Saturday, September 01, 2007

Why should Msian govt apologise, huh, huh?

No two ways about it. It's a clear-cut matter, as I see it: our cops brutally beat up an Indonesian karate referee when he was here, he countrymen are angry, so the Malaysian government should apologize because that's basic decency and it would help calm things down.

But Foreign Minister Syed Hamid Albar, speaking on behalf of the Abdullah Administration, sees things differently.

If that is so, why then did we apologize to China when our cops asked a woman believed to be a Chinese national (turned out that she was Malaysian!) to strip naked two years ago? Why did the Malaysian government apologize on behalf of the cops then and won't apologize on behalf of its cops now, Syed Hamid?

While Syed Hamid was giving the Indonesian media a diplomatic lecture, Haris Ibrahim has apologized on behalf all of us Anak Bangsa Malaysia. Yesterday, Anwar Ibrahim blogged to agree with Malaysian students in Indonesia that the Malaysian government should apologize.

I was lamenting Syed Hamid's idea of decency when this article suddenly found my screen:

What the fish!?
Now, wait a sec. We'll need to verify this because there was nothing in Bernama about Pak Lah apologizing to the Indonesian President. The national news agency did carry a report on the IGP apologizing to the Indonesian ref here but nothing on the ABC Radio story Malaysia apologizes to Indonesia for karate assault here.


  1. Anonymous2:00 pm

    Hi, Pak Rocky.

    I hope that you are enjoying the long weekend.

    Re the apology from Pak Lah, yup - it was reported in the Spore Straits Times ( today, Sept 1.

    The report said that the PM called SBY around 8pm Thursday night.

    Dr Dino Patti Djalal, SBY's spokesman, said that it was a personal call and that both leaders spoke "like siblings" on the phone. He said: "This reflects the strong friendship between the two leaders. Malaysia has done the right thing".

    The ST also reported that Msian police chief Musa Hassan has apologised to the Indonesian karate referee, Donald Luther Kolobita, in a letter which was delivered personally to Mr Kolobita at the hospital on Thursday by Malaysian ambassador Datuk Zainal Abidin Zain.

    Golkar MP Happy Bone Zulkarnaen was quoted in the ST report as saying that Indonesia should appreciate the gesture by Malaysia. He said: "It shows there is a strong desire on the part of Malaysia to value our friendship because the the Prime Minister and the ambassador have apologised".

    The PM did the right thing by apologising directly to SBY. Give credit, lah, where credit is due!

  2. wtf bro,
    Yes we (this government) takes a strange view about apologising...right ? We apologised for NOT being at fault and we did't apologise for being at !
    Maybe the good and holy PM should write a formal and personal letter of apology, addressed to the monkeys exported to China !
    You will be bigger at heart and brains IF you are humble and sincere in your apology ! Arrogance is the fall that goes before the too !!
    maybe the 2 leaders must zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz on this and hopefully...this confusion will go away !
    Cheers !

  3. Anonymous2:15 pm


    everyone is having a ball. having a party....
    who care's about the love-struck PM? He'll speak only when coached.

    and syed hamid?
    very very clear that we owe the guy an apology. it was a mistake. we thought he was an illegal immigrant. we beat up illegal immigrants here if they can't produce any identification.
    but he was not illegal. his stay here was legal. we made a mistake.
    we should apologise.

    he said we're not. and PM has already.

    is this a circus or what?

  4. Be humble a true sense of a leader
    Looking at events in a bigger picture
    It is the narrow minded leader
    The country shouldn’t need one
    In the first place at all

    What the police officers did
    It was downright rude and shocking
    It reminded us of its Ex IGP
    Gave a black eye to Anwar Ibrahim
    Yet didn’t want to own up
    Until forced to admit it

    The years had gone then
    Now another one repeated again
    On a karate official from Indonesia
    I shudder to think if there is another Hitler
    What will the country be then?

    Mind you there are about 3 million Indonesians
    Legal immigrant and illegal ones too
    When the call of defending their country men and women
    Do we stand a chance when they are hiding in a wooden horse?

    Apologize to ease tension
    It is better to say sorry then trying to pretend
    In diplomatic circles it shouldn’t prolong it
    Be humble and eat own mistakes

    The IGP should investigate
    Take action on his officers
    For not showing courtesy
    To people of other nations

    Be humble
    A leader should learn
    It won’t cost a penny
    It is free to be one

  5. Anonymous2:38 pm

    i think rocky was not criticising PM for apologising.
    I think Rocky was wondering why Syed Hamid as Foreign Minister, could not apologisie on Malaysia's behalf...and then the PM did just that.

    yes... i agree. PM did the right thing. the logical thing.
    It could have been done sooner.
    still...better late than never.

