Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"The people want ISA"

Really, Mr Prime Minister?
PETALING JAYA, Nov 27 (Bernama) -- The Government will invoke the Internal Security Act (ISA) to handle street demonstrations when the situation warrants for such action to be taken, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said Tuesday.
Commenting on calls from the people urging the Government to invoke the ISA to tackle street demonstrations, the Prime Minister said: "I am very surprised that the people want the ISA. I thought they never wanted the ISA".- Govt will impose ISA when situation warrants, says Pak Lah, Bernama 27 Nov 2007.
Now, this is not good.
Civil society wants to walk peacefully - for ALL races, for Bangsa Malaysia, for human rights - on 9 December 2007. The Bar Council holds this walk every year to mark December 10, celebrated globally to mark Human Rights Day.
And he is talking about ISA. Because somebody told him that the people wanted ISA.

Please tell the Prime Minister that we do not want the ISA.


  1. Anonymous12:49 am

    Yes, we want ISA...

    should be done earlier.. paklah is too slowwww...

  2. Surprisingly a lot of people agree that it should be used. Must be the unforseen effect of Hindraf. All it took for the government to come to this is one Uthayakumar. Now it's about national security. What was that Hindraf rally all about?

  3. Who are those people? UMNO members? Samy velu & Devamany? or his son-in-Law or the comedian of our country - Nazri the great.

    Who is he trying to fool..

  4. NO. We don't want the ISA, Mr Prime Minister. And NO, we don't want to be reminded of MAY 13 every time we criticise you or one of your ministers. We want you to listen and take our criticisms as constructive. We want you (to be brave enough) to tell your ministers off when they behave badly. And most of all, we want you to start behaving like OUR Prime Minister - the PEOPLE'S Prime Minister that we so optimistically voted for four years ago.

  5. Anonymous2:18 am

    Flying for free in the rarefied atmosphere of public funded jets, visiting exotic destinations like Kampala and Cairo and sleeping in the shadows of the pyramids has this kind of effect on people, especially if their brains are a little mushy from the beginning.

    Such hallucinations can be easily treated. Give Mein Fuhrer his ISA, and make sure that he and his fellow pharaohs get a taste of it in Kamunting. That will take care of both his and our problems.

  6. Dear Bro Rocky,

    I think we should have a peaceful march in protest of ISA being used against peaceful march.

  7. Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

    Sir, I would like to bring to your attention my intense and vehement dislike for the Internal Security Act. It is a shallow, ancient, draconian, easily abused and misused piece of legislation. There is no need for it now; the time for such an act has long past.

    Please sir, I strongly urge you to reconsider the statement that you have made as many Malaysians consider the ISA distasteful. If it matters at all, I shall voice out that I oppose the use of the ISA against ordinary citizens. Although my voice may be small and insignificant, I still would like to be counted among those who love this country.

    So, for the sake of the people, please don't use the ISA against us.

    That is all.

  8. Pak Lah, tell us, what do YOU want?

    People don't have the mandate, YOU do.

    So, tell us please.

  9. Anonymous6:34 am

    Alhamdulillah, Yes, WE want ISA. We dont know about the Walk Crap but for the sake of the MAJORITY of us, peace loving folks we NEED ISA.

    You belum kena lagi dengan gangster India, you belum tahu lagi. Please dont just think of you and your walk.

    Please PM, do something before we turn into another Sri Langka!

    Please consider the voices of the Majority, we WANT ISA NOW, more than ever!!!

  10. Anonymous6:36 am


    #1 MORON !!!

    delusional indeed.


  11. Anonymous7:14 am

    Mighty Tsunami! I can't believe any sitting Prime Minister could state that people want less freedom of speech & action (ISA)... Is it based on facts or even polls??? Is he in Dreamland to even dare make that outrageous claim??? Sorry, Malaysia, you have a P.M. who's totally out of touch with reality.

  12. Anonymous7:47 am

    Rocky, can we clarify who are the people calling for ISA for rally goers in the first place? He is making a blanket statement equating his few people as being equal to the majority Malaysians.

  13. Anonymous8:55 am


    Korang nak jalan ke, berlari ke, aku tak kisah...tapi jangan la sampai menyusahkan orang lain yang nak jalan-jalan jugak. Ini aku nak pegi hospital pon susah..jalan jem.

    Aku ingat tak yah la jalan-jalan tak tentu arah ni..dok rumah main ngan anak-anak lagi bagus.

    Demo-demo ni kerja orang hilang akal je..

    Kerajaan yang benak macam sekarang bukannye paham.

  14. Anonymous8:57 am

    check out the ntv7 evening news (8pm) survey yesterday (27-11-07) - it says more than 50% are against the use of ISA on street rallies. maybe the PM should define the "people".

  15. Anonymous9:08 am

    We, the PEOPLE want petrol prices and electricity rates to be slashed by 50 per cent, income tax to be abolished, Zainudin Maidin to rejoin MIC, UMNO youth members who say that make way for the Beckhams, to realise that David Bechkam is past his sell date, and for you Mr Prime Minister, to understand that a PALM TOP is not a PALM Tree, or any other type of vegetation, but rather it is an information technology tool. We the people want ISA, if it comes with a 100 per cent increase in wages, the abolishment of need to repay our bank loans. Henceforth, was in not the highly intelligent DR Mahathir, who said we are now living in a Banana republic, so Mr Prime Minister, we the PEOPLE, would like you, Datuk Seri, to have the honour of receieving humbly, the first BANANA award of the year, for your intelligence (KJ, dont laugh when reading this, you gotta put on a serious face), and leadership.

  16. This IS news! When and where did he hear this? I would have liked to give my input too! But NOBODY asked me and I also did not hear of any survey being done!

    Hmmph,,,,, simply say onli


  17. Anonymous9:26 am

    The people who want ISA is the johari, nazri big mouth and some half baked police officers who cannot handle a peaceful demo...not the rakyat.

    If Sleepy PM is so cocksure..why don't he have a referendum on it and really let the people decide.

  18. Anonymous9:29 am

    ISA is to fight communism. Those who wanted ISA are those with vested interest, not national interest.

    Pak Lah still being surrounded and worst still, listening only to whom he wants to listen.

    Seems like ISA is the cure all for all the unhappiness he has caused.

  19. Anonymous9:41 am

    That silly comment make me puke, can 'he' please wake up!?

  20. LIES........'PEOPLE' here means more like KJ aka SIL imploring FIL to invoke ISA.please ask PM to supply a list of name of 'PEOPLE' who supports ISA

  21. Do not use your people's name in vain?

  22. Anonymous9:56 am

    Must be the same people who did not want the bridge to Singapore la but for which the government / people pay multi-million ringgit compensation ; and the same people created the so many empty but 'licin' corridors sprouting all over the country ; and the same people who wants the monsoon cup to publicly waste the much-needed public funds etc etc etc

    This is really sickening when the government in power rationalises its planned pre-emptive strikes of fear...not much different from the Howard admin of Australia with its voiced intention of pre-emptive strikes on littoral states assumed to host potential terrorists....

    And all done behind that evil smile...very scary...

  23. Anonymous9:59 am

    ISA - A colonial piece of sh*t, for a stoopid birthday wish.

    ~~~ arTong

  24. Anonymous10:15 am

    ya ke? but millions of ppls want you to get lost & what the fark are you still hanging around?

    BTW, who are those a**hole ppls are u referring to? the monkey sil, the bodoh mp, the pondan mp, the bocor mp, the racist mp, the crooks...

    or izzit your new kampala friends or your sailing buddies - tell us who the fark are they?

