Friday, November 02, 2007

BN will recapture Kelantan - Anuar Musa

Pak Lah's election weapon. Three days after the launch of the East Coast Economic Region (ECER) in Kota Bharu, the flamboyant Annuar Musa thumps his chest and declares to Bernama that Barisan National will end Pas' 17-year rule in Kelantan at the next GE.

"Billions of ringgit have been allocated for the development of the state and the allocation under the Ninth Malaysia Plan is also great," he said, adding that the latest was the launching of the ECER, which really revealed the earnestness to develop Kelantan.
Read BN believes it has Kelantan in the bag.

Pas' Husam Musa, however, says that the party is capable of taking 70 parliamentary seats at the next General Election. That's almost double what it has now. Read here.

An East Coast gem. In the meantime, those who missed Nik Aziz's speech at the ECER launch missed a gem. In all politeness, the Tok Guru spoke of his inability to be impressed by Pak Lah's election weapon.
Excerpts (translated):

"I had the opportunity to peruse the list of mega projects contained in the master plan that is said to involve an expenditure totalling RM112 billion.

"Among other things, it will include a University that has been launched several times, the East Coast Expressway, a jetty in Tok Bali and the effort to upgrade Sultan Ismail Petra Airport to a South East Asian hub, as well as a strong desire to produce a Bumiputera Commerce and Industry community.

"Alhamdulillah, all these proposals have long been identified and are part of Kelantan's long-term stratefic development plan which we have documented and signed since2 May 2000, which is about 7 years ago.

Nik Aziz said the ECER should be realistic and not hypocritical.

"With regards to the allocation of RM112 billion for ECER, a further RM177 billion for the Northern Corridor and RM47.6 billion more for the Iskandar Regional Development, the rakyat have become somewhat curious with the sum.

"They become even more amazed as the money that would be spend could cover the Ninth Malaysia Plan and the 10th Malaysia Plan and might even cover the 11th Malaysia Plan.

"Nonetheless, if the money is there it is not a problem, and we should be grateful to the Almighty. Alhamdullah, (and) well done!

"I have read somewhere that an effective plan is one that is not doubted by the very people the plan is intended for."

Read Niz Aziz's full speech here.


  1. Looks any day now you would have to drive up to Perak to cast your vote.

  2. Rocky,
    I too was registered as a voter without my knowing. That was 30 years ago when a Barisan member told me that I was registered by his party with particulars (correct address) obtained from a family member who is also a Barisan supporter.
    I said thank you and have been voting for the opposition ever since.

  3. Nik Aziz's tongue in cheek speech is brilliant.
    In short ,he is saying that the PM is bluffing through his teeth and fooling the people with empty promises.

  4. Anonymous12:05 pm

    “Anak Cina memetik selasih,
    Anyam rotan dibuat timba;
    Tiada yang indah dalam berkasih,
    Mimpikan bulan jatuh ke riba.”

  5. Anonymous4:25 pm

    powerful speach

  6. take a look at full speech by MB Kelantan @ YouTube

    beautiful speech. I think PakLah was so restless, listened with red ears..

  7. Anonymous10:51 pm

    Nik Aziz is the least understood politician outside Kelantan and PAS. The rostrum was his this time and he must have placed Pak Lah in a very awkward position as what he said was simply splendid that hit every nail on its head.
    The big question mark is where is the big money to come from and why Fed Govt reluctant to develop gas and oil related projects in Kelantan?
    BN Govt must be more realistic and sincere. The rakyat and voters do know where to vote when the time comes.

  8. That sly old man Nik Aziz must have hit the nails squarely on their heads when he asked where the big money to come from and why did the Fed Govt failed to develop available asset such as oil and gas in Kelantan and yet drew a big project that would take years to complete.
    He was ever polite, subtle and constant reminder that the Almighty Allah SWT is the final decision maker so long as one's plans did not falter away from that right path!
    Yes with all the corridors that would simply swollow billions of ringgit which are beyond comprehension the most vital question is where does the money to come from and how much do we have NOW to start with.
    This is part of that Elections gimmick which empasizes on the need for them to be voted in otherwise those beautiful plans and projects will not be implemented and of course the rakyat will "rugi".
    Huge promises which are too big to chew, amenities and facilities are too few to see them through in the next 20 years, may be.
    Why can't they be more practical and be down to earth - rejuvenate basic economic necessities, control prices of essential comodities from spiralling up. Control inflation and stop unnecessary play with imagination.
    Just continue from where Mahathir had left they would not be wrong.

  9. Anonymous11:58 pm

    I just don't see how PAS would lose Kelantan. Annuar Musa as head of Kelantan Umno is a well-known has been. He took over from Mustapha Mohamad who has yet to decide whether to stay as a politician or a technocrat. As for PAS, the quiet and unassuming leadership of Nik Aziz continue to rule Kelantan with no feelings of inferiority or insecurity.

    The people of Kelantan are no fools. The eastern corridor appears excellent on paper. And we all know there's a major gap between plans and reality. The corridor sounds too big to be realised, given the degree of doubts in the minds of many people. Nik Aziz has seen much promises made and undelivered during his term as MB. Look, even Tun M couldn't dislodge the Tok Guru from his comfortable throne. What makes Annuar Musa, whom many in Kelantan openly dislike, think he can do it?

  10. Annuar has a lot to prove of his worthiness if there is any at all.

  11. [Note to Anon 7.47 am, I've taken the liberty to xxx-ed some paras. I hope you'll understand. - Rocky's Bru]

    Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "BN will recapture Kelantan - Anuar Musa":

    It looks like it's time to screw with analysis and issues but time for politics for perception and politics sake.

    Annuar Musa is one of the two old guards that turned against the former boss. The other being Nazri Aziz.




    Back to Kelantan politics, Kelantanis are fairly independent in their livelihood, not as dependent on Government. To get their vote, it requires a different set of manifesto and wooing.

    The supporters numbers are split half and they have no qualm of voting the other side, though PAS supporters are more loyal over the cah keting tendency of UMNO supporters. Many claims UMNO's losses in Kelantan is more due to its own internal politics than anything else.

    Despite the staunch support of PAS supporter, they could take a practical stance to allow BN Government administration a chance before turning over back to PAS later.

    In the last GE, UMNO was short by two to form the state Government. It was said that two PAS Adun was willing to jump over but was detoured for some reasons.

    Has Annuar Musa unite UMNO to work hard enough to reach for that near and yet so far away finishing line? He is not well liked by the people for many of his past indiscretions and words, but he is more conversant in Kelantan politics than the previous Ketua Perhubungan, Tok Pa. Perhasp on the ground, sentiments towards him has changed.

    Has the long years from deprivation taken its toll already? Is national issue a concern of Kelantanist? Can ECER win the heart of the people of Kelantan? Other than many unique localised issues, these are questions that need asking.

  12. Rocky,
    RTM didn't carry live Tok Guru's speech at the official opening ceremony of ECER. But it was u tubed for the whole world to see and hear. Did PM's speech reach that far? Even the audience listened more to Tok Gurus's speech than the boring speech of the PM. UMNO made the greatest mistake of allowing Tok Guru to make the speech. I doubt he will have another chance after this.
    Lets salute whoever wrote Tok Guru's speech for the occassion and Tok Guru delivered it well.

  13. Anonymous6:02 pm

    What is Pak Lah doing cosying up with Nik Aziz?.. It's disconcerting and worrying. Nik Aziz is PAS, i.e. an extremist party with no genuine interest in non-Muslims.