  6. he was weary,
    They said come now in a hurry,
    Punches flew in a flurry,
    Now he is all blurry,
    INA now demands apology,
    Syed says no need, no worry,
    But before he knew it, Bedol says sorry,
    And now he thinks all is hunky dory!

    Hello! the royal London circus IS IN TOWN!

  7. Rocky
    malulah nak mohon maaf secara terbuka. akhbar malaysia pun malu nak beritahu yg boss mereka sudah minta maaf. kan kerajaan pm sekarang cemerlang. mana ada kesilapan. dgn rakyatnya sendiri pelbagai sandiwara dimainkan dan tidak ada permohonan maaf. jadi paklah sentiasa cemerlang di hati rakyatnya yang "ngong".

  8. Hey!

    Once when a policeman in Hamburg asked me for my identification I gladly comply and gave him my passport. Later the policeman apologised and said there were many illegal immigrants doing things against the law in Germany. He told me to have a nice day.
    No there is no need for us to apologise to the Indonesian government just because our policemen are doing their job. For a start the Indonesian referee should have just show his passport, and I am very sure he was abusive and belligerent to our men in blue. The thing to remember is there are about 4 millions illegal immigrants in this country and you cannot tell the difference and unfortunately sh#t has to happen!
    To Malaysians, especially bloggers, try not to be too accusatory to what the authority is trying to do.
    Indonesia must come to term that Malaysia is not a little brother anymore and Pak Lah you should not have apologise and now see how you make our policemen feel! Useless!
    I am angry, not only I do not feel the spirit of Merdeka, we are made to cow every time Indonesia is angry! Enough! Indonesian, and other foreigners, visiting Malaysia must show their identification when asked by the authority!
    To the police force don't be disheartened by your boss's stupid act and showing his weakness in apologising to Indonesia.

  9. Anonymous3:46 pm

    The government should apologise to namewee because in Bolehland everyone is entitle to use the national flag, don't you see so many UMNO supporter wearing the flag as songkok and sarong during the countdown and also the event that follows? You can't have 2 standard one for namewee and one for Mat Rempit!

  10. Anonymous4:10 pm


    Your statements: 1) To Malaysians, especially bloggers, try not to be too accusatory to what the authority is trying to do.

    2)I am very sure he was abusive and belligerent to our men in blue;

    they are in direct contradiction. Aren't you now being accusatory yourself by presuming the ref was abusive and belligerent? Could not our cops in the very first place, be so?

    Whichever the case, why did not FOUR cops show restraint and exercise some professionalism in the matter?

    Look, I'm not on the ref's side. But our very own citizens have been victims of brutality. Further like bro Ahirudin mentioned, if we apologised to China (when even the identity of the victim in the case was not ascertained), why can't we apologise to Indonesia when it is clear our cops were in the wrong?

    Being humble does not mean you're weak. Being arrogant only begets enemies. I, for one, would rather have Indonesia and China as a friend rather than an enemy. - Amir

  11. Anonymous4:20 pm

    I believe I speak for all Malaysians. I am apologising on hehalf of all sane Malaysians to all Indons for the brutal attack on the coach. Pse forgive us. We were so busy drowning ourselves in praise and being intoxicated with the spirit of Merdeka that we forget how to treat our fellow beings with compassion.

  12. Anonymous4:50 pm

    I dun understand our foreign moinister.
    He said that 'you should understand what happened. its not the Government who committed the offence",,blah blah

    So who does the govet. represents ? Isn't it the Malaysian police who beat up the man.
    Seems like we're talking about two entities. Why is he so defensive ? Trying to save his boss from the apologising ?--which he did anyway, subsequently.

    This foreign minister sure sounds foreign.
    Sounds more like zammy--sucking up to his boss.

  13. Anonymous4:59 pm

    we should apologise but we shouldn't be allowing these guys to say ganyang malaysia and even threaten to injure our badminton players when it was so near our hari kemerdekaan!

  14. Looks like SHA is getting some payback time for the earlier 'apology' incident when SHA, on behalf of Malaysia and the OIC chair, stated that the pope's apology was not acceptable.