  25. The flag waves
    The people march
    For a cause they believe is right
    Nothing else matters
    Under the bright hot sunlight

    Who want ISA?
    The sleeping beauty telling lies
    Tell me who are these people?
    Put them first under ISA
    Then tell me

    Woe to the liars
    Telling lies and more lies
    What will become of this beautiful nation?
    Crowded by cronyism digging wealth

    I say Sir!
    Take a vote count
    You will know the reason why
    Nobody wants ISA
    This is the truth
    Unless these people want wealth
    And they tell lies
    You fall for it

  26. Anonymous10:19 am

    Bro, i have to disagree - after seeing letter to the queen by uthayakumar i say without reservation now that WE NEED ISA!

    why grovel to the queen? he think she can help us - it's so embarrasing, no maruah no dignity. he thinks we are still been colonised. he thinks the uk cares two hoods about what's happening here - we have to stand on our own two feet man, stop being a beggar for goodness sake!

  27. Anonymous10:28 am

    ISA means Ikut Suka Aku in Pak Lah's dictionary I guess.

    From the Penguin Walk tro Batu Burok to Bersih and Hindraf, I noticed that the politicians and the govt only slam the action, but NEVER looked at the reason for the discontent in the first place.

    To say the people want ISA is well bodoh. Buat la, jangan tak buat.

    In my opinion, this is a calculated attempt by the 4th floor to ensure Barisan's majority is further reduced in the polls next year.

    If they wanna ignore public sentiment and dig their own collective graves, fine by me.

  28. Anonymous10:33 am

    well it takes all sorts doesn't it.
    some of your commentors want ISA invoked on Uthaya...
    If nothing else the Hindraf rally, which was clearly tainted with racism and extremist views have provoked a strong reaction from some quarters and demonstrates the danger of invoking divisive racial tactics.
    Lets hope that this is a lesson that we learn well or else the country really will slip into further problems.
    I can tell you I heard some crazy talk among some people over the weekend and if this is an indication of the Malay sentiment then nothing good has come from the rally in terms of our race relations.
    We are on a tightrope right now, tis best everyone keep their cool and work out any differences in a calm manner.
    Lets not throw the baby with the bathwater. The problems that we have in this country are very solvable but the people need to show some political acumen and thinking because without that we will continue to have leaders who are indifferent.
    It has been repeated often enough but it bears saying again that we get the leaders we deserve.
    If we believe in God then we would know that He is fair, if we are honest in wanting a truly fair society then that is what we will get but if deep in our heart we are selfish then we will get leaders that reflect the state of our hearts

    keep safe and remember on a tightrope, balance and a cool head is everything

  29. Anonymous10:37 am

    Yeah Pak Lah, pray do tell us which part of this nation did her people want ISA? I know I didn't ask for it and neither did anyone else I spoke to....could be the phantoms who also have voting rights?

  30. Anonymous10:47 am

    ISA perlu utk HINDRAF, kami sokong penuh

  31. Dear Brother Rockybru,

    We want respect of our fundamental rights as guaranteed by our Constitution. We want freedom,justice and equality. There must be Rule of Law, an independent and incorruptible Judiciary and a free media. These are fundamentals for a democratic Malaysia.

    We must reject sham democracy (refer to KeADILan's Sham Democracy Report of September,20O6).We want clean and fair elections.I thought, we Malaysians conveyed this message loud and clear to the government on November 10, 2007 when some 60,000 of us, Malaysians participated in the BERSIH march to our King's Palace and braved the rain and faced the FRU, oblivious to physical harm to life and limb. People are the true democrats.

    The ISA is one of the British leftovers. It was introduced by them to deal with the Communists. The people are not the enemy and the real enemy is the government itself,that is, one that ignores the views and feelings of peace loving and loyal Malaysians who want blatant wrongoings corrected.

    Its spin machines, however, makes us look like demons. All we want is change and will pursue it by democratic means.

    In my humble opinion, a government that refuses to listen to its people, that lacks integrity and that condones corruption and nepotism loses its legitimacy. It will resort in the use of repression in order to stay in power.

    What happened to a Prime Minister who said "work with me not for me"? I wonder. Dia mudah lupa!!

  32. Anonymous10:55 am

    No to ISA walk. Anti-ISA. Freedom Of Speech, Freedom for Gatherings, Free of SPR Bullcrap, Free to Live. Live Life Free


  33. no. we don't want the ISA. not that they will listen anyway.

  34. Dear Pak Lah,

    As a citizen, I want ISA to be abolish immediately!


  35. Anonymous11:30 am

    can he clarify which type of people wants ISA? UMNO-led fellas who want to protect themselves and continue to plunder the country resources with impunity?

  36. Anonymous11:32 am

    Not only do we not want ISA, we dont want the current PM, DPM and the rest of the kaki bodeks in the cabinet.

  37. Anonymous11:35 am

    sigh..this land is governed like communist. save this land.

  38. Anonymous11:35 am

    I find this rather depressing but also amusing as a next step - could we have another rally to show the PM that Malaysians collectively do not accept ISA in principle and practice?

    This anti-ISA rally may prove to be the biggest turnout as it is not racially-driven, economically-driven or politically-driven, its just pure and plain human rights and will put Malaysia on the need to elaborate further.

  39. Anonymous11:39 am

    This takes the cake - would Malaysians now decide to rally again to show our disagreement with PM on using ISA - this rally would be non-racial, non-political, non-economical, its purely driven by human rights per se and would really put Malaysia in global attention again and may prove to be the biggest yet.......

  40. Anonymous12:03 pm

    Police talked Law in Hibdraf Rally
    with Court Order to stop the Rally
    so abusing Constitution to walk
    with Human Rights being stopped!

    Government talks ISA for coming walk
    Should Bar talk law before Dec walk?
    or Law be Talked?
    or Walks without talk?


  41. Anonymous12:04 pm

    i agree wit hamzah n most of u as well, abolish it for good. We are the citizen of this county as well. We are not threat to the comunity. We are not communist. We are malaysians. Its US who put BN there. To US BN has to listen to. ?Its US who will remove you if you keep on ignoring our cries. Its ppl power n not bn power. We have the right to speak, its u who dont have the guts to listen, admit ur mistakes n change yourself.

  42. Anonymous12:04 pm

    Someone there and then should seriously ask him who are the people who wanted the ISA.

    I think the PM is talking in his sleep...! otherwise, do not simply say things and put fear in the rakyat. This clearly is an act of intimidation.

  43. Anonymous12:41 pm

    There is nothing wrong with ythe ISA. Only when it is used for political purpose, then it becomes a curse.

    But if the National Security is at stake, then by all means--USE IT.

    I pray to God that this situation that has been created by that traitor Uthay doesnt deteriorate. Lets send him back to India.

    At the same time, the Govt should at least listen to a proper delegate from the Indian society---not some two-bit gangsters whose probably trying to live some bollywood film.

  44. Anonymous12:44 pm

    ""...the "people" want ISA....."" so says the PM.

    What "people"? The only people that wants this are your BN/UMNO goons who mouths goes faster than their brains. Next time tell your 4th floor boys to brief you properly.

    Any right thinking "people" aka, the public, would want this repressive act thrown out immediately given half a chance. It has been abused by the BN Govt and has been misused far beyond its original objectives of combating the communist terrorism threat, which does not exist anymore. It has been retained by the BN/UMNO Govt. to further its stranglehold on power to rule this country and stifle all opposition.

