Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hindraf's Sunday

"Don't abuse the freedom that has been given to you." - Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, speaking from Kampala last night after being told that protesters attacked riot police and tore town temple gate at Batu Caves. Full story here.

Updates, midnight

Just after 8am, I was on the way to pick up a friend in Ulu Ampang. Exited at Jln Jelatek from the ring road and was sandwiched by a police roadblock that stopped you from accessing Ampang and another that stopped you from going to the opposite side of Ampang. Hundreds were milling around the latter roadblock and I was told to take a detour.
I was away from where the action was. The first message from Malik Imtiaz, alerting me that the cops were using teargas and water canons on the marchers. "Haris (Ibrahim) is on the ground, he's there ....". He posted this (The Personal dignity of Hindraf supporters) even as the event was developing.

Later, Stephen Francis told me his posting was up. There are more than a dozen pictures which he took (and some courtesy of Reuters) on his blog, here. "I was just a few feet away from Uthayakumar ... No, they (the police) didn't go for him," Stephen said.

Click here for Al-Jazeera's video clip on You Tube.

Original posting
Why I will walk this Sunday, by Nathaniel Tan
Why I will not walk this Sunday (and why the walk must not proceed), by Haris Ibrahim.

Peace. My hope is that the Police would exercise restraint and not resort to force against people who decide to march in support of Hindraf and its struggle. I also hope the marchers will walk in peace.
We have had two big walks -- the Penguin March and the Yellow March -- and we have shown the world that contrary to what some in the government have claimed, Malaysians do know how express themselves in the most democratic ways.


  1. Anonymous12:46 am

    Dear Rocky, in the name of democracy. Lets us do what the Australian did to Howard. Register and vote! We are done with talking and walking, NOW lets VOTE!

    Bersatu kita tegoh, bercerai kita runtuh!

  2. Anonymous3:13 am


    Good actions beget good reactions;
    Bad actions beget bad reactions.

    It is that simple why the rally has come to the fore.

    Before one can empathize with them one just need to regard the policies of bn which has always been embellished with and the still prevailing supremacist ideals.

    Worst when you have narrow minded morons at helms which nonetheless WOULD DO ANYTHING to ostentatiously perpetuate such ideals to satiate their superficial and falsely perceived greatness - which they have none in the first place.

    Surprisingly history has never failed to repeat itself. Of course when you have the blind leading the blind and off they go in a merry go round.


  3. Anonymous3:41 am

    Salute you Nathaniel Tan!

  4. If these marches were to carry on, I would not be surprised to see the biggest march in the history of Malaysia--the UMNO March.

    Then what's next?

  5. Anonymous11:24 am

    salute to all who marches & utmost respect to the reason for the march...

    simon wee... should bn/umno want to march for the reason of getting a hard-on, let them be.

  6. Anonymous11:30 am

    Agree with Simon Wee. But it is not going to be an UMNO march. It will be the Malays ultimate march. Why not the Malays take to the street to demand a public apology and compensation from the British for bringing in immigrant labourers to the uni-ethnic Malay States and "black-mailing' them to agree to a "jus-soli" citizenship arragement in lieu of Merdeka??

  7. Anonymous12:12 pm

    Why does this remind me of the 'independent and impartial' decisions of the 3 justices who decided on the Lina Joy case?

  8. Anonymous12:31 pm

    Hi Rocky,
    Thank god for Al Jazeera, they have broadcasted to the whole world how brutal our so called 'open democracy' can be. It is indeed a day of shame for all Malaysians!! It is indeed time for change. We need to put these so called elected representitives out of office once and for all and have a proper government governing our dear beloved country. Malu malu malu. I won't be surprised that our membership to the Commonwealth will be suspended as well in due time if not sooner!!!

  9. Anonymous12:39 pm

    I was there to see what happened. Had some conversations with some cops and FRU guys.

    They asked me what the hell was going on.

    Believe me, like the multitude of Indians who gathered there (who were told, they broke our temples, come let's go show them), the cops also didn't know what it was about.

    But still, they were relatively restrained.

    I almost got detained, but not because I was part of the crowd, rather cos of my colour. Profiling laa.

    The FRU folks gave me a lift to my car though :) Saved some calories...heheh

  10. Anonymous12:43 pm

    there will be escalating effect to this. next week, next month there will be another demonstration. what next?

    there is another opinion on this. they say let them proceed with the suit. when they win ask them to go to uk.

    another opinion. when you start allowing a group of people to go the street for whatever reason. another group of people will be asking the same. you know what will happen next.

    our unity is very fragile. we have to admit it. this group has caused tension between races. just admit it. do not let is explode. do not fight something along racial sentiment.

    i can't wait what will happen next. i guess there will be another suit against the british. let wait and see.

    there will be no ending to this.

  11. Anonymous12:43 pm

    photo :

  12. Anonymous12:45 pm

    Seeds on Different Grounds -->Different Quality & Quantity
    Candidates seeded with laws to abide.
    Justice to tell the Candidates to abide.
    Voters with a Clear mind of What to Vote
    lead to a Clear mind of Who to Vote!
    Voting under an Independent EC
    needs only What & Who to take
    with no magic!

    Have Law+Justice+What+Who been seeded
    in this Bolehland
    when a Fair EC is still in the air?

    Knowing the basis
    and practicing these basis
    anywhere can be a Merry Land!
    But What seed & ground is around?

  13. Why not UMNO reenact their Malayan Union and Merdeka demonstration?

    This time they should do it at the colonial office of PM's home in Putrajaya or UMNO's HQ. After all, WPI is practically Malayan Union III.

    Read my comment in dark blue at the end of my posting Luahan Rasa Johari Ismail.

    I m on a scastic mode.

  14. It sounds like an extremely bizarre action on the part of HINDRAF to sue the British, but after closer inspection, there is a purpose behind this (and no, it's not about the famous "hidden agenda" by the Opposition, which is the famous refrain).

    Delivering a memo to the Malaysian government would be a completely pointless exercise, and the Indian-Malaysians need to get international attention.

    Hence, all these stupid actions by the government like roadblocks and checks are useless!! It's impossible to stop every single Indian from going into the city.

    Instead the police and government just want to irritate the shit out of every citizen so they will think twice about protesting.

    Even now, I hear there is a terrible jam on the road. It's all pointless! Just allow the protestors to get to the British High Commission and they will disperse quite quickly instead of causing such chaos.

    But the government of course, needs to villify protestors.

