Saturday, October 20, 2007

Walk for Justice Part 2

THE WALK IS OVER, NOW IT'S TIME TO TALK. The KL Bar Young Lawyers Committee is holding a forum to press for the Government to act on the Lingam tape controversy. The forum is a follow-up to the now famous Walk for Justice that was held by the Bar Council, attended by over 2000 lawyers and supporters, in Putrajaya on Sept 26.

Forum: Walk for Justice Part 2 - The Walk is Over, Now it's time to Talk
Venue: Bar Council Auditorium
Date: 23 October 2007, Tuesday
Time: 6 pm
"The recent furore over THE video recording continues to plague the Judiciary with no adequate resolution to the matter in sight ... the current state of the Judiciary is most unacceptable," said Dipendra Harshad Rai, the deputy chairman of the KL Bar Young Lawyers Association.
As if to help underline Dipendra's statement, the ACA has said [report in Utusan Malaysia here] it won't be able to determine the authenticity of the said video clip as it had been edited. The agency said if anyone can come up with the uncut video clip, it can send it to Hong Kong for authenticity test.
A stupid question: Why not just send the edited clip to Hong Kong and test it for authenticity, since the ACA is no expert to decide if it is authentic or not in the first place, eh?


  1. Why send to Hong Kong? There are so many experts here who can determine if the tape is authentic. I think Jeff Ooi will do it free for them.
    So next time the ACA will say the body must be alive before an autopsy is done.

  2. Anonymous1:37 pm

    the uncut video clip will certainly unmask the identity of the whistle-blower(s), which is exactly what those baboons want in the first place

  3. Anonymous8:06 pm

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  4. Anonymous10:08 pm

    the aca is not stupid. just doing the bidding of the government. afterall, its no longer anti-corruption agency. its another corrupted agency.

  5. Anonymous2:13 am

    i can't imagine how can the learned lawyers expect the ACA to take the tampered video as the Gospel Truth.

    Any court anywhere in the world, tampered evidence is surely expunged!


  6. Anonymous4:55 am


    To assume that edited clip equates to tempering evidence thats mighty DUMB considering that the facts remain the same in the clip.

    Unlike blood or saliva when tempered with is useless.

    Stupid ideas should be expunged from this blog maybe.


  7. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    I understand what the lawyers are doing. But I think they should all temper their enthusiasm a little bit. We have seen this kind of movement before. But where did it take us?

    They should ask, are they getting the hearing and who’s hearing their voices.

    There was never love lost between the lawyers and Dr Mahathir. Understandably, what they are doing today will always be referred to his era. Fair enough.

    But at least with Dr Mahathir, he heard their grouses. Very often he answered them. The lawyers liked that because they could lambaste him back.

    Lately, however, the lawyers are reduced to debating or, I shall I say, mudslinging with the likes of Nazri Abdul Aziz and Zainuddin Maidin.

    Dr Mahathir’s successor is, as Musa Hitam had famously put it, keeps his “elegant silence”. There must be something terribly wrong if the lawyers do not find his silence, elegant or otherwise, deafening!

    My two sen worth of input – do not sideline the BN politicians. Not all of them are dumb, senseless and uncaring. Many of them are intelligent, sensible and care deeply and are opposed to the prevailing culture of fear.

    They genuinely believe that their every movement and word is being monitored and policed by the party and civil service informers and political commissars who are influential with the Boss.

    Thank you.

  8. Anonymous9:47 am

    As I understand, the process involving photograph as evidence require the investigating officer to verify the authencity of the pix. It require information on the camera model, serial number, and other detail. The photo has to be uneidted. Police wud go thru the photos saved in the camera memory disc.

    Don't tell me, 2,000 professional lawyers marching are not aware of teh procedure and the tape "Anwar" uploaded on You Tube is inadmissable as evidence?

    Why is the Bar Council expecting the investigation to move if Sivarasah and Sin refused to cooperate? The recorder refused to come forward? The original tape and recording machine not given?

    To demand a Royal Commission, it'd make Government look weak to stoop to such demand. Furthermore, with the originator of these controversy is Anwar Ibrahim, the man whose boxes of evidences has yet to surface, would you take him seriously?