  45. Good Good Idea .....

    Pak Lah , let's bring it on , show to us and to the whole world that us HALF BAKED USELESS GOVERMENT can;t even solve the problems and plight of this nation and got to result to such a cowardice stunt by using the ISA to hide their incompetence ... I assure Mr.PM , the citizens of this nation are getting more and more restless as days passed by and even yr so called tough warning has been gone unheeded at all but instead a strong crowd of 60,000 people for BERSIH and 40,000 people for HINDRAF and we haven;t include the 3,000 LAWYERS that marched tooo ..

    Sir , do u think that these people whom came out and support the rally are being so naive that those Indians community can get Rm 2 million each ?? They are just hoping for the goverment to provide some ample , equal and just fair policy and oppurtunities to them , will it be too much to ask for , sir ??? If ISA act will come into action by yr stupidity action , Mr.PM , so i supposed there will be much more action and circus show to be watch in the near future . . Good luck , Mr. PM ..

  46. I dont know about ISA, but any form of uncontrolled demonstration shall not be condoned. Too many opportunist to exploit the situation and destruct the nation.

  47. Anonymous12:55 pm

    "Jgn cabar saya" kata abang Lah kepada rakyatnya.. memandangkan Abang Lah sering terlena dalam setiap majlis yang dihadharinya..ehh silap dihadirinya kini Abg Lah telah menonton rancangan Jgn Tidur Lagi di TV3, agak segar disisi Kak J sahaja, tapi di siang hari dia suka juga tidur si Abg Lah ini.

    Kini dgn gaya agak macho Abg Lah berkata
    " Depa ni nak kena ISA kot...kita dah habaq jgn dok buat demonstrasi, inikan negara demokrasi, kalau tak puas hati tunggulah time mengundi, kuasa di tangan saya untuk bubar Parlimen" jelas Abg Lah...

  48. Anonymous12:57 pm

    What Badawi did in Cairo:

    Cairo's Belly Dancers Wish Happy Birthday To...

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. Good Good Idea .....

    Pak Lah , let's bring it on , show to us and to the whole world that us HALF BAKED USELESS GOVERMENT can;t even solve the problems and plight of this nation and got to result to such a cowardice stunt by using the ISA to hide their incompetence ... I assure Mr.PM , the citizens of this nation are getting more and more restless as days passed by and even yr so called tough warning has been gone unheeded at all but instead a strong crowd of 60,000 people for BERSIH and 40,000 people for HINDRAF and we haven;t include the 3,000 LAWYERS that marched tooo ..

    Sir , do u think that these people whom came out and support the rally are being so naive that those Indians community can get Rm 2 million each ?? They are just hoping for the goverment to provide some ample , equal and just fair policy and oppurtunities to them , will it be too much to ask for , sir ??? If ISA act will come into action by yr stupidity action , Mr.PM , so i supposed there will be much more action and circus show to be watch in the near future . . Good luck , Mr. PM ..

  51. Anonymous1:03 pm

    This shd be headlined, WE TOLD YOU SO UTHAYAKUMAR!

    Yep, you got all the attention. But you didn't see the bigger picture.
    See the repercussions now?
    So thank you, Mr U.


  52. I used to respect Uthaya for his work on the numerous questionable deaths of Indian detainees, which no one else cared about because "depa tu keling ja"...but now he is showing signs of dementia...all the lies in the memo...unbelievable crap and blatant lies designed to incite hate and cause unrest and deeper division between the different races and religions...maybe he has some other agenda...Hindu extremists are equally reprehensible as any other extremists as history has time and again shown...

  53. Anonymous1:49 pm

    we want you and your son in law out pak lah!

  54. Anonymous1:53 pm

    Full support from me! They deserved to be lock-up including those from BN or parties that use racial issues to gain their self-interest! You definitely get my vote for this Pak Lah!
    Bob from Kuching

  55. Anonymous1:55 pm


    guess you were sleeping with the PM together. Hindraf rally for what? go wake your PM up and let him tell you.

  56. Anonymous2:00 pm

    tuamkc...if I was not mistaken, I saw more 75% of Malaysians who responded to the SMS polling did not want ISA to be used to detain people in the rallies. I was equally surprised with NTV7 SMS poll results. I used to think it was another rigged up Gman propaganda tools. Apparently our PM does not watch the news but depend on chat-hai-chai (shoe polishing boy) for statistic. whispering9

  57. Anonymous2:10 pm

    I have posted this before, but I think I will put this again at the correct thread:

    Creation of a race and the rights of a race and what this has to do with the Malays:

    For some reasons, in a spark of brilliance, human beings were created to roam the vast lands on Earth. They divided themselves and gone farther as they could and stayed behind at the places they liked. On those places, they created their way of life and held authority. And evidently, other group of strong and different people would take over the weaker ones and possessed the lands (through wars and migration). Even though, the successors would somehow assimilated the previous culture of the land that benefited themselves and enriched their own culture. Over evolutionary migrations, each group started to form similar traits due to environmental stresses and genetic cross-breeding that only happened on the lands and their boundaries. These similar traits helped them to recognize their identities and strengthened their ties. From here, the notion of a race was created.

    The strongest ones would always maintain their racial cultures for ages like mainland Chinese people in China arc, mainland Indians in Indian arc, mainland Arabs in Arabian arc, mainland Europeans in Europian arc, mainland Malays in Malay arc, among other main groups.

    Pressures would sure exist on these racial groups in the form of migration and war (as usual). Hence, to protect themselves, they will recognize their racial differences to set apart from other racial group through legislation and laws. This would be possible when they were the only group that owned and managed the lands. This crucial decisions could possibly be:
    1) to become the only superior race of the land
    2) to either recognize or not the other racial groups
    3) to either give or not the other racial groups the rights in the terms set by the superior racial group

    The outcome of these decisions may sound unfair but the racial rights are justified and priveleged in a relative term that beholds the ideals of the superior racial group that own the lands. Racial rights are not always human rights. Racial rights will always attach themselves to the lands and the rights to be on the lands as laid out by the superior group. Human rights will only fit the general terms of being a human, not a race.

    In the context of Malaysia, the Malays (which are a combination of smaller same-bloodlines which include Melayu Bugis, Melayu Jawa, Melayu Batak, Melayu Minang, Melayu Sabah, Melayu Sarawak, Proto-Melayu, etc.) who are the superior racial group who owns the lands (Tanah Melayu, Sabah, Sarawak) before and after the colonial times, have the racial rights, as given by The Rulers, to give a shit about their lands as in Decision (1) and these racial rights should not be opposed by other racial groups as the Malays have deniably allowed them to live based on Decision (2) and (3). The Malays have not violated any human rights by giving these racial decisions since the other racial groups were and still live in peace and harmony despite some hiccups in the history of Malaysia. So, please open your mind to see what the Malays have done for you and move forward.

    The current situation in Malaysia right now has nothing to do with the Malays in general as the Malays have decided long time ago on racial decisions (1), (2) and (3). But, it is due to stupid people on top who have no one to oppose/advise them in setting the racial rules as clear as possible when they are trying to create bangsa Malaysia. And, don't stupidly blame the Malays when in fact they are exercising their racial rights in the similar ways what the Europians, Chinese, Indians, Arabs, etc. have done for their own lands. Only that, the Malays have started it quite late in this modern world when the rest have done that in the centuries of history.

  58. Anonymous2:14 pm

    I want Pak Lah to impose ISA ... It is very vital to do so esp now .

    Pak Lah I support you man! I am all for you .

  59. LIES AGAIN..........saw an interview of Prof. Khoo Kay Kim on ntv7 news and their interpretation of his comments counter to what appears on MALAYSIAKINI.boycott mediaprima and all the local papers.

