Friday, December 07, 2007

Una Paloma Blanca

No one can take my freedom away.

I hear some bloggers are going to join some lawyers who are going to take a leisurely morning walk from Sogo to the Central Market this Sunday.
When I was an ITM student in the early 80s, I used to walk around the city from the Kelang bus station every other weekend. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise.

I think I'll join those bloggers who are joining those lawyers this Sunday.
7.30am at Sogo.
I'll wear white as a tribute to the White Dove (una paloma blanca), a symbol of freedom.

Learn the lyrics of the song, we'll sing the chorus together tomorrow!

When the sun shines on the mountain
And the night is on the run
It's a new day
It's a new way
And I fly up to the sun

I can feel the morning sunlight

I can smell the new-mown hay
I can hear God's voice is calling
For my golden sky light way

Una paloma blanca

I'm just a bird in the sky
Una paloma blanca
Over the mountains I fly

No one can take my freedom away

Once I had my share of losing

for they locked me on a chain

Yes they tried to break my power

oh I still can feel the pain

Una paloma blanca

I'm just a bird in the sky

Una paloma blanca

Over the mountains I fly

No one can take my freedom away

Una paloma blanca

I'm just a bird in the sky

Una paloma blanca

Over the mountains I fly

No one can take my freedom away

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Damn! Even if it's off, I will walk come Sunday.


  1. Anonymous1:07 am

    Way to go.
    Hey! u may even get to taste chemical laced water and understand what teargas is.
    u lucky fella.

  2. mental jog

    i wouldn't be surprise if maybe near 100 people turned up for the sunday morning stroll.

    btw, i love this song 'una paloma blanca and used to sing it all the time (inside bathroom!) when i was still in school but all along i thought 'una paloma blanca' is the name of a place. only now i know it means white dove.

  3. Anonymous1:47 am

    Dear Rocky,
    a leisurely walk from Sogo to central market sounds nice, early morning scenery of dataran merdeka and the court. However walking to central market raises an issue especially after I got this message from facebook:
    Dear all,
    kindly take note that venue for the Festival is no longer Central Market but is now instead the auditorium at the Bar Council Building (a skip and a hop from Central Market). The address is:

    No. 13, 15 & 17, Leboh Pasar Besar,
    50050 Kuala Lumpur,
    Wilayah Persekutuan,

    Aisay what is happening man?

  4. YES, its gonna be WHITE for our Sunday stroll. See you guys there at there by 7.30am.

    UNA PALOMA BLANCA....dont anybody take my freedom away.

  5. Woi! Now it's 7.30am????

    And I thought 8.00am was waaay too early.

    Bro, my other bro in arms. Sinatra_Z, is right about the shift to Bar Council auditorium for the other activities.

  6. Anonymous5:40 am

    Sebuah puisi buat Tuan Rocky
    Ketika subuh menggamit pagi
    Ketika hati berasa sepi
    Teringkankan kekasih-kekasih
    Yang telah pergi dan yang masih di sisi
    Yang hilangnya entah ke mana
    Dan yang ada kehadirannya sampai bila
    Seperti burung damai una paloma blanca
    Yang putih warnanya
    Terbang di angkasa penuh bencana
    Kita kadang kala bertanya
    Apakah kedamaian sudah tiada
    Manusia mabuk disogok harta
    Lupa perjuangan, hilang kemanusiaan.
    Una paloma blanca
    Burung damai putih warna
    Terbanglah engkau ke angkasa raya
    Kibarkan panji-panji keamanan
    Demi negaraku Malaysia
    Dan demi kemanusiaan.

  7. Anonymous5:41 am

    Freedom is a misleading word
    Rights is more appropriate when fairness or Equalities must work!
    Rights and obligations both to be alert!

    Rights partner with Obligations
    Constitution with Policemen
    Clients with lawyers
    People with Government
    Buyers with sellers
    Consumers with Manufacturers, or Service Providers
    House Buyers and Developers
    Residents and Councilors
    No former, no latter!!

    I will come Sunday
    to find my lawyer!
    A lawyer brave to sue the judge
    but not taking the interest of client at large
    Taking payment but sitting and ignoring reminders several month passed!
    Not attending court many times right at the start!
    Without the intervention of Bar and court like a star!
    Putting Client in the Dark!
    Surely he cannot fight for Human Rights
    so only Freedom to Assembly if he dare to be a part!

    If he is not in,
    I will find two she!
    who misled counterclaim to be done after amendment made!
    who refused to get Suggest Statement of facts & issues even pleadings made!
    distorting pleading and get discharged with false allegations
    challenging "see you in court if you not happy"!

    If she is not in,
    I will find another he
    who refused giving opinion even after case management
    leaving defense holes for Plaintiff's arguments!

    If he is not,
    I will find again a he
    who denied the obligation of the Developer to apply Consent
    to make MOT valid and registrable
    charging a job of Developer's
    but no application to see after year!
    When complain to Bar
    declared Defamation for Million RM to talk!

    If he is not in,
    another he from the BAR
    who instigate Respondent to object explanation to Complainant!
    He may not be in as was told he is a Judge somewhere!

    If he is not in,
    another he from DB
    who followed Respondent objection not to provide Explanation to Complainant!
    Discharging complaint without explanation, hearing or investigation.
    Board minutes said to come
    No sign after years passed!