  15. Anonymous2:12 pm

    Malaysiakini said that there are 20,000 prostestors at KLCC. I amsure that Wong Chun Wai in the Star and Kalimullah in NST will tell us that only 500 protestors involved in order to please Bodowi.

    Wong Chun Wai and Kalimullahstop lying and playing with numbers. You may think that teh rakyat are blind and only you and Kalimullah have visions.

    When Bodowio collapsed, then you, Khairy, Kalimullah and AKamarudin had to flee the country with your tails between your legs - becasue no more protections.

  16. Anonymous2:15 pm

    and of all ppl, najib was talking about seditions?

    not only a racist but a hypocrite too

  17. Anonymous3:20 pm

    simon wee

    so be it as long as it is peaceful. lets see whether the police will give them a permit. of course, they can organise and pay the mat rempits to have a walk. at least, some money goes to the downtrodden for them to spend.

  18. dear simon wee,

    haha... UMNO to rally biggest march in history? this i have to see. finally Najib can put what he said into effect.

    i wonder if the police is prepared to do intensive road blocks, use water cannons and tear gases while at the same time, the govt threatening civil servants by sacking them if they participate in this UMNO rally.

    Also, one must not forget getting the local medias to publicise how rallies are not Malaysian because it will cost hardship to others and inconvenient the public.

  19. I also want to sue people for US$40 trillion, cause unlike the Indians brought here by the Brits 150 years ago, my people was enslaved since 1786.

    They took our resources, our women and our shit.

    And then, we can sue the Dutch, The Portuguese as well as the Japanese. For, maybe a jillion-kazillion dollars.

    Heck let's just ask for 70% of their lands and their firstborns. As well as a bowl of their blood.

    And while we're at it, membership in EU as well.

    That way, Selangor FA can fight Ajax Amsterdam. In The Champions League.

  20. Anonymous9:04 pm

    Simon is right and that is a scary thought. stop the marching and if you like BN force your leaders to fight for your right through party elections, if you don't like BN then use your ballot at the next G.E.
    The Umno March, if it ever gets to that, is the precipice of doom for our peaceful coexistence, however fragile and superficial it may be...

  21. Anonymous9:28 pm

    Apparently the KL police assisted by other anxialiary groups have failed to twart the Hindraf hostile advances. VERY VERY BOLD indeed inspite of the Court Order having been obtained and apppropriate permit not issued.
    Hindraf action tantamounting to sabotage on country's orderly administration and its economy.
    PM Abdullah's " Saya Jangan Di Cabar " Sir I thought you would not stand to take even a single CABAR. Regretably, you have now been cabar left and right.
    I am simply WORRIED. At the rate events move we are heading for a serious future of great uncertainties.
    Leaders of Hindraft have been career-failure as I see it, so the easiest means of living they can create is to standup and standout as champions to fight for the course and struggle for thier coomunity or race. And soon they become noticeable.This is not the type of Human Capital desireable for Malaysia I believe.

  22. Anonymous9:57 pm

    seditious charges? blardy hell to u najib, after 50 years u morons in bn still think everything got to do with race issues.

    pls lar grow up & stop fanning all those sinful racial sentiments.

    but if you ppls in bn still continue instigating racial hatred, there is only one word we could think of...
    boo toll!

  23. Anonymous10:43 pm

    Take note everyone:
    Al-Jazeera's McDonald signed off on this note: "Sunday's demonstration showed that peace sometimes have to be imposed".
    Think about it.
    Peace ho!

  24. Anonymous10:50 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    We have to take to the streets again. This time we have to seek the resignation of the Prime Minister and his entire Cabinet. They have failed us. Prices are soaring, unemployment is at his highest, economic figures are being manipulated (billions of ringgit have been allocated for various projects, but we don't rreally see these projects taking off), the Prime Minister's children and son-in-law are getting richer by the day, the electoral roll are full of phantom voters, etc, etc.






    The police can't stop us. Remember what Gandhi said: "100,000 British policemen, cannot stop 800 million Indans"

    So the same applies: 250,000 policemen from all over the country, cannot possibly stop 2 million people who go to the streets and demonstrate.

    LETS DO IT!!!!

  25. The petition claimed against the British for indenturing the Indians. It served two hidden purposes; one, it puts Umno in a spot. If Umno goes against it, that would mean Umno contradicts itself about going against the colonialists and enslavers; two, it shuts up Vlad the Impaler (of MIC); if toupeeman goes against it, MIC would be taken as supporting the indenturing of the Indians.

    In opening his big mouth, Bad'r'we hands over to Hindraf in full international view their third win. He says arresting the Hindraf heads is not about race. Why then weren't the Bersih heads arrested? Damage not being enough, he rubs more salt into the wound by saying they went against the law - if his own SIL can petition against the Americans, why can't the Indian Malaysians petition against the British? That kid didn't need a permit, so why should it be illegal for the Hindraf people to need one in order to make it 'lawful' by his own definition? He cannot answer these questions because he would have to twist and turn to hide that his administration has actually practised double standards. At his age, doctors will advise don't twist and turn so much, otherwise backache no bomoh oil can cure.

    You know, it is extremely sad to see the poor Indians congregate along the roads. Some came in their small lorries and motorbikes but thousands walked. They were peaceful. They are simple folks. And in their attire and looks, you can see their grief no amount of gerrymandered 'democratic channels' can dilute. Go through MIC? Didn't toupeeman himself said he 'understood' the grief of the Indians after that flareup in one of the kampungs that resulted in just the banishing to another state the killers of men? Was MIC any use then? Toupeeman should ask himself sincerely whether his staying up for the Indian community has mattered one iota against the Umno wall of insensitity to their plights laboured silently for so long.

    Indeed it is not about 'race', per se. You see, it's all about 'marginalized race', per se. Just think, every early morning the India vendor faithfully delivers the papers where nothing has ever been said about the plight of the Indian families, and he can count his as one of them. The papers only talk about the hemlines of AirAsia stewardesses and outer space. When people are hungry, they can't eat hemlines and empty space. Think what the poor Indian man feels when he delivers the papers and if he can still read, read the sanitised version of how an Indian family commits suicide due to poverty. Heck, that rubber tapping families of that 'race' once produced some of this country's best surgeons and doctors, engineers and civil servants, administrators, educationists and technicians.

    Where are they all now?

    Umno talks about the malays being marginalized. How does it feel to be the ones marginalizing your own fellow brothers and sisters of the same family, 'Bangsa Malaysia', once recalled long ago?

    Who wants to be a robber or to walk miles to submit a no-deal petition knowing the teargas and weaponised water are the only gifts in return for what has been the last line, crossed, in slippers.

