Tuesday, November 13, 2007

So, we painted London yellow, too ....

From London, with love. Obviously, it was a dry day in London. Go to malaysianminxinlondon for her words and more pictures.


  1. Anonymous1:36 pm


    Talking about IGP wanted to charge the parent who bring kids to the 10eleven rakyat march, I hope he will charge the pig farmer in Melaka who bring their kid as well.

    Kena adil lah IGP . Ask Karam Singh
    for the footage as shown on TV3.

    personally I don't agree with parent who bring their kids along.

    BTW, you guys in London are lucky even you have a small group because you get police permit and no water cannon & tear gas.

  2. Anonymous1:54 pm

    Thumbs up!

  3. Anonymous1:58 pm

    quite apalled reading blogs & comments that think 10eleven is a lost cause, waste of time, etc..

    should read the 1st hand account of an 18 yrs girl participated in the march...


  4. You guys are not on the government scholarship payroll, are you?

  5. Anonymous2:28 pm

    don't talk cheap laa.... nurin's killer is still at large!

  6. The Nov 10 gathering was no different from any Merdeka celebrations when thousands thronged the city.
    If the police had left them alone it would been a very peaceful gathering or a mere stroll on a Saturday afternoon.
    Then also charge parents who bring their children for the Merdeka do.

  7. Waaah.. London oso got ah? Bravo guys!

  8. Anonymous3:15 pm

    Hey Rock guess what!! Looks like RPK's website has been blocked for good. Been trying to get in since last night but to no avail. Your's and RPK's blog sites are the only ones I have been following for the true and uncensored version of whats going on in our beloved Malaysia. Looks like I have to depend on your blog site only now. By the way Syabas and Congratulations on your successful Yellow Wave March. Truly it brought tears to my eyes to have seen that there are Malaysians out there who truly care. Rock on mate!!!!

  9. I think the bloggers are going to have a gala time over Nazri's comments,below are the excerpts from NST online today:
    Dewan Rakyat: Nazri: Rally work of ’pondan’

    THE illegal rally in Kuala Lumpur last Saturday took centre stage in the house yesterday as Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mohd Nazri Aziz and opposition leader Lim Kit Siang traded barbs.

    At the height of the exchange, Nazri declared that the organisers had lost their marbles or kepala wayar putus, and that the gathering was the work of pondan (cowards).

    hahaha....Rocky, please change your headlines, 40,000 PONDANS attended last Saturday's rally!! and I didnt know pondan meant cowards as how NST translated it. This coming from our Minister, sheesh...I really should stop reading all mainstream news. I knew he was a moron,now he's an uber-super-duper-oxymoron! and they ran the country!! I didnt know to laugh or cry when I read it.

  10. Anonymous4:14 pm

    yo Anonymous 3:15pm
    try http://www.m2day.org
    its a new address

  11. Anonymous4:30 pm

    Elo friend, RPK url has change to http://www.m2day.org

  12. Rock on mate
    In Uk too that was great
    Malaysians must be getting serious
    About the country affairs

    Adnan is talking bull
    ISA against those spreading ill will
    People talk any way they want
    They go for peaceful marching
    To say a piece what’s wrong with that?

    Play fair in wealth distribution
    Play fair in awarding projects
    Play fair in allocations
    Play fair for Malaysians

    Don’t use color to denote race
    Don’t use laws to achieve your aims
    Don’t use bullying tactics to stay in power
    Don’t use Allah’s name to say your holiness
    None of it should be used
    This is Malaysia for all Malaysians!

    Am I dreaming?
    Without dreams nothing will be achieved
    Look at Nelson Mandela
    He got his country’s freedom

    I dream of Malaysia
    Every one has equal share
    Right now it looks so impossible
    But it will happen

  13. Anonymous5:32 pm

    Bergen was right, I just want to know whether these people are there sponsored by the government or any GLCs. If they are, then its hypocrisy to the the first degree.

    Dont get me wrong, Im all for a clean government. I just think that the rallly was used by PAS, DAP and PKR for ther political mileage. For every person marching in yellow, dont forget that there are thousands of MAlaysians who would rather vote for BN, regardless of its shortcomings, over PAS, DAP or PKR. Lesser of the 2 evils, no?

