Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Take EC chairman to court

Let the Courts decide. Remember the Election Commission chairman's challenge to his detractors: "Prove rigging and I will resign" (The Star, 20 Nov 2007)?

I think Bersih 0wes it to the people to take up the challenge if the electoral frauds and manipulations committed by this man or during his tenure as EC boss is as overwhelming as claimed.

Why I think so? The Parliament has passed the amendment that will allow Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman to remain as EC until the next general election despite the people's protests and Bersih's formal objection. Dozens have been arrested by the police.
The Abdullah Administration ain't listening; it wants Abdul Rashid to be around until the next GE and it is going to get what it wants through the process of Parliament, which it dominates.

So, there is only one way to deal with this: Take the EC Chairman to court and prove that the election process in this country has been rigged!

If voter registration (which is part of the election process) can be rigged -- as in my case and, I am sure, in hundreds and perhaps thousands of other cases -- then it wouldn't be too hard to prove in court that the election process is rigged.
I am prepared to appear in any court of law to tell my story.

p.s. In the meantime, read the Bersih memo and understand that the opposition and protests are not about extending the retirement age of the EC Chairman, but about extending the services of a Chairman that has been "marred with recurring electoral frauds and manipulations."
The memo, HERE.


  1. Anonymous12:46 pm

    Hi Rocky,
    Please forgive my ignorance. Since this bill is now passed in Parliament does it mean that the EC Chairman has got his extension without the consent/blessing of the Agung/Majlis Raja-Raja?? If that is so then we are definitely doomed!!!!!

  2. rocky,
    eagerly awaiting your post on your homecoming. have you gone there yet?

  3. Saya belum melihat pindaan yang dibuat tapi apa yang saya faham bukan kah ke pindaan itu untuk melanjutkan umur persaraan EC members dari 65 kepada 66 tahun?

    Thus, the amendment was not to extend the term of the current members PER SE!

    The EC was taken to court a number of times in previous election. No case as far as I can recall proved that the EC was not impartial or bersih. I stand to be corrected

  4. Anonymous1:17 pm


    Is this for public interest or your personal vendetta ?

    Hope it's for the public.

    I tought when you first started your blog, it was against Kali and Brendan, later AAB & KJ, but now anything against the gomen, you will support.

    Maybe your background as a journalist you need to update with the current issue, that's understood.

    I pray that you are sincere with your cause for the nation.....
    just like those nationalist journalist before the merdeka day.

  5. Anonymous1:47 pm

    SPR is a cheat. UMNO-BN is a cheat.

    All in all, this is Malaysia Boleh!

  6. Maybe we can enlist TDM's help proving witness ma...or...maybe I'm wrong... maybe he dunno nuthin about these kinda things ...btw Tun's a dead ringer for my Dad...iras2..sama2 hensem

  7. Anonymous2:16 pm

    my last bet. after the forthcoming election, there will be a pompous farewell for this political EC head. political because he is the first EC to proclaim that only BN can govern. By grovelling to his political master, he will be rewarded with a plum directorship job in one of the GLCs fater his retirement. and he will live happily thereafter.
    well, to echo hamid, the ex-cj. "if i dont this and i lose my benefits, who is going to compensate me back. what abotu my future income? can you guarantee me an equally good alternative?"
    thanks EC. hope you sleep well as your pockets swell.

  8. Anonymous2:26 pm

    more info at my website

  9. Anonymous2:33 pm

    What actions were taken by our king after bersih? Are they in the same team and rakyat on the other? This makes us wonder

  10. Anonymous2:41 pm


    PErhaps such cases are the norm to EC. The govt knows who has yet to register as a voter and maybe they can see that you have not and u r already in the middle age group, so it is very likely that you wont even bother to register as an eligible voter. SO what they do is to rig the registration and on voting day, send a clown to stand in as you. AM sure there are many more of such cases but many are too lazy to even bother. As in most cases, those who are not a registered voter in their early age, would most likely not be one in the later stage of their lives.

  11. “Summer holiday” is in its fiery storm
    In Parliament compound the police blocked
    The BERSIH activists on encroaching to Parliament

    “Downtown” they marched in police custody
    All their problems bagged it into one
    Locked them up because they are threats to national security
    As AG charged them as simple as that!

    The court jesters whisper
    The sleeping beauty to invoke ISA
    Catch them, catch them all!
    Don’t let the ‘Roman Empire’ fall

    The BN government worries
    About the rot in its belly
    The cancerous growth gnawing it away
    Spreading in small sparks
    Then it will rot in oblivion

    As usual the business community
    Saying they lost in business
    The street demonstrations
    It shouldn’t be there at all
    Are they fighting for money aren’t they?

    The BN government is pro-business
    So the leaders will go all out to catch the ‘nuisance’
    The rats out in the open
    Spreading like sparks of wild fire
    So the rats shouldn’t be allowed
    It has to be terminated!

