turn up...
    Feel extremely disappointing our police force who may not work independently from police...disappointing to this country...and feel sad to this country to have such group of leader...

  25. Anonymous10:31 pm

    To all foreign tourists coming to Malaysia; Welcome to Visit Malaysia 07! Welcome to the Police State.

    And please apply for police permits should you are shopping in a big group or else we will put you behind bars.

  26. Anonymous11:30 pm

    rocky bru

    well said with a cool head. minority threatening majority's rights with these peaceful marches? this walk is for human rights day, nothing more nothing less. does it threaten you? maybe so, coz there's no such thing as human rights in your vocab.
    maybe you should ask the government to resign as a member of human rights council. why stay as a membre when you dont believe in it. do it before the hypocrisy becomes too startling.

  27. Anonymous12:06 am

    Oppositions - PM's democracy had come!!

    Any "vocal" opposition not on the list?

    See how PM celebrates HR days?
    See what PM meant by Democracy?
    See why old Istana has to be replaced?
    As renovation is difficult than building a new!
    So new "Democracy" on its way!!

    If Constitutions not straightened, no way!
    If obligations, Penal Codes of authority not insisted, no way!
    If EC and Judiciary cannot be straight up, no way!
    If AG report cannot be acted upon, no way!
    If voters mind not HR being smashed today, HR to come? no way!

    Why Hindraf has to talk to the world at large
    but not even in any room here that they had touched?
    PM had laid the ground for Hindraf hard tasks!!

    So many been deprived!!
    So, many will be in one line!!
    PM, you have thrashed so many asides
    they have become a mountain by your side!!
    Don't they catch you by the sight??

  28. Anonymous1:24 am

    Of course, everyone was disappointed with Bar Council. A bunch of unprincipled people, who are motivated by self interest. This Ragunathan, the vice-chairman, only interested in rubbing shoulder with the power that be and he is not interested in the plight of the Malaysians.

    So this is the type of Bar Council members you have. Of course, Edmud Bon and a handful Bar Council members are excepted. The rest just want to rub shoulder with the power that be and hope to get deals.

    Shame on you, Bar Council. You are now discredited after that WALK FOR JUSTICE, WHICH WAS A FLASHED IN THE PAN!!!

  29. Anonymous1:49 am


    No Double Standard In Enforcing The Law On Law Breakers - pm

    Moron can never figure things out.

    The rally is just a sign of the maturity of the public and as a nation which was done within the ambit of the Federal Constitution This is always a known sign
    and evolution of a nation's maturity and stability.

    as oppose by

    the law breakers which is mainly within the government that has always been encouraging racial and religious bigotry and supremacist.

    Worst is the ever pervading of corruptions and the amuck, happy trigger baloney do as i please idiots, filling their pockets at the expanse of the public and nation.


  30. Anonymous4:01 am

    I salute lawyers who walked the talk for human rights on Dec 9th despite call for cancellation of such event by the Bar’s President, a wishy-washy lawyer. She first cancelled the walk and then moved venue from the Central Market to the Bar building. For whatever her reason may be, it was utterly nonsense.

    I equally salute and praise participants who joined their call for human rights walk.

    By all mean, polices were out there to do arrest. The video clearly indicates their intention. Heard of Chinese’s idiom – “SHA YI JING BAI” (Execute one as a warning to a hundred). This scare tactic was meant to discourage future rally. By now, we all know polices had arrested 12 other individual who were not participated in the walk. The government is testing the reaction from people. Will Malaysian people back down from these arrests? If so, the government succeeds.

    I am waiting to see reactions from the Bar especially it’s President, lawyers, opposition leaders and NGO. What will they do?

  31. Anonymous8:10 am

    The PM says that he has big ear,but what the use if he is deaf

  32. Anonymous9:00 am

    I disgree with those who think the Bar Council was wrong to officially cancel the walk.

    What the Bar Council is fighting for is basic Human Rights and independence of judiciary. It is not arguing a political contest. Those who believe that Hindraf is not partly about political representation of Indians is just naive. Does anyone really believe that Badawi does NOT want to meet Hindraf? He can't because he would alienate those in control now.

    So the Bar Council is right in that it should not be dragged into a sphere where it is significantly associated with political struggle.

    They did the smartest thing in encouraging its members to personally decide whether to walk or not. What is disspointing is that there were so few who actually walked.

    In fact, now is a critical test for lawyers in this country to stand up for those arrested. Do they need the umbrella of the Bar Council or will they show the rest of this country what is possible if they stand up for their fellow Malaysians against the political machinery of UMNO? In fact, its a test for all those educated to stand with those lawyers who stood up for us, for all Malaysian.

