Tuesday, November 20, 2007

VK Lingam says brother delusional, brother says ...

"I'm going to sue him for that".

My brother Balan ... "is a psychiatric patient who sufers from hallucinations, strong suicidal tendencies, delusions and major depression ... is prone to violent conduct manifested by assaults upon his siblings, wife and children ... lost his job at Tenaga Nasional because he assaulted one of his colleagues."
See the full press statement by V. Kanagalingam here.

Supper with VK Lingam's brother
I was with Balan, or V. Thirunama Karasu, for supper last night. He told me that he isn't mad and that he is of sound mind. I was with him for about an hour.

Did he look delusional, of unsound mind, to me?

Not at all. Balan looks like your regular guy. Soft spoken, polite and couldn't wait to get home. "I'm worried about the kids."
I asked him what he was going to do with his brother's allegations that he was "tak betul". "I'm going to sue him for that."

Don't take my word for it. Read the papers tomorrow or sometime later this week.


  1. Rocky,
    It's a frontpage item on Malaysiakini today.

  2. If Balan was of unsound mind, the question arises why he was entrusted with large sums of money and "important" transactions as detailed in his police report.

    I suppose we may have to go to court to ascertain "soundness of mind".

  3. Anonymous2:22 pm

    A certain little bird was telling me about some legal matters involving a certain subsidiary of a certain well-regarded company and how the outcome turned out...

    In Greek mythology, one of the labours of Hercules was the cleaning of the Augean stables. The stables, in which King Augeas kept 3,000 oxen, were not cleaned for 30 years. Hercules diverted the River Alpheus through them and cleaned them in a day.

    Any similarity between what Hercules did and what is happening in Malaysia today is purely coincidental!

  4. Anonymous2:33 pm

    Tumpang lalu, Bro!

    Dear Rocky's fan, please visit Malaysiakita for other socio-political blogs updates...

  5. Anonymous2:59 pm

    With so much of "happenings" surfacing everyday, we should overtake bollywood in no time - call it molly wood.

  6. Anonymous3:41 pm

    hoi lingam, whats happening la,

    thambi, thats your blood braderrr...

    know this phrase?...
    "he ain't heavy, he's my brother"

  7. Anonymous4:19 pm

    Just like watching Telenovela daa......After 500 series still cannot solve the problem.

  8. I hope he not only sues VT Lingam but also the newspapers that carried that allegation.
    These newspapers are careful not to mention names of people linked with BN and government but free with counter allegations made by them.
    Please sue NST.
    Even today The Star says on Page 6 " The clip supposedly shows a prominent lawyer talking .........."
    Why can't it just name that fellow.

  9. Anonymous5:56 pm

    waaa....no honour among brothers. One calls the other a sleazebag, the other calls him insane and violent.

    You can count on these machaas to always bring drama.

  10. Anonymous7:06 pm

    Wonder, whetehr they people who shot the video going to be called unsound mind, too. Or , I am also insane .."it run in the family"

  11. Anonymous7:07 pm

    Lingam's game is up! Surely he is going to jail and he must. That's my prediction as an astrologer. Sorry lah Thambi Lingga (great penis!).. your aatamum pattum are comingto an end.. your days are coming to an end too.

  12. Anonymous7:56 pm

    Now what had Datuk Low Hop Bing and Datuk Mokhtar Sidin to say about their role as stated in the police report?

    Tak malu kah? Still want to sit at the Court of Appeal delivery Justice to the highest bidder. The Acting CJ must suspend these known known ... in the court and set up a tribunal agaisnt both of them.

  13. Too good to be true, the way everything builds up to.

    Balloon has limit on its elasticity and it ends with a short 'bang'. But no one will get hurt.

  14. Anonymous10:29 pm


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  15. Anonymous12:07 pm

    bro just leave it to the good doctors who had the expertise to certify him as unsound or sound mind.

    what u see may not necessarily what it seems to be.