Sunday, October 21, 2007

Malik on Malik, Hishamudin and Ah Kiow

YOU ARE WRONG, FAK THE POLITICIAN. Foo Ah Kiow, the deputy minister, said the landmark decision in the Malik Hussein suit against the Government for his wrongful detention and torture under the ISA shows that the judiciary was independent (read Decision shows independent judiciary).

Malik Imtiaz says Fak's wrong, that "the judgment is a testament to the independence and integrity of Mr Justice Hishamudin Yunus, and his unwavering commitment to the rule of law."

Read Imtiaz's posting here.


  1. Anonymous11:22 pm

    What the FAK does he know. The deputy minister is a sycophant.

    Who is he kidding? Doesn't he know we need more than one upright judge to make a world-class, 'independent' judiciary (and there are quite a few in there i'm sure who CAN do the honourable right thing!) As usual, the dope is trying to score point and showing off his stupidity.

    Anyway, kudos to our honourable judge Mr Justice Hishamudin Yunus. God bless you mightily, sir!

  2. Anonymous11:55 pm

    we all know politicians speak with a fork tongue. this ah kiow is no exception.
    am glad this hishamudin is no relation to that keris waving one. but, guess he will remain below in rank to those corrupt but inept judges who will lick the butt of the CJ for their positions.

  3. Rocky, ewoon...

    Love your wordplay....


  4. One judge won’t make a difference
    On the road to full recovery
    The Judiciary has been tainted
    For years brokers played behind the scene

    Play your ball
    Carrying ball to get into dreams
    It is said in management text
    Even professional trainers telling so

    When no one plays ball
    Nothing will happen
    Everything will stay elegantly silence
    There is no pounding on the wall
    “Do you hear me?”

    Honesty ball it takes years to reach the top
    Telling good words and messages
    Curry favors mixing ingredients
    In no time it is made served on the menu
    On the way to get many orders

    Once a while there is a good cooking
    Every body says how good the dish is
    Giving out heart warming lines
    Then it is forgotten
    Bury it in pile amongst others
    Until somebody remembers

    Yet I believe it will happen
    A small step for change
    The goliath will fall
    In the kitchen of David

  5. Anonymous11:31 am

    Judges make rakyat friendly decisions when they have nothing to lose or about to retire or both :-)

  6. FAK, hahhaha, nice abbreviation for Mr Foo.

    Well, sounds more like a cover up. Hey, this chinese politician needs to do more action lar. Don't lar take something and make it news to cover up.

    Shame on us Chinese who in politics gets to talk only. Sometimes, chinese politicians are the only who may fall into the category of incompetence.

    Yeah, next year election. I can't wait for more street pollutants plastic hanging all over the place.

  7. Anonymous12:13 pm

    i would suggest that, this is the time to 'memutihkan semula' the government. after all the blunders and hanky pankies, they decided to spin this one once again.

    the papers and tv stations now frequently cover Dr Mahathir. even one tv station went to 'greet' him at IJN during his checking out off IJN.

    one newspaper even take intercepts off Dr Mahathir's daughter's blog as its piece of info. wonder what had happen to Maidin's order not to consider blog as a piece of info?ooohhh.. that order just confined to RTM i guess. that's why RTM is as boring as it was before. harakiri? not likely. because he got no shame. no face.

    this FAK also playing gasing. good if u can spin without pening because not many can do that. but if u pening but u dont realised it, that's the risk la.

    alah...this is all wayang kulit la. better go to asun.

  8. Anonymous12:58 pm

    This FAK-er is a typical MCA politician some of you voted in (BN-MCA Kuantan Parliament).

    Does this FAK-er not know the wisdom that "ONE SWALLOW DON'T MAKE A SUMMER!!?

    Apparently not. Spinning is his role and for your information he is also MCA Publicity Chief in MCA.

    Spinning one case and interpreting as the nation's justice? This FAK doesn't have a clue what is the "true" definition of justice. Remember, at Batu Caves, many many years ago, there was a cow with 5 legs. I presume according to FAK, ALL COWS got 5 LEGS in the country!!

    Donkey Wise

  9. Anonymous1:52 pm

    hoi, u can Fool All Cows but please don't u Fak-er make us chinese look like fools.

    u & all the machais pls leave politics...

    just go back and do what you blardie morons are good at...

    take care of massage parlours & gambling dens

  10. Hmmmm...just wondering.

    Will MH be able to actually collect the RM2.5 million?

    And if so, who's paying? The perps or will it come out of government coffers i.e taxpayers' monies.

    If it's the latter, that would be a gross injustice in itself. No?

  11. Rocky,
    They are devoid of anything good to stake a calim on to make themselves look good that they will jump on anything to look good. They have come to realise that the astro-nought case is nothing but a waste and they try to use this one look good.

  12. Sdr Rocky’s Bru,

    Another lie, lupa or nyanyuk. The Star report today says: “KOTA KINABALU: The country has a more positive image with the rule of law being upheld under the present Government.

    Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Tan Sri Bernard Dompok, who said this, added that as far as he knew, there had been no detention under the Internal Security Act (ISA) after Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi took over as Prime Minister in 2003.

    “This is a positive thing,” he said after opening a human rights seminar for supreme council members of his United Pasok Momogun Kadazandusun Organisation here yesterday.

    Earlier, lawyer G.K. Ganesan told the seminar that the ISA was no longer relevant and should be repealed.

    Asked about this, Dompok said: “It is something that we have to discuss and talk about.