  60. Anonymous2:18 pm

    What a shameless pronouncement. I really lost all respect for the man. As someone said, who is he trying to fool.

  61. Anonymous2:19 pm

    These are not peace rally . The memo is a treat . They are saying they will turn malaysia into sri langka . We do NOT want that .

    The rally is war againts hindaf supporters . Pls impose ISA ASAP !

    This stupid and moron HINDU leader and his supportr should be locked up .

    I am angry for what they have done . Reading the memo alone makes me so angry .

    The hindu leader is a racist PIG

  62. ITS A LIE. I challenge the Prime Minister to NAME me at least 10 people who WANT the ISA. Otherwise he is talking in his sleep.

  63. Anonymous2:43 pm

    It's not a matter of the people wanting the ISA.

    The PM has to know what the original purpose of ISA was for. If he does not know then he should ask his de fact law minister who is likely to be as blur as he is.

    To cut to the chase. PM, if you are open to what the people want then let me remind you.

    The people want you to fulfil your election promises. The people want peacable public assembly. The people want free and clean elections. The people want a clean judiciary. The people want the A-G to do his proper job. The people want the ACA to report to paliament and not be afraid to investigate all corruptions. The people want the police to protect the people and not criminals. The people want the Election Commission to clean up the electoral roll. The people want the NEP to be restored to its original intent. The people want all tolls to be abolished. The people want all essential utilities to be under the administration and not in private individual hands. The people want the Constitution to be reinstated to its original state. The people want all laws that contravene the Constitution to be repealed. The people want ministers who serve the rakyat and not themselves. The people want Bangsa Malaysia. The people want the public servants to serve the public. The people want ... (you can add on to the list).

    Above all, PM, the people want you to wake up from your sleep and do your job!

    The people know you can do it and the people will stand behind you. i will stand behind you!

  64. Anonymous2:47 pm




  65. Anonymous2:53 pm

    Yes, we want ISA - to stop KJ, Nazri, Nor Omar, Hishamuddin, and more UMNO sicko - to ruin our country's peace and unity.

  66. Anonymous2:59 pm

    He wants ISA because " I Sleep Always"

  67. Anonymous3:02 pm

    for all the naive and ignorant people out there who are asking for ISA, i just wonder do they even know what ISA affects our freedom and rights?

  68. Dear PM,
    You cant use ISA on every single problem that cannot be solved. You cant lock up 60,000 people who attended the Bersih rally. You cant shut the nation and ask them to follow you blindly. Who suggested the use of ISA? Can we have the names please?!

    You should be after those who build palaces and acquire more land like Zakaria or the PKFZ fiasco. You cant lock up an entire nation.

    You can allow peaceful demos and understand why demos are held. They are not held for fun, they are held for a purpose. Of course to solve all these and save us poor Malaysians, you can wake up from your beauty sleep and then, maybe there is hope for all of us.

    Still not getting better... Rocky.

  69. Anonymous3:08 pm

    Dear Prime Minister of the UMNOputras,

    As a Islamic scholar and struggling to project a role model Muslim leader, can you tell me how compartible is the draconian ISA to the Islamic teaching?

    Please kindly enlighten us, Malaysians and kindly teach us by citing the relevant parts of the Koran. Thank you, Sir.


  70. Anonymous3:26 pm

    ISA? kidding me...

    My parents did not pay taxes to finance the police force to nab us under ISA just because we want to march peacefully!!!

    Damn cacat lar this govn't...

  71. Anonymous3:36 pm

    Congratulation to our oozzzzzz pm who has finally wake up. I would advise that the oozzz pm do not threaten the use of the ISA but it should be used immeadiately for the next peaceful rally for the benefits of the people.

    Dear fellow Malaysians,

    Our oozzzz pm has comes to his senses and offer to provide free accomodations complete with free foods and free medications.

    Since our economy is so bad that many are finding it hard to make ends meet, why not take up the offer by our oozzz pm.

    We must all join in the next peaceful rally in order to be elligible. Tell your poor friends, kampong folks, the sick, the handicapped to come out in force to receive this offer.

    Wave a white flag or white piece of cloth and walk into the arms of the fru and police force whereby they will escort you to the five star ISA Hotel where you will be staying for free, free food will be provided and if you are sick they will treat you medically.

    While staying there please pray that they do not discharge you too soon, at least until the country economy is back on track.

    So my call to all fellow Malaysians to come out in full force for the next peaceful rally and let yourself be invited for this once in a lifetime offer. Do not run away, as the fru and police will try their best to disperse you with chemical lace water and teargas to stop you from getting these free accomodation, free foods and free medications.


  72. Anonymous3:38 pm

    To ISA detractors,

    Lest you all forget, Malaysia was on the brink of breaking down in 1969. The mayhem, if not stopped under the emergency rule and by the use of ISA, might have led the country into oblivion, turning the once peaceful Malaysia into another Lebanon, Sri Lanka or even present-day Thailand.

    Unless some of you really like the smell and taste of blood, there is no point killing or injuring your neighbour who is of a different race and religion because it will trigger just a revenge from his/her family.

    You kill him, his son kills you and soon your son kills his son. And this goes on and on in perpetuity. Everybody loses sleep, thinking that he/she might be the next victim.

    Muslims (read: Malay) might not be able to go to mosques because they will be ambushed by the Indians and Chinese halfway their journey. Indians will find no temples to pray because Malays and Chinese have bulldozed them down. The Chinese, meanwhile, will see Malays and Indians stopping them at the entrance of their temples, even executing them ala Al-Qaeda.

    Who wins, or rather who loses? We all. So before some nuts start turning us into child killers, please stop them first. The best weapon now is the ISA.

    Jadi, sapa-sapa nak tunjuk hero, mai kat sini. Aku nak ajaq ABC kat dia dulu, kumdian aku ajaq ISA pula. Jangan la nak kacau aku tidoq tengahari. Hangpa nak lawan, pi jauh-jauh. Nanti kalu aku terjaga dari tidoq aku, nahas hangpa.

    Dari jauh ku lihat bulan,
    Terbayang si dia yang cantik manis,
    Hai orang Melayu, Cina, India, Iban dan Kadazan,
    Marilah kita .......

    Tolong sambung...

  73. Dear Mr. Prime Minister...getting a phone call from one of your half-baked advisors and you come to this conclusion !

    We, a once peaceful nation is now being the brunt of all jokes for the whole IT world !

    Hello Mr PM wake talk of national unity and brag of our unique country at all the meetings you attend overseas, and here you are threatening us, the very people who put you there,with this obsolete ISA !....fine if you want to impose it, go ahead,you're the boss-man but you better start the ISA with your SIL first....he took to the streets and in total defiance while you were having a meeting indoors with the Sec. of State, Condo Rice,your SIL burned the american flag to the cheers and jeers of UMNO youth ! Do you think he had any respect for you ? were you not embarrased ? How did you explain to Rice ? Did you tell her it was your SIL heading the demo ? You are his FIL and the Prime Minister of this country, could't you control him OR are you ok for UMNO-led demonstrations only ?

    Please Mr.PM don't be cowed by advise from the morons surrounding you,please I beg you to listen to the voice of all, and I mean ALL OF THE PEOPLE !
    With this ISA you will be branded as a Mugabe or a Aidi Amin of the east ! Please reconsider and listen to your people, and people does not mean UMNO only !

    Again I'll light a candle for your decision to be in the Rakyat's favour....NO MORE ISA !

    Listen to your heart, Mr. PM !

