Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Malaysia blacklists former DPM

Updated 4.45pm, 12/12/2007
"Our officers only check and question foreigners entering the country." - Immigration Dept enforcement director ("Immigration Dept denies Anwar's airport detention claim", The Star on-line 11/12, 9.11pm)

update 3.30pm
Arrest, Arrest, Arrest (to the tune of Correct, Correct, Correct): 12 more persons linked to Bersih and the Opposition were arrested today, according to Bernama. PKR sec-gen Khalid Ibrahim, Pas central committee member Dr Lo'Lo' Mohd Ghazali, and Tien Chua.
They were arrested at several locations near the area (Parliament), according to the report. There was an illegal assemblyy outside Parliament but the report did not say how big the crowd was.
Reuters has pix and story here, which says Hindraf lawyer P. Uthayakumar has also been arrested.
Sun&Surf: Dozens of opposition leaders, members nabbed.

original post
Senaraihitam suspek. Anwar Ibrahim has blogged about being stopped at the KLIA this morning. "Senaraihitam suspek" was the term he used. In English, suspect blacklist?
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  1. I never thought the authorities would blacklist a person for prostituting himself abroad. Heh!

    Let's see if the Son-in-Law delivers his passport again.

  2. Anonymous2:50 pm

    I'd like to clarify this since I was privy to the immigration people at KLIA. According to them Anwar was never ever detained. However, en-route out of the area he did adjourn for about an hour to the rest room.

    What's the purpose of this false claim that he was detained for being black-listed?

  3. Public safety instead of public freedom
    So says the sleeping beauty in his court
    Where only the jesters nod their heads
    Agreement written on their faces

    So I can’t understand his logic
    The reasoning sounding hollow
    It is people who made the public
    When freedom is curtailed
    What will the public be?
    Like babies in the prams

    This is what I gathered in my mind
    Cowed the people into babies
    Then it is so easy to controlled
    Has the BN government got no balls?
    Flip flopping many times over

    “I hear you I hear you”
    Then the iron rods dashing out
    Hitting the crowd of people
    Marching peacefully for a cause

    The opposition leaders
    Garnered them up on charges of intimidation
    Break them so the marching can be stopped
    Have the BN leaders forgot what the British done?
    So logic same cause of roads taken
    In the end it is end of the road
    The BN leaders know it all along
    Hang it there for some glory
    Before the walls collapse on their backs

    The blacklist on Anwar Ibrahim
    What the BN government what to do?
    Shackle Anwar so the people stay silence
    Like babies on the prams

    They forget
    When babies start to cry
    Nothing will stop them
    Until you feed them well!

    I say have meeting with the opposition leaders
    In NGOs, BA and prominent bloggers in the country
    There is nothing to lose to hear these people
    Why so afraid to walk the field?

    You are leaders elected by the people
    Why run away that mandate choking the citizens
    Aren’t you are suppose to help us help the country?
    Slogans, words, and statements
    Spinning out into the court of jesters
    In the end you hear you own spinning stories

  4. Rocky,
    May I suggest you discourage all anonymous postings. At least one should use a nickname so that we know who is writing.

  5. Anonymous3:41 pm

    funny pak lah:

    Ditanya oleh Mohd Annuar mengenai kedudukannya, yang lebih dikenali sebagai "Mr Nice Man" dan "Mr Clean", Abdullah berkata: "Saya tahu Tuhan mengetahui bahawa saya seorang yang bersih dan baik," katanya disambut dengan tepukan gemuruh para hadirin.

    "Saya fikir menjadi seorang yang baik adalah satu watak semula jadi. Ia tidak dapat diubah. Tetapi menjadi baik tidak semestinya dianggap lemah. Tuhan mengetahui bahawa saya mempunyai tugas untuk dilaksanakan dan menjadi tanggungjawab saya untuk melakukannya dengan betul," katanya.

    Abdullah berkata sejak beliau mengambil-alih tampuk pemerintahan negara pada 2003, banyak tindakan dilakukan bagi meningkatkan ekonomi negara dan kehidupan rakyat.

    for detail:

  6. Anonymous3:42 pm

    no, Rocky... it's "a blacklist suspect!"

    and, to Anon 2:50... was Anwar alone when he adjourned for about an hour to the rest room?

    remember, George Michael?

