Thursday, October 04, 2007


Give Peace (in Myanmar) a chance.
Read a Malaysian's adventure in Yangon and his search for a RM20 Sity Nurhaliza in a junta meathouse.


  1. The recent Burmese demonstration in KL involved workers from few American-owned electronic factories and members of NLDA... I think it is the Aung Sung Su Kyi party. They were given transport and leave to attend the demo, as good as encouraged by their American employer.

    The organised and prepared manner of the demo look its planned by not just these Myanmarese. Heard police were reluctant to allow the parade but Government was forced to allow. It is said and need verification, that NLDA is a registered organisation here.

    Not unsympathetic to the monks but looks like our foreign policy is not us to determine.

    Hmmm ... remember the cancelled East West pipeline. It would have served China's purpose. Who made Pak Lah cancell the idea?

  2. Rocky - Abih laa aku 'Bro. Correction..USD 20 Bro' - NOT RM. SHE would be offended, heh.

  3. my apologies, bro mat salo. US$20.