    AAB, on the other hand, after meeting GWB several days later, stated that the pope's apology was 'good' enough.

    Poetic justice at work?

    And perhaps, there is more on the Indon karate instructor's belligerent attitude towards the cops than what was reported (as Pasquale has opined).

    Anywayz, it appears 'fashionable' nowadays to say sorry without repenting or apologise insincerely.

  15. Anonymous5:11 pm

    Sometimes the stuff posted here beggars the imagination.

    In a way, I pity the police. We hantam them when illegal immigrants commit crimes (conveniently forgetting that they are not the country's gatekeepers). And when they stop suspected illegal immigrants for questioning and get into a fracas, we hantam them some more!

    And we are only getting one side of the story - from the Indonesian karate referee. Anyone bother to ask the police for their side of the story?

    And in the absence of full info from both sides, why should the Foreign Minister rush to issue an apology to his Indonesian counterpart?

    The PM has done the statesman-like thing by calling the Indonesian president and apologising to him. So, now, we hantam the PM!

  16. Pasquale why are you so sure that this foreigner was being beligerent??

    EVEN IF this guy was a total whanker, can't the police just overpower him and cuff him up??

    Shoot the pistol in the air..whatever!!!

    This guy is a Chinese Indon, surely he has enough experience of living as a minority in Indo to know what he can or can not do?

    Furthermore he is a karate coach, so how many police did it take to bash him up this badly? Maybe it was shiok for them to bash up a supposedly karate expert??

    BUT the real question is:
    Do the police HAVE to resort to beating anyone to a pulp?

    This guy was beaten up so badly he is in a serious condition !!!

    Now According to yr logic, our police can just hantam anyone to a pulp and not have to apologise?

    So who is gonna tell them WHO to hantam with impunity ??

    If they continue to do this, when is it YOUR or MY turn to be pulverized???

    How can we have ANY reason to sanction the behaviour of those who are supposed to UPHOLD the law not abuse it??

    We have been living here for too long...

    In this country we expect those who are supposed to uphold the law as being the main ones responsible for breaking them.

    & Pasquale, your moral high ground can only hold when you think everyone else is like you.. ie logical, reasonable, well educated etc...

    BUT have you seen our police force and do you know what it takes to be a police?

    This is why our police force can hantam anyone, have MILLIONS in their accounts (and not have to explain), commit murders and shelter big gangsters (samsengs and politicians)

    Do you know what is "supposed" to separate humans from animals?

    That, in our evolution to be "civilised", we do not allow our Base & Savage instincts get the better of us.

    So...not only should the Malaysian police, IGP, PM etc apologise to Indonesia but they should also apologise to this poor fella.

    Furthermore the police responsible for this savageness should be punished!!!

    Pasquale, if you were the victim, I am sure you & yr family will feel the same way!

  17. Too embarrassed to admit own mistake, hence apologising in the private.

    But when demanding an apology(the Lee Kuan Yew's statement), all mainstream media kept on harping the issue like Bolehland longing for an apology; despite it never happened.

    This is not a first world mentality.

  18. Anonymous6:18 pm

    How meaningful can an apology be if it takes so long for our government to do it?

  19. shar101!

    You really think that you look like Frank Sinatra at that angle profile when he was younger! Actually you look like him a bit from a small far! He! He!

    Actually I don't care if the police beat up your Indonesian grandmothers or Malaysian grandfathers guys! But life is to short and guess what hundreds of thousands massacred in Darfour, Sudan, Chechnya, Bosnia (still sporadic racial killing by baby face Arkanya boys)Aborigines murdered via alcohol poisoning. Tibetan dissenters held in China died mysteriously and senior well known journalist with prominence beat up his wife, his wife lodge police report he threatened suicide! Well I dont give a rat arse if a billigerent foreigner being mishandle just because he was in fact belligerent! Guess what I called our man in blue the other to check on a car parked mysteriously found out a couple fuc3ing, the point here is that they came when a citizen called, I feel safe!

  20. Anonymous7:07 pm

    Pak Lah, terima kasih atas permintaan maafnya atas perlakuan biadab oknum polis anda terhadap Pak Donald Colopita...

    Untuk seluruh pelajar Malaysia di Indonesia, Jangan khawatir atas keselamatan kamu semua disini. Kami akan melindungi dan memperlakukan kamu sebagai saudara kami sendiri ... Jika anda menerima ancaman atau perlakuan yang tidak baik, tolong lapor ke polis kami sehingga anda mendapatkan pengawalan atau perlindungan dari mereka..

