Friday, November 23, 2007

Uthayakumar nabbed

Sedition. They've started to play rough. This morning, lawyer P. Uthayakumar, the legal adviser for the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf), was nabbed and taken to the Shah Alam court, where he was charged under the Seditions Act.

Hindraf is behind a class-action suit against Britain for bringing Indians to Malaysia as indentured labourers and exploiting them for 150 years. A total of US$4 trillion (RM14 trillion) is being sought, or US$2 million for every Indian residing in Malaysia. Uthayakumar is one of the planners of rally planned for this Sunday to support the action. Hindraf was hoping that 10,000 Indians will walk but the police, as usual, have banned the rally.

Uthayakumar, the Malay Mail and the underdogs
Uthayakumar was one of the personalities the Malay Mail used to prop up when I was editor of The Paper That Cares. He was a champion of the underdogs who used to take cases at random if they happen to involve downtrodden or seemingly downtrodden individuals and/or if he smelled police brutality, etc.
I lost a bit of respect for him, however, when he pulled off that stunt in 2005 (I have to check the year later) by going into "hiding" in the UK and seeking asylum there. We ran a couple of front-page stories then, challenging him to come home and "fight in the ring".
The Malay Mail was a champion of the underdogs, too, and we did not care for such antics. [I believe Uthayakumar filed a suit against the Malay Mail for those stories].
I don't quite understand why Hindraf has decided to sue Her Majesty's government and how Uthayakumar came up with the RM2 million-per-head amount. I thought Hindraf shouldbe suing MIC and its president S. Samy Vellu for the Indian community's predicament.

But Uthayakumar is here this time, "fighting in the ring". He has my support for that. And they should just let the 10,000 walk in peace to express their displeasure with Britain.


  1. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Another slap in the face for the Indians. They didn't dare arrest the lawyers, they didn't dare arrest the Malay leaders who led the Nov 11 march... but when it comes to the Indians, it's a different story. They tear down your temples, ignore your Deepavali and call you names in Parliament and elsewhere, but fool that you are, you continue to elect the very Govt which abuses you. I guessed correctly that the police would come down hard on the Hindraf march. Why? Because only the Indians are involved. And who in the govt cares about the Indians? NO ONE... not even Samy Vellu, the self-styled great black hope of Malaysia.

  2. Didn't he go into hiding because there were death threats against him? Alah, sket2 Seditions Act. Selective, immediate action when it suits the boogers. Nak act against people who violate the dignity of horrifically murdered kids by circulating their autopsy photos pun impotent or just don't care. Fed up la...Lantak la depa nak sue the Brits pun, they deserve to be...tapi a century too late la...and you are right, Samy "Darn it, millions can't buy me a good toupee" Vellu should be held liable for the poor state of Indians in Malaysia...what has he really done? Bila orang Melayu tolong org melayu via NEP, org bising, but it has worked well until it was hijacked by the greedy...the Chinese go all out to help their fellow men via MCA, but the MIC...??? Poorah. Cit.

  3. "I don't quite understand why Hindraf has decided to sue Her Majesty's government......."

    Oh rocky, oh rocky,
    Isn't it clear as daylight that this action is not to make Indians millionaires overnight.
    This action has no merit and will surely fail but the main aim of the community is to discredit the BN government which had marginalized the community for 50 long years.
    It is to draw international attention to the plight of Indian Malaysians.
    Remember, their equity still stands at 1%, the bulk of which I presume belongs to either Samy Vellu or Ananthan Krishnan.

  4. Sedition Act?
    Ha, I have lost count of the number of UMNO leaders who should have been charged under this same Act.
    They had made vicious racist remarks, with a weapon in hand and threats to "soak the dagger in blood" or "draw blood"..........
    And all these telecast live on national TV.
    Oh, no offense if committed by UMNO?

  5. Anonymous1:51 pm

    the clampdown and real intimidation have started. you wonder who is next. freer society and more democratic space under this regime? thats how it was spin and now you see the true colours. once there is a real challenge to their authority and power, the police will be there to do their bidding. isnt no surprise that the government closes one eye to the massive corruption in the police. its like "i scratch your back and you scratch mine"

  6. Anonymous1:56 pm

    Ah Rocky, u remembered the guy too. I must admit perplexity at complaining to the British 50 yrs after independence.

    Blaming them? Hell most colonised nations have some beef against the their colonisers, especially Brit colonisers.

    Something flawed here. As i've been saying in my blog since yesterday.

    Hindraf has its points, but the name indicates a fight for hindus. How about those non-hindu Indians with similar plight? Is this a case of a minority group ignoring its own minority.

  7. Rocky,
    Baradan K's article in Malaysiakini today explains the purpose of the lawsuit against the UK. It's an interesting analysis.

  8. Anonymous3:23 pm

    I do agree with you Abang Rocky.It just don't make sense at all!!!!I think he or the group itself scared to sue Samy Vellu or the Malaysian goverment. But really it does not make sense at all!!!
    Bob from Kuching

  9. This street thing is beginning to irritate me that I wish the police just shoot those who take their protest to the street.

  10. Anonymous4:07 pm

    Is it not easy for the government to stifle any sort of dissent or unhappiness amoung the populace? Anything these days can be labelled as "seditious", "causing tension and unrest", "a security problem" etc etc. One can always see a half-empty glass if one chooses to instead of one that is half-full.

    This government is an increasingly authoritarian and intolerant government no doubt about that. It seeks a submissive people and compliant ministers. All talk about giving the populace greater freedom and latitude is all hog-wash.

  11. What walk in peace are you talking about? Normal citizens want to take their familes out to town for brunch or even tea or dinner. This group is disrupting OUR peace!

