Friday, October 19, 2007

Nurin Alert - The next step

Nationwide Urgent Response Information Network. Nurin's death remains unsolved and the beasts are still at large but those who feared that she has faded away would sleep better if they've read the article in the Star today [Uncle comes up with Nurin Alert].

Yes, a group of ordinary citizens have been meeting to make this initiative a reality in the hope that we could turn a national tragedy into a coodinated effort to empower society to fight back and make Malaysia a safer place for our kids.

The working group is being expanded to include sympathetic NGO people and my bro, the crime analyst Kamal Hashim, who lost many nights' sleep before he came up with the acronym for N.U.R.I.N Alert (see heading).

These citizens will meet during the first week of next month to carry the Nurin Alert initiative to the next step.

Read Ena's latest posting Citizens for Nurin Alert and Kamal's Are we lonely, people? and rest assured that there are people who won't let Nurin die in vain.
They'll be needing your support.


Zainal A. Kasim said...

Satu langkah yang amat bijak an pro-aktif untuk memastikan tragedi yang menimpa Nurin tidak berulang lagi. Satu idea yang "biasa-biasa" sahaja tetapi menunjukkan masyarakat prihatin sentiasa sedia untuk memberikan sumbangan untuk memastikan kita bersedia di masa hadapan sekiranya berlaku kejadian yan serupa.

Harapan saya langkah ini di sokong oleh Kerajaan walaupun ianya inisiatif individu dan NGO.

cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

If they need volunteers, several of my friends and I are willing, insyAllah. said...

If it is wasnt for you,i would not be here at all.

Credit to you, nuraina, madeleine, tembam, jasni and other good souls.

Lets get working.

caravanserai said...

On the rise amongst the dark clouds
Simmering with golden light
Letting the people know
You can count on it

The walk with you
On the heartfelt headaches
It is there when you let it rolls
Into every part of the nation

The tag line in your mind
Be there to lend a hand
For somebody’s child

Let there be a place to call
For help just a call away
Let the evils know
The light will search them through

A beacon of hope
For children disappear
For parents to find a place
A help just a phone call away

Rox said...

Good to hear Nurin's not forgotten.

corri said...

jgn biar politician kidnap program ni macam projek amananah ikhtiar .


A Voice said...

Kudos to those people!

Yes, to pun Kenenedy's words:

"Ask not what the Government can do for you but ask what you can do for yourselves in this country of dunce leadership, novice advisers, mediocre brained supporters, and glutonic son and SIL."

Malaysian public, Government and corporation should support this initiative with their resources and assistance.

But ... careful when you walk on mined territory of little Napoleans in their turf wars in Government, politics and corporations.

A Bigger But ... beware of glory and publicity seekers and particularly those with aspirations in partisan politics, public offices, and hybrids of the two.

The Biggest But of Precaution .... too many from past to present have been using the name of people and citizenship for their own self propulsion. Too many. Be wary even of those initially genuine.

Anonymous said...

Salam Bru,

Great idea eventhough adapted from Amber Alert of US. Even AF is copied from Mexico program. Just a bit of localization on the format might suit our need. As it progresses, we should make some improvement plans on it.

Perhaps some ideas to share...

1. Dedicated website for NURIN ALERT.

2. Information counter at all exit points in Malaysia i.e. hot spots area airports, check-points, railway stations, jetties etc.

3. Telco companies to participate via MMS etc.

4. FMCG companies i.e Milk, Milo, Chocolate companies, cigarettes boxes, mineral water bottles etc carry the picture of missing person.

5. A 24/7 hotline on Nurin Alert.

6. Roadshows on Nurin Alert nationwide - how to avoid such incident to happen. How to inform the authorities on suspicious character within your neighbourhood.

7. School subject - part of schooling primary & secondary teaching subject.

8. A TV, Radio program, newspaper etc...

9. etc...

Nurin Alert is a national agenda that crosses the boundaries of religions, races, ethnic groups, rich, poor, politics etc. It must be made into reality with focus objectives.

NCO & NGO format and fully supported by the relevant authorities including the police.

Bravo for the ideas and salute to the group who wants to see this into reality.

Count me in.

Jamal Jejaka

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

we are all behind this program. so what if its a copycat of the one effectively implemented there in the US? this is for safer Malaysia and i'm all for it.

thank you, amedika!

pahit manis said...


when is the next mtg for Nurin Alert? Let's do it, with or without Govt involvement.

Bambang said...


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citizen said...

I read in the papers this morning about a missing girl nemed Rekha Abdullah age 10 in Penang. I hope the Nurin Alert system can be implemented immediately. We certainly do not want the girl to end up as Nurin.