    Walapun banyak warga negara kami diperlakukan sebagai "BINATANG" di negaar anda, tapi percayalah kami akan memperlakukan seluruh rakya malaysia yang berkunjung dan bekerja di Indonesia sebagai TAMU kehormatan kami ....

  21. Anonymous7:25 pm

    How come the IGP does not apologise for the cops beating up our own people?

  22. Anonymous7:53 pm

    Did the PM make an apology? If he did, it should be a public one, as the affair is out in the open.Secondly, it should have been sooner, as part of crisis management.

    As for the Foreign Minister, did he not come on record as saying that the investigations would be ready in 2 days?

  23. Anonymous8:01 pm

    its just not apologies per se or what the poor guy has done. isnt it more about whether our cops have done their duty in accordance with the laws? why are our cops that violent? where are the cops' human decency?
    just imagine if you are the poor bashed up guy.

  24. Anonymous8:44 pm

    Pak Lah himself was stopped by the Illinois State Police or the Highway Patrol in 1980 (while was a Deputy Minister), handcuffed on the hood of his rented V8 engined American car (while shouting "I'm a Minister! I'm a Minister!" and send to the local slammer.

    Lucky Dato' Zain "Badak" Mohamad, then a student leader has the number of Zain Azraai, then Ambassador to Washington D.C. managed to sort this out and Pak Lah did not hv to spend the night in an Illinois slammer!

  25. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    Sekarang bukan perkara asing atau luar biasa bagi anggota kabinet membuat kenyataan yang bercanggah antara satu sama lain.

    In fact they often undermine each other.

    But for S. Hamid and the PM to differ on a matter as serious as this suggests that things are getting out of hand.

    Maybe to S. Hamid, an Indonesian man is not as important as the non-existent woman from China.

    Don't you think the Abdullah government should have sent a minister to Jakarta to formally apologise like it did with China?

    And the police....need we say more except for the fact that Abdullah is their master.

    Thank you.

  26. Anonymous10:08 pm

    Did Indonesia snub our Merdeka celebrations?

  27. Our PM is a refine man, not in international diplomacy, but international apology.

    Have we determined clearly that this is a police abuse case that Goverenment have to apologise?

    As to inform our Indonesian friend speaking under anonymous 7:07, there are cases of maids being abused. Sometimes I have come across distrust of Indonesian, but why do they opt for Indonesian maids is beyond me. MOst excuse themselves for some bad experiance in the past.

    The early Indonesian coming to this country in late 80s were fine but the later groups coming comes with all sort of problems.

    In summary, the issues here are human issues and not a national issue. The latter is subject to whether police abuse actually occured.

  28. Anonymous10:17 pm

    Luckily, no one blames Mahathir for this incident! Or was there?


  29. Anonymous10:30 pm

    When the police stripped and illegally videotaped a woman at the PJ police station and the DAP said she was a Chinese citizen, Pak Lah rushed Azmi Khalid to Beijing to kowtow.

    The PM promised to form IPCMC to rein in rouge policemen and women.

    That was more than two years ago. No IPCMC was formed and the woman who turned out to be a Melayu had since then sued the Pak Lah's Government.

    Will he make another janji palsu to add to his mountains of false promises to us now that his policemen beat up an Indonesian karate coach?

    I very much doubt. He's too busy fulfilling he ptomises of love to Mama Jeanne; that's what I was told Khairy calls his father-in-law's new wife.

  30. Anonymous10:49 pm


    You guys are ALL wankers. I'm very sure NONE of you who commented here (Rocky included) have any idea what actually happened between the cops and the karateka... and yet, try to pass judgement, reach your own sad conclusions, sound like diplomats, etc, etc...

    Just because some of you wankers THINK you have good sources, you know, like having a neighbour whose brother-in-law's roti man's uncle's schoolmate's son is working as a Police Constable in some small town balai polis, you think you have 101% intimate knowledge of the incident and therefore can decide what PM, SBY, Syed Hamid, Chinese Govt, a karate coach and the whole Indon and M'sian population should and should not do, what could and could not have happened.

    Just because you have drinking buddies who polishes some minister's shoes, you think you are experts in diplomacy, international relations and politics!

    And of course, there will be idiots who will always cerita his long-ago experience in some European, American, African, etc countries that he thinks it's relevant to the topic here.