    You know, you see them walking on the streets, and then in the malls, there are people shopping, eating, making merry. Suddenly, the entire meaning of what Malaysia has become dawns hard and thick into the mind. A rift has set in.

    People suffer and die. The media is blacked out. The clowns play their acts. Their automatons take to the road with truncheons and shields.

    Three peaceful rallies within three months is a good start. If wave after wave of rallies is carried out, the walls will crumble.

    That fifteen percent who 'don't know' must swing to the side of those who still remember what it's like to be a Malaysian.

    This country was once run on good principles when all races could care for one another without talking about agendas. Now it's just mostly bull from beginning to end.

  26. Anonymous11:25 pm

    Those who support this march need their brain to be re-examined. what an absurd request almost a script out of tamil movie. Well imagine this, like what Anon 11.30 am. said the malays organise the ultimate malay march in response to Hindraf
    and sue the pants out of the british government for bringing the immigrants. To add further absurdity, the malays demand that the non malay assets be malayanised, can start with Indian assets owned Anantha Krishnan. Ownership of all AK companies shall be transferred to PNB as proxy to Malays. Now who wants to join the March..

  27. Anonymous11:27 pm

    We know for sure that NST under the realm of Klaimullah will lie through their teeth in order to protect himself and not Bodowi. Bodowi is alseep and dreaming all the time sothere is no need for Kalimullah to protect him.

    Let see Wong Chun Wai is going to do tomorrow. Let see whether teh Star going to tell us that only 1000 people demonstrated and the police force was civilised. Wogn Chun Wai stop telling lie. The rakyat is not stupid ok.

    I used to think highly of Wong Chun Wai but I have lost all respect for him when star reported that only 4,000 people march on the 10 November when he knew very well and his reporters knew very well that there were more than 40,000 people then.

    So I hope that wong chun wai will tell the 4th floor boys But I don't hink he has the ball to stand up for principle. A mercenary remians a mercenary. Just like Joceline Tan, a Khairy's mercenary.

  28. Did you walk, Rocky?

  29. Anonymous11:36 pm

    I think Malaysian Government should disclose the chemical used to lace the water canon. Was it dosed and used in accordance to safety procedures set? Is this chemical carcinogenic? Is there any health effect? Everyone seems to 'brave' this chemical without taking caution to possible health risk. Let's ask our Health Minister CSL. I'm sure it is worse than eating fried chicken or smoking. I also wonder whether it is halal? w9

  30. Anonymous12:22 am

    UMNO should march.Lets see if they get police permit and if they don't see what the police do.

    as for Pak Lah, please do not abuse the votes given to you!!!

  31. Anonymous12:54 am

    Red Herrings?
    Rulers thought HINDRAF was the dot
    Forgetting CONSTITUTION is the spot
    thought COURT ORDER could go over
    forgetting FORCE WITH TEARGAS never

    Cutting Hindraf Dignity?
    But forgetting Rulers CREDIBILITY!
    Mirroring with last Two Rallies
    Bias amount to hilly!

    They spot ONE
    but miss many on the ground!
    UK needs not Answer
    but rulers NOW support Hindraf
    They are Right for an Answer!

    Hindraf could loss blood and tears
    but Wisdoms of Rulers disappear!
    instead of PEACE TOWARDS PEACE!
    So disgraced and disagreed!

  32. Anonymous1:17 am

    Now the question is, how many amongst thsoe who marched on 25.11 are registered voters?

  33. Anonymous1:17 am

    Thank you Thank you UMNO. Thank you BN. Thank you MCA & MIC.

    Today, after Aljazeera, my uncle and aunty whom are MCA die hards finally, finally, finaaaaally woooooke up!!!!

    They will be voting for the Opposition come the next GE.

    Its time we do a Australia. Change this evil and corrupted government for a new one.

    Vote for change.

  34. Dear Rocky,

    I'm pretty worried by the tone of your readers here.

    For example,

    (anon, 10.50 pm)

    When this kind of demonstration happens, I'm sure it won't be peaceful anymore. Peristiwa 13 Mei in the making?

    While I agree that people should be given the right to voice their opinions, I can also see why police did not give a permit for this demonstration (I'm not talking about other demos).

    This one touches on the issues of Indian rights (economic, education, etc). Rights are exhaustible. If you want to give the rights to the Indian, the rights have got to be taken away from another group of people (Malay, Chinese, other Malaysians). Do you think these people will just sit at home doing nothing while their Indian friends shout for their rights to be given away?

    The organisers said that they were going to do it peacefully. But is it possible for them to monitor every each of those 10,000 protesters?

    You can have 9,999 peaceful protesters, but it takes only one idiot to ignite the racial flames.

    Kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga.

    It is hard for me to agree with police's actions nowadays, but I think they got this one spot on.

    Better safe than sorry.

  35. "Haris (Ibrahim) is on the ground, he's there ....". He posted this (The Personal dignity of Hindraf supporters) even as the event was developing.

    >>> rocky, it's malik imtiaz blog not haris ibrahim man...

  36. Badawi...please stay back in makes no difference when u are in the country or outside the country.

    Go shopping...look for a nice high quality tilam....thats all ur good for.

  37. Anonymous6:18 am

    Rocky, I watched the AlJazeera clip and noted that the reporter said the demonstration has turned out to be one against the Malaysian government.

    Galadriel commented earlier that: "Believe me, like the multitude of Indians who gathered there (who were told, they broke our temples, come let's go show them), the cops also didn't know what it was about."

    So what the hell is going on here? Didn't the Hindraf apply for permit to submit a memorandum to the British High Commissioner on their claims against the Queen?

    Mob rule is not something we should be proud of. If the participants who came all the way were mislead and fired up based on communal and religious grounds, it could have turned violent. Is this something Hindraf intended? Grab more media attention wouldn't it?

    What did the march prove? That you can mobilise thousands of Malaysians on ethnic and religious grounds? That means I can join any Malay or Chinese-led demonstrations because I am of mixed race. Do I want to sue the Queen for bringing my ancestors here from China? No, because they left China to ezcape poverty, to escape famine. They left to find work and to earn money so they could keep their families in China from starving. When they came here they found Malaya a land of opportunity, they married the Malays and became Muslims. They no longer call China home.

    Did my Malays ancestors demonstrate and march to get rid of my Chinese ancestors? No! Instead they welcomed them, they let them work this land and share in it's good fortunes. In fact they loved them and married them. I am grateful to my Malay ancestors. I consider myself Malay and Malaysian. I don't hate the Chinese nor do I hate the Indians. They are my relatives, friends and neighbours.