    See what happens when one "walk in peace" is allowed? Every two bit organization is organizing one every Sunday now and it's a BLOODY NUISANCE!

    The Majority of the rakyat are unamused.

    Maybe next week we'll have the Human Rights For Gays' Association organizing a walk.

  12. Anonymous4:58 pm

    I will try to think
    what Rally had done
    and if Hindraf can make same thing done?

    Rally on the walk
    because someone as shield came to walk
    A Royal & some MP came to the scene
    without touching race but Royal.

    What shield (Samy?) do you have to walk
    and "against" a much bigger Royal!
    Why Hindraf (or, others) be given a way?

    Rally is for all
    including Hindu.
    Not necessary all your Rights
    but at least a Rights to fight
    in the GE with better light!

    If you have 10,000 for the walk
    take their poll to along side the Rally!
    You will make 10,000 into 50,0000!

    After that, let the 50,000
    fight for Hindu
    for the cultural Rights!

    Let the last Rally starts the wisdom of all
    to ask and press for Rights for all
    Rally not to say all!

    A court case is Right
    if the ingredients are Right
    if all concerned have the Rights!

    The system is not right
    and at least an Indian (or Hindu?) is not right!
    Be precise!

    All should care for all
    and not Hindu for Hindu
    or Chinese for Chinese!
    It was dam not right!!
    This is how Samy or OKT
    was in the light
    so that much have to be put to Right!

    Fight for a Hindu Centre
    it will give a much better light.
    Get all Human Rights Right
    before any bright topic a life!

  13. As expected.. It proves that nazri and KJ is not afraid of Indians .. hehe.. Tell something and do otherwise . Typical UMNO style.

    These guys don't have balls to fight professionally.Bullies...

  14. Anonymous5:15 pm

    I would like to call all the Malays to protest against the British for recruiting Indians and Chinese immigrant labourers into the Malay States and providing them citizenship rights in Persekutuan Tanah Melayu/ Malaya.

    Isnt it ridiculous? Would you then lend your support too?

  15. Anonymous5:18 pm

    Uthyakumar may be arrested, many will be arrested, but the sruggle against lies, stupidity, hypocrisy, religious extremism, bigotry, Umno reign of terror goes on. Long live a Malaysian Malaysia.

  16. Anonymous6:12 pm

    da real deal @ 4.50 pm

    so what if "Human Rights For Gays' Association" walk. Now now, i dont want to think that u r a homophobic or that r u jus scared that they might be appealing to

    come on man, everyone on earth has the right to live their life however way they please, as long as they does not cause harm to anyone. who r u to judge them.

    grow up la "katak bawah tempurung"

  17. Anonymous6:22 pm

    hey if we non-malays dont support this walk then the next walk will be our turn.

    it is not abt the compensation. I tis abt giving umno a bigger slap in the face that matters.

  18. Anonymous7:00 pm

    Hindraf is obviously after money. To restore fairness,fair amount of equal rights and self dignity just highlight all the unchallenged facts available. When you are seeking million of ringgit as compensation for your so called " SUFFERINGS AND BEEN MARGINALISED " and after 50 years late, I incline to suspect that some of you are simply looking for simple and quick oportunity of wanting to strike rich... a jackpot.
    Why do you have to demonstrate, walk, leading procession to take up your matter to the Queen?.Just elect some good people in your group and fly to UK to deliver your memorandum. Do it in a civil and respectable way. But everyone knows of your grand agenda. You seek sensation,
    commotion leading to social,economic and national chaos. Tamil brothers, Pl think more than twice!!!

  19. anon at 515
    this is real world. If the situation works on your disadvantage, then u protest. It's your right because u feel that u are equal in this country and not deserved to be marginised. In this example Hindraf feels that they are being marginised and put the blame on Brit so they speak up. I may agree that they are barking on the wrong tree but they are not wrong to speak up.
    Back to your comment, if you feel that the malays have been marginised because of the presence of Chinese and Indians then go ahead and speak up, get into a open forum to discuss and iron things out once and for all. Don't suppress your feeling when u feel that injustice being served on you or all malays. If you don't speak up or don't seek answers for your thought, no one (NO ONE) should hold back from speak out for their rights. Just because you have a thought and don't want to find answers, you can't ridicule others from speaking up.

    On other subject the police is changing its tactic towards 'peace demonstration' and i think they would do the same to the next Bersih gathering. Well, since the police is so consistent in setting road blocks, can i suggest for the next gathering of any kind, just stick a banner on top of your car anyway if you were to attend. So even if you don't get to attend finally, at least you might have a chance to show up on the mainstream media. I guess they will not be bothered to touch up the photo or decided to just print the text. if they choose to print, that would show to the publish how many ppl are supporting the cause.

  20. Anonymous7:46 pm
    Lulu is counting every blood and tears of Hindus
    And we all knew!!

    Say you voice not only here
    but many place to be re-built!

    You loss your place for the souls
    Everyone with a heart will surely scold!
    Devils should disappear!

    Don't give the bully any more chance
    until we are all in one piece!

    Postpone the walk
    but do the talk to join!
    In one piece they will fear
    doesn't matter it is hindu
    or Chinese!
    So to get peace!

    Postpone the Hindraf rally PLEASE!

  21. Anonymous7:50 pm

    dont get it..Y ask for money? U want respect..say it out loud..

    U want to discredit BN.. say it out loud.....

    at this point..ur saying u want money..very loudly..12 triliion..

    Bersih did it.Loud and clear for clean election.....ieshh

  22. Apa tak faham faham lagi?

    Tak faham ke yang rakyat Msia keturunan India takde tempat lain nak mengadu?