  7. Anonymous3:45 pm


    2 possible scenarios :

    1. Don't ever bite the hand that feed you.

    2. Phantom of the opera starring DSAI & KJ.

    which is which.....?

  8. Anonymous3:52 pm

    Apa la sudah jadi Malaysia kita ni?

    Sampai bila kah kita rakyat mau tahan pemerintah zalim BN ni?

    Agak bila ka, kita raykat mau ambil balik hak asasi kita ni?

  9. Anonymous4:04 pm

    da real deal: Yes, you are absolutely right that the son-in-law, Khairy, personally delivered Anwar's passport to his house at 10 pm. What a previlege!

    The question is: How the son-in-law was able to obtain another person's pasport from the Immigration Department??

    Does it also mena that I can also go to the Immigration Department to collect someone else passport?

    I know that the son-in-law got special protection from the PM. The son-in-law can also march and gate crqashed the KL convention centre to protest against Condoliza Rice.

    Then why can we, the rakyat, also walk peacefully to protest agasint hte Father-in-law and be given special protection too.

    What a double standard. Let all get rid of the sleeping PM.

  10. Anonymous4:05 pm

    Adakah saya sudah berada di benua lain? Tapi tadi saya baru melalui Jln Ampang.
    Ahh.. Rocky, mantan wartawan berpengalaman media parti, semenjak dua menjak ini anda berperanan seolah-olah baru kenal Anwar satu minggu lepas.
    Mustahil, mustahil, mustahil. Sama mustahilnya bila saya berkata saya berada di benua lain, walhal baru kejap tadi saya di Jln Ampang dan sekarang berada di Cheras.
    Tapi tidak mustahil jika Rocky memang sudah lama direkrut Anwar. Oooh..tiba-tiba saja saya teringat tiga budak hitam - dua di Jln Riong dan satu di Chan Sow Lin.

  11. Anonymous4:09 pm

    Anwar is no angel lah. He is a close friend of the son-in-law that'S why the son-in-law eprsonally delivered his passport to his house at night, mind you.

    I hope that the son-in-law was allright after the delivery of hte passport.


  12. Anonymous4:20 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    The following is an excellent piece of legal analysis done by one of Malaysia's best legal minds-Damian Pheny.
    Damian is a lawyer with 20 years experience.
    The A-G is not as dumb as most people think.
    Sincerely hope you can publish it.
    have a nice day.


    Greetings to all Malaysians;

    Once upon a time there was, nestling on the edge of the equator, a land of milk and honey. This land was called BOLEHLAND. It was inhabited by people from many other lands who far outnumbered the indigenous people of the land. BOLEHLAND was therefore ruled entirely by foreigners, some of whom injudiciously claiming the land as that of their forefathers ….. the rest is history …

    But now, the Government of Bolehland has been in a comfortable slumber for just too long. We all know that the country has been running on auto-pilot ever since Abdullah Badawi took over – while he goes about his life getting married and honeymooning in exotic countries the world over. His penchant for overseas jaunts is probably a hang-over from his days as the Minister of Foreign Affairs. (Ironically, the fact that the country is able to run on auto-pilot is testimony to Mahathir’s legacy in many ways! Despite all the criticism that has been leveled at the former Prime Minister – he must have left the organizational structures of the nation in reasonable order for it to have chugged along merrily for this long – without any help from the incumbent).

    In the meantime, a handful of poor little Indian boys have been hard at work; undoubtedly ably assisted by the advice of the best political, legal and strategic minds within and outside the country. Yes, the clarion call is what may be perceived as the narrow rights of Hindus; pepper that with some political rhetoric about marginalization and throw in a claim of a few trillions dollars against the British Government with the prospect of the spoils being shared amongst all in a particular group and hey presto! – you have the ingredients to motivate/mobilize an entire segment of the population.