    If you ask me why don't you go back to China? I won't because I don't know anyone there. Malaysia is my home and my roots are here. I am many generations removed. What happens to Malaysia in the here and now is what will happen to me here, not what happens in China.

    So that is why I am saddend and confused with Hindraf. We can rally hundreds, thousands and even millions to march for whatever reasons. But at what price? I also heard Al-Jazeera's McDonald signing off: "Sunday's demonstration showed that peace sometimes have to be imposed".

    March for whatever rights you feel you have been deprived off but don't mislead anyone to join you. Not unless your cause lacks integrity, is devoid of credibility and your intentions less than sincere. As a Malaysian I don't want another 13 May. Never again! My vote is for peace and unity!

  38. Anonymous7:53 am

    this march is a fools errand!

  39. pa'chik, correct 3x. It is malik's posting, not haris'. TQ.

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. Anonymous8:49 am

    i think abdullah should listen more - at least come to the ground, engage, and learn what is it that people want. i think he's not in touch and has lost touch. the easy way out is to shoo every body off

  42. This a normal human reaction - to explode when intimidated, marginalized, neglected and all emotions bottled up by restrictive laws and a controlled media to channel their grievances.
    Snatching away Hindu bodies, demolishing their illegal homes and destroying temples was the catalyst - " the straw that broke the Indians back."
    Which newspaper or TV ever highlighted the plight of the downtrodden Indians?
    The media only paints a rosy picture of our country's social and economic advancement. It portrays our impeccable and infallible leaders are God's gift to the country.
    This is what hurts the poor - for they did not get any share of the expanding cake. That they were a forgotten lot and unnoticed by those God-appointed-leaders.
    Now what do you expect them to do?
    Our absentee PM gives warning after warning from afar.
    He is allergic to challenge, criticism and feed back.
    You threaten and insult a downtrodden people and they duly reply with their middle finger.
    You engage them, not threaten or insult them, Mr PM.

  43. It is crucial at this time quality leadership must be displayed.

    If the powers that be play a wrong card, Malaysia is in trouble.

    Get out if you don't have the right stuff and pray hard that the guy who steps in has the right stuff. No more empty rethorics, the ground is shaking,..... action is required.

    God help us all!

  44. Anonymous9:22 am

    Tembam said...
    Rocky, I watched the AlJazeera clip and noted that the reporter said the demonstration has turned out to be one against the Malaysian government.


    Thank you Tembam for the make sense comment. When you have too many demonstrators - its full of anger, vengence, confusion, hungry ( as some demonstrator waited since 6am in the morning ~ most shop are closed during the commotion ) and multi-information.

    This is perhaps the bloodiest demo amongst all demo during Bodohwee regime.

    Its more of fighting against police & FRU rather then wanting to deliver the memorandum.

    Negotiation failed becoz of `beyond control anger emotions`.

    Use logic. The demo is a symbolic representation of displeasure. Hindraf can deliver their memorandum in many ways ...i.e. Email, fax, DHL, Office Boy or deliver it in UK.

    Use brain not drain. I believe there is more intelligent way rather then to hit the streets.

    Who`s next? Another party wanted to do a cat walk? Klang Valley will be in standstill again. 75% others will suffer.

    Imagine if someone is going to give birth and most major roads are close or jammed ?

    We Malaysians Malay, Chinese, Indians, Punjabi etc are a peaceful species. Stop the march. No more walk. Say no to Demo.

    Maniam, Ramesh, Gopal & Jayakumar - Lets the Ballot boxs do the talking. Let`s kick asses of the BN regime. Ballot box, bro. Ballot box.

    The only walk we should organize is a walk similar to Malay Mail Big Walk.

    Bro Rocky can organize one.
    He was from MM.

    How about it bro. The biggest and largest Biggies - big walk . Mother of all Big Walk.

    How about it Rocky? Volunteers please.

    * Cili~man *

  45. Anonymous9:30 am

    I don't quit agree with this particular comment from exconomist:

    "...Do you think these people will just sit at home doing nothing while their Indian friends shout for their rights to be given away?"

    Giving the right to one race does not equate to taking the right of other race. It is time that people learn the concept of equal right ...for goodness sake, open up your mind.

    What is upsetting is the arrogant remarks by the BN representatives who refute and refused to acknowledge Hindraf's petition, without credible data to backup their refusal. This is described by the Malays as "bodoh sombong".

    The petition appears to have a lot of ground. For example the composition of the Indian jailed, reflects that something is not right with the system. This would logically require an immediate investigation and constructive action to find a solution. It would be imperative to understand what drove a learge majority of Indian to commit crime.

    The least the ruling BN could do is to constructively review the petition. Pertaining to the rally, the least the ruling government could do is not to incense the already provoked group by banning it and by making arrogant and patronising statement. A better outcome could be expected if the police could soothed them by allowing and assisting them to rally peacefully

    It is really time for the BN

  46. Anonymous9:45 am

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  47. Anonymous9:52 am

    Now I see where the minority volume in the Bersih rally had drain out too...

    1) Fighting for USD 1 million as the so-called right for 'everybody'?

    2) Fighting for pigs farm as the so-called right for 'everybody'?

    Hmm..what does the two above tell?

    Only the Malays and some tiny fraction of other races have to carry on the boulder of rocks in the quest of fighting for everybody...These bunch of craps people only know how to critic & voice out very loud from behind but hold their balls from the fight or taking any action for anything Malaysian..or Bangsa Malaysia whatever!

    Because the word Malaysia is from the merging of Malay+ Asia..anything Malay things irritates these default minded f@rking racist! They prefer another name for this country..believe me!

    Tolerated too much i think..yet the Malay still seen as being unfair & intolerance . Our ancestors probably have make the biggest mistakes in the giving some they demand more and more.."beri betis hendak paha, beri paha, nak atas lagi & lagi..!"

    The Malay should sue the British & European for spoiling the nation..last time Malays were mainly great traders businessmen and even the Indian, Chinese, Arabs & European came here learning the Bahasa Melayu-'lingua franca' in order to do business here..(yet now these type of people start insulting the Bahasa Melayu!).

    But what for..digging the grave for rotten bones..? Better start living in the real time and struggle for real future! Nothing can be change for thing that already happened! Reversing of that is absurd & much watching science fiction movie perhaps these clowns.

    The British has turn everything up-side down! They are the root of all the mess..