    Tak faham ke yang Hindraf buat rally dan petition untuk malukan BN di mata dunia? To force BBC to report?

    Tak faham ke kalau nak start rebelling against a dictatorship, you have to start small first? Sampai bila nak tunggu semua rakyat minoriti untuk bersatu, then only buat rally?

    Tak faham ke yang RAKYAT MALAYSIA who happen to be born with Indian or Chinese or XXX background would like to be treated as RAKYAT MALAYSIA? not like their are still immigrants? In most countries, you only need to change your citizenship, and you get to be treated by law as a citizen! Why the heck can't the Indian or Chinese or XXX community whose home has been Malaysia for at least the past 100 hundred years are not considered worthy enough to be the sons of the great Malaysian soil?

    Itu yang SAYA tak faham!

  23. Anonymous8:17 pm

    People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.

    (V For Vendetta - Alan Moore)

  24. Anonymous9:11 pm

    When Malaysians forget who contributes and put in effort for the development of the country, this is what comes of it.

    Some fo the ignorant people being brainwashed by UMNO to think that being Malayu, they have rights to over-step other. I won't go to analyze how much each non-Melayu have contributed to the country's development but can the country seriously progress by just having pure Melayu? As it is now, we can hardly see Malaysian doing the dirty and hard labour job let alone Melayu. Dare we think what will happen if all non-Melayu were sidelined? Just look at how the public services are doing is already a good reflection of what to come.

  25. Anonymous10:19 pm

    they can walk or run. I just hope that they are sensible enough not to bring along their children. That is childish.

  26. Anonymous11:18 pm

    People, pls. Go to Harris Ibrahim's blog, there is a very sobering appeal to call off the rally and for very compelling reasons.
    Read it, and pause and think.
    May sobriety win the day.

  27. Suing the british government is to get worldwide attention. This will appear on CNN and everything u can think off. I do not think this is about the money at all as mr. smith had also stated.

    Off course this lawsuit has not merit but it will put Malaysia on a spotlight and highlight the plight of indians on an international scale.

    Suing MIC?? hahaha...thats funny. Sothi might come and make a press statement saying "Mau Lawan kah??" and then everything will be closed after 1 month.

    By the way, how the hell do you ever get a police permit? This is bullshit for sure.

    why not someday just do a million people march and walk into Putrajaya and take over PM's office. Bloodless Coupe and call for fresh elections.

  28. Anonymous12:01 am

    Subject to be Seconded!!
    give everybody a chance to show their concern!

    Postpone your Rally
    as Everyone do worry
    on each and every Hindu
    has to be concerned
    by Everyone!

    Rally can be many forms
    take sounding the HORN be one
    so can be anywhere
    for many many if not every
    to join!
    one minute or two
    will make a SINGLE VOICE
    loud & Clear!

    Before you pick the time & date
    and a good Slogan with WISE,
    Please set rules and regulations right,
    Residential, hospitals should be out
    and ......!

    Let PM knows he has to face everyone
    from everywhere!
    100,000 or more will not be hard!!

    Horns with a Malaysian heart!

  29. Anonymous12:23 am

    If I am not mistaken, a surau in Kg Rimba Jaya was also demolished. The muslims grumbled but didn't do more than that. Why? I don't know.

    I can understand if the Hindus are angry over the temple demolition but I honestly can't understand why the Indians are suing the British over something that happened many many years ago. As someone in another blog said, possibly they came bcos life was worse off where they came from. I am not being racist but I didn't see many Indians during the BERSIH rally. I wonder why HINDRAF didn't mobilise its members then. That was a rally that ALL of us could support. That aside, I am disturbed by the unprecedented court order that prohibits any gathering for 7 days and the decison is final too. Though I don't support the reasons for the gathering, I believe HINDRAF and its supporters have the right to gather peacefully and should be allowed to do so. As someone wrote, AAB missed the chance to be a hero for the Indians. Or maybe not. He has more than 24hrs to act if he chooses to.

    I wish the Indians the bestest of luck. Take care.


  30. Anonymous1:00 am

    Hahaha... Nak perjuangankan bangsa India konon... tapi yang pergi ialah pertubuhan Hindu... Apa cerita ngan non-Hindu Indian? Hahaha... Mamak having happy life over here? Hahaha...

    RM 1 million for each of Indian? Not bad... Mark my word, it will never happen... British government is not that stupid...

    Blame the British? Yeah, everyone want to do that... Malay, Chinese, Iban etc also want to do that... Not just British, we also want to blame every single non-Asian blood who had occupied our beloved country... But I don't think we are stupid enough to cry foul after 50 years of Independence and try to sue those mat salleh on hundreds of years of miserable life... Move on la woiii... Jangan bikin malu laaa...

    They can cry foul but if they look on the bright side, thank god they were not sent to US as slaves... Kalau tak jadi cam Kunta Kinte lee... Nasib baik sampai kat Malaysia, dapat gak jadi something kat sini... Kalau masih dok kat India, asyik kena maki je pasal kasta rendah diorang tuh... Nasib baik hantar kat Malaysia yang tak pandang kasta ke apa ke...

    Kat India tu nama je dah moden, still ada lagi sistem kasta... member aku yang pernah kerja kat sana cakap yg supervisor Indian satu bangsa ngan diorang pun boleh maki-maki crew local Indian punya mak bapak sampai tujuh keturunan depan-depan jee... and those kasta rendah cuma dengar je dan tak leh buat apa-apa... semuanya sebab kasta supervisor tu lagi tinggi dari kasta crew tuh... Pi la balik India kalau tak puas hati ngan hidup korang... Bikin malu la woiii...