  74. Anonymous3:44 pm

    This is exactly the only road for the gahmeh! if you dont submit, i'll force you to submit! What motha' load of cock n bull is this PM talking about destroying harmony in Malaysia?! In fact, it's bringing us Rakyat closer than ever. We all have the same feeling of discontent with the gahmen!

  75. Anonymous4:06 pm

    Yes! sokong! ISA the Mat Rempit as well! they too scaring away our investor

  76. Anonymous4:10 pm

    Rubbish straight from the mouth? Zzzzzzz...

  77. Anonymous4:41 pm

    what a moron for those who think by demonstration they could solve the problems.. how many walks have you guys seen suceeded in changing anything..

    the only thing you guys manage to change is the heart of "on the fence" people who might not vote or not going for voting this election to stand unite behind the "sleeping" government for the sake of peace.

    You guys have destroy the hardwork that have been done to bring down the sleepers in the cabinet..

    to listen to a jerk like anwar ibrahim or uthaya who are doing things only if its benefit them is a waste of time...

    you guys never learn do you?

    And PAKLAH for the sake of harmony and peace please... we beg you ..please use ISA againts this people...

  78. Anonymous4:53 pm

    Reading the comments, seems like the 'majority' are anti-ISA, anti PakLah, etc. Yet, BN keeps on winning by massive margins at the GE!
    Birds of a feather flock together, so we make and keep friends who share common interests and views. Hence, the 'majority' who read Rocky are inclined a certain way.
    But really bro, can 70 or even 70 thousand people say they speak for 25 million Malaysians. If BN wins the GE, let's not be sore losers and blame the SPR. If we really believe in democracy, accept the decision of the millions who voted the govt in.
    BTW, I DO believe ISA has its uses.

  79. Anonymous5:07 pm

    Constitution is the future
    Human Rights must be well captured.
    Court to maintain these fixtures.
    to prove it works with no walk
    Or, court stuck but no way but walk!
    Talk talk talk to solve
    or, walk walk walk
    until obstructions to fairness be off!

    If 20 years a Town Park not Right
    but many commercial & housing rise!
    If 20 years Common Facilities not Right
    but a hotel instead of a Club went by!
    If 20 years Assessment not Right!
    If 20 years quit rent not Right
    but with a Title that wasn't Right!
    If 15 years a Condo not Right!
    If 5 years complaint to DB not Bright!
    If 5 years from lawyers no client Rights!
    If 5 years no department replying Right!
    If 3 years a suggested Statement of Issue not Right!
    If 3 years a car insurance not Right
    after Toyo, Mitsui, PIAM, BNM..?
    If water and toll tariff can fly
    If ......

    where are YOUR Replies to MY Basic Rights?

    PM, are they your departments
    who break the stability & security of the society!
    To them, with ISA or rob them for security?
    How many liars jeopardizing security
    take ISA or lock them up by security!

    PM, don't ignore
    as People are annoyed!

  80. Anonymous5:08 pm

    When we do not know how to use our FREEDOM .... ISA is the best thing we should have .

    If Being violence means freedom and if being racist means freedom . Then I think the Gov. should take back the freedom and implement ISA ..

    Hidup Pak Lah .

  81. Anonymous5:26 pm

    I was so disappointing that you have to cancel the talk at UTAR for the third time.

  82. Anonymous5:42 pm

    Let's have a rally topic "NO ISA".

  83. gd evening r u?in which country r u now?how t weather there?hope ur having a good time.well here in jb ok la,t down pour just started.will keep u updated if theres any flood.don worry bout all the rallies here and there.ur rakyat is with u,as u said jgn kerja utk saya,kerja bersama we r doin just fine.we shall kerjakan whatever possible.........tcare.
    pls do get some souvieners.tq

  84. Anonymous6:21 pm

    Yes, ISA is essential and an effective instrument to keep order. It is meant o deal with enimies of the people. It also meant for deliberate trouble makers.
    They repeatedly say that they want a peaceful gathering or walk; a freedom of expression. But once they indulge themselves in the forbited gathering or march, you see them hear them throwing stones, burn vehicles,gesturing with filthy signs and behaving like morons or wild animals. Government, please exercise your authority and power to safeguard the majority.

  85. .......sudah goyangkah?.............

  86. Anonymous6:31 pm

    ISA? YES! We seriously need it to round up all the ARMNO Goons to Kamunteng first. The world will be very much more peaceful then.

  87. yap sing yeong,

    i am sorry that i had to cancel today's talk. i was looking forward to it. hope to get another date soonest. tc.

  88. Anonymous7:34 pm

    the PM and Bn should find out what is the root cause of the problems out there be it Hindraf or BERSIH and try fixing it. if you fix the problems, there won't be issues for people to march instead of sweeping things under the carpet and saying all is ok and if not ok, we will use ISA.

    ISA is only used when one is in a weak position after the communist threat like Mahatir did in 1987. Pak Lah is weak now cos people have realised he is not what he painted himself to be and he can't deliver what he promised.UMNO GA in 2006 was worst than Hindraf in terms of racial issues and far moer seditious...did you use ISA or did the police charge them in court. Double standards la!!!

    NO ISA Pak Lah and as for people still support you, well I did in 2004 but not now. I'll vote against you even if it means I've to vote for a cow. Look at your 2004 manifesto, what have you delivered and please don't say you need 15 years cos some can be delivered in 2-3 years. You are moving the goal post cos you are unable to deliver.NATO and you have no control over your party.

    BTW don't say marching is not our culture. Muslim world over love to protest and march, it is part of their way to show dissatisfaction. No? Come on.

  89. Anonymous7:37 pm

    Yes we want ISA & Yes we also want AAB to step down!

    So can we have the next PM please?

  90. Whoa! This is music to my ears, so sweet and true. Thank you YB. Show them the way to govern and take over. Bring back the pride to Bangsa Malaysia.

    Zaid Ibrahim, a lawmaker from the ruling United Malays National Organisation told AFP that the premier's warning on the ISA "shows the arrogance of the people in power."

    He said any use of the law would be counterproductive and could scare away foreign investors, and he urged Abdullah to engage those who had grievances or risk radicalising them.

    "I don't think the Indian youths are scared of the ISA. There is a serious problem at hand. Abdullah must find a way to resolve it," he said.

  91. Anonymous8:45 pm

    Why ISA? This people openly committed the act alleged as threat to the Barisan Nasional. So use the relevant acts and charge them.

    Sedition Act, Penal Code, Police Act. We got live pictures, photographer, witnesses.

    So why ISA. To hide the truth?

  92. Rocky!

    Sorry to rain on you parade people, but YES we do need ISA as long as there are people like Utayakumar who is telling the world Malaysian government embarked on a "ethnic cleansing" on Tamils in Malaysia and when he threatened terrorism when Tamils will be like Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka that can create havoc in Malysia. When he said temple was demolished in Kampung Jawa but did not bother to tell the Hindus that Selangor state government had already given an alternative land for the new site of the temple, but unfortunately the land was sold by a Indian community leader for profit!
    I hat to rain on your parade people but the greatest democratic system the great USA has also adopted a new law similiar with the ISA!
    YES we do need ISA where we still have racists telling lies to their community! BTW England also has ISA, if not for it England would have been in greater chaos that it is now against radicals who came to that country to spread mayhem!
    So I am with Pak Lah, impose the ISA on racist bastards, what ever their colour, creed or religion!

  93. Anonymous8:55 pm

    If we do not have ISA the Indians may want to be sultans and the Chinese chauvinists want to be Mentris Besar and Yang diPertuan Agong! So as long as the United Malays Nationalist Organisation (UMNO) is still heading the BN, by all mean have the ISA.
    Unfortunately, majority of those opposing ISA are non-Malays, for why should they care!

