Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Demo and us

Malaysia was built on street protests! The Malays took to the streets to protest against Malayan Union. Using Fahmi Reza's documentary, veteran journalist Maria Samad reminds Pak Lah of a past he might have forgotten in her latest posting A lesson in history for our leaders ... lest they forget.
Go to her blog for pictures and words.


  1. Anonymous10:27 pm

    Was there a Minister of Information then? Wonder how the British reacted then.

  2. Anonymous10:36 pm

    No offence meant... But have read similar arguments around the blogs, esp (malay) socio-political blogs.

  3. salam aidil adha untuk abang attan sekeluarga.

    surah untuk pedoman kita semua
    AL MULK...

    Dengan nama Allah, Yang Maha Pemurah, lagi Maha Mengasihani.

    [1] Maha Berkat (serta Maha Tinggilah kelebihan) Tuhan yang menguasai pemerintahan (dunia dan akhirat) dan memanglah Dia Maha Kuasa atas tiap-tiap sesuatu;

    [2] Dialah yang telah mentakdirkan adanya mati dan hidup (kamu) untuk menguji dan menzahirkan keadaan kamu: Siapakah di antara kamu yang lebih baik amalnya; dan Dia Maha Kuasa (membalas amal kamu), lagi Maha Pengampun, (bagi orang-orang yang bertaubat);

    [3] Dialah yang telah mengaturkan kejadian tujuh petala langit yang berlapis-lapis; engkau tidak dapat melihat pada ciptaan Allah Yang Maha Pemurah itu sebarang keadaan yang tidak seimbang dan tidak munasabah; (jika engkau ragu-ragu) maka ulangilah pandanganmu dapatkah engkau melihat sebarang kecacatan?

    [4] Kemudian ulangilah pandanganmu berkali-kali, nescaya pandanganmu itu akan berbalik kepadamu dengan hampa (daripada melihat sebarang kecacatan), sedang dia pula berkeadaan lemah lesu (kerana habis tenaga dengan sia-sia).

  4. Anonymous11:21 pm

    Seems like the current government is the one who is stopping us to move forward. To improve.

    Street Demo, To make Malaysia go Forward Again!

  5. Anonymous12:25 am

    Demo's R us.

    Let's keep up the tradition.

    A march a day keeps the tyrants at bay!

  6. Anonymous6:44 am

    So, if demos are not our way of doing things, as laments our chief hadharian, does that mean you have the right to baton charge, shoot water canons and chemical laced spray at those who participate? Including those children and women who happen to be nearby? Is that our way of responding...we, the gentle, sensible, Asian-value laden, truly Asian, enforcers of law and order.

    Don't we, after 50 years of independence have better and more civilized ways of dealing with differences of opinion.

    How is it that, with 50 years of independence under our belts, our political institutions have regressed so deplorably that avenues allowing people in civilized, developed, democracies to register their unhappiness, have become non existent? That people have to resort to the streets?

    The reactions to 10/11 by our hon authorities are no different from cornered junkyard dogs growling over their stolen bits of turf.

    Instead of wondering why our institutions are failing us, why decent ordinary folk are so tired of their trickery and fraud, they threaten reprisals and greater show of force. Introspection, intelligence and civilized dialogue don't seem to figure highly in their scheme of things. Guess when you want to continue feeding off the rakyat with all the dubious and corrupt ways of doing business, that is the only way you know to repay the people who so naively were taken in by your empty pledges and stupidly put you in office.

  7. Gambar yang besar sedikit untuk golongan veteran atau golongan 'bermata 4'

  8. Anonymous9:17 am

    Sdra Rocky

    The panel probing the Lingam-Fairuz video is recommending a Royal Commissiion to further investigate the video as they concluded that it is authentic!!!

    Shame on Nazri, but he's been tasked with studying the panel's report together with Rais and Radzi.

  9. the thing with history is, if you dont pay much attention to it, or try to cook some of your own, you end up repeating it.

    then its denials, name calling and boorish behaviour again. all this is recorded,

    can we bear to look at ourselves 50 years from now? will be embarassed of our leaders?