    Btw, aku still rasa ni sebenarnya main wayang... Ada hidden agenda nih... So diorang ni jadi tool je la... Cam bodoh plak

    RM 1 juta? No such thing as easy money la... Don't be stupid la!

    Everybody are born with limitless potential. But some people just choose to be stupid!

  31. Anonymous1:25 am

    da real dael..

    I suppose you will also complain when
    your family dinner outing is disrupted by a Chinese funeral procession or during Thaipusam..or if we bring back the Maulud Nabi processions..
    Come on man..this world is not yours and yours alone..go buy your own island la like that...
    Peace Bro...

  32. Anonymous3:21 am

    aiyoo..still so many ppl don't understand isit. hindraf sue the british govt so that it will be picked up by the international media and then can highlight the plight of the indians. if sue BN or MIC, would it appear in BBC or CNN?

    And to all those ppl complain bout the Indians, why they idn;t turn up at bersih, well would you a non-indian willing to turn up for them? From most of the comments, I don't think why be a hypocrite?

  33. Sdr, I agree with you. He should be suing the MIC, S Samy Vellu or even those Indian reps who negotiated on behalf of the Indians in the Merdeka delegation.

    Many Indians (people of India) followed their English colonial masters to many far, far away places -- Malaya, Singapore, Fiji, East Africa, Guyana and the Carribbeans -- during the colonial times.

    They went as soldiers, policemen, administrators, professionals and of course labourers.

    In many instances, they enjoyed better lives under direct colonial protection and patronage than the natives and the locals.

    In Malaysia, until today, on average Malaysian Indians are better off than the Bumiputeras economically. Of course there are poor Indians as there are poor Malays and Chinese.

    Then again Bru, there are many ways of keeping oneself in the news these days and also of skinning the cat.

    This could be the case of pukul anak sindir menantu.

    Me, I have a personal problem... my Indian barber in Brickfields is going back to India for R&R more regularly these days. He has been here for 48 years and has no intention of seeking Malaysian citizenship. His children are all Malaysians.

    I hope his grandchildren will not be suing him or the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong in future.

    He charges RM12 for the heaircut. He hasn't raised his price for many years now. That's bacause his landlord has not been raising rent as regularly and he brings his kins from India as his assistants to keep cost down.

    Globalization bru.... a local fellow getting a haircut from a barber from India at a shop in Brickfields. Glokal.

  34. Anonymous9:46 am

    The making of another Tamil Eilam has begun in Malaysia...please someone stop them now before its too late.

  35. Anonymous11:14 am


    Honestly it is OK if you do not support the rally.

    But please refrain making comments/observations that are ridiculous.

    the right to peaceful assembly is a basic right!

    HINDRAF has never ever promoted violence. In all their previous encounters no violence.

    all they want to do is handover a memo.

    we may have differing opinions - but lets be rational about it.


  36. Anonymous11:21 am

    The Hindu religion itself marginalized the Indians..they created casts..

    Now hindraf talking rubbish about screwed up total marginalization ..50 yrs ago they had their chance to return back home but their ancestors insist to remain here. Why? to what cruel extend of the marginalization has gone nowdays?..Why Ananda can still be given with billions RM worth project with KLCC & Binariang and buying Maxis for his own and transfer his capital to S'pore? Not to mention their supreme leader Samy Vellu in the powerhouse..they've failed to help their own races same like the Malays! Only the Chinese truly helping their own race.

    I don't see any Indians dying on the street ,fail to get medical treatment in public hospitals or prohibited to open Tamil schools that furthermore marginalize them from other races..or only given 0.5/head vote count value for each of their votes and the Malay loaded with extra unfair 2.5 count per vote..Some Carribean countries do have 2 vote per head of their so-called 'bumiputeras' coz the British has brought too many outsiders into their country in the old days..

    Hindraf,go back to India lah (if India can still accept you, coz they already saturated with 1 billion problem..otherwise stay on Pendra Branca)

    Alloo, HINDRAF you comprise of how many casts? Do the Brahmin & Ksatria also joining the rally..? or is it only the low casts who cry out the foul?

    They can't even mix in one temple ..that's why they need to built so many temples corresponding to their cast & class in one place..what a screw up..When demolished they boiled up..!

    Can you imagine from DBKL survey they are almost 1,500 temples in Sentul area alone..(big & small)and yet they're saying people around them being so intolerance! hahahaha...

    Muslims, Catholics , Buddhas and Sikhs only need one worship place each for a community area because their religion give equal sharing among their followers! Not marginalizing in the religion..

    Anon 1:00am was right..
    the hindraf only fighting for the Hindus (what casts?) alone..not Indian or whoever else..Mamak definitely love being in Malaysia resorting to everyone favourite nasik kandar, teh tarik & roti canai rather than going to the street causing rampant in order for them to show to the whole world and that will result in negative reflection scaring away foreign investors that definitely affect the economy & stock markets..and affect other people too.. quite selfish!

    Bergen: you were right also:
    "This street thing is beginning to irritate me that I wish the police just shoot those who take their protest to the street."

    If hindraf managed to get 2 million each..(now everyone of them can built their very own temples..its a true nightmare for others!). Better, withdraw their citizenship and return them back to India and make extra rooms for others..One thing for sure, I don't think the British are so damn stupid, otherwise how come they managed to conquered almost 1/3 of the world last time? 100,000? Its nothing..they've already deal with even bigger volume when getting Hongkong from China.

    now Hindraf do sound like hinder..hidden agenda..whatever craps! Good Luck & enjoy your weekend..!

    Twisted talks like their tongue...That's why Samy Vellu the best person to fit the Work Ministry portfolio to tell you about the toll.. hahaha..

    Showing disatisfaction to the ruling govt is democracy freedom..showing intolerances & non-respect to other races is a true mockery of the sosial contract to live in harmony..

