Monday, December 24, 2007

Poll results on Damai: 97.7 per cent

Silent Minority. A poll by blogger Walski on Damai, which claimed to represent Malaysia's so-called "Silent Majority" and who submitted a 12-foot-thick memo to the PM to bedazzle him, attracted a sizeable 3491 voters.
77.9 per cent of them asked: Who the hell are Damai Malaysia and why are they speaking on their behalf? 19.8 per cent said no, they are not part of that "Silent Majority" Damai claims to speak for.
2.3 per cent
said yes, they are.

Check out the results HERE.


  1. 2.3%? No wonder they are silent.

  2. Anonymous2:45 pm

    Very timely.

    HINDARF has also sent around a message as follows:

    Dear Hindraf supporters

    There appear to be sudden outbursts from Indian based NGO’s especially after the “meeting” with the Prime Minister.

    While HINDRAF leaders have been locked up under the draconian Internal Security Act we wonder if these organizations are taking advantage of the situation to portray they are the alternative voice of HINDRAF.

    Their intentions may be noble – but let us not loose focus on the original demands made by HINDRAF which was submitted to the Prime Minister’s office witnessed by about 5000 people on the 12th August 2007

    Our demands are clear and justified. That would be the only solution to the 50 years of oppression suppression and marginalization of the Malaysian Indians.

    So let us not concede to anything less. We have been cheated by politicians and many mainstream NGO’s who operate under the wings of their Indian Supreme leader.

    Beware do not allow them to divert from the real issues affecting us.

    Our imprisoned leaders would feel proud if we continue with our true struggle and not allow petty promises and company of VIPS sway us.

    Beware of leaders who claim to champion the cause of Indians. There are also genuine leaders out there who have now decided to speak up. WELCOME!!!!



  3. google "damai malaysia" and look at the first result. :-)

  4. Anonymous4:21 pm

    like i've said earlier, rocky bro, why waste time on these trivial matters?

  5. Anonymous4:29 pm

    Rocky, do you think Damai Malaysia which claims to have so many NGOs under its wing, will ever provide help for this 'isolated' case! (one of the few hundred thosand 'isolated' cases which are exceptions from the trillions of well off Samy Vellus in this Malaysia boleh land)

    The article was in Malaysiakini today.

    An ex-cop's regret...

    RK Anand | Dec 24, 07 3:53pm

    Forty-years ago, John Stevens had signed up for the police force to serve his country. He had hoped to earn enough to support his siblings.

    Today, he is only left with regret.

    "Look at my condition, they have neglected me," whimpered the 61-year-old pensioner in a tone that did little to conceal his resentment and sorrow.

    His wife, Elizabeth Packianathan, 57, shared the same sentiment. "After serving in the police for 34 years, what did we get? We came close to committing suicide."

    The couple's only son, John Patrick, 30, added: "More than anything else, we want to highlight the discrimination and problems we faced."

    Met at their house in Ipoh, Perak, yesterday, the family of the former lance corporal related their ordeal.

    Suffered a stroke

    On June 3, 1999, Stevens collapsed while manning a roadblock in Pusing, Batu Gajah. But he later managed to return home on his motorcycle.

    "When he entered the house, he fell again," recalled Packianathan.

    "He was suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure. He had complained of feeling giddy several times, but instead of assigning him to a desk job, they asked him to stand in the sun."

    When Stevens, who is now partially paralysed and his right leg amputated, was taken to a clinic, a scan was done and the doctor concluded that it could be a stroke.

    Following this, the family transferred him to a private hospital and this, according to John, irked the police officers in Batu Gajah.

    "They kept harassing us to take him to the Ipoh Hospital. But we told them that the doctor (at the private hospital) said the bill would be between RM,3000 and RM5,000, and we could afford to pay this as my mother had some savings.

    "But they never listened and kept harassing us," he claimed. "On the 11th, it was really bad when a police officer from the Batu Gajah district headquarters showed up at the hospital.

    "He insulted us by saying things like 'Orang India mana ada duit? Mahu minta sedekah? Mahu toreh getah? Baju pun tak mampu beli, nak masuk private' (Where do the Indians have money? Are you going to beg? Tap rubber? Can't even afford to buy clothes, you want to go to a private hospital)."

    John, who is a final year law student, lodged a police report regarding this on the same day while his mother filed another report the next day.