    How many Rights I have to fight
    to see even Rights and Obligations from Lawyers, Bar and court!
    They are All one Basic Rights - Client or Consumer Rights!
    No need to assembly, if Rights is Right without numbers!!

  8. Anonymous6:16 am

    heheh, anonymous 1.07am. There are many journo types in Malaysia already familiar with teargas n water cannon. Rocky is one.

    I'm sure Sunday walk on the main thoroughfares is a damn sight nicer than negotiating your way through KL's many humongous malls. Certainly won't be as draining on the pocket... : P

  9. Anonymous10:12 am

    AKU (by Chairil Anwar, March 1943)

    If my time should come
    I'd like no one to entice me
    Not even you

    No need for those sobs and cries

    I am but a wild animal
    Cut from its kind

    Though bullets should pierce my skin
    I shall still strike and march forth

    Wounds and poison shall I take aflee
    'Til the pain and pang should dissapear

    And I should care even less

    I want to live for another thousand years

    Kalau sampai waktuku
    'Ku mau tak seorang 'kan merayu
    Tidak juga kau

    Tak perlu sedu sedan itu

    Aku ini binatang jalang
    Dari kumpulannya terbuang

    Biar peluru menembus kulitku
    Aku tetap meradang menerjang

    Luka dan bisa kubawa berlari
    Hingga hilang pedih peri

    Dan aku akan lebih tidak perduli

    Aku mau hidup seribu tahun lagi

  10. .....white is it then........
    any rain coat/umbrella/goggles,think i'll just wear my tangkal and come....c u guys ther.jb mau turun...........yahooooo........

  11. rocky,

    we are all born free...
    but as a social animal, we live in prescribed environment, governed by laws and regulations.
    that does not mean that we cannot be free to do certain things, in fact, our freedom is enschrined in the constitution.
    somtimes i want to laugh, sometimes i want to cry when i see what has been happening to us as malaysians to stop us from doing things that we are legally free to do.
    i start to imagine chile, argentine and some of those latin american countries in the days of.....shiver shiver shiver

  12. Anonymous12:07 pm

    Rocy, have you ever seen the old Western where a presumed criminal is tried by a mob and then hanged? Change the time and location to Malaysia and the guy to be hanged as Utayakumar. As a former mainstream newspaper guy I am certain you would have little trouble imagining the plot or scenario.

    Mainstreeam goverment-controled newspapers are the guys in the starring role. Can you picture their sheepish grins? Lets say Hindraf went to Paandi restaurant and attaked them with parangs. Don't worry about the owner Mr Thomas or Mr Kumar stating it was not Hindraf but thugs who attacked the restaurant.

    Do you get the story yet Rocky. Lets pull the rope while no mainstream news media has the testicles to give Uthayakumar a right to express his side of the story. After all who needs to read or hear about the so-called prison-lock up deaths, police shootings or killings in Kampong Medan.
    Did you enjoy the lynching?

  13. Anonymous3:20 pm

    Count me in, Rocky-in spirit 'cos I'm thousands of kilometers away from KL. May the Force be with you.

  14. Fight for freedom
    It seems so hard to make it
    The police and the government
    Never wants to make it easy

    Who are the saviors?
    Like in the western cowboy stories
    Guns blazing the bad guys in smoke
    Right here it is the tear gas and chemical water cannons
    But they aren’t our saviors
    They are the ones making it difficult
    For the citizens to feel the march of walking

    Federal Constitution spells it out
    Under sections and sub sections
    Yet the government says it isn’t
    The wings to fly the cages locked
    Una Paloma Blanca
    I want my freedom; I want it to fly

    The business community never supports
    They want money no disturbance at all
    Yet they forget without the sparks in lives
    There won’t be business; there won’t be customers
    As they say “customer is king”
    Yet one feels so hollow in it

    We play the role the voting king and queen
    When we become the customers the laws say differently
    We are never treated as they say “customer is king”
    The government just clips our wings make us sweat
    Not knowing where is our right where is not our right

    Una Paloma Blanca
    Fight for freedom
    Spread your wings and fly
    I salute your determination
    For drawing out your calls
    In freedom words can’t describe it well

  15. Talking about lawyers..I had one lawyer supposed to be working for me and then found he did other work behind my back for the party i hired him to rep me against...loyar buruk...same goes for SOME of the lawyers doing S n's client is quite right...

    Rocky, now I can't get that darn song outta my a broken record!!!

  16. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Rocky, See you tomorrow for an early stroll!

    Una paloma blanca

  17. Anonymous4:47 pm

    Ah, una paloma blanca.

    But make sure it doesn't turn into this:

    Can you stomach it?

    No? Then try this :

  18. Anonymous10:45 pm

    i was about 8 when this song first came out. i rem singing it with my classmates at a school concert...

    found the video at youtube...

  19. i learned this song in standard 5. really inspired by this song. even though i'm in terengganu, i'll walk for the BERSIH also by wearing yellow every saturday, and change my blog layout to yellow. Malaysian, beside walk the talk, don't forget to pray to GOD, the rest is HIS job. Insya ALLAH, kita sama2 doa dan usaha...