  37. Anonymous1:26 pm

    Surely you have grievance a lot
    like many other Malaysians in all spots.
    Get your message through a central blog(s)
    but legal protection no overlook!

    Do it more in English
    in Hindu message cannot far across.
    Spread your Legal knowledge across
    so we also share what's important to note.

    All need peace of the mind,
    like temple, church, or mosque.
    ALL need the peace of life,
    to see Human Rights on the road
    with Justice on the row!

    They were badly disturbed
    with the same basic devil
    the CORRUPTION overflow!

    We need your legal knowledge
    but we need a fair system
    before any grievance can go.

    Guide everyone, including Hindu, the Rightful demands by laws!
    Temples should under city councils
    Schools under Education
    and many many more.

    We understand these cannot go
    as the system is terribly, horribly rot!
    Your Channels never reply!
    A remote case to tell the world or Queen
    same as to talk to the King
    instead of PM.
    Wisdoms are on similar wavelength
    but one for all
    and another for Hindu
    then, it cast different looks!

    Please concentrate on the Fair EC
    to get an accountable GE,
    to work out a reasonable Parliament
    and constitutions,
    to amend a lot of lousy Acts
    to give a fair base for everyone to act.

    Lay out the steps
    so People know where to act
    and the Laws to take
    so politics is no more a magic
    but to work realistic.
    Indian, Chinese, Malay
    will be talking culture
    instead of politics.

    Please be a law engineer
    a society engineer
    a soul engineer
    for all kind of plans
    for people to share and follow
    with transparency, accountability, credibility under the law.

    Concentrate the time and efforts of all
    to get all to be planned, shared and go!

    We need many many more to Share for all!!

  38. Anonymous2:53 pm

    so much drama, reminiscent of the kind of movies they watch, tell the indians to wake up to the real world, btw, i am indian malayalee, & am proud of it, warts & all....

  39. Anonymous4:37 pm

    Any claim that foreigners were brought into Malaya to serve voluntarily and make sacrifices for the country's development is not entirely correct.
    They came to this country more than willingly to seek better future and prosperity. Most of them have to a certain extent attained such dreams as they had enjoyed full freedom of doing so. If they had remained where they actually were originally, they might not have prospered anyway due to various grounds. None of them was exploited without being paid salary in Malaya. Some were given living quarters, eventhough small. Everyone was backward then.Why grumble.

    What is the anger now? oh yes! some people are too far ahead and that's NOT FAIR?. You want a level playing field?. Face the truth and the reality. Even VK Lingam and brother cannot see eye to eye and they've been unwilling to share anything fairly or squarely. In short you cannot have the ideal definition or interpretation of the word FAIR. The world have not been created to provide complete fairness as per our conception. Be contented with what we already have acquired and strive to better ourselves by doing things correctly and nobly if that is well within our means.

  40. Anonymous5:57 pm

    mr smith

    there is a different set of laws for umno. in fact, the perception is that they are above the law.
    20 years ago, what did the present fella who rose to become DPM did? didnt he raise the keris and issue threats? did anything happened to him. yes, he rose to become the DPM now. look at what kerishamudin did? he will become DPM one day?
    at the micro level, the UMNO fellas can squat on the field meant for residents use. what happened to them? residents were threatened and the municipal council broke their own laws to side with the UMNO fellas. even, the MP went into hiding.
    youwant more examples?

  41. Anonymous7:21 pm

    I guess it'b better to sue your mother for bringing your life into this so called "boleh land". Bigger chance to win.

    Hantu Gigi Jarang

  42. Anonymous7:21 pm

    I suppose if you embarrass the Malaysian Government, or any Government, they would then turnaround and say sorry, come begging for forgiveness and ask, or beg you to tell them what they can do for you.
    Well that must be the basis of Hindraf's thinking? Best of luck to them.

    Sniff sniff....
    I smell Samy deep in the background

  43. Anonymous9:30 pm

    See how the different views/opinions/interpretations have distorted the whole matter?

    It was very simple - though Hindu based, the movement is seeking attention for all Malaysian Indians (irrespective of religion).


    And if their concern was about the temples, that is also real. If only the authorities had torn down the places of worship of Malaysian Indians of other faith, these guys would have also included it in their agenda.

    But how come the authorities are not involved in 'tearing' down other places of worship of the Malaysian Indians?

    Oh...its very simple....put in all the obstacles when it comes to building a new church....and then there is no church to tear down!

    On Rare occassions - when it comes to church matters, the musical chair concept comes into play.

    For those of you who do not know - check on how a church to be built on its own land in Shah Alam was deliberated by the decision makers in the government - who incidentally go out to the world to showcase Malaysia as a destination of multi-religions, and multi-races (but not multi-corruption).

    By the way, Samy Vellu does not like anyone to oppose him...not only that...he does not want any other Malaysian Indian initiative without his 'nose' being in there.
    Everything and anything 'Malaysian Indian' must involve him.

    Otherwise this insecure person will do anything to stop progress!

    Back to agenda of the Hindraf.
    Everyone is feee to interpret. No stopping lah!

    Even NEP that was clearly interpreted, is now being viewed as been hijacked.

    Those who could not benefit from the NEP, are they still keeping quiet and not being aggressive in demanding that the NEP concept be implemented correctly?

    Hindraf cannot challenge the Msian govt as long as Stooge Vellu is there, hiding under the underwears of the UMNO folks - because he has compromised on the Indians agenda for many years, not being accountable for the many grants and assistance given to the Malaysian Indians thru the MIC.

    So the UMNO government is holding this old man by his balls and is saying 'if you ever open your mouth, thats it man...we will open the files on all the police reports made against you'.