    Stevens was discharged on June 16 and his follow-up treatment and physiotherapy were done at the Ipoh Hospital.

    John said he was also puzzled why his father was not allowed to go on medical board. According to him, the doctor's report concluded that Stevens was capable of carrying out desk duties.

    "How is this possible? My father could not walk, his eyesight was bad, his hearing was also affected, how could he work?" asked an exasperated John, who revealed that the episode had caused him to suffer from clinical depression.

    "There was also an issue about his leave, but it was their (the police's) fault, the doctors had issued the leave, but I don't know what they did with it," he added.

    No assistance received

    John also claimed that the family received nothing from the police social welfare fund despite RM7 being deducted from Stevens' salary for this.

    "Only once, they gave us groceries worth about RM150," he said.

    "It was really hard for us," recounted his mother. "We did not receive any help from our relatives either and the landlord of our previous house wanted us to vacate," she said.

    John said he later asked for a RM3,000 loan from the welfare fund to help the family pay the deposit for a new house, but this was rejected.

    "An officer at the Batu Gajah police headquarters told me that no help will be extended because we had gone against the police by lodging reports against them," he claimed.

    Asked why they did not turn to MIC for help, Packianathan said she met Perak MIC chief G Rajoo at the hospital once and related their plight to him.

    "He promised to raise the issue with the state police chief, but nothing happened. So we gave up.

    "Our situation was really bad and we even considered committing suicide. Then a Chinese friend advised me against this and asked me to seek MCA's help.”

    At this point, John claimed that his father, who retired in January 2001, did not get his pension until December of that year.

    "He began to receive his pension thanks to MCA which wrote several letters to the relevant departments regarding this," he said.

    Royal police commission

    The family had also approached DAP leader and Ipoh Barat MP M Kula Segaran for help and the opposition politician wrote two letters to the state police chief and inspector-general of police, but nothing came out of this.

    John told Malaysiakini that the family even tried engaging lawyers to look into the medical board application and the social welfare fund issues, but were told that they had no case.

    "This is one of the reasons which motivated me to study law. Some of the lawyers we approached were afraid to take up the case as it involved the police while others said we could not afford their fees.

    "So I wanted to do law to help those who could be in a similar predicament like my family," he said.

    Meanwhile, John said he also raised their problems with the Royal Police Commission during a public inquiry in Ipoh, but this also yielded no results.

    "At that point, I gave up. I was worried about my mother's (photo) safety and decided to just concentrate on my studies instead," he added.

    In April 2005, John said his father's friend, a policeman, visited the family and advised them to write to the state police welfare fund.

    "I wrote a letter but there was no reply, I wrote a second letter, and this time through the help of a police officer, I got them to respond.

    "However, they said no help can be extended if there is no support from the Batu Gajah district level. So that was that," he said.

    Police report lodged

    Following this, John wrote a letter to the Ipoh Hospital director asking him about the medical board application and how his father was considered fit for desk duty despite his condition.

    "As usual, there was no reply. We also tried meeting the director, but he was always too busy," he said.

    Frustrated, John lodged a police report on July 7, 2005 against the hospital, Batu Gajah district police headquarters and the pension office.

    After this, he said, the hospital's deputy director sent a reply letter stating that the hospital was merely following procedure.

    The Batu Gajah police then called in John to record his statement.

    "I was threatened by an ASP (the investigating officer) who told me not to lie as he has sent 20 people to the gallows," he alleged.

    In August, John said the police told him that the case had been referred to the Deputy Public Prosecutor's (DPP) office but when he checked with the DPP, they told him that nothing was received.

    "I wrote three letters to the police and the DPP asking them about the investigations. I was also informed that the polic told the DPP that I could not be traced, and I wrote to the DPP to counter this.

    "But now this matter is also hanging, how many more letters can I write?"

    Not asking for much

    At the end of the day, what does the Stevens family want?

    "We are not asking for much," said John.

    "During my father's treatment at the Ipoh Hospital, we were asked to purchase medication which the hospital did not have, amounting to RM1,700. We want them to reimburse us for this.

    "We are asking for a RM5,000 loan from the welfare fund for my education as well as a review of the medical board application.

    "We have read in the newspapers about other policemen receiving all sorts of assistance, so why should we be discriminated?" he asked, adding that the family is now surviving on his father's RM910 pension and his mother's savings.