    Of course, there will be the emotional pricks who use the tired what-if-it-happens-to-your-loved-one argument.

    So, an ordinary Indon who got whacked in Malaysia? I don't know what actuallty happened, but I'm sure our cops, no matter how lowly-educated they are, must've had a reason to go medieval on him.

    One must be a total idiot to think that such a stupid incident will 'damage' both countries' relationship and jeopardise the safety of our rakyat there. Besides, PM has apologised.


  31. Anonymous11:28 pm

    Jakarta (SIB)
    Sikap Malaysia yang tidak meminta maaf setelah insiden pemukulan wasit karate Indonesia, Donald Peter Luther Kolobita (47), disesalkan Ketua DPR Agung Laksono.
    “Kita sangat menyesalkan sekali. Ini menunjukkan Malaysia tidak punya jiwa besar dalam bertetangga dengan Indonesia,” kata Ketua DPR Agung Laksono usai rapat paripurna di Gedung DPR/MPR, Senayan, Jakarta, Rabu (29/8).
    Agung menilai langkah hukum yang dilakukan pemerintah Malaysia terhadap 4 polisi yang memukul Donald dinilai wajar.
    “Itu di mana-mana terjadi dan dilakukan. Tetapi dengan tidak meminta maaf berarti menunjukkan Malaysia bukan sebagai tetangga yang baik,” ujarnya.
    Menurut dia, pemerintah harus mengambil langkah untuk evaluasi. “Jangan berhenti di sini. Perlu diambil langkah-langkah untuk membalas tindakan tersebut,” cetus politisi Partai Golkar ini.
    Bentuknya apa Pak? “Ya itu terserah pemerintah,” sahut Agung singkat.
    Donald menjadi salah satu wasit asal Indonesia dalam kejuaraan karate se-Asia di Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. Dia dianiaya 4 polisi Malaysia karena dianggap mirip dengan pelaku kejahatan yang diincar aparat setempat.
    Bakar Bendera Malaysia di Medan
    Protes terhadap berbagai kasus kekerasan terhadap WNI di Malaysia juga terjadi di Medan, Sumatera Utara. Sebuah bendera Malaysia sempat dibakar demonstran.
    Protes tersebut dilancarkan seratusan aktivis Satuan Mahasiswa Pemuda Pancasila (Satma PP) di Konjen Malaysia, Jl Imam Bonjol, Medan, Sumatera Utara, Rabu (29/8).
    Para demonstran menuntut pemerintah Malaysia meminta maaf secara terbuka kepada Indonesia atas kasus-kasus kekerasan terhadap WNI. Termasuk tindakan brutal polisi Malaysia terhadap wasit karate Indonesia Donald Luther Kolobita, pada 24 Agustus lalu.
    “Kami juga mendesak pemerintah Indonesia bersikap tegas agar harga diri bangsa tidak dilecehkan. Embargo perjanjian bilateral dengan Malaysia dan galakkan aksi ganyang Malaysia,” kata Ketua Satma PP Sumut, Budi Syahputra saat membacakan pernyataan sikap.
    Dalam aksinya, Satma PP Sumut juga sempat melakukan aksi pembakaran bendera Malaysia. Namun polisi berhasil mengamankan bendera tersebut sebelum terbakar seluruhnya.
    Akibat aksi ini, arus lalu lintas di Jl Imam Bonjol tersendat. Sejumlah petugas terlihat sibuk mengatur lalu lintas di jalan tersebut.
    Yapto: Usir Orang Malaysia!
    Penganiayaan terhadap wasit karate Indonesia menuai aksi Pemuda Pancasila, Indonesia Karate DO (Inkado) dan organisasi bela diri. Mereka menuntut pemerintah tegas. Jika perlu usir orang Malaysia di Indonesia.
    Tuntutan itu disampaikan Ketua PP Yapto S Soerjosoemarno, Ketua Inkado Yorris Raweyai dan sejumlah perwakilan organisasi beladiri kepada Ketua DPR Agung Laksono dan Wakil Komisi I DPR Yusron Ihza Mahendra, anggota komisi I lainnya di Gedung DPR, Senayan, Jakarta, Rabu (29/8).
    Yapto mendesak agar DPR memberikan masukan dan menekan pemerintah agar lebih berani dalam bersikap.