    And now read the following AFP report of 2004:

    “Malaysian PM stands by use of tough law on nuclear blackmarket suspect

    KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) May 30, 2004
    Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has stood by his government's decision to use a tough security law to detain a Sri Lankan alleged to be involved in an international nuclear blackmarket.

    Malaysian police detained Sri Lankan businessman B.S.A. Tahir on Friday under the Internal Security Act (ISA).

    Police immediately sent 44-year-old Tahir to the Kemunting detention centre in the northern Perak state. The ISA allows for two-year detention periods which can be renewed indefinitely.

    "Yes, we used the ISA for this case. The reason we use the ISA is because it is an issue of the security of Malaysia," Abdullah, who is on an official visit to China, told reporters late Saturday.

    Abdullah, who is also the internal security minister, said the investigation into Tahir was continuing.

    The minister may think it's ok to lie but I think The Star ought to make correction.

    Thank you.

  13. Politicians are corrupt. The justice system is dubious. Ho-hum. *YAWN*. What else is new?

    The thing we need to do is simply to just fuck this shit and move on.

    Despite all the bullshit, it's still possible to do shit that matters.

    Rob the tsunami victims of their money from the Force of Nature concert? Give 'em some more. DIRECTLY.

    Kids too stupid to wipe their own asses? Train them ourselves.

    The education system sucks? Deal with it. Don't give birth to idiots.

    Fuck all this crap, man. Whining never gets us anywhere.

    Let Kalimullah fuck himself with all that money. Let KJ shove that wad of tsunami cash up his ass.

    Fuck should I care? I ain't never gone to some stupid tsunami concert organised by that pile of shit.

    MyTeam got beat? Fuck that. Fuck TM if they want to give MyTeam another 4 million. What a stupid scam.

    Take my money. And take my wife too (I don't have one, but who the fuck gives a shit?).

    Take our children and rape them with vegetables. I don't have any kids. Fuck should I care.

    Let Pak Lah sleep the sleep of the whatever. Let him eat Nasi Kandar. Pour curry down his ass.

    Let Samy V's sister-in-law rake in all that money. Fuck that shit.

    We got work to do. I got work to do.

    So let's do it.

    Fuck 'em all and let's do our thing.

    If you didn't hear me, let me say this again:

    FUCK 'EM ALL!!!

    and do our thing.

    Fuck this shit.

  14. Anonymous1:02 am

    Politicians are politicians, perhaps FAK is no acception.

    Just wondering, as officers of the court, is it professional for lawyers to express support for a certain judge for delivering ones prefered judgement?

    Who are lawyers to talk of justice when their work by nature is to speak on behalf of one side of the disputing party and it is mostly the side of the paying clients?

    Since lawyers are not expected to be impartial, isn't impartiality in the system within the realm of judges. Shouldn't a quality of judgement be left to higher level judges to decide through the appeal process and etc? Not lawyers to do such?

    I fail to see why lawyers are arguing outside their realm in the real courts but court of public opinion? Is that professional and ethical?

  15. Don't be too happy.This is just the beginning.The government would probably appeal.Losing this case may trigger off an avalanche of legal actions against the government.

    Badawi would be foolish and irresponsible not to appeal.

  16. Anonymous9:51 am

    The spinning continues with a mainstream newspaper publishing indisciplined and lawyers breaching ethics supported by statistics. Interesting the timing. After the 2000 lawyers march. Good try. Subtle spinning.

    We just have to pray hard that the divine laws (natural justice strikes soon) with spinners and ignorant FAK-ers paying their price. And this divine laws nothing compare to the proposed ethics for Internet users to be invented and manufactured by our political poltergeists, no doubt.

    Donkey Praying

  17. Anonymous9:53 am

    Brunt Council is right. What sort of officers of the court, if one goes around rubbishing the Judges to third parties, for the judgment made and issued in a court?

    Isn't that a blatant disregard for the justice process itself?

    The legal system provide avenues for recourse, through the layers of appeal courts and processes. So why would one share private thoughts, based on one's professional findings in a court, in front of a judge, to third parties, outside the court?

    Isn't that unethical and unbecoming professional conduct?

    If people in the legal profession wants to 'play politics', please don't prostitute behind the veil of the noble profession, for whatever their private crusade is. Otherwise, they are just 'politicians' themselves, just like politicians we loathe, daily in our staple gossip.

  18. Anonymous8:18 pm

    "Shouldn't a quality of judgement be left to higher level judges to decide through the appeal process and etc?"

    I'm no lawyer but I don't agree. Well, I think everyone including lawyers has the rights as citizen to voice out what they think.

    Seeing so much bad news espcially on the judiciary, I'm so convinced that the judiciary are already fucked up. Weren't all those noises about how judges were promoted, and how cronies had been promoted to higher level. With this, do you think the appeal process through higher level judges would yield anything?

    I'd guessed the proper channel does not work anymore because of the "integrity" of those people working in the higher level. From the Lingam case, and the way the government was handling it, I'm even more convinced the government and the high level judge are friends that look after each other.

    A sane mind will know what is good and what is evil, unless you do not want a better judiciary (which is evil), I do know why you are arguing about their professionalism when they have their personal human rights to voice out.

  19. Very interesting remark by Fak. But we have heard similar remark far too often...

    I still pity Sang Kelembai, whoever he is, for being sacked by his own party leadership. Yes, when you hurt people you will be walloped. Sportmanship is where we play with peers. I dont expect a game of Bandminton with Malaysian champion. Therefore i compare the sacking of Sang Kelembai in this light. It is never a fair game!

    Simple rule applies everywhere. And we are on the stage playing games and characters..

  20. Anonymous9:54 pm

    Will someone please make a rap about this fak in s-hole idiot?