Thursday, November 22, 2007

NSTP & 4 others vs Rocky - Contempt of Court

KL 21/11. NSTP, four others fail to get leave from the High Court to initiate committal proceedings against blogger Ahirudin Attan - BERNAMA
If you subscribe to Bernama's SMS service, you would have received the above news-in-brief around lunch yesterday. Unfortunately, Bernama's on-line Full News List does not include this brief or any kind of news pertaining to the case. [Here, the list at 3 am]. So if you are not a subscriber, you did not know what went on between my former friends at the NSTP and I at the Jalan Duta Courts.

My bro the Screenshots has more than Bernama:

Rocky ambushed... but survived

It's an ambush that even Rocky's lawyers weren't informed.
According to journalists who covered the Jalan Duta High Court circuit today, NSTP & Four Others failed to get leave from the Kuala Lumpur High Court to initiate committal proceedings against blogger Ahirudin Attan (Rocky).
There was, however, an alert in The Star, September 21, of an application for such committal proceedings (read: contempt of court) by the plaintiffs who sued Rocky for defamation alongside this blogger.
Apart from this, I have no further details to report at the moment.

Me, I can't wait to see the NST's report today. Call it professional curiosity.


  1. Rocky, can you explain in the layman language what is this all about. Tak fahamlah!!! Thanks.

  2. Anonymous9:55 am

    Morning Rocky,

    Wow.. Kali really hates you doesn't he? What a child.

    Well, I guess they 'tergigit cili' and felt 'pedas'.

    Good for you man.

  3. Anonymous10:04 am

    i am so happy for you Rocky.

    God is on your side

    take care !

  4. Anonymous11:13 am

    Aiyo! hope ur ok bro. Wot underhanded tactics. But then I suppose they have very little understanding of the online practice of hyperlinking.

    Furthermore, I think they were counting on a stupid judge. This judge obviously wasn't a drone.

    Having said that, I feel there couldn't be many (if any) precedents concerning hyperlink and wot's considered subjudice.

    Dinosaur Goliaths fail in attack on cyber David. Heheh, How's that for a headline?

  5. Anonymous12:37 pm

    Tahniah Rocky!

    TerimaKasih kerana begitu berani dan bertanggungjawab mempertahankan kebebasan kewartawan dan 'journalism intelectual'.

    Buat solat sunat taubat dan sujud syukur. Perjuangan anda baru bermula.

    Anda dan Dato' Kadir Jasin memang pejuang yang ada stail dan kelas tersendiri. Lenggok tulisan anda mendebarkan sukma. Kearah kebebasan kewartawanan Malaysia...

    Namun sekali sekala anda harus menulis dalam bahasa ibunda tanpa rasa malu dan rendah diri...

    Wish u all the best bro'!

    Ahmad Muszdek.

  6. Rocky,
    As I see it, this seems more like a personal vendetta against you, by you know who.
    Of course, with legal costs all paid for by shareholders they can file whatever they like and apply for whatever ex-parte injunctions they like. That fellow must hopping mad with you.
    Thank God, judges who sat on Anwar's trial are not hearing your case.

  7. Rocky thats a 2-0 for you.

    First was the unsuccessful attempt to request removal of yr blog postings.

    Now second to set aside the complain of contempt of court for the Walk With US link.

    Can the clerk-at-work update his/her blog?

    Tip tip ... Heard over the grapevine there is something happening on the Matthias vs Kalimuttu case ... ohhhh best panas.

  8. Anonymous2:37 pm

    I second that, Pak Idrus. Someone, pls explain in simple language so a simple person like me can understand.
    Thanks in advance

  9. Kali and gang
    They won’t feel the pinch
    It isn’t their money
    It is someone else expense

    They lick their wounds
    Eyes shading crocodile tears
    The minds thinking of something else
    Of course money isn’t a hindrance
    It comes in easily
    The shareholders don’t ask why

    Now they know
    The main legal fight is on thin ice
    Barely surviving I should say
    Yet they will go ahead
    It is someone else expense

    They think they want to follow LKY
    He has the brain what they have?
    Riding on the piggy bank
    And they glow
    They want everybody to see
    And watch their antics as they ride

    They forget
    Judges more cautious now
    The dignity of the profession
    Get bashing in the corridors
    Now it is time to put it right

    Kali and gang
    Like the merchant of Venice
    One day when they wake up
    They know they skin themselves

  10. Anonymous5:13 pm


    Must be because of that sunday column comment.