    These three stooges of the Hindraf.. are no more like a version of Jemaah Islamiah or Al-Qaeda ..religion extremist..These type of people believe everything are damn right for them and the least care for everybody else around them in championing their so called holy agendas...nothing more, nothing less! A plague!

  48. Talk about history
    Indians, Chinese, Malays
    In whatever programs then
    By the Portuguese, Dutch and British

    They had toiled the land
    Made it through rich and poor
    Hundreds of years down the roads
    The cries and sorrows
    The inequality and disparity
    The sacrifices made in progress
    Oh sure the suffering too

    Now the claim
    The march of compensation
    Will it be right?
    On this I shouldn’t agree

    Why pick on the colonial masters of yesteryears?
    If that it was so, when would be the ending?
    The focus must be right
    Don’t just go marching blindly

    The marchers for Hindraf rally
    It isn’t about the country
    The focus on the wrong tree
    Who to blame my friends?
    It isn’t the BN government

    Use the energy
    To shape things in the country
    Vote for change
    History is a story
    Now for the real thing
    Change the government
    Through the ballot boxes

    Australians do it
    So we can too
    United we make history
    For the country

  49. Anonymous10:57 am

    There are now 3 marches. AAB says that he wants to hear the truth. Is he listening????

  50. Anonymous11:01 am

    My tribute to all who walked last Sunday and am prepared to face the risks. Who were the heroes and villians? As far as I am concerned, those who kept their cool despite being provoked and 'shot' at have done admirably. A big BOO to those who were trigger happy and were bullying the restrained crowd.

  51. Anonymous11:02 am

    terry said...

    "this march is a fools errand"!

    these are helpless minority indians without anyone to turns to & definitely not you, we guess...

    pls go & read:

  52. I have seen poverty. I appreciate the difficult life some sectiosn of the Indian community had to go through.

    Lets do a reality check. On average the 7% population of Indian have a per capita income significantly larger than Malays and bit lower than Chinese.

    Is Malay, with UMNO used as bogeymen, the oppressor? Dr Mahathir cried on stage to tell that he failed to chaneg the life of the Malay. Malays are still poor.

    Something is wrong within the community then. What has the Indian politicians done? WHat has those rich Indians like Ananda, Kenneth Eswaran, Kishu dan etc. done to help their own breathen?

    This fits in the typical steretype of Indians suka auta, deny and point finger at somebody else. God do I have lots of bad experiacne handling Indian workers.

    Initially I had some sympathy for some of the demands and causes of Hindraf merely out of sympathy for teh poor indians, although I do not condone breaking laws.

    Sunday's demonstration was not only illegal. There was a court order agast it. YOu aspect police to sit there at a cafe for a cup of joe and let them do their demonstration? Remember the police has the added burden of protecting a foreign embassy!

    The crowd was clearly combative and the leaders were all out to make a scene. From as early as 7 in the morning, the crowd remain stubborn. I understand they were given opportunity to finally hand over the memo aroudn noon but refuse and decided to go to Queen E's palace.

    The comment from demonstrators in the You Tube only said the same thing ... right to speak or we are marginalised for 50 years. So that means you can create the chaos and unrest as you pleased!!!

    That does not mean you can shame the country by requesting Malaysia to be expelled. Will that be in the interest of the country?

    A whole night spent browsing abt Hindraf reveals to me that Hindraf has millitant tendency, provocative, racist tendencies, unreasonable and unrealistic in their demands. I wouldn't be surprise if terrorist groups from Timer Eelam is together in it. I read a Tamil Tiger website saying they ultimate aim is to resurrect the Cholan EMpire in Malaya sometimes ago.

    Please read this commentor allowed to be displyed on blog under teh posting updates dated 25/11/2007:

    # Balan Pillai Says:
    November 25, 2007 at 11:39 am


    I remain sympathetic to poor Indians but looking at the manner of Hindaf yesterday, I have lost any sense of sympathy for Hindraf.
    None at all!

  53. Anonymous11:11 am

    Perbuatan mereka ini membuatkan mereka lebih dari layak untuk di ISA kan atas alasan-alasan berikut:

    1. Mencabar undang-undang negara dengan mengajak rakyat supaya jangan menghormati atau takut kepada pemerintah.

    2. Tidak tahu berterima kasih kepada negara yang telah menyenangkan kehidupan mereka selama ini.

    3. Menuntut sesuatu yang tidak munusabah bertujuan hanya untuk memalukan kerajaan yang dikuasai oleh orang-orang Melayu.

    4. Memberi gambaran buruk kepada dunia luar bahawa Malaysia adalah sebuah negara yang menindas bangsa-bangsa pendatang seperti mereka

    5. Menghasut bangsa pendatang supaya membenci Pentadbian Melayu di negara ini.

    6. Menanam bibit-bibit kebencian didalam bangsa pendatang supaya membenci orang-orang Melayu.

    7. Menimbulkan rasa benci orang-orang Melayu sendiri kepada bangsa pengdatang kerana perbuatan ini mengancam kedudukan ketuanan orang-orang Melayu di negara sendiri.

    8. Mencabar kepimpinan parti-parti kaum India sebagai dayus kerana tidak membela nasib kaum India di negara ini.

    9. Menghasut kaum pendatang untuk mengalahkan parti kerajaan yang memerintah atas isu-isu perkauman.

    10. Menimbulkan suasana tegang dan syak wasaka antara kaum dengan mengapi-apikan isu-isu perkauman yang boleh membawa kepada tragedi buruk berulang lagi.

    Jika Dolah tidak bertindak segera bermakna Dolah tidak layak menjadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia.

  54. Anonymous11:37 am

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  55. I'm very disappointed to see that there are still people who are afraid of another May 13 incident. It seems that the government did a pretty good job in imprinting that fear into the people's minds. These marches are a sign that the people are beginning to lose that fear, but unfortunately there are still people who are easily shaken by BN's most effective weapon: May 13.

  56. Anonymous12:20 pm

    Some here said that 'next UMNO will march and bigger too' Well do they need to? They had been marching all over us for so long, till many don't even know or realize it.

  57. Anonymous12:22 pm

    Good analysis on this by parti sosialis:

  58. Anonymous12:49 pm

    Tembam - I concur. Unlike the Bersih march, I hv lost any sympathy for Hindraf.

    Furthermore, Hindraf's claim is unsubstantiated and pure imaginations. They seemed bend on over dramatising their problems.

    Whats obviously clear from thier manner is taking an adverserial stance against Malays with UMNO as bogey. Some of their issues are merely adminitrative and at times out of their own attitude.

