Thursday, December 27, 2007

Blogger Shukri speaks out

Police brutality. Blogger Mohd Shukri Mohd Ramli, who was arrested and later released by Kuantan police on Monday, was scheduled to give a press conference at 1 pm. I'll post as soon as I get more details.
In the meantime, visit his blog at for updates. His latest posting was on a police report he lodged today on his arrest. Among other things, he accused the police of brutality during the arrest and claimed that the cops were trying to prevent him from making the police report, which he said he wantged to lodge on the night of the arrest itself.


Mr. Smith said...

I am back in action with my new blog. If interested take a peek: "Malaysia is a democracy and I will arrest you under ISA to prove it".

Anonymous said...

Really weird that you lodge a police report with same the people who harassed you in the first place. What do you expect the police to do....investigate themselves???


lanaibeach said...

The thing about Police report
Will the IO take an interest on his fellow colleagues?
I am not saying the Police will cover up
In the family it is hard to press charges
Amongst fellow officers in the force

We don’t have an independent body to investigate
This report as with other reports in the Police archives
It will be filed there under pending investigations
Though it is said the officer handling it must investigate
Then file his report about the complaint

As I read about other opposition leaders police report
Nothing is coming forthwith though the Police may say under-way
The high handed ways these police officers go about their work
It spells disaster I am sure on the Police force

It sure reminds me of my kampong days
Where the detectives came rounded the gangsters
Punched them hit them in full view of the kampong people
Put them all in “Black Maria”

The parents would hurriedly go to the Police station
Bail was denied those guys had to spend time in jail
Sometimes for two days before they were released
If they filed report on false arrest, nothing would come out of it
I knew for a fact there wasn’t any case then
The police officers were off free…………

Just like the video clip on Tian Chua
There was the good guy and bad guy involved
The police didn’t handle it properly
Where are their manners I wonder?
“Mesra Rakyat” sounds so hollow

Anonymous said...

That's why we need the IPCMC badly.

SOSSCD said...

Well, before Madhathir took over the helm of Malaysia, the Malaysian people were rich, the government were rich and the governments servants were rich.

But since Madhathir took over the country, the Malaysians and the government servants were poor, only the Umno/BN politicians and their cronies were super rich.

Where was the ‘keadilan’ considering the Malaysian people were the boss of the country?

Now this Bodowi continues this unjust process inherited from the Madhathir regime.!

It’s time to reverse this unjust process and put all those blatant corrupt Umno/Bn thugs behind bars to prevent this unjust plundering of the Malaysian people’s wealth and thus saving Malaysia from total destruction.

Boot the Umno/Bn thugs to save Malaysia from ruining by all these outlaws from the BN aka Binatang Nasional who will not hesitate resorting to jungle law to cling nefariously onto their political power.

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