    In the end, Stooge Vellu relents and keeps his mouth shut, but opens it to condemn Hindraf - as that pleases the UMNO folks.

    By the way, every time Stooge Vellu makes a big blunder at the expense of the Malaysian Indians, the government holds it very dearly and slowly removes more away from the Malaysian Indians.

    For the Stooge, if his gangsters and thugs get some leftovers from the government,(leftovers? thats because the Stooge takes the bulk of it for him and his inner circle folks) that calls for great publicity that ALL Malaysian Indians have benefitted - plus big write ups with colour photos of the Stooge in Tamil Nesan.

    Have a heart guys. Even animals with 5 senses only, when faced with too many obstacles their way, try to overcome them by many ways, sometimes sensible and many times senseless ways.

    Here we are talking about humans.

    Indians arrested and kept in lock-ups die under mysterious situations...and all you get is medical reports that state the medical/biological reasons why they died. (eg breathing difficulties). But no one comes forward to state who caused such things.

    So Hindraf takes up the issue - not for Hindus only but for all Malaysian Indians who suffer this way.

    If the PM can say, UMNO takes care of all races in the country, why cant you guys accept that Hindraf is also championing for all Malaysian Indians?

    And for those who say that this group should take up the matter with the British, do remember thats what they are doing.

    By the way, if these Hindraf guys can garner sufficient support to ensure their reps, staying overseas send similiar petitions to the British embassies and High Commissions in other countries - at the same time (if thats possible) or in stages, say 3pm local time in each country, would the Malaysian police still interfere?

    If only there was fair play and fair behaviour of leaders who knwo when their time is up, we would not have Hindraf.

  44. Anonymous10:17 pm

    Rocky, you love such type of gatherings right?

    Where you voices will be can go all 'Hidup Democracy and all that crap'..

    During the Bersih walk why cover your not so Yellow shirt with a jacket?

    And join em this time around also la...why the double standards..

    Make sure you wear a jacket over you not so orange shirt..while people like us will have to sit at home no thanks to the bloody traffic congestion. Bah!

    Wanna make a it during the elections..opps..then again..people like you aren't registered in the first place. Sigh!

  45. This is a lot of craps.Putting US$2 million in every Malaysian Indian's pocket.Are the Indians in this country so stupid to believe this half-past six lawyer.Raising racial issue and taking it to the street,the man should be thrown in jail, I have no sympathy for people like him.I care for freedom of expression, but in every thing we do there must be a limit.This man is nothing than a liar and a troublemaker.

    If the authority don't stop it now, this country will soon see the explosion of street mob culture.

    I know there are a lot of corruption and abuse of power in the government but taking to the streets are not going to solve the problem.

  46. Anonymous11:27 pm

    And I will also sue your mother! Because of her 3 minutes sexual encounter, I have to share this 'boleh land' with you!

    Hantu Gigi Jarang

  47. to the commenter who used the nick "Mustang" in this thread,

    i'm sure you are not the same "mustang" who has been a commenter with this blog for over a year now. please come back and give yourself another name, for easy ID purposes.

    may i suggest "Musang" (it is Malay for Fox, a great animal in the AAB era; ask Brenden and Wong Sulong)?

    to the original Mustang, maybe you'd want to register that name as a blogger!

    to everybody else, cheers. and to those walking tomorrow, have a good outing!

  48. Anonymous12:22 am

    Dear Muthu, Subra, Jayakumar, Maniam, Balasingam, Gopal, Kalimutu, Muniandi and Ramesh.

    I support your Hindraf rally.

    Be it in the open, memo or cyber.

    Why? Because if you get that RM2M ~ I also want to enjoy the money with you. We can do business together.

    I sell you insurance, EPF Public Mutual, new houses, new cars, investment etc.

    You are all my buddies and I love you so very much. Call me when the money is in your account.


    PS. Thanks for the muruku last two weekend.

  49. Anonymous12:44 pm

    indians,we came here as labours,my parents are still,n if i never put any effort to break the condition,i would be a lobour still.i had the will.six of us,my secondary school friends,who wanted to become doctors,despite our socioeconomic backgrouns,two dropped halfway,saying that,i can't.anthr 3 went to india,thy had money.i stiil fought,despite the famous questions by the othrs,hey,why ppl without money like u want to do medicine?i still fought,along the way,i heard young boys who were killed at lock ups,n their body was nevr given for post mortem,no proper medical certs were given,if this happened to any of ur fly membr would u keep quiet?but it won't happen for the othrs,only them,because they are indians,whose voice was faild to be heard by the othrs.whn they cry,no one heard them,they waited long enough,patiently,n today,they just want to do a peaceful rally,don't they have at least this rights in a democratic country?it's not about money,they had been surviving,they want justice,their voices to be heard loud and clear,up to you what u want to do whn you hear it,but at least let them to voice.they ask for no pity,justice and justice alone.if their plight is wrong,then why there's roadblocks evrywhere?why don't you give them an hour to submit the petition?and those who have teased them for money,are you that blind or for not seeing the underlying motives?and these lawyers,do you think people will simple waste their time and energy just to laughd at by people like you?their time is their money and they sacrificed it willingly.if malaysia is a democratic country like it claims to be,let them rally,let them hand in their petition.and the police.they don't have any time to cathch the horrible murderer who raped an 8 year old girl and stuffed her with cucumber,but they have all the time for roadblocks,GREAT.

  50. Anonymous12:45 pm

    hantu laut: Cant agree more with you!

    So what's next?

    Am all for freedom of speech, but submitting a petition to the Queen over s'thing which happened so long ago, its...ridiculous.

    Go march to Samy's house and ask him what's he been doing to help the Indians.