    Hindraf look set to refuse reasons. Its confrontational approach like this that will spark inter-racial riots. Since Malay is being picked, I am not surprise to expect a Malay Hindu clash if it continues. Remember most of police are Malays and clashing with the police coudl be a thin line to a proxy clash agst Malays.

    Remember Kg Medan when Indian thugs (believed to be sent by Samy Velu himslef) wanted to take the law in their own hand. If it repeats again, it will be a really sad episode, two marginalised race fighting each other out.

    Wake up Hindraf! You are shooting the wrong horse. Its Samy Velu and yr political leaders that you shd go after! This problem is more a class problem than race. It is also an oppression of the capital owners agst the poor.

    Thus, I support police actions! Otherwise, these Indians will get emotionally hyped and turn more violence.

    I do not want another May 13!!!!

    I'd rather see some few blood spilt, few limbs broken, and some rights temporarily denied than an all out racial clash with much worse collateral damage!

  59. Anonymous1:22 pm

    When Gandhi fought the British your fore fathers came in drove to Malaya looking for new territory for peaceful and productive livelihood. In short SURVIVAL
    Remember, todays' Malaysia is fomally Malay Peninsular or Tanah Melayu. Gandhi's spirit unfortunately did not cross Indian Ocean and what more the Straits of Malacca.
    Let Gandhi rest in peace and not to involve him in your fight for Trillion of $ as compensation from the Queen. Because of the prospect of getting 2 mil US from the British Government for each Indian a lot of uneducated tamil already have decided to stop work and wait for the windfall.
    What happened on Sunday reminds me of numerous action scenes from the Tamil movies.
    Remember this is Malaysia, things work differently here.You just cannot undo what your hands have dirtied. I am sure you have awful music to face. Well it's also true no risk no gain.

  60. Anonymous1:41 pm

    "Don't abuse the freedom that has been given to you."

    Really?! How about not abusing taxpayers' money buying all kinds of s*^$ and then using them on your own people?

  61. Anonymous2:00 pm

    Keep the pressure on!

  62. Anonymous2:36 pm

    "i'm tired, baru balik lar"

    "rally?... ooh that rally! no report yet - no comments..."

    "anyway they are minority, not important"

    "its sailing time now & this one more important..."

    "jin & i have got a lot to plan & do this week, mind you, we kena entertain all those rich & famous buddies..."

  63. Anonymous2:54 pm

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  64. Anon 2:54,
    Thanks fo helping with the moderation.

  65. Anonymous3:16 pm

    Mr Rocky,

    I am afraid to find that certain groups now are triying to divert the issue of hindraf rally to a racial one.

    They are looking desperate as since the very outset they have instigated some Malays to believe that Hindraf promotes hindu extremism and we, as Malay must go against them.

    This umno-backed groups attempt to shift the attention of the malaysia public, especially malays, from criticizing the manner in which the polices try stop hindraf rally, to create the impression that hindraf is an extremist group with the main aim is to challenge the malay privileges and Islam as the reluigion of federation.

    Of course as a Malay, I am against several stands taken by Hindraf in certain issues, but I support their effort to exercise their constitutional right to assemble peacefully. This is not a racial or religious issue. This is a situation when one group comprising a sector from our comunity who want their grievances to be heard. Whether we agree or not with them, it is not important. But we dont have right to treat them like animal.

    Please highlight this Sir!!

  66. Anonymous4:25 pm

    'Don't abuse the freedom that has been given to you'

    Sounds like a highly threatening gesture indeed. Like the old days of American slavery - the whites lording over the blacks. But this is democratic Malaysia. Perhaps the British should not have granted independence to Malaysia and continue with their rule. Then some people would not be so arrogant today.

  67. Anonymous4:31 pm

    The entire Cabinet should go back and study history...the demonstrations held by UMNO and the youths to gain independence. Instead they exhibited the photos and felt proud (against the British). They just have to check the archives if they are not blind to look at the photos. Or maybe then, the youths are not demonstrating on the streets, they were having a picnic?? And last Sunday proved just how "caring" the BN government is. How the Islam Hadhari principles are being practiced....lacing water with chemicals!! The local NGOs should bring this to the highest attention of the Human Rights International order just how loving this UMNOputra government (calling the shots) treat its citizens.


  68. Anonymous4:47 pm

    anonymous 1:41

    are you paying heavy sum of tax, bro? Or not even eligible? Well I do coz I'm earning more than 36k per annum and still bachelor (not much tax relief either)

    ..but the main chunk of the so-called govt abuse tax came from multi billion RM Petronas pipeline..Govt collect it in March every year.

    Otherwise don't talk too loud condemning others OK bro (you were referring to the 60% Malays do you? thought less than 1% out of that 60% from 25 million Malaysian are enjoying it! )

    Don't talk rubbish and so emotionally short minded..coz none of us common citizen are having any of the leftover piece either!

  69. Rocky's Bru says:
    A poster who goes by the nick "Utha is a fake lawyer!" sent me just before noon today what he/she claims to be a copy of the Hindraf's memo to the British High Commissioner, which P. Uthayakumar and gang were supposed to have submitted yesterday.
    Due to the "extreme" nature of the content of the "memo", I have decided to verify it with Mr Uthayakumar himself.
    I called his assistant about 4pm and am awaiting his office to call me back.


    Hindu Rights Action Force
    No. 135-3-A, Jalan Toman 7,
    Kemayan Square,
    70200 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
    Malaysia. Tel : 06-7672995/6
    Fax: 06-7672997 Email

    The Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown
    Prime Minister of the United Kindom
    10 Downing Street, Fax: +442079250918
    London, URGENT
    SW1A 2AA

    Dear Sirs,

    Thank You,

    Yours Faithfully

    Legal Adviser

    Below are the comments posted by "Utha is a fake lawyer!":

    This Hindraf is taking an overdramatic Tamilian movie approach to their predicaments.

    Proof those statistics. Show local authorities have been unreasonable and ample warnign have not been given.

    All that for temple issues which have been breaking the local laws. Its common practise that Indian tend claim any tree as holy and put to temples, even on illegal land and private owned lands. When asked to remove, they resist.

    Whenlaw has to enforce, tehy start tehir wayang keling on human righst, discrimination and marginalisation crap.

    Look how Indians react ... very confrontational. You expect police to give them a read carpet. Lucky nobody died.

    Make up their mind lah, you want to sue Britain or seek Britain to help? Sure to lose. Were they forced to come here or they did it on freewill. Kalau tak suka, balik India lah!

    Is this Utaha fella brain dead or what!