  33. I'm angry at PakLah, PDRM and the government. I will never vote them. They will get their punishment one day or another, and by then, they will regret that they don't support this human rights, because by then, they will be treated even worse than animals.

  34. Anonymous9:14 am

    i'm a malaysian muslim(bumiputra).i'm not a racialist.
    why police dont apply tear gas water cannon and bitting lawyers or applying ISA to thye lawyers. are you guys scared to them? but you guys apply all this nonsonce to HINDRAF and PARTI KEADILAN and PAS why we dont have any open talk. what is going with this govermnt. THIS IS A REALLY A ROTTAN GOVERMNT.

  35. Anonymous9:42 am

    for those who still saying this country is democracy please wake up.
    when the big beruk held the protes they didn't do anything. if u look at this the govt is panaoid with demo.

    PS; i suggest u guys watch last year movie "V for vandeta"

  36. Anonymous10:06 am

    No matter what we say of the goverment the PM is now looking forward for his annual leave in Perth.

    As long as the kampung folks get their daily news consumption from mainstream media and other propaganda tools no change can be expected.The kampung folks must be told the truth.

  37. Anonymous1:07 pm

    Hey you lawyers,What did you learn in law schools? Help promote and administer justice or adamantly breaking laws.
    There are some over 20,000 lawyers in this country, all are minding thier individual way of being good citizens and respectable professionals.
    But what is actually wrong with some of you DELIBERATELY showing defiance breaking and violating our laws wantonly.

  38. Anonymous5:58 pm

    Malaysian dah hura-hara dah.... dah lama dah...
    Just that most Malaysians have been blinded by the monopoly of the mainstream media controlled by the government and their propagandas.

    Billions had been sucked into the bellies of the Government Ministers and authorities and now the country is on the verge of bankruptcy....
    Look the rakyats billions in the EPF (their blood & sweat) that were sucked out to bailout those Government Ministers and their cronies.....
    Please lah... Malaysians... wake up.... otherwise... we will be colonised again... this time for real....

    Ps... may be this could prove better for the citizens.....

  39. Anonymous6:40 pm

    Poor Malaysia!!! Things are getting too funny here...

    Do i have to ask someone to walk to my toilet?

    I don go there often as im getting increasingly constipated..

  40. Dollah Kaki Tidur has shown he couldn't care less about YOUR RIGHTS. It is clearly a peaceful march and these coppers talking about their rights, what is their rights? Their rights to intimidate and extort peaceful lawyers and civilians on a walk to support Human Rights?

    PDRM, you're nothing but a Tool and Proxy to intimidate the Rakyat!

  41. Anonymous1:57 am


    The late Emperor Haile Selassie
    The late Bob Marley - War


    What life has taught me
    I would like to share with
    Those who want to learn...

    Until the philosophy which hold one race
    Superior and another inferior
    Is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned
    Everywhere is war, me say war

    That until there are no longer first class
    And second class citizens of any nation
    Until the colour of a man's skin
    Is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes
    Me say war

    That until the basic human rights are equally
    Guaranteed to all, without regard to race
    Dis a war

    That until that day
    The dream of lasting peace, world citizenship
    Rule of international morality
    Will remain in but a fleeting illusion
    To be persued, but never attained
    Now everywhere is war, war.

  42. Anonymous2:50 am

    I been under a rock. I wish i was there. I'd be there walking and singing Negaraku. Everyone should!

    Because its OUR COUNTRY and we can damn well walk when-ever, to where-ever, with who-ever, for what-ever reason our human rights permits us to!

    Plus, will the police arrest us for singing the national anthem? Its so muhibbah.

  43. Anonymous3:22 pm

    dear activist ppl, pls continue making the govt look ridiculous but not resort to mean-spiritedness, wash dirty linen to foreigners and sour faces like some opposition party ppl. :) second tactic is easy to defeat, and anyway ppl don't like so anti-social approach. first tactic very difficult to defeat, though. :) very outside the box.

  44. Anonymous10:23 pm

    I'm not a Barisan fan (god forbid) but I say SHIT to demo and too much SHIT will kill you and us all. Enough is enough. No more demo and no more traffic jam. What is behind a demo actually? Human right?--forget about that. It's political agenda and most of them are racial political agenda be it Malay, Chinese or Indian. You know it better than me! Why there's no demo on globalisation, global warming or save the world/turtle kind of thing?The answer is education and not emotion. Go #$%^ with Malaysian demo

  45. Scheiser! I always miss the interesting happenings!!!!!