Sunday, December 02, 2007

Nurin Alert, the next level

Well done, Citizens! A technical committee has been set up to push the proposed Nurin Alert to the next level. Reps of a group called Citizens of Nurin Alert met up with top officials from the Social Welfare Department on Friday to discuss, among other things, a draft on the proposed Nurin Alert. The "Citizens" comprise several prominent bloggers, crime analyst Kamal Affendi Hashim, Nurin's blogging uncle Jasni Jalil, and officials representing prominent corporations.

Nurin Alert may form part of Shahrizat Jalil's Child Protection Policy that is to be tabled at the Cabinet soon. The setting up of the technical committee coincided with 100 days of 8-year old Nurin's murder, a crime that shook the nation.

More details at Jalan Sudin.


  1. So now it is on yellow light
    The Nurin Alert standing up right
    The minister should get it done soon
    Don’t wait many may disappear on indecisiveness

    The crimes many say
    Increases day by day
    The government leaders should act quickly
    Nip in the bud don’t play games
    Many will disappear
    On the leaders ineptness

    Nurin Alert
    Let us play our roles
    Don’t wait for the government
    When things happen
    Circulate it quickly
    Like what had been done lately
    By Bro Rocky and Jeff Ooi

    Many bloggers will read
    The messages will be passed quickly
    In no time the eyes and ears
    Will go to the ground
    In quick succession a crime can be caught
    Before someone’s loved ones gone

    Nurin Alert
    The government slowly touches it up
    We give them the majority
    They can’t decide quickly

    Slow to act
    Many will disappear
    The bite isn’t there yet
    But bloggers have spread its wings
    Nurin Alert will stay in cyberspace

  2. Anonymous2:42 pm

    India, Sri Lanka will support Indians in Malaysia,
    China, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong will support Chinese in Malaysia
    Malay? Indonesia ... maaay be!

  3. Anonymous8:45 pm

    Why would someone after murdering a girl who at that time besides Altantayu was the national focus leave the body where it could be be found? He wanted the body to be found? Seeking attention?

    And this guy was so sure of what he was doing not only parked his bike with a dead body inside the bag but took time to answer or make a call and no hessistation about exposing his face.

    And the post mortem photos did create such an impact that nobody bothers about the Razk's trial anymore.

    But until now they can't trace the culprit.

  4. Thank you for sharing this post.