  70. Anonymous5:17 pm

    Indians are very confrontational indeed, but they don't display their weapons and threaten bloodshed. So, compared to them, those who display weapons to threaten others should have been dealt with more harshly. Or am I led to believe that there is indeed a double-standard in everything done in this country?

  71. Anonymous5:31 pm

    Anon 3.16,

    I do not need any umno-backed groups to tell me this is a racial issue.

    Anon 9.57,
    Najib fanning racial sentiments? what about Hindraf?

  72. Anonymous5:32 pm

    Reading the first para of the letter, i nearly laughed out loud. Quote:


    So OTT lah.

  73. Anonymous5:56 pm

    Rocky Bru

    Yu can find the same letter on Mahaguru's blog below:

  74. Anonymous7:23 pm

    Hi Rocky,
    Want to share with you a joke sent by some frenz in uk. But if u think it offensive, rile up gomen or our indian bros and sisters, it's ok lah if u don't publish./id laffer
    Note to Rocky:
    Doing PREVIEW, email came from my uncle Segar. He not amused! So don't publish lah. I share wth you only.

    From: Prime Minister of Malaysia
    to: Her Majesty, the Queen of England

    Your Majesty,
    I have here on my desk a report that says ethnic Indians (who are Msian citizens) have sent a petition to you to redress their grievances.
    As it turned out on Sunday, they have demonstrated a raging desire to be subjects of your realm.

    I see here a win-win situation for us all. I therefore am endorsing and strongly support their application to be citizens of the United Kingdom.

    I anticipate you are already counting the cost of such emigration. Like I said earlier, it's a win-win situation.
    These people will not go to their new country penniless. They each - man, woman, child - come to your kingdom with $1mil in their pockets as reparation from your govt for historical misdeeds committed in this part of the world.
    Win-win: The $4 trillion will never leave your fair shores: they live there, spend the money there. A sure formula for a bouyant economy, you must agree.
    And they are all doctors, lawyers, accountants par excellence.
    As an added bonus, you will count as your subjects, Mr Ananda (somewhere up there in the Forbes list) and Mr Samy who is priceless (although I must admit in this case, hair care could be a dent to your social security).
    So far it's win-win for you.
    For us the govt of m'sia, no one can then accuse us of not listening to the voices of the minority.
    And, personally, as a bonus for me, I can go back to sleep in peace.
    Best wishes and Felicitations.

  75. Anonymous7:32 pm

    Dear Friends,

    Many of us if not all - sit at the luxury of an air-conditioned home or office - making our 2 cents heard/visible.

    I am also quite sure that not all of those present at the rally - truly understand the true cause behind the rally.

    it is extremely easy to shoot our mouth off - make racist and often stupid comments/observations.

    henceforth - please take the time to meet HINDRAF/Uthayakumar/Waythamoorthy - their doors are always open.

    They had written scores of letters - made so many please with the powers to be - to at least listen to them - but no one gave a damn.

    They wanted to make people know - what HINDRAF is all about. Hence the symbolic march.

    But the gomen is so darn stupid - if they allowed them to hand over - without much hugh and cry - no one would have given a damn - so in a way the gomen became it owns enemy.

    anyways - honestly - all of you guys/gals - please go and see what HINDRAF is all about - personally - then make comments.

  76. Anonymous7:47 pm

    Did anyone realised MSN gave the 10,000 Hindraf demonstration more coverage (including front page) than Bersih's?

    That publicity will incite the rural Malays and they'll just give their whole support for UMNO. So much for Hindraf directed attack at UMNO-led Government and attacking of Article 153. It only gave UMNO the much needed lifeline. Its like divine intervention for AAB.

    Bodoh punya Hindraf!

    This is the problem with Indian - easily agitated and short sighted thinking. Now all the efforts by mny quarters to shake Dolah Badawi down is wasted.

    Bodoh ... punya bodoh.

    If this habit continues, can expect them to shun MIC. With UMNO probably going to teach Samy Velu a lesson, Indians will lose a powerful voice. Love him or loath him, I see no one that can bring the voices of the Indians than Samy. NOt MIC, not PPP, not IPF and definitely not MUIP. Those in PKR are sailing on a sinking ship. DAP Indians can only hope LKS & family do not seek for their seat.

    Cubalah jangan cepat emotional and cepat hilang akal!

  77. Anonymous8:12 pm

    UMNO should march ... for what? We will decide at the ballot box !

  78. Anonymous8:24 pm

    Do these marchers (especially their leaders) believe that if the british didn't bring their great-grandfathers here they would be leading a fantastic life in India now ? that all all them would be prosperous ? that all of them would be employed ? that all of them would be get the education they have now ?

    Mind you, the British brought them in to be labourers -- meaning that they were not exactly leading a comfortable life nor belonged to the higher strata of society in India..

    Don't get me wrong---some of my best friends are Malaysian Indians who worked hard to get what they have - good ,reliable , hardworking friends.

  79. Anonymous8:35 pm

    re: the utha petition

    I remember reading the petition in
    Yesterday i went there to look for it to clarify some points but i cdnt find it. Maybe it was taken down. Today can't even access this blog.

  80. Anonymous8:39 pm

    just to remind us all, the hollywood writers, of which 12,000 members total, and around only 4000 odd marched, do you see the results they are getting, the impact and far reaching consequences of their cause..... some times i wish that we could do all this without PEOPLE getting hurt, i know about dying for a cause and all that, and that thats Hollwood and this is people's LivelyHOOD, but we must stop and ponder to reflect on how to obtain what we want in PEACEFUL ways & means.....

  81. Anonymous9:46 pm

    I have read the petition & after reading I am not sure that Uthaya is a qualified lawyer. A piece of fiction. No class lah dey. Want to be taken seriously, write with more finesse lah Macha, some more writing to world leaders. This is not a tamil script writing competition. Ini masuk ISA pun cannot blame gomen . In fact it is better outcome rather than being charged for treason

    For all intend & purposes, Hindraf rally benefited UMNO the most and Indians will be a bigger loser. UMNO will cut MIC's seats in the next GE as it is doubtful MIC can deliver the seats.

  82. Anonymous10:27 pm

    1 think i don't agree with Amir,

    Selangor FA cant play with Ajax in Champions League.. The future champ in Msia football is My(monkey)Team lead by KJ.. hehehe so My(Monkey)Team will play against the likes of Chelsea, Man Utd, AC Milan..etc lah..

  83. Anonymous11:13 pm

    This march still is a fools errand no matter what ground the supporters of it might claim!

  84. Anonymous6:24 pm

    Rocky , you are as stupid as them if you support these thugs .

