Wednesday, November 21, 2007

7 hours

pictures by Malaysiakini
Balan meets ACA, again.
V.K. Lingam's brother spent 7 hours with the ACA from 11.20 am yesterday to go over his allegations of corruption against the controversial lawyer. V. Thirunama Karasu, also known as Balan, was accompanied by lawyer-politician Wee Choo Keong, who made public for the firs time last Sunday two police reports lodged against Lingam by Balan in March.

Balan had been through this before. In 1998, he went to the ACA with similar allegations against Lingam. In a press statement that ended his two-month "elegant silence" on Monday, Lingam said:
"I believe that the Anti Corruption Agency did not pursue any action on the allegations made by Balan as they and the Attorney-General's Chambers were aware of Balan's psychiatric condition."
My sources said Balan was asked about his "psychiatric condition" during the interview. Balan told the ACA officer that he had been forced "to fake it" by his brother in order to nullify whatever statement he had made to the ACA. Balan was also made to see a psychiatrist at GH, who was said to be a close friend of V.K Lingam.


Anonymous said...

From the police report of Balan, it shows that not only Lingam that forced him to fake that he was mentally ill when giving his first statement to the ACA.

In the police report, Balan also staed that there were three lawyers putting pressure on him to fake that he was mentally sick. If you are not sure of this, please refer to Balan's police report of 19-03-2007.

I am not suprised that at that time the Attorney-General, if I am not mistaken, was the late Mokhtar Abdullah who was also implicated in the report, covered it up.

ACA for God sake, there were enough materials for the ACA to go by to order those judges, who has retired and Low Hop Bing, who is still sitting on bench to declare thier assets. I am certain that they have more than Datuk Ramli from the Commercial Crime Department.

I am also certain that Datuk Low Hop Bing and Mokhtar Sidin are the champion of them all. Pleae take note that Lingam asked Balan to bring that brown brief case to Low Hop Bing at night! Surely that brown cannot be empty. PLEASE IMAGINE. IS IT THAT HARD IMAGINE!!!

What jhope has this country when Judges are also on the ..... Please further imagine.

Bodowi, when you won the 2003 Genrela Elections you have declare that fighting corruption was your number 1 priority.

What is happenning now??? So pleae please deliver ok! if you cannot do anything then your delivery system is in the deep shit! Suspend Mokthar Sidin and Low Hop Bing and have themn tribunalised like what haed happened to Tun Salleh Abas.

salah ad din said...

rocky... could someone put a video of Balan talking on some blogs to see whether he is actually sane or as alleged by kind brother...

Anonymous said...

Wow, I am impressed. ACA is so efficient in this case, for other cases, sleeping like the head political master.

Anonymous said...

Bollywood block buster in the making! It will be bigger than Ben Hur!

Anonymous said...

We shouldn't complain. It is the job of mainstream newspapers to scream headlines by some big shot accusing his poor little brother.

It is not their job to expose and comment why eight months has passed and nothing was done about the report. It is not politically correct to be asking these questions.

Similarly ACA grilled the poor bugger for seven hours instead of questioning the person against whom the report was made, video clip and all. It would not politically and judicially correct to be poking your nose in the wrong places now would it?

Anonymous said...

This brother against brother episode is begining to reek like a Robert Redford 'The Sting'. Hope I am wrong. w9

Tehsin Mukhtar said...

Stealing Billions
Pathological Lying
Blowing up Defenceless Women
Bad Toupees
Bald Heads and Bald Faced Lying
Detachment from Reality and Others
Overinflated Egos
Gassing and Hosing Down Civilians
Manipulating People
Indifference to Others' Misery and Poverty
Hysterical and Contradictory Statements on Live International TV
Total Lack of Conscience and Accountability
Inability to Differentiate between Right and Wrong

Itu semua serious penyakit jiwa gak kan? Pack your bags, Dollah and gang...I think we can clear out most of those harmless psychiatric patients in Hospital Bahagia and incarcerate the real psychos and sociopaths running the country...

Anonymous said...

his police report tallies with the video. this coming from a delusional person?
hey, wasnt this lingam seen with the then CJ eusoff chin on holidays in New Zealand. There were stacks of evidence of impropriety but no action was taken.
what goes round will come round. those that perverted the justice will have to suffer the karma, whether in this life or the next.

zorro said...

....and VK Lingam's friends at the Star editorial desk toned down the Sunday press conference report! YES? I was sitting directly behind the Star reporter who took copious notes. I can empathize with these young enthusiastic journo whose pieces get butchered, dissected or shredded.

galadriel said...

Wot a scumbag. Bottom-dwelling scum-sucking creature this Lingam.
No depth low enough that he wudn't sink to.

I wonder how many people out there who is guilty simply by association. After all, birds of a feather stick together.

Aiyo...this country is rotten rotten rotten, if Lingam can coolly say the ACA won't take action against him.

Anonymous said...


are you still buying "the People's" paper? it was many years ago a paper where you can get independent and credible news but now, no less a state propaganda. its time to look into initiating a mass boycott of this state apparatus.

Hantu Laut said...

'He who would hang his dog gives out first that it is mad'

What other excuse would he has to describe his estranged brother's behaviour?A bad excuse is better than none.

Now, he is only suffering from dementia later the disease will progress to amnesia.A well acted wayang kulit.

Anonymous said...

Zorro, nothing new for the Star. Wong Chuu Wai will just take orders from the 4th floor boys.

Do you remeber Star published only 4,000 peopel turned up for hte march when Al Jezera showed more than 10 times the 4,000. Why are you so surprised?

The only way to teach people like Wong Chun Wai a lesson is to stop buying the Star and when the circulation drop then the Star will wake up and Wong Chun Wai will lose his job.

Anonymous said...

Wong Chun Wai no "chun" la, always twist and turn, spin here and there. Too much bull. Thats why they gave him a JP recently, you know, to Jaga the Pingan mangkuk of his frens.

hamzah tahir said...

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