    Yes, there is every chance that UMNO will use these factors to try and “unite” the Malays yet again. But all this has already been factored in by HINDRAF. Yes, everyone will agree that as a consequence of this “unity” – UMNO will yet again possibly sweep to power at the next general elections. This we all know – and has already been factored in by HINDRAF. Did anyone honestly think that winning or even causing a significant shift in the power base in the next general elections was the principal agenda in all of this? Firstly, HINDRAF is not a political cause. Secondly, given UMNO’s renowned election battle tactics everyone has learnt that this is a long-shot. HINDRAF leaders and all of their supporters know that the prospect of causing any change whatsoever given existing political, media and institutional controls is remote. But, if it happens – it will be a bonus.

    Then there is the speculation about Anwar Ibrahim being behind all of this or at least actively supporting HINDRAF. The icing on the cake of course is the A-G and the IGP having taken it upon themselves to declare HINDRAF a terrorist organization or having links with terrorists – in particular with LTTE – the Tamil group fighting for independence in Sri Lanka. This is absolute nonsense of course. No one can seriously imagine Anwar Ibrahim consciously backing what is perceived by the Rakyat as a narrow sectionalist group with religious leanings, like HINDRAF - unless he is intending to commit political suicide. What could he possibly gain from this? (Anwar will however, have a major role to play very soon which is postulated below). And in any case, his personal political philosophy has never been that way inclined. Neither do the Malaysian authorities honestly believe HINDRAF to be a terrorist organization. Everyone understands Barisan politics now – and better still, the BN has exhausted all the goodwill that they used to have with the Malaysian public. No right thinking Malaysian – which constitutes the majority by far – takes the BN or anything they have to say seriously anymore. Apart from the UMNOPUTRAS who are directly or indirectly benefiting from keeping the present lot in power, the BN do not have an ounce of credibility left with the Rakyat - and they know it.

    It is abundantly clear to everyone – even to the Barisan Nasional nit-wits - that the cause being championed by HINDRAF is NOT political. This is a purely socio-economic cause. It is an attempt to correct a glaring socio-economic imbalance. The Prime Minister and other government agencies acknowledged as much in the early days after the rally on 25th November and began by making all the right noises about listening to the problems highlighted by HINDRAF – but HINDRAF must use the right channels – blah, blah. HINDRAF have no intention of winning any election process or running this country – that much is evident. Therefore, should we not bother to ask – why the sudden political overkill by the Attorney General’s Chambers – in prosecuting HINDRAF leaders and supporters? Are there factors that the general public has not been enlightened on? And why the sudden attempt to brand these poor little Indian boys as “terrorists” and the threatened use of the Internal Security Act?

    The answer lies in LONDON. Most people have dismissed the law suit in London and the petition to the Queen as a waste of time and perceive the trillion dollar claims to be trumped-up by some silly lawyers seeking personal glory. The popular sentiment is that the suit is an exercise in futility and has no chance of success.

    It is true that the suit has no chance of success.

    But that is where the futility of that suit stops. Most Malaysians will acknowledge that Ghani Patail is one of the few clever chaps on the side of the coalition government. He is no fool. And therefore it is more than likely that Ghani Patail has an inkling about where HINDRAF will go with the suit and petition in London. {Unfortunately, one has to be a bit of a lawyer to understand the significance of the suit filed in London and the petition presented to the Queen – to be able to envision how all this will probably play out. This fairy tale is not the place nor is it the time to expound on this}. The powers that be in Government woke up one recent morning and after being briefed by Ghani, suddenly realized that the real battle will be waged in the international forum. There is nothing sinister in the intended battle. This is NOT going to be an armed uprising or a liason with terrorists or the whipping up of racial or religious sentiments. The proponents of HINDRAF are too clever and wise to even imagine that any purpose will be served by such lame tactics. If anything, that will only alienate the people and the international community.

    This is going to be a strictly intellectual battle. It is a battle that the Barisan coalition is ill equipped to handle. (Just look at the goings-on in Parliament - and everyone will immediately acknowledge that intellectual capital is not one of their strong points).

