Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Cops nab blogger in Kuantan

Crackdown on Bloggers begins?
Cucumatkilau, a PKR-proposed candidate during the last general election, has claimed that police broke down the door of his home in Kuantan yesterday morning before cuffing him and taking him to the police station . He claimed that the cops did not produce any warrant for his arrest and did not say why he was being arrested.

Blogger Datuk Ron alerted me of the incident some hours ago and has since done two postings (here and here) on the arrest.

Now, even before the arrest of the Hindraf 5 there had been talk that several bloggers would be arrested under the ISA. Obviously I didn't give such talk much credence. Let's just say I was more concerned about the "chilling effect" that it could have on the blogging community. I am still not ready yet to believe that the Government would actually be so naive as to target bloggers, but that's what people are going to talk about until/unless the cops issue an official statement and explain its action on Cucumatkilau and respond to his claims.

Back to Cucumatkilau. The 36-year old former Umno member said the cops came to his house at about 10 a.m. yesterday and released him about 10 hours later at 8pm. After his ordeal, he wrote in his blog cucumatkilau.blogdrive.com what looks like a Part One of his own account on what happened.

He headlined it Terkini: Operasi Menahan Bloggers Bermula (Latest: Crackdown on Bloggers begins).

Was he arrested because of his blogging? Cucumatkilau hasn't said in his posting if the cops had told him so but they did confiscate three cellphones and a laptop belonging to him when they arrested him. We do not know if these items have been returned to him.

Looks like we'll have to wait for Part Two ...

pic of Cucumatkilau with Pas' Mat Sabu, one of the politicians nabbed in a belated crackdown [here] by the cops on Dec 9 against the Yellow March organisers.


  1. Anonymous3:51 am

    Well what can I say, we cannot have a peaceful (I repeat Peacefull gathering !!!) gathering to express our views. Need a police permit, which is virtually immposible to get, whilst the 20 Reps from the "so called Silent Majority of 395 NGOs'" can meet our PM in TUDM airbase and present their Memo together with a thick document. Now, blogers are targetted. Best wishes to the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) which guaranteed Intellectualtual Property rights, minimal restrictions on the Internet, flowing FDI's and creating so many jobs for our Bangsa Malaysia. Fellow Bloggers, do not be afraid !!!

  2. Anonymous9:58 am

    Articles of Law: By BHAG SINGH
    Tuesday, 25:

    Below is an interesting excerpt from the article in The Star. It can be interpreted as ALL our mainstream newspapers, ALL BN politicians and the IGP are guilty of this act as ALL these people have time and again warned the people of a possible repeat of May 13 riots if you vote for the opposition!!! Kelantan and Terengganu fell but there were no riots. All the editors too should be hauled up if they warn of racial riots again.

    What say you?

    Another characteristic of our society is that whenever sensitive
    issues are touched upon, rumours will circulate of possible racial

    Many do not realise that passing such messages can amount to an
    offence. Section 28 of the Internal Security Act 1960 provides that
    "any person who, by word of mouth or in writing or in any newspaper,
    periodical, book, circular or other printed publication or by any
    other means spreads false reports or makes false statements likely to
    cause public alarm, shall be guilty of an offence".

    If anyone thinks that he is immune when using e-mail or sms, it should
    be noted that the Act is all encompassing and covers everyone. Even
    more relevant is Section 211(1) of the Communications and Multimedia
    Act 1998 which stipulates that it is an offence for a content
    application service provider or other person using a content
    application service to provide content that is false.

    Section 8(1) of the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984 states
    that: "Where in any publication there is maliciously published any
    false news, the printer, publisher, editor and the writer thereof
    shall be guilty of an offence and shall, on conviction, be liable to
    imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years or to a fine not
    exceeding twenty thousand ringgit or both."

    Although this provision is meant to be used against those involved in
    the publishing business, it is a provision that needs to be kept in
    mind. In view of this, it may be asked whether it is necessary to
    exercise detention powers under the Internal Security Act 1960.

    Unlike other laws where an offender is punished after committing the
    offence, the Internal Security Act is pre-emptive in nature when
    security is otherwise likely to be breached. However, because
    preventive detention does not allow a person the same liberty and
    privileges that are otherwise available, it is subject to criticism.

  3. Anonymous12:12 pm

    This is very serious stuff & we cannot let this continue.

  4. Anonymous12:27 pm

    Racial and Religious instability their fears?
    Or Political merit, their real fear!
    He was caught because of Blog?
    Or because of potential to block
    unfairness in the coming GE?