    “PP siap dipuji dan siap dihina, dipenjara dan dikubur sekali pun demi keharuman bangsa agar pemerintah tegas jangan mencla-mencle. Usir orang Malaysia dari Indonesia!” tegas Yapto yang mengenakan seragam PP dengan nada tinggi.
    Menanggapi tuntutan itu, Yusron sependapat dan berharap pemerintah mendengarkan masukan rakyatnya supaya bersikap tegas.
    Sikap tegas, kata dia, diperlukan agar Indonesia tidak dipermainkan Indonesia lagi. “Pemerintah harus mendengarkan aspirasi rakyatnya. Kalau tidak tegas kita tidak akan pernah dihargai sebagai bangsa,” kata dia.
    Sementara Agung Laksono meminta Indonesia tidak mengirimkan warganya ke Malaysia sampai ada permintaan maaf dan hukuman setimpal pada oknum polisi Malaysia.
    Sementara ketuanya menemui pimpinan DPR, ratusan anggota PP dan organisasi bela diri menggelar demo di depan gerbang DPR. Mereka meminta pemerintah tidak banci membalas sikap kurang ajar Malaysia.
    kedubes malaysia di demo
    Reaksi atas pengeroyokan terhadap wasit karate Indonesia, Donald Peter Luther Kolobita oleh polisi Malaysia, terus berlanjut, Rabu (29/8) ratusan pemuda yang tergabung dalam induk karate FORKI serta simpatisan Pemuda Pancasila (PP) menggelar unjuk rasa di depan Kantor Kedutaan Besar Malaysia di Jalan HR Rasuna Said, Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan.
    Mereka memprotes pengeroyokan yang dilakukan empat polisi Malaysia terhadap wasit karate Indonesia, Donald Peter Luther Kolobita, Jumat (24/8), yang datang ke Malaysia atas undangan resmi untuk menjadi wasit di kejuaraan karate Asia.
    Pengunjuk rasa sempat bentrok dengan aparat kepolisian karena melemparkan air mineral, spanduk, bambu dan membakar spanduk di depan gerbang Kantor Kedubes Malaysia. Pengunjuk rasa kemudian bergerak ke Komisi I DPR.
    Dalam orasinya, massa mendesak pemerintah untuk memutuskan hubungan diplomatik dan mengusir semua diplomat Malaysia, yang berada di Indonesia, serta menarik pulang semua diplomat Indonesia yang berada di negeri jiran tersebut.
    Pemerintah juga dituntut untuk mengambil alih semua perusahaan Malaysia yang ada di Indonesia di antaranya Stasiun Pengisian Bahan Bakar Umum (SPBU) Petronas serta berbagai bidang usaha lainnya.
    Pengunjuk rasa juga meminta Presiden Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono tidak menghadiri satu pun undangan dari Pemerintahan Malaysia, termasuk undangan menghadiri hari kemerdekaan Malaysia pada 4 September mendatang.
    Pengamatan wartawan di lokasi, masa gabungan mulai berkumpul sejak pukul 09.00 WIB. Mereka menggunakan kendaraan pribadi seperti mobil dan sepeda motor serta truk kecil menuju ke Kantor Kedubes Malaysia di Jalan HR Rasuna Said, Kuningan.
    Konsentrasi massa yang membludak di depan Kantor Kedubes Malaysia mengakibatkan kemacetan arus lalu lintas hingga mencapai perempatan lampu merah Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan. Aksi diwarnai dengan bentrokan antara pengunjuk rasa dengan 330 petugas kepolisian dari Polda Metro Jaya, Polres Metro Jaya, Jakarta Selatan, serta Polsek Metro Setia Budi, Jakarta Selatan.
    Sekitar pukul 10.30 WIB, Duta Besar Malaysia Datok Zainal Abidin bin Muhammad Zain akhirnya menerima 10 orang wakil pengunjuk rasa, yakni dari Pemuda Pancasila dan FORKI. Setelah 45 menit bertemu, akhirnya disepakati bahwa Pemerintah Malaysia akan segera menindaklanjuti kasus itu serta memberikan hasil pengusutan kasus tersebut pada Jumat (31/8).