    Ghani Patail has yet again been charged with the task of salvaging the BN coalition. However, he is not in the driver’s seat in this instance and he knows it. He cannot orchestrate the rules of the fight in England. He cannot depend on a pliable media and other institutions of government to skewer the rules in his favour. But, he figures that he HAS TO stop HINDRAF – by whatever means he can think of and however desperate they may seem – UMNO’s, Barisan Nasional’s and of course his personal survival in office depends on it. So, what do they do now?

    Ghani has therefore embarked on a tried and tested tactical approach to save UMNO and all those in cohorts with them. The approach vis-à-vis HINDRAF seems to be to find a way to annihilate HINDRAF (discredit and destroy) in the hope that this will stop the juggernaut that is already speeding along in the UK and international forums. Hence, Ghani’s knee-jerk reactions of the recent past. He reckons that by branding HINDRAF a terrorist organization he can prevent HINDRAF from being taken seriously by the international community. (Ghani has failed to consider the international ramifications to Malaysia of branding 2 million Indians in the country as terrorists; or if he has considered the consequences, then the conclusion is that the survival of his political masters takes precedence over the negative consequences to the nation, and is therefore justified).

    It has already dawned on BN (or at least on Ghani Patail who is keeping the bad news away from the nit-wits he serves because he realizes that they will panic and probably react in ways that will neutralize or interfere with his efforts) that this is a battle that they are more than likely to lose. This is NOT a fight that the Malaysian Government can win even if HINDRAF ultimately loses. This is what they really find so terrifying about HINDRAF. This is why there is suddenly so much venom in the attack on HINDRAF and the all out fear campaign that has been launched. The coalition government hopes that if they can frighten the Rakyat enough, support for HINDRAF will diminish and ultimately HINDRAF will be destroyed. But what will soon also dawn on Ghani Patail and his cohorts is that HINDRAF, as a vehicle, has already served its purpose and is in fact irrelevant. It can be discarded like a used condom. Therefore, the tactical approach he has adopted (to discredit and destroy HINDRAF) is flawed and will not achieve its ultimate objective. The destruction of HINDRAF will not stop the intellectual war from being waged – and if that war is allowed to be fought, it will ultimately dismantle the ruling coalition party, and more significantly, the entire political framework that BN so very much depends on to stay in power. They will all soon realize that it is not HINDRAF that they have to stop – but the war itself from being waged. So what now?

    Enter Anwar Ibrahim.

    Anwar Ibrahim, like Ghani Patail, is also a clever chap. He too probably woke up one recent morning and EUREKA! - figured out the real HINDRAF threat. He also has the benefit of being able to spar with some brilliant political and legal minds and is himself a master tactician. He quickly figured out that he must engage HINDRAF. He has to engage them to hopefully save and maintain a semblance of the political status quo that has worked relatively well for the last 50 years. He realizes that the long term survival of Malay political dominance depends on it. Anwar is, first and foremost, an ardent champion of the Malay cause – of that there is absolutely no doubt. Since his fall from UMNO grace though, that cause has taken on a more democratic and just dimension – or at least that is what he would like the Rakyat to believe. It would however be erroneous to think that Anwar will forsake the agenda of his people (Malaysians of Polynesian origin) at any time soon.

    So, Anwar now makes his move on HINDRAF. He has to broker a deal such that HINDRAF agrees to withdraw the suit and petition in the UK or at least have it postponed sine die. It is of course the opportunity of a lifetime for HINDRAF to eke out the best possible terms for the improvement of the socio-economic status of the down-trodden people they represent and miscellaneous political, institutional and structural changes in general. But why would HINDRAF negotiate with Anwar? Anwar has no power to deliver the promises of milk and honey for the millions of poor Malaysians of Indian origin, or anyone for that matter.

    The answer is that once it is acknowledged that Anwar has the power to stop the war from being waged in the international forum – he can and will ultimately seize political power within UMNO. Anwar will soon be brandishing the ticket from HINDRAF agreeing to call off the terrifying suit and petition in the UK – with conditions of course. Anwar will wave the ticket under Dollah’s nose at the appropriate juncture – whence it will be clear to all in UMNO that they have to sit at the negotiating table with Anwar.

