Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New blood (for old media)

Move over Joceline Tan (the Star), here comes Aniza Damis (NST).
For my previous postings on Joceline Tan, click here. On Aniza, visit Zorro.


  1. Anonymous12:30 am

    better believe it joceline.
    Joceline is far more experienced than Aniza. By journalism standards, I think, aniza is pretty green, although she has a little more than 5 years in the profession.

    but, she can write, is smart and her callowness is refreshing.
    yes..move over joceline.

    let's hope aniza will not turn out to be pathetically like joceline.
    whatever good that she had churned out as a journalist has come to nothing for having sold her soul to the 4th floor boys.

    Aniza, those turn to the trade will tell you to turn the other way...
    yes turn the other way.

  2. Anonymous5:09 am

    Joceline Tan may not be sexy, but she sexes up her stories all the time to make them readable. Joceline is what I call a backstreet journalist. She thrives on rumours and juicy tales.

  3. joceline is a wimp!
    In the US, we call people who are wimps....young cats!

  4. Listen up morons!

    Nothing at the NST happens without a reason. Why are we making so much over nothing, in the past many good reporters/journalists have written good interviews and reports, but none see print, why because of a reason. Interview with Nazi was allowed to be used in toto, albeit with a bit of an editing, with and for a reason I am sure.
    So do not go crazy over a short lived shiok, as always we are always being taken for a fool, the magic word is THINK!

  5. Anonymous9:55 am

    It's all about the approach.
    In politics, even the popular song "Two sides of the Story" is does not cover all approaches.
    So the more approaches covered the better for the hungry public.
    Media Dawg.

  6. Anonymous10:15 am

    rocky --- i meant "those TRUE to the trade...."

  7. In years the old must go
    The wiser people have no places
    In the fast pace developments
    You reach your limits
    No more tricks to learn

    There must be renewals
    In every structure of an organization
    When the top brass bleed you dry
    They say it is time to change

    Only think they forget
    The old has the experience
    The view carved from years on the beats
    Gaining something can’t find in office politics

    But they are those who got nothing
    In spite of years of training and coaching
    They never move they stay in one place
    Like Hafiz his career in badminton going downhill
    Even Misbun tries to find out why
    Hafiz never sees the shuttlecocks
    He only sees his dream in 2003

    When one learns
    Don’t compromise one principle
    Don’t get turn over to the other side
    It is down the road of light
    You sold your soul to the dark

    It will be a long time
    When one wants to get it right
    Past glory is just history
    Today one makes or breaks it

    New blood on Halloween
    Don’t get carried away
    Know the principle know the truth
    When you are turned over
    You can kiss goodbye
    Who will believe you when you write?

  8. Anonymous10:35 am


    Let's not get everyone overly excited! Yes, Aniza may have done a good piece. But you know lah, one swallow doesn't make a summer, as they say...

    Nonetheless, we must give credit to Aniza for zeroing into issues.

  9. 31/10/2003......31/10/2007.. ulangtahun yang melambangkan KEJAYAAN POLITIK KU...

    kawan ku menjadi perdana menteri ..sudah genap EMPAT TAHUN...ingin ku pesan pada nya..PAK LAH.. berlaku adillah seperti UMAR berlaku adil..aku gembira kerana kawan ku telah berjaya memberi sebuah penerusan perjuangan melayu.. PAK LAH..non masih ingat PAK LAH berpesan pada non.." jangan ada pengabaiyan tanggungjawab bila kita diberi kuasa.. "


  10. Anonymous11:04 am

    Pasquale is right. THINK. There is a reason for everything in the corridor of the propaganda machine. Just as we hope, some son-in-law above-all-laws must be pulling some strings. Son-in-law? Never mind, I am spewing dung like some de facto. Anyway, I agree, doesn't read like an obedient lapdog session. Joceline does it better.

    Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches.

    We sure pray the interview opens the exit door for a NAZI.

    Don Key

  11. Anonymous11:51 am

    Joceline Tan was recently promoted. She was the ONLY journalists promoted in The Star.

    So, of course she will do some buttering up and her writing no longer objective.

  12. Anonymous12:24 pm

    Ahhh, Joceline. She knows which side of her bread is being buttered.

  13. People THINK! Sounds like Nazri-speak? No, of course?

    Anon11.04am. Does line 9 of my posting ring any bells in that corridor?

    On Jan.30,2007 I ended my maiden posting by asking:
    Where is the power to think for oneself? Where is the forum for diverse ideas? What happens to the court of public opinion?

  14. Anonymous3:40 pm

    Let's put things in perspective. Aniza is WORKING in the NST. And in NST, everything happens for a reason. The article is basically designed to finish off Nazri. And Aniza is just a means to the end.

  15. Anonymous5:24 pm

    Well done, Aniza..you pass the novice test.
    To pass the expert level test, how about a piece of investigative journalism?
    Ask the same interviewee about his links to Abdullah Ang(the prisoner who could walk in and out of jail as he pleases) and Anwar Ibrahim, his one-time crony.

  16. Aniza Damis? Our very own Christiane Amanpour in the making?

    Time will reveal if it's so.

    But then again, I'd love to see her do an interview with someone a little, ahem..ok.. a lot more intelligent than the standard bearer of idiocy.

    That would be a truer reflection of her mettle.

    Your call, Aniza.

  17. Anonymous6:52 pm

    Sorry, thought I stumbled upon a Boozer's joint!

    Nah, it's a blood-bank centre!

    Quite, disappointing really. I am sure it says B......r......ooooo! Must b p---ed out of my skull. Solllllllly once agiiiiin......n!

  18. Anonymous10:47 pm

    Let's not get too excited, okay. Making nazri look daft is no big deal, the papers do it all the time.