  94. Fools deserve the leaders they choose ... and Leaders deserve the Fools who Choose Them ... Enough said .

  95. Anonymous9:02 pm

    They wanted to walk in peace to the British High comm.
    Applied for permit.
    Permit not given.
    Walk of peace still took place.
    Authorities warned of consequences.
    Volleys of tear gas and water fired.
    People dispersed and chaos ensued.
    Now ISA is talked about.
    Isay man isay.

  96. Pasquale .. u are born a Moron ... and you die as one ... feel sad i had to take bullets for the sakes of ur kind . U some kind of an arm chair editor ??

  97. Anonymous9:19 pm

    might as well bring out the guillotine, dunking chairs & quartering?

    all very rustic european chic, non?

  98. Anonymous10:41 pm

    The people want ISA.

    "The people" means self-serving BN politicians, BN-affiliated business cronies, Utusan staff SMSing their own phones asking for ISA, "cari-makan" people who would sell their own parents for profit, and those who live in a dream world where everything is ok.

    "The people" does not include ordinary citizens like you and me.

  99. Anonymous10:47 pm

    I suppose it was very very O.K for Arafat to start off in a more abrasive manner which took innocent lives many times.

    Oh, after all Arafat's cause was very noble?

    Malaysia supported Arafat from the beginning - why? For racial reasons or religious reasons?

    If I am not mistaken, we were made to believe (and believe indeed - thrust down on us by effective propoganda) that it was because of the injustice of the ruling party inflicted on the Palestinians who were made up of people of the same stock but were of different faiths with, of course, the majority being Muslims.

    Then - it was very convenient for Malaysia to denounce Israel, USA, Britain etc, by rallying citizens of all faith in Malaysia - that suited the government's agenda.

    And even recently we were voicing out against injustices in Bosnia and trying to send our folks there to showcase how we in Malaysia live under 'Unity in Diversity' concept!

    Now Uthayakumar, a pale shadow of Arafat, is featured as worse than Arafat by some quarters, just because of a memorandum (purportedly by him) that contained sensitive words.

    If we take Lingam tape incident as a precedent - how about applying the same two stage process to establish its authenticity? Can we have some consistency?

    Why is it Anwar's revelation warrants a preliminary investigation and a Royal commisssion, but the so called memorandum by Hindraf only warrants ISA, and other punitive actions?

    So, no need to go far guys - look at the way we are shifting our assessments of different mediums of communication in hand by conveniently changing our stands on the 60 year old Arafat cause, VK Lingam tape and the so called memorandum by Hindraf.

    We are indeed lovely people, who contradict ourselves when it suits us! Supported by Stooge Velu, defacto Lawyah Burok minister, a hibernating Chief Executive.

    But we look at others and pinpoint their faults.

    Why need foreigners to destroy us? We are doing it ourselves.


    a. we do not accept and address realities like the many years of sufferings of indigeneous folks in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak (of all faiths) Malayssian Indians (also of of all faiths) and even the Chinese, Portugese, Thais etc who are citizens of Malaysia.

    b. But we want to show case 'Malaysia Truly Asia' all over the world.

    Malaysia Boleh or Malaysia Bodoh?

  100. Anonymous10:53 pm

    Hi, ISA admirers,

    Here's a site you all should visit to pay tribute to:

    Cry to mummy when you lose, quick!

    Make you wonder why democracy will never ever arrive in Malaysia, doesn't it?

  101. Anonymous12:06 am

    Those who want the ISA are the ones who will sing a different tune when their loved ones or they themselves are the victims!

    No, a definite NO, to ISA!

  102. Anonymous12:10 am

    Uthaya a decietful character, appear learned but look at what you have finally produced. Hindraf hooligans, samseng and gangsters not paying for thier meals at Brickfields.
    Instead of paying for meals in a simple restaurant operated by a small time fellow Indians you deliberarely destroyed thier tables and chairs and had also caused injuries to the restaurant workers also fellow Indians. What else and how else to describe your conduct other than very lowly and poorly cultured Indians.

  103. Anonymous12:20 am

    We should not let ourselved be intimidated by UMNO goons .... The peaceful marches must continue for our country sake .......

  104. This comment has been removed by the author.

  105. Anonymous12:54 am

    cikit2...ISA.....cikit2...ISA....depa beli kapal ngapa tak ISA.......itu baru kapal...belum hak lain lagi.....

  106. Anonymous1:01 am

    Yes I think we need ISA esp. now .
    We cannot let that hindu criminalout in the open , blackmailing the country with his Tamil Tigers group. Perhaps he is a Sri Langkan tamil tiger members .

  107. Pasquale, in going with your argument, PM has to impose ISA on some of his UMNO ministers too..I'm pretty sure he's not gonna do that..And NO WE DONT WANT THE ISA...

    We, the rakyat want:
    -You to not let people like Zak off the hook..All that hype only to allow him to continue building his mansion..haiz

    -You to do something about the idiots in Parliament who should be in "MPs say the darndest things"..The least you could do is to suspend the flers who come up with stupid remarks..They are most definitely embarassing

    -You to investigate PKFZ..It's gone quiet like Zak's mansion..

    Anyone else anything else to add?

  108. Anonymous2:13 am


    # 1 moron.

    Delusional indeed.

    The problem facing the hindus were/are created by the govt. in the first place and now instead of getting to the root cause of their grievances this #1 moron is instigating the use of ISA to hopefully shut them up for good.

    People can blame the spineless, corrupt and greedy hindu leaders within the bn for their plight but then who actually sanction, forgive and encourage their crooked ways – the corrupted #1 moron and his party of course.

    Oh yeah every word (crap) coming from his mouth is for the protection of the corrupt and the greedy sanctioned by the government themselves – no wonder the rest of the hindus had to rally not because they are crooks but out of desperation for survival.

    Maybe ISA should be invoke to arrest all INSULAR idiots so that nobody needs to listen to their useless crap.


  109. Anonymous2:49 am


    Sorry to rain on you parade people, YES we need ISA as long as there are people like Utayakumar who is telling the world Malaysian government embarked on a "ethnic cleansing" on Tamils in Malaysia and when he threatened terrorism when Tamils will be like Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka that can create havoc in Malysia.

    When he said temple was demolished in Kampung Jawa but did not bother to tell the Hindus that Selangor state government had already given an alternative land for the new site of the temple, but unfortunately the land was sold by a Indian community leader for profit!

    I hat to rain on your parade people but the greatest democratic system the great USA has also adopted a new law similiar with the ISA!

    YES we do need ISA where we still have racists telling lies to their community! BTW England also has ISA, if not for it England would have been in greater chaos that it is now against radicals who came to that country to spread mayhem!

    So I am with Pak Lah, impose the ISA on racist bastards, what ever their colour, creed or religion!

    Malaysian Support You!!

  110. I am for ISA and it's proper use. What chances will Pak Lah use ISA properly?

    The last time he used ISA ws to help safeguard his reputation before 2004 general election. He jalied BSA Tahir for a Scomi involvement in nuclear centrifuge deal with Libya where Kamlauddin his son was involved.

    Their excuse was they didn't know abt it and accused BSA Tahir for being most knowledgable. Sure ... when Mitotoyo officials were held by police last year, it clearly indicate that the machines was meant for nuclear application. What load of BS it is for Oil & Gas application? O&G does not require very high tolerance level precision.