    Its a nice political move by Anwar! He make the claim. His ppl refuse cooperation. Investigation at stand still. Now he can continue to discredit teh justice system and judges as political ammo.

    The Bar Council is drunk from chorusing Anwar. Pity Bar Council and those lawyers marching in the heat and rain. Do they not look ridiculous?

    And Anwar gets his day in the press and public sympathy.

    I hate to admit, but Nazi Aziz is quite right to say Bar Council is unprofessional.

    Before other childish comentators and bloggers start calling me, I am neither a BN nor Opposition supporter. Just a citizen saying it as it is seen.

    I bet the Bar Council's second demand in relation to judges promotion has some interestign story.

    Anwar still come out good and recently made stmt to ask people to rally behind him. Heck ... scare me to have him behind me and me behind Anwar. ...:-)

  9. Anonymous11:44 am


    I totally agree with Dato A Kadir Jasin.

    I would like to add it seemed that some of these lawyers who said these sort of things are the minority and do not represent the voices of the majority of the Bar Council members.

    For example, the 'Walk of Justice' from POJ to PMO Wed 26 Sept 2007 it self did not see the participation of prominent lawyers such as Dato' Muhammad Shafiee Abdullah, Hj Sulaiman Abdullah, Raja Aziz Adruce, Zainur Zakaria, Pawancheek Marican, Christopher Fernando and even Karpal Singh & sons (of course he could be wheeled and/or ride on an MPV for the 'walk', if he really wanted to).

    This agenda some of these young lawyers, got me thinking-out-side-the-box. Is it a political ploy of certain quarters, masquerading behind "blatant miscarriage of justice practices here in Malaysia" call?

    Then, its just pure politics, nothing more.

  10. Anonymous1:04 pm

    Obviously, the authorities want the tape for less than honorable intentions. They probably guess right that no royal commission equals no original tape--- presenting them with the excuse to close the case and let CJ and Lingam off scot-free. I am sick of being governed by CORRUPT fools who look at Zakaria's mansion and the Lingam tape and see nothing wrong. Vote Umno out now.

  11. I certainly hope the young lawyers have more up their sleeve than this video issue to 'talk about' during the forum.

    As I've mentioned several times, the crux of matter regarding the video 'evidence' is to establish an irrefutable link between VKL and the other party. Thus far, we see and hear what VKL had said but is there a video or audio recording of what was said from the other party (assuming that the video is indeed authentic).

    If there is none, then, I'm afraid the PKR have just pulled another political stunt. Even if Anwar Ibrahim now says that the name of other other party was mentioned by VKL in the missing section of the video, it still does not sufficiently corroborate the truth of the matter.

    Therefore, we have a situation where the ACA is unable to disprove the authenticity of the video but equally damning, the PKR cannot themselves prove its legitimacy. And that, folks, is Anwar's gambit.

    On the other hand, if it's a fake conversation (which I believe the ACA is trying to establish), then the onus falls back to PKR. If this is the ACA's best and quickest option, I fail to understand their insistence in 'badgering' PKR alone when they should be doing likewise with VKL (have you guyz noticed that not much has been divulged to the public on VKL's statement to the ACA).

    If stemming the rot in the judiciary is the focal point of the forum, then I presume the young lawyers will also address other issues e.g. we have a Chief Justice who was unaware of a judge who have not made several written judgements thereby denying justice to prevail in the system, etc.

    So there! C'mon lawyers, I didn't walk an extra 5km on the Penguin for nothing. Put up a better argument, will ya. You're in the court of public opinion now.

  12. Walk for justice
    It mustn’t die on the streets
    It has to keep pushing
    Until reality comes in

    Some may not agree
    Walk for justice on the streets
    When the legal eagles walk
    They tell something is wrong

    The nasi taxi will mix his concoction
    Every way to look presentable
    For the people to believe
    There is nothing wrong
    In managing the country

    Walk for justice
    Is only the beginning
    The light is burning
    Keep going at it

    The truth has to come
    It can’t hide for another 50 years
    The country has enough of the OSA
    Even ISA too must take a hike

    It’s time the people get the freedom
    By way of what they do and think
    Walk for justice is just the beginning
    Let the stomping vibrates loud and clear
    In time it will happen
    In the square boxes