    If the rally was to present a memorandum to get the government to address all the issues that have been raised so far, then I'm all up for it. These issues have been raised, talked, criticised to death in all the politically-inclined blog, but that's about as far as they went.

  14. Anonymous5:46 pm


    AUKU or no AUKU, the time is ripe for Malaysian students to wake up and stand up for themselves! well done, comrades!


  15. Anonymous5:49 pm

    just because they're on govt scholarship does not mean that they are hyprocrites , scholarship after all are rakyat's money , govt is merely a caretaker

    just to assume that one should give allegiance to a govt just because they're on some scholarship is absurd

  16. Anonymous6:46 pm

    to bergen and anonymous 5:32,

    so what if they have a govt scholarship. first and foremost, its a govt scholarship, not a BN scholarship, get it right.

    secondly, if they have the brains for it, why not. some people are not as rich as to be able to afford and send their kids for further education.

    it's not being hypocritical. it's being sensible. let's say this a student is very clever and has a chance to move up the social ladder, but he doesn't agree to BN's rule. do you get him to forfeit his scholarship just because of it?

    if you guys are offered a RM1 million scholarship and turn it down because you don't wanna be called hypocrites, memanglah otak korang letak kat lutut.

    that's probably why you guys don't have a scholarship in the first place. boooooooddoooooooh.

  17. Anonymous7:13 pm

    Anon 5.49...

    True, its the Rakyat money, but how/when/to whom the scholarship is granted is the Government's policy. A government can choose to give less out for scholarship and more for other policies, e.g. defence. When we fill our tax returns, there are no boxes to fill our preference in where the taxes should be spent. If I have my own way as a taxpayer, for example, I would ask the current government to withdraw the sholarship from those (some, not all of course) students in London or elsewhere(speaking from my observation) who are more busy gallivanting in and out of nightclubs than studying and using the sholarship money to quench their thirst for designer gears.

    Also, just to set the record straight, scholarship granted comes not only from rakyat's money (personal tax pmt) but also money taxed from other GLCs, especially Petronas (I think that's the govt's highest source of money to be spent on its policies).


  18. Anonymous7:20 pm

    By the way, why 10-Eleven?

    9/11, 7/7 and now 10/11..

    Can we come out with something more original and not sound like the americans and the brits in their 'noble' quest to counter terrorism?


  19. Anonymous7:28 pm


    the rakyat thru sweats & tears pay taxes year in, year out with the ardent hope it will be used for development & betterment of the country.

    what make badawi think he got the rights to keep sticking his filthy hands into the cookies jar.

    after 4 yrs what has badawi got to shows...
    beside taking a new wife, buying a new aircraft, new vessel, missing from putrajaya, missing from parliament, having holidays with the rich & famous...

    and both of you think its fair the country keep paying for his follies... this is what we called - mother of all hypocrisy.

  20. Anonymous11:17 pm


    regarding your last sentence, please do not make such assumptions..there's no basis in it at all. It makes you sound arrogant you know. And can we just give our opinions without resorting to bodoh, moron, mangkuk and the likes. That's the tactic of the uneducated and I am sure you are not one of them.

    Anon 7.28,

    You said 'and both of you think its fair the country keep paying for his follies'. FYI, I detest our current Prime Minister. No, I absolutely dont agree with the many holidays, the jet purchase, the George Benson concert, the yatch and the thousand other things that have been raised here and elsewhere. With so many people aganst it and with so many comments thrown in the net, I would have thought that more things would be done to make the PM realise what we think and to ask him to explain his actions. But sadly, the rally was for the electoral procedures and not for the other issues. So what if the electoral procedures are changed to be more Bersih? At the end of the day, no matter how bersih it is, many will still vote for BN just because there are no better alternatives. Why dont we pool the voices to address the corruption/mismanagement within the government, and not just sumbitting to government-bashing on the net?

    So please dont confuse my not supporting the Opposition with supporting the PM's follies.


  21. Anonymous12:02 am

    It is surprising that the products of NEP is protesting in London but back in Malaysia they don't do anything apart from going with the flow. They need to 'BERSIHkan' NEP before they fight for their rights on other issues.

  22. Anonymous12:18 am

    Those who are against corruption should be a member of Gerak, an NGO set to reveal and help fight corruption. With a substantial membership, Gerak will be a society that will have significant support. So log in and join.