    Allowing ISA to be used by numb nuts like AAB will be suicidal. He will likely used it for his own purpose. NOt even abt security or whatever justifiable purpose.

  111. Anonymous7:57 am


    Yes, I totally in agreement with Pasquale. Uthayakumar and HINDRAF promoters are the exact reason why the country still need laws like ISA. The Police obtained a rare court order for the assembly to not be held (regardless what ever their motive or intentions of the assembly are), on top of the existing Police Act (which was enacted by the Parliament) BUT ppl like Uthayakumar and HINDRAF simply do not respect the law nor the legal process.

    So lets have all these laws deemed "draconian", "ancient" and "shallow" thrown against people who cannot respect law and the legal process and simply KURANG AJAR in all the sense.

    These (ppl like Utahayakumar and HIDRAF) are not civilised people nor members of the civil society. The just mock the civil society system for their own political agenda!

    Dato' Kadir Jasin in his blog wrote about every single community have an axe to grind against the British colonial masters. Does not mean why should take them to court just because we dont agree now what policy they implemented upon our great grandfathers 120 years ago! What Uthaya and HINDRAF is doing is simply humiliating the good name of this country and its people. That is TREACHERY and TREASON.

  112. ISA is a sword that, if wielded properly by the right people (like me) can be very, very good in keeping the peace and whatever shit, etc, etc.

    In fact, if I were PM, I would have put 100,000 people under the ISA already. And then have them 'accidentally' die.

    If idiots were to wield it, then the ISA can 'makan tuan' and slash friends and family.

    In the case of Utayakumar-Brit-wannabe, who loudly proclaims that the Malaysian Government is doing ETHNIC CLEANSING in the vein of Serbia, Rwanda and 1940s Germany, I believe that the ISA on his ass is a very light sentence.

    Compared to REAL ethnic cleansing, of course.

    This Autarkumar should be bound, gagged, tarred, feathered, and exiled to India where no one will ethnic-cleanse him.

    Failing that, just throw him in Malaysian prisons where, according to him, one Indian dies every week.

    Let him see if his stats (from what study, huh?) are correct correct correct correct correct.

    So, in essence, I am sorry but I have to go FOR ISA on this asshole.

    I S A!
    I S A!
    I S A!
    I S A!
    I S A!

  113. And for the record, my family and I have never, ever, ETHNIC-CLEANSED anybody.

    Not a single one.

    Even KJ has never ETHNIC-CLEANSED anyone.

    There is no Indian GENOCIDE in Malaysia. A GENOCIDE denotes mass graves and shit. Bodies on the streets.

    EVEN IF the stats turned out to be true that one Indian dies in Malaysian cells every week - which is an atrocity by its own right - this is NOT GENOCIDE.

    That's called ASSASSINATION, foo!

    A longer, more elegant word.

    I respect my Indian friends, brothers and sisters' right to fight for their own shit. Though I don't really see why. Most of my Indian friends are far richer than I.

    But this Uthayakumar is truly fighting for an asylum in the UK so he can pretend he's God and lord it over other people - especially Indians - by giving out false information and exaggerating facts.

    ETHNIC CLEANSING my ass. We have not even begun to KILL!

    "Kill one, it is tragedy. Kill one million, it is statistics!"

    - Joseph Stalin, Command and Conquer 2 - Red Alert.

  114. Anonymous11:23 am

    ISA,, what ISA?, Abdullah,you are the persons who wants ISA, you are the one who wrote in as an anonymous rakyat o invoke the ISA on peaceful protestor's. Why dont you just get married to ISA and serenade to it. And for once ask your son-in-law to dance for you not the other way around.

  115. Anonymous11:29 am

    When you became Prime Minister, you gave us hope,you made us dream big,i was proud to call your name, now you are just something that forms in the corners of my mouth and when i try to call out your name it turns to spit.

  116. I love you Amir, your "sick" style of writing is a gem, and brightened my day! Keep it up you mother fucker, I love you!

  117. BTW no Western countries in their right mind will grant this Utayakumar asylum, accept may be the state of Tamil Nadu!

  118. Anonymous1:41 pm

    Amir you are funny , I totally agreed with you man.

    and Pasquale you are right too ... no country in their right mind would agreed with that idiot excpt TamilNadu .

    Just as I tot Anuar Ibrahim is behind all these.
    Anuar is another one whom should be bound n gagged n send to excile. He himself need to be reformed mentally

  119. Anonymous3:27 pm











  120. Anonymous4:36 pm

    We want ISA...........

    When the opposition westles the government from BN.

    They will use ISA against those corrupted politicians, AMNO, MaChAi, MICkey mouse.

    lock them up and throw away the keys.

  121. Anonymous6:20 pm

    way to go pasquale!

    For once, i agree with pak lah. bring on the ISA this time.

    Some of you guys are so arrogant. What makes you think that us who support the ISA for this case are UMNO people out here to brown-nose Pak Lah? MAcam bagus je. I am an ordinary citizen with no political affiliation and I want the ISA to be used this time. So sue me if my opinion is different than yours.

    The memo to the Queen was a disgrace to the nation. So much inaccuracy, exaggeration. So much unnecessary (and untrue) refence to terrorism. If that isnt sedition, I dont know what is.

  122. Anonymous7:10 pm

    Salam Bro,

    adakah ini satu ugutan yang mana bakal menggugat keselamatan negara? Adakah ISA tidak sesuai digunakan bagi memastikan keadaan tersebut tidak terjadi di Malaysia? Tidak pernah saya terfikir Malaysia akan jadi begini..

    anak malaysia yg bimbang


    Hidraf threat to the British: We're going to form a new Hindu terrorist wing in Malaysia!

    Hindraf: final appeal to Queen Elizabeth II
    Hindu Rights Action Force
    No. 135-3-A, Jalan Toman 7,
    Kemayan Square,
    70200 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
    Malaysia. Tel : 06-7672995/6
    Fax: 06-7672997 Email

    Senior Private Secretary to Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II
    Buckingham Palace 24.11.2007
    and / or
    c/o Ministry of Foreign Affiars
    P.O.Box 7048,
    Kampala, Uganda
    Fax: +256-414-237310

    The Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown
    Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
    10 Downing Street
    London SW1A 2AA
    ( Courier & Fax:+442079250918)

    C/o Ministry of Foreign Affiars
    P.O.Box 7048,
    Kampala, Uganda
    Fax: +256-414-237310
    and / or
    H.E.Don Mckinnon
    Secretary General Commonweath
    Commonwealth Secretariet
    Marlborough House Pall Mall London SW1Y 5HX
    Telephone: +44 (0)20 7747 6408
    Fax: +44(0)2078399081

    and / or
    C/o Ministry of Foreign Affiars
    P.O.Box 7048,
    Kampala, Uganda
    Fax: +256-414-237310

    Dear Sirs,

    With all due respect may we refer to the above matter and to our media statement enclosed herewith which is self explanatory. We hereby humbly appeal that your goodselves take the appropriate action accordingly

    We have written one thousand over letters, memorandums, appeals, protest notes etc to the Prime Minister, Ministers Attorney General and Inspector General of Police and the other Malaysian authorities but they have neither replied to nor do they even want to even talk to us. They just go on with their oppression, suppression, marginalisation and persecution of these mere 8% ethnic Indians (95% Tamils) in Malaysian with impunity.

    Our worst 'fears' are we do not want these Tamils to be forced into terrorism like what is happening in Sri Lanka.
    On our part we are committed to a diplomatic, peaceful and legal means in our struggle for justice, democracy, the rule of law and humanity.