    And so, Anwar Ibrahim will become the next Prime Minister of Malaysia and the rest will be history. Malaysians of all origins will live happily ever after – well, for the next 40 years or so – and all because of a handful of poor little Indian boys who had nothing but brains and courage to bring about change that so many have been trying to achieve for the last 40 years – or thereabouts.

    Oh …. And where will Malaysians of Chinese origin and the “Others” figure in all of this? Well, Malaysians of Chinese origin are known more for their business savoir-faire and a keen sense of self-preservation rather than for intellectual savvy or political bravado. And in keeping with their nature they will only wake up after the deals have been struck and probably discover that they lost an opportunity to re-negotiate a better deal for themselves too. At which point they will abandon the BN component parties on whom they have relied with blind faith all these years and promptly join HINDRAF! Oh sorry – but HINDRAF isn’t a political party – so it will have to be PAS!! And we all know what they will gain from that!!


  13. Rocky,

    A new Operasi Lalang had begun. The PM had lost control to the Little Napoleans. The nation state is now a Police State. We are no different to Pakistan and Myanmar.

  14. Anonymous4:36 pm

    Does ASEAN need burma to make the news? Absolutely not! Msia is also as good. Burma shoot monks, Msia 'shoot' lawyers. Well done!

  15. Anonymous4:36 pm

    "funny pak lah:

    Ditanya oleh Mohd Annuar mengenai kedudukannya, yang lebih dikenali sebagai "Mr Nice Man" dan "Mr Clean", Abdullah berkata: "Saya tahu Tuhan mengetahui bahawa saya seorang yang bersih dan baik," katanya disambut dengan tepukan gemuruh para hadirin."...

    certainl he is Mr.Clean !!! he's cleaning all the "khazanah" malaysia into his accounts !!!

  16. Dengan izin Tuan punya blog

    Salam Rocky Bru serta Rakan-Rakan yang dirahmati Allah swt sekelian.

    kalau ada kelapangan masa, jom masuk blog KAMI. mungkin kita boleh bertukar fikiran dan pendapat secara rasional tanpa mengharapkan kesan glamour dan populariti daripada Astro.

    Optimis mungkin.


  17. Anonymous4:43 pm

    Was he really detained or is anon 2:50 telling the truth...
    Anwar is desperate to turn anything to his advantage, nto that it would help much after his India visit.
    He can try as much to say that he is not for foreign intervention but his record on that is quite clear from 1997

    sorry saudara Anwar you should stay away from teh opposition so they have a better chance, stay away, especially from PAS

  18. Anonymous4:57 pm

    Operasi Lalang Pt 2?

  19. Anonymous5:02 pm

    Wow, more arrest! Soon Malaysia is in the headline in the world for wrong reason!

    Perhaps another 100,000 people must go to street and surrender themselves to police and see if there is enough jail space to lock them up! Another headline!

  20. One hour in the restroom?

    My, my, my....with his record, he should be better off known to have been detained instead of being in the joint for an hour. People might start to ask if he went down on anyone in there...catch my drift?

  21. as i have always known,malaysia will have to go to the depth of the abyss before resurrecting itself.there is a lot more shit to come before malaysia can be whole again

  22. To anonymous @2.50pm

    It seem tat you are not reading the MSM. They are aslo saying the same thing. So bro Rocky is not making a false claim here.


  23. Anonymous6:31 pm


    "Musa Hitam : Try, lah".

  24. Anonymous6:52 pm

    The Cruelty Of The Police Force

    Looks like he had fainted.

  25. Anonymous7:47 pm

    Kerajaan Melayu.
    PM Melayu.
    Polis Melayu.
    Penunjuk perasaan (majoritinya) Melayu.
    Kerajaan Melayu.
    PM Melayu.
    Kerah polis Melayu.
    Tangkap orang Melayu.
    Belasah orang Melayu.
    India miskin tunjuk perasaan.
    Melayu miskin tahan tak makan.
    Undi parti kerajaan.
    Pasal janji tinggi ke awan.
    Melayu cerdik (kononnya).
    Tetapi kena herdik.
    Cukup aib.

