Tuesday, November 13, 2007

1 flyover, 2 launches, 3 price tags

Miri gem. You've got to read blogger Clemfour's latest posting Late as Usual.
It's about a flyover that has been launched twice and has three price-tags - RM45 million, RM107 million and RM450 million!
And why you can tell your boss to take a hike if he's got a problem with you being just a few hours' late for work.


  1. Anonymous6:52 pm


    maybe these newspaper get a different set of copy of PM speeches or press statement.

    NST punya prepared by 4th floor , Berita Harian prepared by 5th floor
    and the other one prepared by JKR....the actual cost. LOL

  2. Anonymous11:57 pm

    i am not even a bti surprise! global upline? jesus, look at who's the advsre behind this co. tell it to the minority shareholders of ekran, wembley and the group of listed companies who were sodomised big time. and this fella has the support of the government! and voted entreprenuer of the year for sarawak. if i am a shareholder of the said companies, i reserve my puke until i see him face to face. and mainstream papers glorify him. wonder how much the writers were paid to do so!
    let me tell you mr global upline. if i am the chief of SC, i go after your arse big time!

  3. Anonymous10:01 am


    TV3 news last night mention that it cost RM 140 million.

    Apa apa aje lah ..........

  4. Anonymous1:13 pm

    I have raised this issue to S'wak press before but never got published and I'm saying it again. The project is 11 months ahead of schedule?! Isn't Global Upline or whatever that means really screwed the state govt or taxpayers good? Meaning state govt could have paid for 4 years of work where in actual fact the work can be done 11months earlier? ACA got to get involved in this. Sarawak is a cowboy state where Taib runs the state like his own backyard.

  5. Anonymous1:14 pm

    anon 1.13pm

    look at the key person behind this co called global upline. his connection is superb dating back to the days of Mahatir. How much did he made from the bakun dam. trees al sold then project cancelled and millions were compensated. yet, all the listed companies under him became financially distressed. take my words, he even borrowed from the listed companies and only partially repay some of the advances after a massive hair-cut! the balance, probably till thy kingdom come.
    what has the SC been doing? nothing, no investigation, no seizure of books, no forensics. and this guy is being voted Sarawak entreprenuer of the year! and the mainstream papers didnt even make a mention of his horrible history but except to glorify him as a keen and successful businessman. i pity the minority shareholders.