    "But more than anything else, we just want to tell our story," he said.

    A teary-eyed Packianathan then added: "If this is how the police treats the non-Malays, then why should they join the force. I would personally discourage them from doing so."

    Despite several attempts, Perak police chief Zulkifli Abdullah and his deputy Hadi Ho Abdullah could not be reached for comment.
    (by the way - this isolated case, why should anyone waste time and give views to justify their 'fair' actions)

  6. Anonymous4:58 pm


    You knew that Damai is the brainchild of the 4th floor boys and Khairy. So how could it represent the silence majority.

    We are the silence majority who are waiting to to the cross to get rid of Badawi, who is nothing than warming the seat to protect his son, son-in-law (Khairy) and friend (Kalimullah).

    Damai is used to mislead and to give a wrong impression about he state of the nation, which has gone ot he dog.

    Malaysians from all walks of life please be careful and not let the 4th floor boys, NST and the Star (under Wong Chun Wai and Wong Sai Wan)to mislead you. These two Wongs are just "newspapers prositutes", who will do anything to mislead and twist facts to please their political master, not he MCA, but the 4th floor boys. They even dare to published that only 4,000 people took part in the Bersih march to Istana, when we all can see from Al Jezera TV and the blogs that there were more than 50,000 people.

    So Wong Chun Wai - now that you have got your datukship, please has a bit of self respect and not to stoop so low as to mislead and distort news to suit the 4th floor boys at the expense of the nation and the rakyat, which also include lorry drivers and the like.

  7. Anonymous5:33 pm

    TO: AAB & KJ & 1/2 past 6 cabinets,

    Hope you all won't be another John Howard in the next GE....He he.

    Happy voting in the new year.

  8. Anonymous5:58 pm

    If what, written below is true than Iam totally lost for speach is there anyway to verify this!
    On another note I have read a very disturbing piece of news and would like you (if possible through friends and associates
    in Pahang) to bring out to the public concerning the plight of flood victims and their victimisation at the hands of these leeches from Pahang, I consider this simmiliar to war profitering as in this case disaster profitering and this is high treason to any country.

    UMNO Pahang in large-scale stealing of flood relief aid
    Posted by Raja Petra
    Monday, 24 December 2007
    In another estate area with almost 600 Indian flood victims, the UMNO 'volunteers' delivered just one sack of rice to be shared by 600 Indian estate workers and their children. Many of the Indian estate women became hysterical and screamed how 600 people were going to share one bag of rice.

    By Little Bird

    Today, Sunday, 23 December 2007, we were in Pahang helping a NGO with flood relief work. We collected food and blankets from warehouses and trucked them to a distribution centre. From there the supplies were bagged and packed up. Other volunteers and village people then came to pick up these supplies. Over the past six days, many of the volunteers had been working until 2.00am packing and sending the flood aid directly to the kampongs.

    The mainstream media like NST, Star and Utusan Malaysia have been making false reports that all the flood relief work is going on smoothly. This is the farthest thing from the truth. There is widespread stealing of flood aid going on in Pahang, carried out by UMNO Pahang in a very systematic and organised manner.

    In Temerloh, two trailers full of rice went missing three days ago. The two trailers were despatched from the Bilik Gerakan Banjir or Flood Relief Operations Centre which is manned and run entirely by 'volunteers' who are from the UMNO Bahagian Temerloh. Rice wholesalers in Temerloh informed our staffers that some people came by later and offered to sell them a lorry load of rice at 'half price'. More on the modus operandi of this stealing later.

    NGOs have also stopped cooperating with the UMNO run Bilik Gerakan after a very sad and disgusting incident. Staffers from different NGOs had accompanied some of the food and other flood aid from the Bilik Gerakan to some villages. At one particular badly hit area, people of all races, i.e. Chinese, Indians and Malays, lined up to get the food. However, the UMNO 'volunteers' informed the people very crudely that the food and other flood aid was only for the Malays. The Indians and Chinese did not get any. The staffers from the NGOs which included Indians, Chinese and Malays were shocked and left in disgust.

    In another estate area with almost 600 Indian flood victims, the UMNO 'volunteers' delivered just one sack of rice to be shared by 600 Indian estate workers and their children. The sack of rice was left at a flood relief centre located in a Tamil primary school near the estate. Then the estate workers were asked to initial a list acknowledging that they had received a complete set of flood supplies (rice, oil, canned food, sugar, salt, bottled water and blankets). Obviously the remaining supplies had been hijacked by the UMNO 'volunteers' and sold off for cash elsewhere.