    If they cannot accept critics, then don't write a bias article.

    I tought he said before that he's not going to write for Sunday edition anymore.

  11. Anonymous7:24 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    I woke up feeling sad this morning because England shot themselves in their foot by failing to qualify for the Euro Finals.

    I am going to sleep soundly tonite because Kalim-ular shot himself in the head by failing to understand what press freedom is all about.


    Rastaman (JB)

  12. Anonymous8:16 pm

    and i just love to say to the 4, ' go to hell '.

  13. Anonymous8:21 pm

    very jahat, they all.
    they want you jailed, bro.

    top editors (one former) want to have you muzzled...and jailed.

    to hell with freedom of expression! they don't believe in it.

  14. Anonymous8:25 pm

    and oh...

    NSTP paying their legal fees, huh?

    if I were a journalist or whatever in the company, i wouldn't stand for this! i'd lodge a complaint!I'd protest BIGTIME.

    dragging the company into paying the legal fees!

    this is a private suit, man!

    pay your own-lah!

  15. Anonymous12:11 am


    I went through a whole week without newspapers. I dropped in to your blog and got updated on all current issues. I save RM1.50 a day...

    Keep up the good work!

  16. Anonymous12:11 am

    for yr eyes only bro....whenever u r out,having drinks/makan/chat with frens/fellow bloggers,take care what u talk about,there r "people" listening to whatever u talk abt,glance/look around u,if there r "things" pointed towards u,eg an innocent umbrella (when there r NIL signs of rain),or some other "abnormal" objects POINTED towards u/yr group/table,there might b a hyper sensitive,strong mic in it.....take care..

  17. Anonymous12:23 am

    Asmk Rocky.
    Like Pak Idrus and another Anon, I too don’t fully understand the full technicalities of this lawsuit against you by those stooges, as it progressed. But, I pray that things will work out your way, Insyallah. Wish you all the best.
    By the way, Congratulations! You are close to becoming a 2 ½ millionaire, after about 18 months? That’s a big achievement.

  18. Anonymous1:02 am

    They ARE snakey aren't they.

    A sign of desperation like a drowning quadruple clutching at straws.

    Will walk with you, bro.
    It ain't over till it's over.

  19. Anonymous8:34 am

    England lost 2-3?

    Thats good news to me. Most overated team in the world. PUkes me to hear them regurgitate that lucky 1966 win.

    Ironically my favourite team comes from the English League ... Man U. Its the excitement of waiting out every season for them to redo that triple again.

    England's lost is a lesson, Rocky bro. Your 2 win up could easily be 2-3 lost. So don't let yr guard down.

  20. Isn't this the 2nd time they've tried to bushwhack you, bro?

    Plaintiff appearing in court without the defendant's presence because the former did not inform the latter through proper channels and procedures.

    Defaming oneself nowadays takes on a different meaning altogether. Where got credibility like this.

    Btw with what Insider wrote, will you be going around carrying a big cardboard box or two tin-cans connected with a string in case you need to speak with anybody?

    Macam-macam ada, eh bro.

  21. Anonymous10:42 am


    cowards, snakes, cheats, plunderers,

    siapa yang makan chili, dia yang rasa pedas...

  22. kawan,
    Don't buy NST and you save RM 1.50 a day. You could accumulate a staggering RM45.00 a month to bring your family out for a decent meal. (Or RM 540.00) a year)
    Why waste hard earned money on buying trash.
    NST is not even worth as surat khabar lama. I think all malaysian newpapers are also in the same heap (boat).

  23. Hi Rocky,

    Somebody mentioned you ( i assume) in one of my posts.(Beth Yahp's open letter to PM)

    Just letting you know in case you would like to respond to him.

    Here's the para about you:

    This obedience that you speak of in journalists occur everywhere. State owned ones will take orders from the government leaders while the opposition ones do just the same with their leaders. So why are you complaining as this is not the fault of the bosses? On the contrary, it is the journalists whom we should blame for being normal human beings; loyal to the paymaster as long as they are on the payroll. The classic example is in the former “state owned” newspaper journalists who are knowned bloggers today, complaining about how the newspaper editors write their columns to suite their bosses when in truth, they did the same damned thing when they were in under a different leader.