  10. Anonymous10:21 am

    and at the height of the UMNO assembly, fahmi reza also show us that the keris is not necessary>, also using this '10 tahun sebelum merdeka' film of his!

    yes, history speaks for itself. our present leaders should learn from history indeed!

  11. Anonymous10:34 am

    Is it "Melayu mudah lupa" or
    "Pak Lah mudah lupa" or
    " Pak Lah buat buat lupa"?

  12. Anonymous11:25 am

    They did not have Parliament nor People's Assembly back then. The people has no avenue to voice their grievances.

    Now is very different. There are Oppositions in both houses in Parliament and State Assemblies (even in Johor, where it used to be a BN monopoly).

    The Police Act which prohibits assemblies in public and open spaces without a Police permit is something provided by the law which was enacted by the Parliament. The rakyat themselves agreed to this (via their reps in the Dewan Rakyat).

    The same representatives of the people in the Dewan Rakyat is there on the street demonstrating/marching. This is a mockery of their position as MPs and/or ADUNs.

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  14. Anonymous12:41 pm

    Bro, I would like to share this comment posted on E.Wong's blog:

    idris - November 14, 2007
    Our politicians should be given a tour to Australia (a country the PM is fond of visiting) which will be having its general election on 24 November.

    Here the oppositon is given EQUAL exposure in newspapers and televisions. Of course there are opinions by journalists in favour of which party they think is the better one - and that’s ok - they are entitled to their opinions. Letters are also published supporting either side.

    Not a day passes without the govt or oppositon leader appearing in all the news channels. And every other day both leaders are given five minutes of airtime on tv to say their piece. The launch campaigns are aired over TV and radios, as do advertisements/commercials by both parties.

    They even have DEBATES between the leaders and ministers from both the labour and liberal parties, lasting one and a half hours, followed by question time (more of grilling, really - very hard hitting questions) by leading journalists. These are very well conducted - chaired by the president of the press club and TELECAST LIVE on national tv channels.

    I would add that govt-owned tv channels (sbs, abc) do exhibit occasional slants in favour of the govt, as we would expect them to.

    The debates are a far cry from what we see in our parliament.

  15. Anonymous12:43 pm

    zurich, and your point is?

  16. Anonymous12:50 pm

    I wonder if khairi obtained police permit when he led a group of more than five people to gate crash the us embassy recently,

    or that was different, wasssit?

  17. i am STILL in the 'BERSIH' euphoria and have never felt so good being a MALAYSIAN.thank you to the 50,000 MALAYSIAN converging on the ISTANA NEGARA

  18. sikenit ,another BN lacky ,akin to Mr.Botak NAZI our de facto CJ.your arguments are pretty damn lame ,please meditate on your your comments and may u see light at the end of the tunnel

  19. Anonymous6:33 pm

    Adam & Eve,

    These are the facts. There was no elected peoples' assembly in Malaya pre 1955. The rakyat have no means to voice their opinion and feelings the proper and matured way.

    Just because you don't like the facts presented in this manner, doesn't mean its lame.

    Name calling is neither matured. Illustrate clearly why someone like you prefer lawlessness and going against what have been passed by Parliament, like the Police Act.

    If people like you don't agree with laws like the Police Act, then get yourselves voted as an MP and fight it out in the Dewan Rakyat. As long the law is still there and no subsequent amendments made, then Malaysians should respect and abide by it.

    That is the mature way, regardless what party you belong and/or support.

  20. Anonymous10:13 pm

    It is a matter of who do it.

    If it is Government or BN, sure boleh-lah.

    Others need all sort of permits and etc.....

    AND never able to get one.

  21. Dear sikenit aka NAZI

    what is the role of 'BERSIH'?is there fairness in the election???????mr.samy needs postal and phantom vote to win and the same goes for DPM.where is the fairness????these people are not choosen by the people they are choosen by ghost voter