    Ask him to share some of his wealth. He's blardy rich maan!

  51. Anonymous2:29 pm

    lipreader, ure not fighting in the ring..why dont you take samy velu's place better use your lips for other purpose or else just dont say anything...much as i dont like samy velu but i can say this he dont give lip service like you.

  52. Anonymous4:41 pm

    Dear Moronic Malaysian pretenders,

    please there is no absolute ideal democratic constitutional rights ANYWHERE even in good ole USA or UK

    We have a system here, it is not perfect, like anywhere else, Love It OR LEave it Improve It or whatever

    But don't pretend to be Malaysians or non-partisan Moronic monkeys working towards better democratic empowerment.,

    The leaders of this stupid rally are selfish thinking of only themselves and not others (other people living in Malaysia). They used a dangerous three point formula -- Religion, Race and Money (which they will never get from the UK government or from that old lady in Buckingham Palace)-- for their own ends and to incite tension among the peoples of this country.

    Have the leaders of this rally thought about what other people think of this event and its ramifications? I think They don't care.

    150 years of exploitation and marginalisation etc? How about events that happened to other ethnic groups or peoples here earlier than that? Subjugation, rape, exploitation and so on, by the Indianisation of Southeast Asia, Mongol invasion, Javanese Invasion, Chinese colonisation, Siamese invasion and subjugation of Southeast Asian states and the Malay Sultanates, Bugis influence, Majapahits, Portuguese, the Dutch, the Japanese, Langkasuka and Parameswara etc (not necessarily in that order). So must we (Malaysians , not one race here) claim compensation from the Thai Kingdom or go to war with them and reclaim "our" territories?

    PREEEET! Please call the Refereee here! HOI ! brothers and sisters! There must be a cut-off point. And for US the cut-off point is Aug 31 1957 and whatever that has been agreed to thereof. And this include the existing constitution warts and all (At least for now and in the forseeable future). Directly or indirectly questioning this is highly irresponsible.

    Hey! I am not a card carrying supporter of any party ruling or otherwise BUT I support to continued existence of Malaysia....

    Kid-glove Sedition Act? This is where the Internal Security Act should be imposed against these three stooges and their henchmen, and more importantly, their hidden financial supporters. All of this people must be locked up until they can recite Negara Ku, Rukun Negara, and Malaysia Kita - for a gazillion times.
    This is not Myanmar, Pakistan or post Suharto reformasi Jakarta. We don't need this kind of thing here.

  53. Anonymous4:51 pm

    see for your own self
    your youngster still not strugle for own future,just fun....
    dont blame any one else.
    forse you child to study,dont think fun,its for a while only...
    said to your son be positif,for future and your own nation

  54. Anonymous10:37 pm

    I am speaking as Malaysian, Hindraf plight has been brought to the attnetion of the Prime Minister and all other minister since 2005 when scores of temples were demolished. They preferred to keep silence without responding, I am sure that had this is their arrogant feelings ``What can an Indian could do, they are helpless''. Hindraf has been quiet for a long time but government has begun to discriminate the Hindus and all other Indians, even Catholics and Christians, They demolished temples that are 150 to 100 years claiming the structure were illegal, at the time there were no local government and temples were built with the fund from their own without government aid but today the temples should not be there, once demolished there are not given fund or approval for new construction. It different scenario for Muslims, the Government funds mosque constructions, you could witness in Terengganu, theer are constructing 62 new mosques with additional Islamic theme park in Pulau Wan Man, why must be such cruelity against other believers, let God judge whether we are satan or not, if one religion is so powerful then why teher is earthquake in Sumtra Indonesia, conflict in Middle East, pls ponder, I am not condeming any religion but people should understand, In last few decades, have you seen Indians rebelling, no, they are fear ridden society but what has happened today... they have turned fearless, all because one root to the problem-This peole are just palin fed up with Pak Lah and SIL who claims they are leaders for all community-full of bullshit.

  55. Anonymous11:24 pm

    Hahaha... Nak perjuangankan bangsa India konon... tapi yang pergi ialah pertubuhan Hindu... Apa cerita ngan non-Hindu Indian? Hahaha... Mamak having happy life over here? Hahaha...

    RM 1 million for each of Indian? Not bad... Mark my word, it will never happen... British government is not that stupid...

    Hello Bang, Hindraf ditubuhkan kerana banyak kuil Hindu diroboh oleh Kerajaan yang majoritinya kakitangan fanatik. Mereak kata kuil yang 100 hingaa 150 tahun haram, tetapi masa itu tidak ada PBT ataupun kerajaan Malaysia.
    Aada kuil ini dibina oleh orang Jawa yang menganut agama Hindu, tetapi dah masuk Melayu kerana nak jadi Bumi.
    Saudara asal perjuangan Hindraf ialah untuk menyelamatkan kuil daripada diroboh.
    Lagipun, saudara kata ada kawan anda yang pernah kerja di India, tanya dia ada tak penganiyaan kepada masyarakat Muslim minority, disana, saya pernah kerja di Hyderadab, asal saya tahu di India, akta menlindungi Muslim, walaupun di Australia, Masyarakat Muslim akan bangkit jika hak mereka dianiyai, saya Tanya saudara satu soalan, adakah anda boleh lihat satu gereja dijalan pun di Arab, Iran, Pakistan atau Iraq, saya pernah kerja di negara2 itu pun tapi mereka tidak ada kebebasan, beza dengan Amerika Syarikat, UK, Muslim akan mengamuk jika kebebasan mereka diambil.
    Suadara, punca kemarahan orang India yang tidak pernah adakan berhimpunan seperti ini adalah sebab tempat suci mereka diroboh dan tidak akan diganti dengan baru.
    Saudara, mungkin soalan kedua anda ialah-surau pun diroboh jika bukan di tempat sesuai tetapi kerajaan akan bagi anda dana dan tempat sesuai untuk bina masjid yang lebih besar, bukan untuk Umat lain yang gunakan dana sendiri tan tak akan dapat kelulusan.
    Kuil tidak melihat kasta, hanya tempat ini dibina 100 hingga 150 tahun dulu, dimana tempat masih behutan dan moyang saudara, yang mungkin juga seorang penganut Hindu, sebelum dipaksa hadi Islam oleh Sultan belum lagi datang ke sini dari kepulauaan Jawa.