    Many of the Indian estate women became hysterical and screamed how 600 people were going to share one bag of rice. The next day when other volunteers went to the same Tamil school, the Indian women screamed at them and said 'Melayu jangan mari tolong lagi'.

    In other places the aid was given to UMNO members only. Other Malays, especially known Pas supporters, were denied aid. These stories are not being made up. They are first hand reports from Pahang that were told to us by flood relief workers themselves.

    In another area, about 250 Orang Asli were promised 50kg bags of rice. This was clearly a false promise because most of the rice was delivered in 5kg or 10kg bags. The rice destined for the 250 Orang Asli was despatched by the Bilik Gerakan but it never reached the Orang Asli. When the UMNO ADUN from the area visited the Orang Asli the next day and inquired if they had all 'sudah makan', they jeered him and said 'awak semua penipu'. Again the rice had been hijacked by the UMNO 'volunteers' and siphoned off elsewhere.

    For the first seven days of the floods, the Member of Parliament for Temerloh, YB Mohd Sarit bin Haji Yusoh (Tel. No. 03 - 77266005 and 03- 7726 4468, address: Pangkal Melati Sdn Bhd, No 18-1, Jalan Wan Kadir 4, Off Jalan Damansara Bypass, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur), Anwar Ibrahim's one-time political secretary who became a millionaire within a couple of years, was missing from Temerloh. He had not visited any of the flood affected areas. Flood victims put up a banner in the Temerloh area asking 'YB where are you?' This banner was later torn down by the Police. All this news was not reported by the mainstream media.

    The Chinese MCA ADUN from Mentakab has been one of the few Wakil Rakyat doing the rounds diligently in the flood affected areas. The Malay UMNO ADUNs have made themselves scarce or helping themselves to the loot from the Bilik Gerakan.

    Because of the dishonesty and outright stealing by the UMNO 'volunteers', flood victims are very angry and tensions have been high in the affected areas. The mainstream media have not reported that when Fu Ah Kiow, Deputy Internal Security Minister and MP for Kuantan, visited the affected areas, the flood victims screamed and threw stones at him. The Deputy Minister had to leave the scene in a hurry.

    Here is how UMNO Pahang is stealing the flood aid. They are using the Bilik Gerakan or Flood Relief Operations Centres which are manned by 'volunteers' from the various UMNO Bahagian. These UMNO runners control the lorries and also the list of recipients in the various areas. More importantly, they are in charge of purchasing the food supplies. The millions of Ringgit of taxpayers' money that is being dumped by the Government is channelled through these Bilik Gerakan. The UMNO 'volunteers' are asking suppliers and shopkeepers to issue them false receipts overstating the money that is being spent. For example if a 5kg bag of rice costs RM10.00, they ask the shopkeepers to write a receipt for RM60.00.

    This means that upfront they steal RM50.00 of taxpayers money. Then the rice is stolen or hijacked and never delivered to the flood victims. Instead, the rice is taken and sold elsewhere for 'half price' like RM5.00 per bag. So, in total, they steal about RM55.00. The rice never reaches the flood victims. This widespread stealing by UMNO Pahang has been going on in Temerloh, Pekan and other areas in Pahang since the floods began.

    Malaysians will be totally disgusted that things like this are going on in this country. But the worst is not what is happening on the ground in Pahang. After I returned from Pahang today, I visited the 'Portal Rasmi Negeri Pahang Darul Makmur' at this location :

    This is the official website of the Pahang State Government. There, in the corner of their official website, the mother f*****s are running this opinion poll about the worst floods to hit Pahang since 1971: "Does flood effects our national economy?"

    This is exactly the stupid English they have used. Grammar tak betul and wrong spelling.

    Who gives a shit now if the floods 'effects' our national economy? Are the flood victims being helped enough or are they being fleeced?

    Anyway, the total votes cast in this asinine poll is 30 of which 25 (80%) answered yes, 5 (16.7%) answered no and 1 person (me) answered 'No Comment'. P*ndek was not available.