  23. Anonymous10:23 am

    It is surprising also that the product of non-NEP only know to criticize and comment others the so-called absurd action..
    their words are the only thing bigger than their guts and balls..

    For your information, the type of oversea student that busy gallivanting in and out of nightclubs than studying and using the scholarship money to quench their thirst for designer gears are merely from the rich business & politician tribe..The one that should be cursed is the one that obtain sponsorhip throught political networking althought their parents can really afford from their own pocket.

    For your info,the so-called-NEP- majority student cannot afford to have a lavish lifestyle with a monthly GBP330 monthly allowance especially living in London.. The room rent itself cost you GBP50 a week you moron! By the way, what scholarship? nowdays its all 'pinjaman boleh ubah'.. after all the student are legally bound by contract you moron, no-where to escape..to get a 75% discount they need to achieve at least 2nd Class upper..if 1st class they might be consider for full scholarship. If below that,its a full pay! What? you think the majority student there dare to play around when thinking about this? The payout will cost 5-10 time the cost of doing degree in local universities!

    Its almost GBP 100,000 for a 4 yrs engineering cost in Imperial College you moron..after all, to enroll in, the so-called-NEP-quota student need to obtain straight A's in A-Level.. otherwise u think the UCAS would accept them? fake meritocracy in Britain?

    Woi..its not Malaysia SPM/STPM la where the govt can manipulate..Do you think the Britain granted any special privillege for Malays to enroll in their universities?? Its real bloody of your so-called meritocracy there, except for the local Brits. Deep shit!

    Obviously you people has been sleeping for so long in your own cocun and fail to see the real world. Most of the so called quota student doing well there.

    Only these the so-called low class mentality majority people have the true love for their country plus just a fraction from the minority! After all they only have Malaysia as their 'tanah tumpah darahku' ..NOT Singapore, USA, UK, Australia, China, India or other country like some of the minorities!

    I bet if Singapore or US come to invade Malaysia, these bunch of people will start supporting the other side..and left the stupid NEP-quota-product to defend the country with blood & tears!
    Prove me wrong.. after all when it comes to dirty bloody risky job carrying low wage, it will be on the shoulder of the so called-NEP-quota majority..

    The pig farmer at least have the guts to protect their pigs to ground zero...yeah,pigs eh.. not malaysian..and what can that really tell you about?

  24. Bergen and Anon5.32pm. Even if those who demonstrated in London are scholarship-holders, so what. Does it mean that the Government own their souls and conscience. If we adults think this way, the next generation will be carbon copy, led by the nostril rings......like cows. No wonder the circus clowns up Parliament slope calls us stupid...or easily cowed.Syabas to the London young. Never sell your birth-right...you only have one.

  25. Anonymous11:03 am


    please dont confuse my total disgust with the PM's follies akin to government bashing.

    by all mean vote bn or the opposition, just make sure the corrupted & idly one do not breezed in.

    10eleven is to put an end to all these electoral absurdity propounded by the current administration

  26. Zorro & Anon:

    I asked the question if the students are govt. scholarship holders because I know they are going to be grilled by the MSD officers.

    The question wasn't meant to suggest that they shouldn't be there in yellow t-shirt just because they are govt. shcolarship holders.

    I'm sorry if you happen to read my question the way you figured it should read. Maybe you consider me one of those UMNO cybertroopers, out visiting blogs like this one leaving comments to belittle people.

    If my explanation isn't good enough for you to get at me so you can satisfy yourselves, here's my phone number (019-388 2309). We can meet anytime.

  27. Anonymous5:16 pm


    i apologise for the booooodooooh remark. you're right.


  28. Anonymous7:00 pm

    galapagos ,
    then on the same token i would also like my taxpayer money not to go to govt coffers no?

    for example in US , almost all students receive some sort of funding from the govt to further their studies yet they can choose freely who they can support (republican/democrate/green party if you're one of them Nader nerds) w/o any repercussion or whatsoever..

    i would prefer my tax money to fund more of this student so we can get a more vibrant new generations and not another generation of pak turuts-yes-you-pay-for-my-tuition-fees-i-wont-say-anything-bad-about -you


  29. Anonymous8:48 pm

    Dah habis periksa ke...