    Clearing to path their way to GE?
    The more unfairness to be seen
    the more unfairness to be aware!
    Will fairness to be seen?

  5. Anonymous12:39 pm

    Well well, Christmas is not Merry after all for us bloggers.
    I expected the crackdown against bloggers. But cucumatkilau's treatment at the hands of the police is something disgustingly heavy-handed.

    I just hope the "powers" that be realises what kinda backlash they can expect.

    Not that this will have a "chilling" effect on my blogging.

  6. Anonymous4:20 pm

    perlu permit ke untk blog!

  7. Bro Rocky,

    It's the sad truth that we speak of Malaysia as a democratic country embedded with an autocratic system. We don't have "a" dictator; we have a dictatorial system.

    In Pakistan, the Justice System would dare to go against the dictator. In Thailand, the civil service and uniformed service would stand up to defend the peoples' rights against a corrupt govt.

    In Malaysia, the 3-branches of the govt is integrated and comes under the Executives and the Prime Minister have no control over the Ministers and the Little Napoleans, oh lest I forget, even his family members can defy his values.

  8. Anonymous11:06 pm

    aik..mana pigi itu cucmatkilau punya blog? sudah block ker?

  9. Anonymous11:31 pm

    This is freedom under Badawi. So lets get our friends to all vote against BN to get rid of Badawi and his son-in-law.

    So Wong Chun Wai, the budak upahan Khairy & Kali, please write in your next article that we have freedom under Badawi's administration.

    I think that ACA should order all top editors in the country to declare their assets. This declaration is very necessary in the light of these top editors living a lavish life style.

  10. Anonymous10:09 am

    now you know why the police will neevr want an IPCMC! no way they allow their wanton abuse of power to be curtailed.
    Its a big joke with the SSC. The IGP sitting in the panel to look into complaints against his police force? by the way, whats left in the credibility of his office with his outright lies in the recent rallies. what more, he has not even uttered a word to dispel accusations by RPK against his link to the underworld kingpin by the name of Tengku Goh.

  11. Where will we be then?
    Even in blogs the police want a piece
    On the people who blog

    The democratic way
    It isn’t happening in free information
    On the lives of the people
    When some one says something critical
    The government of BN doesn’t accept
    The police go after in ‘bandit’ raids

    Are the leaders that afraid?
    Of the internet community around the world
    Telling what they think ills the nation
    The sleeping beauty doesn’t seem to know
    Saying one thing let others do the wrongs

    Sad in the nation
    Listening to silent majority
    Carrying balls to destroy the country
    I guess they don’t see the true picture
    Greed is the way care less what others say

    Merry Christmas
    The spirit of good cheers and harmony
    It falls badly on the country’s leaders
    Allowing this gross injustice
    Befallen on the bloggers

    Where will we be then?
    Change them in the ballot boxes
    The change will start from there

  12. In exchange for economic propsperity and relative peace we have allowed the government's juggernaught to demolish all our fundamental rights.
    Now we are helpless, really helpless.
    The Executive, The Legislature, the Government, civil service, Police, Judiciary, the Election Commission and UMNO have been consolidated into ONE ENTITY!

    No Independent Commission can help us. It's mati katak!


  14. Anonymous5:44 pm

    poyo jek muka mamat tu... rocky bro lagi hensem!

  15. Anonymous7:00 pm

    The guy has that look capable of carrying a no war protest by himself at the front gate of pentagon.

    I don't think it got anything to do with blogging. By the bersih posters, could he be the organiser for pahang?

    Don't discount the possibility that it is beyond just blogging.

  16. Anonymous10:28 pm

    This is freedom to Bodowi. He talks in his sleep. This is his superb capability which no one on earth can emulate.

    Enough is more than enough. We must all stand up against the enemy of progress. We are all enemy agasint nepotism except Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh, who are desperately trying to promote their sons.

  17. Sdr Rocky,

    Berita dari kampung. Orang kampung tidak cakap pasal blogger. Mereka tak layari Internet. Talian telefon sering tenat.

    Mereka cakap pasal Utusan dan Berita Harian.

    Mereka tanya apa dah jadi dengan KL? Mereka nak tahu apa pasal orang berani sangat tunjuk perasaan di KL?

    Mereka tanya selamatkah saya tinggal di KL?

    Mereka tanya apa pasal sekarang banyak sangat tunjuk perasaan di KL?

    Mereka tanya pasal mereka baca Utusan dan BH. Sebab mereka tengok berita RTM dan TV3.