    A few NGO's and good Samaritans are doing a wonderful job contributing money, food and clothes and delivering them directly to the flood victims. The Orang Asli are especially grateful for the clothes that have been provided to them by one group of NGO volunteers from Kuala Lumpur. Honest and hard-working volunteers of all races, Chinese, Indians and Malays are still on the ground in Pahang helping flood victims of all races.

    The flood waters have receded substantially in Pahang. Kampong people are able to start their lives again, tapping rubber or restarting their small businesses and so on. The best aid that is required now is cooked food. Kitchens were submerged, gas and dry firewood is still not available and stoves are all water logged. People still have problems cooking food. Mobile kitchens or volunteers who can cook and distribute food are still needed in Pahang and elsewhere. Temerloh is less than two hours drive from Kuala Lumpur. Please pass this information around.

  9. silence........

  10. Bro,

    Selamat Bercuti Krismas dan Selamat Tahun Baru 2008.

  11. Anonymous7:54 pm


    This FIL @SIL @damai @reezal is just like Pak Pandir ....menang sorak, kampung tergadai.

    ok guys...let's show the same result in the next that Pak pandir boleh terjun dengan labu labu nya.

    And the 2.3% votes come from their usual.

  12. Anonymous10:13 pm

    Rock's Bru I consider myself as a member of the silent majority, with no link to damai but wonder who is this walski to give to do a credible survey. You may also lose your credibility by association.
    Hmm... hindraf is at it wanting to demand things. Enough is enough, a silent majority these minorities should be given the jew treatment - take more of what little thaey have before we talk with thses minorities and maybe we stop taking even more. That should serve as a lesson to these minorities who rides roughshod over the majority.

  13. Anonymous10:21 pm

    only 3491 voters. there are other millions out there.

    there are hundreds and thousands malay ex-police and malay ex-army facing the similar difficulties. please highlight their plight too.

  14. Anonymous11:00 pm

    Everything spinning out of control for Bodohwi... the more KJ & gang try to spin the more things seem to go awry...

    1. Hindus - destruction of temples & Hindraf

    2. Buddhists - No permit for sea godess statue in Sabah by former CM-now using PKR lawyer to fight

    3. Christians - Herald going to kena..using "Allah"

    4. BTW who all these NGOs? never heard of them before..y they are not helping out in flood relief efforts? mercy where are you???Najib look at your Pekan!! Your CM doing funny things.

    Bodowi zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

  15. Anonymous1:55 am

    3,500 against 3.5 million. you minority, podah..

    yours sincerely


  16. Who is this Damai Malaysia? What does these NGOs do? Are they doing anything to help the flood victims?

    What a load of crap!

  17. Anonymous7:25 am

    An online survey is just an online survey. The result can never be non bias than properly sampled survey done by the experts. If anything at all the online result shows its readers political leaning. So better not write something against their belief or your blog will become unpopular:)

  18. Anonymous12:34 pm

    The life drama narrated by anonymous at 4.29 pm is a heart-wrenching.

    However, the attempt to exemplify poor social/welfare support as evident of Indian marginalisation is inaccurate as this is a general problem affecting most low ranking government officers, irrespective of ethnics.

    This problem highlight the much needed improvement in the social support scheme of government workers. This is one issue that should be aggressively taken up by the Malaysian human right activist. What Mr Packianathan is going through, affects many other low raking government servants and is very often encountered among the Malays who constitute the majority of the government servants.

    The following remark, if correctly interpreted, is however unfounded and clearly racist:

    "Orang India mana ada duit? Mahu minta sedekah? Mahu toreh getah? Baju pun tak mampu beli, nak masuk private' (Where do the Indians have money? Are you going to beg? Tap rubber? Can't even afford to buy clothes, you want to go to a private hospital)."

    The offending police officers should be penalised accordingly. However, it would be unfair to simply penalise the offenders when it is the existing system that has fail to educate the workers to become non racist.

    Non racist policy should be clearly spelled out in every government offices, and this should not just be in term of opportunities but also the way people communicate.

  19. They are the majority, if this 2.3% hold 80% of the economy.

    In any society, he who has money has power. Politicians are merely puppets.

    So follow the money, foo!

    As for me, I'm running away and joining th' Robotechs!

  20. your posting of walski`s poll is really a joke!

  21. a whopping 97.7%!!

    say all u want about biasness about the poll and what-nots, Damai simply mushroomed out after a heavy downpour =P

    1st google result of damai malaysia: holiday inn damai lagoon hotel =P