    When the ‘potion number 9’ delivered
    The sleeping beauty quickly made the amendment
    On the extension of EC chairman tenure
    From 65 to 66 years old
    The rats can’t do much now
    The cat walks proudly in its corridor
    Until the downpour of heavy rain ruin it
    But now it has its day parading for all to see

    EC chairman should be neutral
    But recent press statement he isn’t
    So how can one be conducting election when he isn’t impartial?
    The rot “where are the flowers gone?” sings its tune
    The people shake their heads singing “Amazing Grace”
    For the country in the hands of the tiger

    “Crocodile rock”
    Taking a little out of the people
    Lies begetting lies
    Crocodile tears capturing sympathy

    Oh Malaysia I cry for you
    Land yourself on the wrong foot
    You have leaders only for themselves
    Hiding behind OSA and ISA
    Tell me what we must do now?

    The crying “In the rhythm of the rain”
    Streaming it out into the open sea
    Oh Malaysia where are you now?
    Won’t you listen to your people cry?

    I see the court jesters jumping with joy
    Eyes glowing hands clapping away
    The corridors vibrate with their energy
    Telling all now we celebrate!

    The “spinning wheel” got to come down
    It is by nature the gravity said it so
    What goes up must come down
    In “blood, sweat and tears”
    One shouldn’t forget the people put you there

    ‘Down town’ the activists gone
    Leaving the flowers on the streets
    The tiger comes along to roar it away
    Thinking it has done a good job

    But the tiger forgets
    His life in jeopardy
    He is going to be extinct
    For good in the hunter’s mind

    “Summer Holiday”
    I am “Dizzy” of the government antics
    Pushing the people away
    Telling it is not the democratic way

    Now there is a ‘tattoo’
    In the heart of every citizen
    Oh Malaysia I cry for you
    We choose leaders pulling us down
    Running away from the ‘real thing’

  12. anon 1.17pm,

    ".. Anything against the gomen i will support."

    Actually, not quite as i still have faith in some things the government does. The Malacca govt, for example, has my support for doing up Jonker St quite nicely.

    but yes i am critical of Pak Lah and my criticisms of him may have reached critical levels of late, for obvious reasons.

    As for Kali and Brenden, my quarrel with them is being heard in court. They have, as you would know, involved the NSTP, its CEO and Hishamuddin Aun and their court expenses are being paid by the NSTP.

    Thank you for drawing the parallel with those "nationalist journalists before Merdeka".-it's too big a compliment.

  13. Anonymous3:30 pm

    From what I can gather, no Agong consent is required to for Rashid to continue his tenure as EC Chairman because it is not an extension of his service but rather his service NOW will end once he reached 66 years old. That is the very reason to ammend the constitution in the first place. Otherwise, Agong's consent is required to extend his tenure......

  14. Anonymous3:44 pm

    Rocky I do see the changes as does Anon 1:17 and sometimes do think the same thing.
    Your reply that you what has been done for Jonker Street is of little consolation.
    I don't know if you really think that the country is a total basket case and would decent to the depth of hell anytime but it does sound like it.
    Iw oud like it if you could restate your poisition on the country so we can read our entries and understand the slant better...
    Anon 1:17 is right, there is much need for stout hearted journalists liek the ones fighting for our independence, now we need one to help hold the country together and make it stronger, one who will not flinch at what he or she has to do... you have the following and personal influence to be one of them...if you are not already one

    jangan ambil hati ye...

  15. dear anonymous 1:17,
    only god knows what is Rocky's intention.BUT after all the events that has transpire in the nation for the past years especially for the past few months,you must be out of your wit to even suggest there is a semblance of personal vendetta here

  16. Anonymous4:35 pm

    warrior2, either you're being sarcastic or downright ignorant! (3rd take is that you're a running goon for UMNO, but I reserve that accusation for a later period)

    I assume the 2nd. By extending the retirement age, effectively they're giving the EC chairman the opportunity to continue his 'reign of fraudulent elections'.

    And whats that again? EC taken to courts and found clean? haha..if Lingamgate is anything to go by, the judiciary is a joke!

    Clean? My .....

  17. Anonymous6:14 pm

    Where have the Bar Gone?
    Justice with fairness & Rights
    are the fights
    with Appeals, walk or Rallies against the Bullie!
    Hindraf and lawyers alike
    with many many court cases around.
    With BAR leading one of the first rounds
    Should BAR come to this round?

    Why the judiciary system can hardly be bright?
    as Bar had seldom talked about any Acts or Bills be right.
    Bar should never take the excuse
    and this is time they should appeal!!
    Or a Body set-up with sign of "Justice without Fear & Favours" be much overdue!!

    A Committee for all these sorts of abuses!!

    Can anyone see where the flag of the Bar Blow?
    Or gone when the banner was torn?

    PEOPLE, PEOPLE, you are on your own when Constitution, Rules and Regulations were not in the Shelves of Law!!

    Lawyers Reformers group up for light to be seen
    for resources and fights to be joined!
    It is a long and series of walks to go!!
    In Court at least!