  26. Anonymous9:34 pm

    Turn them into POLITICAL TRIALS & hail all the persecuteds as PRISONERS of CONSCIENCE. Visit web sites and strategise your next moves. Some sites worth visiting:



    It's high time to play the counter-strike game! PLAY the VICTIMS to a wide audience, don't hesitate to appeal to audience worldwide!

  27. Anonymous9:36 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    I want to rally all Malaysians to feel proud of ourselves.

    We are No 2 in the world !

    Never mind if we are 142 in FIFA standings.KJ will sure help us propel with "MyTeam applications."

    Never mind if we are dishing out secondary school stuff in the current SEA Games.

    Never mind if we have buried our sepak takraw roots in the current SEA Games.(It seems our takraw officials decided to pull out not because of the rattan induced ball,but one of the Thai officials has a stake in the rattan induced ball manufacturing outlet !!!! How low can they go with their bird brains is beyond my sanity)

    But we oughta be happy with our No 2 status.

    US,EU and Europe are shocked and surprised with our elevated status of being No 2.

    Nazri the Dog, said over Channel News Asia S'pore that we are not in a panicky state in todays news coverage.He said thats the reason for us to be No 2.

    I don't have BIG EARS,but somehow I heard we are No 2.

    After Myanmar we are No 2.

    Rastaman (JB)

  28. Anonymous10:01 pm

    welcome to Malaysia, truly Asia. As you enter our beautiful country let me introduce you to our Barisan Naisonal Police Force, the Barisan Nasional Judicary, the Barisan Naisonal Close One Eye Parlimentarians, the Barisan Agent Provocateur the Barisan Jihad Keris Brigade, and don't forget to meet our lovely Barisan Nasional Media.

    We are all one big happy family and every now and then we just marvel at how our Barisan goverment states boldly: "No one is above the law!" However, there is just one small thing I forgot to mention.... Barisan Nasional is the law.

    Have a nice stay and do visit our nation's lawyers, human rights activists, and many more happy smily Malaysians who are now singing Dalaut Barisan Nasional behind bars. And all this because they want a clean and fair election or a nation free of corruption and nepotism. Please do visit us again and remember, we are all one happy family.

  29. Hey, Dr Lo' Lo is a good friend..what the hell for depa nak arrest dia...see la Rocky...where can tahan!!!! All the creeps go free while the decent ones who make a change in people's lives are arrested...si KJ tu bila nak kena sumbat????

  30. Anonymous10:51 pm

    what do you means that Malaysia is no 2 to Myamar! Sorry we are worst than Myamar because our PM sleep during press conferences and meetings.

    That's why we are having endless problems in the country. This country is run by Khairy and Kalimullah. Wong Chun Wai was just trying to be one of Kalimullah's ball carrier.

    So we must all get rid of the sleeping PM and then we can put on trial Khairy, Kalimullah, Wong Chun Wai and Joceline Tan, the famous journalist mercenary for Khairy.

  31. matamerah,

    memang mustahil.

  32. Video of Tian Chua being arrested.


  33. Tian Chua memang pejuang! Bukan pejuang kaum cina sahaja, tetapi pejuang kepada Melayu Islam dan Rakyat Malaysia seluruhnya.

    Setakat ini saya belum pernah berjumpa satu pemimpin melayu pun yang sekental Tian Chua.

    Selamba biawak betul, si Tian nih!

  34. Anonymous8:33 am

    Bit by bit, they're building up scores against the people of this country. They're only accelerating their inevitable demise.

  35. Anonymous9:33 am

    First, we have no justice.
    Second, no human rights.
    Third, we can't say or do anything!