    Mereka tak peduli tentang angkasawan. Mereka risau harga barang tinggi mengawan.

    Saya tanya penjual ikan di pekan sehari pasal saya rasa harga ikan murah. Dia jawab:

    "Bukan harga murah tapi pasai orang tak beli. Kalu kami tak lelong, sampai buruk pun tak laku."

    Dalam bendang Menteri Industri Agro pasang papan iklan orang taman strawberry, petani maki hamun.

    Tanam strawberry dalam sawah?

    Petani maki hamun pasal janji nak naik sdubsidi padi tapi tak naik-naik juga.

    Mereka kata menteri syiok sendiri.

    Mereka banyak bertanya sebab mereka tonton RTM dan TV Tiga. Mereka ada banyak kemusykilan sebab mereka baca BH dan Utusan.

    Namun begitu, angin desa segar dan nyaman. Bulan dan bintang indah dipandang. Sekali sekala elok kita pulang ke desa. Lupakan sejenak Kuala Lumpur yang gila.

    Terima kasih.

  18. his main site is down, as for 4.41am 27th dec 2007.


  19. Anonymous8:35 am

    naya la camnie, kalau blogging pon kena block...

    nampaknya DEPA sudah takut... ini arahan sapa nie? kita pon tau la kan.... penasihat 20% hehe

  20. I think cucumatkilau was 'over act' in his blog. Why police arrest him, not Bro. Rocky? Any blogger must responsible in their blog. Don't have to blame police always.

    Berani buat, beranilah tanggung sendiri.

  21. Dato Kadir dan Saudara Rocky :

    angin memang nyaman untuk dihirup; bulan dan bintang memang indah sentiasa. Namun ia hanya dapat dinikmati di desa saja.

    Orang KL tak peduli angin nyaman atau tidak. Bulan dan bintang di kepala pun tidak tahu barangkali.

    KL memang dah gila dan orangnya pun sama juga.

    Tapi lain pula di kampung. Kampung belum gila tapi orang kampung sudah hampir nak gila.

    Yang Dato cerita itu berlaku di Kedah. Bagaimanapun di Kelantan dan Pahang yang teruk dilanda banjir. Maki hamun mereka lagi kuat. Cuma BH dan Utusan yang tak berani siar.

    Kampung tak masuk air sejak dua minggu lalu. hanya guna air perigi untuk hidup macam orang primitif. Mereka mengamuk lori tangki hanya pergi depan rumah ketua kampung.

    Semasa banjir, kesengsaraan mereka lagi dashyat. bekalan makanan tak sampai. hanya serah kepada keadaan sahaja apabila rumah terkepung. Air dan eletrik terputus. Siapakah yang mampu bela mereka?

    Kalau HINDRAF telah berarak di jalaraya, orang kampung juga ada seribu sebab untuk berarak di seluruh kampung. Cuma mereka lebih pentingkan makan dan minum mereka daripada membuat protes.

    Mereka sebenarnya adalah golongan Silent Majority yang terpaksa mendiamkan diri seribu bahasa kerana tidak ada seorang pun benar-benar boleh membela nasib mereka yang terus hidup dalam kesengsaraan.

    Orang kampung tidak tahu guna internet, tidak tahu apa itu blog, hanya tahu baca BH dan Utusan tapi sambil baca sambil hati terbakar dengan api benci dan marah.

    Dato dan Rocky dulu di NST tidak pernah cuba selami penderitaan orang kampung. Tapi boleh dimaafkan kerana berada di NST yang tidak pernah mengutuk pemimpin kerajaan.

    Sekarang Dato dan Rocky sudah keluar dari Balai Berita. Dato dan Rocky sudah boleh kutuk pemimpin BN. Itulah wartawan tulin yang dikehendali rakyat. Itu juga pesanan Pak Samad kepada kita.

  22. Anonymous5:10 pm

    This is called "blogger cleansing".. pioneer style initiated by the current govt regime...

    Choked the pipe line to control the flow... but these people forgot one thing..fluid mechanics..choking cause internal build up pressure that will sure leak or even worst if the pipe wall are not strong enough -> burst!

    marginalized the minority blogger... not you Rock..
    Rocky's Bru..you're a majority.. millionaire ..

    All type of peoples are with you..

    Keep up the good work, bro!

    2008 CNY is a rat year!
    Just came back from long year end holiday..lucky my kampung no banjir..

    Salam AidilAdha,
    Merry Belated Christmas,
    Happy 2008 New Year..
    Happy Thaipusam..
    Happy Awal Muharram..
    Happy Chinese New Year..