  18. Khalil Gibran had said, “as a leaf turns yellow with the silent knowledge of the whole tree, so the wrong doer can not do wrong without the hidden will of all of you.” The entire Malaysian society cannot absolve itself from the widely prevalent social and moral evil of corruption . A few will stand up and shout that something is not Right amidst the whispers of a opaque few . Those in power who allow and sanction these InJustices , will eventually pay the price for Karma is a funny thing , go ask Earl ! I cant help but to dwell upon the echo of Dr.M's Dictum on the 10 of December 1990 at the Shangri-La - "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely". “ He should know , he’s the ultimate expert about Power.Be it the Chief Justice or or Pak Zakaria who Guards the Gates in Klang .. Remember “ when money is lost nothing is lost, when health is lost some thing is lost and when character is lost every thing is lost”

  19. Bro Rocky,

    I believe you and the MRT gang members are gonna be in this struggle for a long time. The way I see it, you gotta lose weight, stay healthy, and not smoke. You gotta be fit to be in this kinda fight. You're gonna need double, maybe triple the energy of your opponent. You've got popularity and the talent to write, network and all that. I'm sure you know how to use these to your advantage but listen to me, all this won't mean much to you if you're not healthy to make it work.

    I notice people who meet up at Mamak or pub to talk politics either smoke too much or drink too much and they don't exercise, except for walking the streets of KL and being chased by the cops. But this don't count.

    I'm a small time blogger who has no business to write about politics but I make it my business to tell you this because I don't want you to pop off in the middle of a fight. It's not good, not after giving people a lot of hope and only to see that hope dashed all because of issues like high blood pressure or diabetes or high cholestrol. Maybe what I say here is a small issue compared to the things you write like where the country is heading now that everything is broken but I believe if you want to change the world you've gotta make sure you are healthy. It's gonna be a long walk and the fight is usually dirty. How can you fight if you're not healthy. And to stay healthy you gotta be cool, not being overly bitter about everything as if the country is doomed with human rights stuff gone under. Well Americans are not doing too well too with human rights what with Guantanamo and the blacks and Hispanics being discrimanted against. So there's no need to be too excited because the more you get excited up goes the blood pressure. Sooner or later it's gonna get to you and you might pop off in a middle of a fight. That's not good because you can't pop off in the middle of a fight. People are betting on you to fight on and you can't stop half way or the bookies are gonna be in a lot of trouble.

    How do you get to be invited to MRT. Do you need to buy tickets?

  20. Rocky,
    Nothing will stop them from doing what they want to do. All they want to do now is win the GE. By the time the hearing comes, Zaki Tun Azmi will be CJ. The CJ will take care of all the court cases. Can you figure anyway out? Head they win, tail you lose.

  21. Taking "Tak Nak" Rashid to court will take a long long time. The sleepy one and the judiciary will see to it. By then "Tak Nak" will be 70 or more.
    It is time for this sleepy PM to go, he obviously does not respect the sanctity of Parliament. But even if we walk and march and blog every waking nanosecond of the day the dastardly BN will still be around the next 50 years if we don't vote them out! THis is the only way he can be given the boot.
    We all think we know who Bodohwe is. Those of you who are eligible to vote and have not registered to vote and those of you who fell over for someone's sweet words the last time around; go look at the mirror and you will truly discover who Bodohwe really is!
    Stop being Bodohwes and Mushrooms, you do not deserve the shit you are being fed by the BN and the MSM (mainstream media), wake up and one day we may all smell the roses. Go register as a voter and when the 12th election comes, vote wisely.
    Click on this
    So go out there and get your neighbours, friends, workmates etc etc who are eligible to vote to get registered as voters. They may still make it for the 12th election!
    Put a poster or picture or whatever on your blog and get your visitors to register and vote the dastardly BN out.

  22. Anonymous9:40 pm

    Rocky , I know what to do comes 12th GE.

    AAB government should be denied its 2/3 majority at least if not booted out from power.

  23. Anonymous10:42 pm

    The Electoral Commission should not continue to dismiss the voice of Malaysians from all walks of life, as well as racial and religous background and political affliation.

    It is a pernicious act to allow such malpractices such as phantom voters, discreptancies of votes be displaced as well as a host of other documented violations.

    The time has come to put an end to such Gerrymandering as well as acts of impartiality against political parties and the public. Do not abuse the authority and trust that has been given to you and we seek your cooperation to instill credibility and trust to the Comission.

  24. Anonymous11:09 pm


    Has anyone asked how the ballot papers are being handled after the counting? The reason why I am asking this is that I have a strong feeling that our votes are not a real secret.

    The rakyat's excitement die down after the outcome of the election but some may brew up to find the culprit that make them lose etc. This could be one of the way to hold the government servant to vote for the BN.

    I hope I am just being paranoid or am I....

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Anonymous9:54 am

    hai rocky,
    Sepatutnya dah lama komplen pasal voter rigging, gerrymandering apatah lagi..masuk ke mahkamah. Yang herannya pembangkang or blogger asyik komplen dalam blogs, kita syok sendiri kata pengundi hantu lah, tapi takde sorang pun nak bawak kes nie ke mahkamah.Ambik kes kat Sabah tu jadi rujukan dan bukti lanjut.

  27. Anonymous5:44 pm

    U think by getting rid of the EC head, the other side of the divide is going to win the coming general election? Give me a break.

  28. Be very clear, your vote IS NOT a secret. When you collect the ballot paper, it has a serial number which is then recorded against your name on the electoral list.