Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sandwiched between Khairy and Nazri

Malik Imtiaz vs Them. Teymoor Nabili, the host of 101 East, talks to Disquiet my lead counsel, the son-in-law and Nazri Pondan-Bodoh Aziz about the 10Eleven Yellow march.

Channel 513, Al Jazeera
10.30 pm
Thursday 15 Nov 2007


  1. ONLY IN MALAYSIA, in Bolehland, that our Minister calls his own citizens, Bodoh, Pondan.

    So absolutely shameful. They ran the country in the past, running the country now, and will continue to in the future??

    Our uber-super-duper-oxymoron has "landed". 40,000 pondans representing...millions of pondans? And we still allow him to breath the same air like us and live in the same land like us. He must have left his brains in the Soyuz and got it thrown out of Soyuz during orbit. It really gives new meaning to "brain drain", starting with his.

    When I started blogging,I told myself, have some finesse la. But with this cyber(remember brain out of Soyuz)-uber-super-duper-brainless-oxymoron, really cant help myself, NOT when he calls my 10-eleven HEROES pondans! and shame on NST, their online headline on the 10-eleven was "yawn,a waste of time". So,if we are pondan, he is ketua...?sigh,it really doesnt get any better.

  2. Anonymous8:04 pm

    Bro, look forward to this. Can you please download programme onto your website for the benefit of us who don't have access to al jazeera tv? Or can somebody You-tubed it , please?

    Regarding your previous post, it is so apparent that the standard of journalism by mainstream papers has gone to the pigs ( a more popular animal in malaysia, compared to the dog). Can you imagine headlining an absolute untruth (even though quoting the pm)? I'm refering to his comment about dragging the king into politics. This is an absolute insult to the king and the whole monarchy. They are ABOVE politics. It is precisely for that reason they become the last place for the people to present their predicament. Why do we call "ROYAL COMMISSION"? And to think that those papers don't even have minds of their own when come to such matters...tsk, tsk,tsk,tsk...

  3. Anonymous8:06 pm

    Channel 513, Al Jazeera
    later in Irag,Pakistan,Afghanistan and so on,hope so!

  4. Ish...tak sabarnye aku nak tengok Nazri Joker top Zainuddin Maidin in making an idiot of get my teh tarik, feta cheese and crackers ready and snuggle up depan TV for some great viewing!!!!

  5. 2 against 1? Damn, that's not fair. The government should've sent 2 more.

  6. Anonymous10:38 pm

    cant be worse than zam, can they? i wont be surprise anymore if they are with the pathetic quality of our (sic.should be your) ministers.

  7. Anonymous11:00 pm

    Will the son-in-law be protected by the PM if pointed questions were put to him?

    Then we should start to ask him: Since you are unemployed all along, from which source did you get your monies to buy into ECM Libra? Please don't tell us that Kalimullah gave SIL free shares.

    Are you still staying with Nori Abdullah in the same household?

    How many billions Ringgit is SIL worth?

    With all the protections he received from the PM, is the SIL still convince that he will be PM before the age of 40?

  8. call me a homo-phobic retard on wheelchair but the title of this post is too gross for me to stomach mann...

  9. Anonymous11:09 am

    Nutzri is the reason why we should require all potential Ministers and their deputies to undergo psychiatric exam before being appointed.

  10. posted this on Haris Ibrahim's blog,couldnt help myself by posting it here again:

    wooo…so looking forward to this as I missed the earlier segment with Zam, but eventually and unfortunately did see and hear Zam’s interview. It was shameful (Minister talking like this) but kelakar as it made me laughed sampai sakit perut.

    If these people tick Nazri off, he’ll be blasting everyone “pondans”..that’s what he called the 40,000 people who went to the Saturday’s rally. Its on youtube and NST printed it. I am sure Al Jazheera will be better prepared after speaking to our dim-witted Zam (sigh…malu, malu, malu). I can almost predict the ending, in Nazri’s fit of anger and being provoked by Al Jazheera, he’ll be saying to Al-Jazheera “pondan” and you SIL “bodoh” (oops..end of career, so maybe we have a hope of him being terminated by FIL), and VOILA, we will have a new entry into or wikipedia, the infamous word “pondan” and “bodoh” by uber-super-duper-oxymoron Nazri. No one can be dumber that both Nazri and Zam, let’s stay tuned tonight

  11. Anonymous12:02 pm


    How come 2 vs 1 ?
    Why not 3 vs 1 ? They forgot to invite ZAM as well.

    Is it because Nazri or KJ can't debate alone againt Imtiaz ?

    KJ as usual looking for any single chance to project himself as a hero. Nazri ? to replace ZAM to counter back.

    EXPECT to get spinning answer and not facts from them as usual.

    To Imtiaz, you'll never walk alone and I look forward to see this.

  12. Kerp (ph.d),

    I fully agree with you. A sandwich, between these two, aiyo. Rocky, you sick, sick, person!


  13. Zam Goblok better step down... they are not happy with your rap... you-you-you, that-that-that...

  14. ZAM is right!

    We ARE pondans ....

    Follow this chain of thots..

    We elected UMNO? Then they must be our Super Pondans..

    UMNO nominated ZAM?
    He must the UEBERPONDAN (pondan-est of us all!!)

    BTW - ZAM is saying we are pondans because:

    1. He IS the top pondan & he KNOWS 1 when he sees 1?

    After all didn't he have to take alot into his nether zone fr his compatriots be4 he could get to where he is today?

    2. He WISHES he was a pondan? (if he was even 1/5th pondan, he would be more polished, considerate and attentive)

    So in my umno-like deduction, logic & therefore conclusion -

    ZAM IS RIGHT about Pondans!

  15. Anonymous6:30 pm

    zam was invited but he turned down - must be tired after fighting with al jazeera

  16. We'll wait and see which one of them the most articulate.

    Nazri is a loose cannon,Khairy has serious superiority complex and Malik, I have no idea, never seen him speaking before.So, I reserve my judgement.

    It's now about 8 p.m, another 21/2 hours to go, I hope I wouldn't fall asleep.