  56. 1. Purpose of HINDRAF suing UK govt is publicity only. Sure wont get money but Get publicity.
    2. Suing Samy get little/no publicity overseas
    3. Indian perception all malays same so why support BERSIH!! Anwar from UMNO also.

    I believe pressure has to be brought from outside and in getting that HINDRAF will succeed. Forget about change from within!!

  57. Anonymous5:50 pm

    The day when the Indians and Chinese decide to also accept that they are living in tanah melayu first and with this speak/write/express themselves in Bahasa fluently and have the minimum of respect for our tradition and culture I would walk,even sing in the rain with them! We have suffered enough of this ethnic bullying by this 2 ethnic groups who cant seem to get over their so called pathetic superiority complex. Super power my ass! Top polluters/top baby killers one still practicing the Caste system even today (see they do it even to themselves). Who are we kidding!

  58. Anonymous1:48 pm

    have any1 watchdvideo clips bout d hindraf's meeting?
    hw can evry1 simply blame us?
    recently i f watched a video clip related 2 our prime minister, wer he kutuk indians....
    i dnt knw wats evry1's prob in this country...
    adakah orang melayu but dan pekak?!
    hw bout d irresponsible police ofcrs?
    do they realy undstn wats our prob?
    do they knw who is mahadma gandhi?
    mahadma gandi is a symbol of peace!
    my indians was holding his photos n white flags, wer both symbolise peace...
    but ts stupid polce shwd terror 2 them! ya al d police involved in tz matter r stupids!
    becoz thy do not undstn a simle tg, tat my indians r havin a pece demonstration,as thy hold white flags n mahadma's photo!
    ok 5n no nd 2 tlk 2 muc.....
    y r v sps 2 say tat v r al, anak malaysia n bangga menjadi anak malayasia?!
    wats d real meang of tz words,as d malays r d bumiputra?!
    wer did v born?
    in india, china,africa o sumwer else in tz wrld?
    v born hr, in malaysia!
    thn y v r nt son of d soil?!
    my indians f 2eyes,a nose, a mouth, n d red blood as d malays f, btv r nt bumiputra, n v dont f rts!y?!!!!!!!!!
    tink stupid malays!

  59. Anonymous12:28 am

    dont ask the indian to go to india,u all have to think that every person have thier right to live in this country as long as they ara malaysian have the right to ask when there is something wrong done by the goverment,u malays want everything,even people wife,and pray 5 times a day but have stupid brains,(timbang rasa keadaan orang lain)jangan hantar comen kesuka hati shj

  60. hello, comment tu biar elok sikit hindraf sue british government bukan untuk duit macam yang hampa dok fikirlah ooi.ini untuk mendapatkan perhatian seluruh dunia tentang perbuatan government hampa yang asyik menyuapkan bangsa sendiri saja.hangpa kata bumi putera betulke tu.pergilah baca sejarah bodoh.sebelun you orang tiba sini orang asli dah ada kat sinilah.sepatutnya depalah bumiputera yang betul.hindraf berjuang untuk equal rights untuk orang india di sini sebab government hangpa asyik menyuap bangsa sendiri aja.inikah fairnest anda.beli rumah 5% diskaun,loan senang dapat untuk sambumg pelajaran,government job telah di tetapkan untuk bangsa hangpa saja.adakah ini dipraktiskan di lain negara.tak percaya pergi tengok sendirilah ooi.kita pun bayar tax juga.kita ada hak untuk bersuara dan minta equal rights macam hangpa juga.

  61. Anonymous4:27 pm

    '"Anonymous said...
    The day when the Indians and Chinese decide to also accept that they are living in tanah melayu first and with this speak/write/express themselves in Bahasa fluently and have the minimum of respect for our tradition and culture I would walk,even sing in the rain with them! We have suffered enough of this ethnic bullying by this 2 ethnic groups who cant seem to get over their so called pathetic superiority complex. Super power my ass! Top polluters/top baby killers one still practicing the Caste system even today (see they do it even to themselves). Who are we kidding!

    The day when Indians accepts all the crap from the other races have gone. We are no more and we do not want to be a subject of bully. Why dont the 'Tanah Melayu' accepts us as one citizen of the country? Why are we continously told to go back to India? We are born here. This is my homeland! There is a lot of talk about respect and pertaining the culture, what didnt the Hindraf do to pertain the morality and decorum during the rally? It was the police who started the violence, and now Hindraf blamed for the mess? I think the fact that Indians have awaken and scream out loud is a slap on every other ethnic in the country. That is why all this crude comments protesting the rally comes up. The fact is, most of you envy Indians for the courage and bold act! We made the difference! Proof? The election last weekend prooved! Now, You guys will be thinking : Hell I should have started this for my own ethnic'! And the fact is,we are called top polluters and baby killers? come on la man.. everyone in the country does pollution and abortion. What would be your explanation for the 8 years old girl brutlally murdered? And what about the Mongolion lady blasted with bomb? What about police brutality to kill a detainee in the lock up? ALl this is a Malays act! take care of that first la.!