    Thank You,

    Yours Faithfully

    Legal Adviser


  123. Anonymous9:07 pm

    Little bird told me that sleeping beauty is day dreaming again that majority told him that they want I ASS Air. He deserves a broom award. Use that broom to give him a good wake up call.

  124. "The people want the ISA." Who the hell is this "people" and what country are they from? Certainly not mine.

  125. Anonymous10:54 pm

    Anonymous said...


    >>Sorry to rain on you parade people, YES we need ISA as long as there are people like Utayakumar who is telling the world Malaysian government embarked on a "ethnic cleansing" on Tamils in Malaysia and when he threatened terrorism when Tamils will be like Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka that can create havoc in Malysia.

    >>When he said temple was demolished in Kampung Jawa but did not bother to tell the Hindus that Selangor state government had already given an alternative land for the new site of the temple, but unfortunately the land was sold by a Indian community leader for profit!

    >>I hat to rain on your parade people but the greatest democratic system the great USA has also adopted a new law similiar with the ISA!

    >>YES we do need ISA where we still have racists telling lies to their community! BTW England also has ISA, if not for it England would have been in greater chaos that it is now against radicals who came to that country to spread mayhem!

    >>So I am with Pak Lah, impose the ISA on racist bastards, what ever their colour, creed or religion!

    >>Malaysian Support You!!


    You know anon, your post sounds EXACTLY SIMILAR to what another dude posted earlier. There's a word for it. Its either called "plagiarism" or "sock-puppeting".

    Seems to be a lot of anonymouse folks posting stuff that are structured similar to one another...

    All those people demanding ISA should be made to live 4 years in Kamunting.

  126. Anonymous12:02 am

    Saya rasa ISA patut digunakan.Bukan kerana saya nak support UMNO or BN . Saya support ISA kerana saya sayangkan Malaysia . Saya benci mereka yang mengasut kaum yang lemah dgn janji palsu dan meruntuhkan negara , memecah belah kaum di Malaysia ni .
    ISA patut ada tak kira BN ke memerintah or Pembangkang . Ia adalah untuk keselamatan Negara.

    sesiapa yang mengugat ketenteraman patut dikenakan tindakan ISA .

    Dan juga negara asing tidak patut campaur tangan atas urusan dalam negara , (I am talking about India)

    To Indian Government , mind your own business . Negara kamu pun kucar kacir nak masuk campur urusan sini pulak .

  127. Anonymous3:16 pm


    think carefully before you say yes to ISA...ISA is detention without trial, and for that they can put your mother or your father in jail, just becos some sleepy headed minister get conned by his advisors that your parents are a nuisance.

    If the Govt believes that they (hindraf or anyone) are doing wrong charge them accordingly..and send them away....but the govt must not be allowed to hide behind ISA..NEVER

  128. BEFORE we say yes to ISA?


    We already said yes to ISA. Many, many years ago.

    And since it's already there, and there is Uthayakumar, why not just use it?

    It's like the Old Republic discovering that Darth Tyrannus had ordered the stormtroopers for the Old Republic.

    They just fucking used it to fight the Trade Federation, Yoda and all.

    And if they play it right, the Government may fall because of ISA.

    So everybody is happy.

    Uthayakumar gets his just desserts - rotting in a jail somewhere wondering whether this week would be his week.

    And the Government will fall, making some people very, very happy. But leaving others without something to blame other than themselves.


  129. You know what's funny?

    People want the ISA imposed on those they don't agree with.

    You know why? It never occurs to them that some day there would be a cause they'd have to champion and their rights would be revoked due to their short-sightedness.

    They say there's a sucker born every minute. I guess Malaysia is a haven for them.

  130. Anonymous8:26 pm


    no...they wont put my mother father and mother in jail because my mother and father never do anythhing stupid. i have no worries whatsoever that anyone in my family/friends circle will be detained under ISA.

  131. Anonymous12:42 am


    if one day i feel like championing my rights, i dont think i will send a letter to the Queen of England (i thought merdeka 1957?) with false and racially-motivated accusations.

    He deserves the ISA not because of the rights that he is championing but his means to do so. Please get that right before calling anyone with a different opinion a sucker.

  132. Anonymous10:27 am

    anon 8.26pm.

    I do not have the slightest doubt your parents will not do anything stupid..but what if someone wants to fix them stash some sebversive docs in their car, or you still remember Nalla was treated..Did Nalla think he would do something stupid..and read my post again..I said charge them if they have committes any offence. But you will never understand. Detention without trial is too difficult for you to grasp..maybe time to go play marbles, easier?

    Anon..have a nice day

  133. Yeah, you're not just a sucker but a coward too. Have some guts, use a permanent identity.

    Everything in Malaysia is racially motivated, get that right before you even attempt to engage me in a discussion.

    But what false accusations? Most of the points he brought up are true, albeit spiced up.

    Again, go get your facts right before you let your mind be swayed like every other stupid Malaysian here.

  134. "Yeah, you're not just a sucker but a coward too. Have some guts, use a permanent identity."

    Yeah, like the one given to you by your mother, CRANKSHAFT.

    Anons may be cowards, but you're one to speak, hiding behind an anonymous alias.

  135. Anonymous6:09 pm

    Mr PM,

    Sure we want ISA! No.1 in should be Najib Razak, Hisham Onn, Kera Jay, Adnan Yakob, not forgetting Daim Zainuddin ...

    We should put that lesbian Sports Minister in, too!

  136. I said "permanent identity" not "real name". Which part do you not understand or should I speak slowly in Melayu?

    Of course, by your standards I suppose Rocky must be hiding behind an anonymous alias since his real name is Ahirudin Attan?

    Oh, and I have a proper blog, one I don't regularly start and delete due to fickle-mindedness.

  137. Our Real Names ARE our 'permanent identities'.

    Rocky's real name is plastered on his site. Yours is hiding on your ass (in your wallet, for the slow-mined).

    Don't get me wrong. I don't give a fuck who you are. And I don't want to know. Who the fuck cares?

    And I got no beef with anons or people with Internet aliases. But I do have something against people calling other people cowards when they ain't got no balls themselves.

    Crankshaft, you talk the talk, but when you walk, you ain't got no cock.

    Oh! Face!

  138. Not on the internet, idiot. Or do you need a crash course on internet norms?

    And yeah, you can't seem to come up with anything better than profanity when you have no point to argue.

    I have plainly stated on my profile that I am FEMALE and yet you donkeys still can't get that right.

    For the REALLY slow minded, I do not keep my wallet in my ass pocket and NO, I ain't got no cock. Do some research before you even aim your insults.

    Otherwise they have a nasty habit of falling flat.

    Which brings me to my point, why would I bother to put my real name when my internet identity, Crankshaft (which is shorter and easier to remember) has been consistently used?

  139. Anonymous7:22 am


    so typical of your kind...if people have different opinion then it means that they are slow/stupid.

    of course, a lot of people would grasp the chance to plant subservise documents in any tom, dick and harry's car.

  140. Anonymous7:32 am


    so yes Im a coward, i admit. but are you not one too? if not, why dont u dish your name and where you work? as amir said, i really dont give a toss who you are but this is just for the sake of backing your so-called non-cowardice.

    and one more thing, what gives you the right to call every other Malaysian here stupid? u so clever? dont think so, judging from your comments...and your profile. so childish lah.

  141. Anonymous11:11 am

    did i say you are stupid? I just said go play marbles.

    Sensitive ...sensitive...

  142. Anonymous4:52 pm

    uthaya.. our indian comunity need HINDRAF to fight with the stupid UMNO goverment!