  36. What kind bloody gov we are having??As Rakyat,we cant even voice our displeasure againt our elected gov.If Police really 'walk the talk'then please also arrest PM's SIL and UMNO memebers for taking part in demo against US at KLCC.I wish BN dissapear fpor good in next election

  37. The Blackest Sunday was followed by a Blackest Monday when 30 Opposition leaders, NGOs & Protesters were taken in & so was the Hindraf leader P. Uthayakumar who was released on bail, rearrested and handcuffed ALL under IGP orders. And in Parliament, the Amendment Bill went through with the 2/3 majority to nil when the 16 MPs walk out in protest before the vote. The Memo (titled “Say No to the ‘Save Rashid’ Amendment to the Constitution”) was eventually handed over to Dr Wan Azizah who received it on behalf of a group of opposition members of Parliament. Meanwhile the Anwar Ibrhim was “delayed” at KLIA on his return as a “chop was needed” and not “held”
    For more details & pics :
    Go H E R E

  38. Sdr Rocky's Bru and esteemed debaters, just thinking aloud about where Anwar stands in all this.

    1. He's seen to be the "spiritual leader" of the current protest movement;

    2. He may and may not personally gain from this --- his name is kept alive but is he still the "Prime Minister" of the opposition?;

    3. The official media have been demonising him and will continue to so -- the way they domonised Dr Mahathir Mohamad some months ago;

    4. Is Anwar's heart still with Umno? He may not admit it but Umno is still the most viable way for him to get to Putrajaya;

    5. Is Umno's door really closed to Anwar? Loyalty and principle are fluid in Umno;

    6. Anwar is not new to protest. It's almost his trademark. And not all his marches and the heavy price he paid were in vain.

    Take the 1974 Rubber Smallholder's protest in Baling for instance.

    Though he was detained under the ISA for 22 months, the government was forced to act.

    Rubber price support scheme and national rubber stockpile were introduced. Replanting was speeded up and special schemes were launched by Risda to help children of poor rubber smallholders;

    7. The 1998/99 Reformasi movement did not succeed in defending him and he went to jail, but BN -- in particular Umno -- suffered badly in the 1999 general election; and

    8. Can Anwar inflict another major dent to the BN in the coming GE given the fact that this time he's leading not a personal crusade but rather acting as the rallying point for the various protest movements?

    Just thinking. Thank you.

  39. Anonymous12:03 pm

    Police state!

  40. Saudara A Kadir Jasin.

    The Million Dollar question is:

    Is YOUR heart still with Anwar?

  41. Anonymous4:10 pm

    who else better than Anwar to be our PM? pak lah= lembab. Najib=Rosmah is the real PM. Hishamuddin=just big mouth. khairy=hancur malaysia dijual kat singapore. Who else? Mahathir? ho going to die already, too old to come back. all the problem started by madey. the result, Anwar is the best.

  42. Anonymous5:32 pm

    In order to have any chance of becoming the next PM, Anwar still needs UNMO as A Kadir Jasin rightly pointed out. The question is will that affect the ambitions of people like Hishamuddin and KJ and possible others, and if so, will they favour his return.

  43. So Rocky!

    Who is lying?!Anwar Ibrahim or the government! Get to the bottom of this and do not let things hanging about without real answer, eh!

  44. Rocky agree with TV Smith, should not entertain anonymous from now on, I am going to do it with my blogsites where anonymous comments will be rejected, at least put anyname!

  45. Dear Pasquale,

    Please pay attention to what I am writing. Mr Smith is NOT TV Smith. They are two different individuals. Mr Smith comments on my blog; TV Smith is too busy with his blogs.

    Get that?

    Btw, TV Smith, who is drinking with me at the Press Club right now, says:

    "Pasquale, you bloody idiot!"

  46. Anonymous11:13 am


    I think you will not begrudge that it makes sense to allow an anonymous reader to have his input if he is able to contribute factual and sensible ideas into any discussion. Why force them to stay away?

  47. Anonymous3:51 pm

    presiden pas arah semua kawasan adakan solat hajat hapuskan kezaliman BN.
    hope the rest of US do the same. Senjata org mukmin adalah doa doa dan seterusnya...............
    may ALLAH bless you BRO!

  48. PAS president is reaasonable. He asked everyone to do special prayers to rid BN of its evil ways, not to rid BN per se. So we will see BN come back with a landslide victory less the wickedness. Thank you PAS.