  85. Anonymous6:26 pm

    Bunch of monkeys rally , all of them should be deported back to India .

  86. Anonymous6:35 pm

    Logic & Reality?
    The King, The Queen, the PM?
    The Petition, the Court, the many Appeals?
    Anything works?
    Whose has the most obligations to talk?
    If PM works
    Anyone ask the King or Queen to talk?
    The PM in Kampula talked freedom
    when Malaysian freedom being mopped!

    Anyone see the illogic
    the Bolehland logic?

    Constitution broke.
    Human Rights any hope
    If all talk if Hindu or not?

    Hindu voiced their own notes
    but basically their Rights
    were same taken away and broke!

    Numbers are scared by the crooks
    Should both find more same grounds to cook!

    Their wisdoms were challenged
    as nothing can be noted!
    Should judiciary be proved broke
    or to make them broke?
    So lawyers have battles to work
    than rallies on the walk!!

  87. Anonymous9:17 pm

    Frm Indian newspaper !

    CHENNAI: MDMK General Secretary Vaiko on Tuesday requested Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to take immediate steps through diplomatic channels to protect ethnic Indians in Malaysia.

    In a letter to Dr Singh, a copy of which was circulated to the media here, he said the Malaysian authorities had used police force against ethnic Indians, mostly Tamils, when they took out a peaceful rally on November 25.

    "Making up some eight per cent of Malaysia's population, Indians are historically underprivileged, compared to other ethnic groups and have long felt discriminated."

    "More than 90 per cent of ethnic Indians in Malaysia are Tamils. They have contributed to bring economic prosperity in Malaysia, shedding their sweat of labour all these years. But they have been discriminated in education, jobs and business opportunities by Malaysian authorities," he added.

    Stating that the reported statement of the Malaysian Prime Minister against the peaceful rally was "disturbing and causes apprehension" about the future safety and welfare of ethnic Indians, Vaiko requested the Prime Minister to take steps to protect them.

    ******Perhaps all these Hindus should go back to India if they are unhappy staying here . Get lost no one wants you here !

  88. Dear Hindu Thugs,

    Thanks for the news article from Chennai. Please do me a favour. Please don't ask any of the Hindus who marched on Sunday to go back to India. I have friends among them who consider Malaysia and only Malaysia as their home. Not India.


  89. Anonymous11:26 am

    When India takes off like China, you know who has the last laugh. India Boleh!

  90. Anonymous1:32 pm

    Anon 11:26am & the extremist kind..

    That would take quite a long pace since they're pulling the charriot using can you compared with!

    Indian among Indians are killing each other every day for religious reason in India..they even burn mosque to built temple on top of it..slaying among their own race (what Indian brotherhood? they only become bully when they have the volume! rubbish..they live by the law of casts & class (not like Chinese la)..marginalize among themselves..some more talking about marginalization! hahaha).

    Lucky the India Muslim doing business in Malaysia otherwise these bunch of extremist will burn down their restaurant in envy due to their success if its in India!

    Anon 11:26am,
    Have you've been to India or have you been too much watching the Bollywood junk where Indian are all damn rich living in colonial palace and lavishly shoping in London, New York & Paris? In reality, the commoners houses are make of dungs..people sleeping on station platform & along the street, poverty, children prostitution & labour, organ selling..way far to go men! maybe a huge meteor already hit earth by that dreamed golden time of!

    I've been to India .. guess i already had a more clearer picture about Indian there than that lawyer-lier-twisted -tongue Wayarmati and other of those extremist type! Condone religious extreme with whatever names..that these fa@king lawyers are very good at..

    Their expatriate who came here talking junk in Malaysia aroggantly bragging so big like their country equivalent to that of Europe in anything..I've screwed a few up-side down when they technically get caught twisted by their tongue..They are only good at talking when only came hear to learn the work but still bragging up to the nose!

    I cannot wait for the moment for all the hypocrites who devoted their loyalty to other country try buzz off from Malaysia from the extremist pest..

    Then only we can set our mind straight to choose the best govt who can rule better without the worry of threat from these bunch of chauvanist extremist people who failed to gain our trust on them ..always seen clouded with their notorius hidden agenda in mind that even spelled out on their forehead!)..

    The majority Malay live with the feeling that these extremist Indian & Chinese want to have everything, enslaved then and plan for genocide..Like hell they going to share & give their vote to choose people among this pest extremist! Think logic lah moron!

    Once Malaysia are purified from these extremist, I don't see why the Malays reluctant to share everything to equality as they have once tolerated in giving 'jus-soli' citizenship to the Indian & Chinese. Have you been to Kelantan & Kedah? Malay, Chinese & Indian are living like brothers and full respect of each others..they even speak the 'loghat' well & fluent..not like you plague in Klang Valley..always arrogantly find trouble with the Malays with your seditios remarks! Blame yourselves!

    The plague UMNO! we Malay neither like what they are are doing to their own race either..we want to remove them but you bugger f@*ing extremist are more buzy with your own agenda that involve in 'killing menifesto' to ALL the Malay also..(a move by bunch of extremist selfish racist idiots!).. NOT about fighting TOGETHER to bring this land to a better for ALL!

    That's why the Malay keep voting UMNO due to prejudism reflected by the action from your kind of stupid ultra-extremist people putting UMNO even stronger coz UMNO know how to play the race card very well! Thanx to you extremist idiot..! Why can these people try to live in peace with all and why always bargain for more without thinking of others..senseless & selfish! The world is more than enough to satisfy everybody but NOT the greed of a few bloody stupid sh!t!

    Anon 11:26am..I'm patiently waiting for my last laugh when people like you walk away from this land..a purification process for true brotherhood of Bangsa!

    Even thought the govt are spoiled..still lucky this is Malaysia and nobydy died in Dataran Merdeka.. in Tianamen Square they shot these type of people like shooting dogs..(so cruel killing among their own kind!)

  91. Anonymous6:49 pm

    Why wait till India "shoots of". Go now.In fact we pray so, pray that the Indian govt can absorb some few millions more of wretched, ungrateful, racist trouble-makers. Why hasnt Autakurma migrated yet? Hope he is one of the top caste. Super power my ass!

  92. My Indian friends,

    You might have problems. Same with the rest of us the Chinese and Malays.

    At the same time do not forget that we also have many sucesses. The Indian should be proud of their Ananda Khrishnan, Tony Fernandez, indian lawyers, indian doctors that walk hapily in this land.

    Do not let your dignity being rape by someone narrow minded political agenda.