    Pihak FORKI dan Pemuda Pancasila menerima keputusan tersebut dengan baik. Meski demikian, Yorris Raweyai, salah seorang Ketua Pemuda Pancasila yang membidangi Satuan Pelajar dan Mahasiswa DPP, mengatakan akan bertindak tegas jika Pemerintah Malaysia tidak mampu membuktikan janjinya. “Jika pada 31 Agustus 2007 tidak ada penyelesaian atas kasus ini, kami akan melakukan sweeping terhadap warga negara Malaysia yang berada di Indonesia serta 14 perusahaan yang di Jakarta,” katanya.
    Pamer Jurus-jurus, Ratusan Karateka Demo Kedubes Malaysia
    Dengan mengenakan pakaian karate warna putih, ratusan karateka mendemo Kedubes Malaysia, Jl HR Rasuna Said, Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan, Rabu (29/8).
    Mereka menuntut permintaan maaf Malaysia atas pemukulan terhadap Ketua Tim Wasit Indonesia Donald Luther Kolobita.
    Dalam aksinya mereka mamamerkan jurus-jurus yang mereka kuasai. Para demonstran itu terdiri dari berbagai kalangan yang barasal dari 19 klub karate. Ciaaat! Ciaaaat!!!
    Mereka membentangkan beberapa poster yang isinya mengecam pemerintahan Malaysia. Beberapa poster itu bertuliskan ‘Ganyang Malaysia’ dan ‘Tarik Dubes RI untuk Malaysia’. Demonstran juga sempat membakar bendera Malaysia.
    Selain permintaan maaf, demonstran juga mengancam akan menyisir warga Malaysia yang ada di Indonesia.
    “Pemerintah Indonesia juga harus memutuskan hubungan diplomatik dengan Malaysia,” kata Wakil Ketua Umum Inkai Shidki Wahab.
    Aksi demo ini juga diikuti oleh aktivis Pemuda Pancasila.
    Bebebapa wakil pendemo akhirnya diterima oleh Duta Besar Malaysia untuk Indonesia Datok Zainal Abidin Muhammad Zain. Namun para pendemo mengaku tidak puas dan akan melanjutkan aksinya di Gedung DPR pada pukul 11.30 WIB.
    Aksi ini jelas memicu kemacetan di kawasan bisnis tersebut.
    demo di pontianak
    Ratusan orang dari organisasi kemasyarakatan dan karateka melakukan aksi demonstrasi ke kantor Konsulat Malaysia di Pontianak, Rabu.
    Ratusan massa dari Pemuda Pancasila, Forum Komunikasi Putra Putri TNI, Pemuda Panca Marga, dan atlet karate dari Pengurus Daerah Lemkari dan Forki mendatangi Konsulat Malaysia di Jl Sutan Syahrir, Pontianak Selatan, pukul 10.00 WIB.
    Dalam aksi tersebut, massa menuntut permintaan maaf pihak Malaysia atas pemukulan terhadap wasit karate asal Indonesia, beberapa waktu lalu.
    Saat berita ini ditulis, sejumlah perwakilan massa diberikan kesempatan masuk ke kantor konsulat guna menyampaikan tuntutannya.
    Perwakilan massa berjumlah lima orang, salah satunya ketua Majelis Pertimbangan Wilayah Pemuda Pancasila, Firdaus Siregar dan bertemu dengan Kepala Imigrasi di Konsulat Malaysia, Tan Ahwang.
    dpr desak sby lakukan nota protes malaysia
    Wakil Ketua Komisi I DPR (membidangi luar negeri) Arief Mudatsir Mandan mendesak Presiden Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono menyampaikan nota protes kepada pemerintah Malaysia atas penganiayaan wasit karate Donald Luther Kolobita oleh 4 polisi Malaysia.
    Tindakan itu telah mengusik harga diri kita sebagai bangsa. Malaysia harus minta maaf pada rakyat Indonesia,” ujar Arief Mudatsir Mandan, di Jakarta, Selasa (28/8).
    Menurut Arief, pemerintah diminta membuat nota protes terhadap Malaysia, agar Malaysia segera menuntaskan kasus ini. Begitu pula Komisi I DPR perlu memanggil Dubes Malaysia ke DPR. Dalam kaitan ini, dalam rapat intern Komisi I telah disampaikan.
    Sementara itu, Gerakan Mahasiswa Nasional Indonesia (GMNI) mendesak pemerintah untuk mengevaluasi hubungan yang telah dijalin dengan Malaysia menyusul terjadinya serangkaian tindakan kekerasan kepada Warga Negara Indonesia (WNI).
    Desakan itu disampaikan oleh Ketua Presidium Alumni GMNI, Palar Batubara, di Jakarta, Selasa (28/8). Tindakan aparat Malaysia sudah menunjukkan kesombongan dan pelecehan kepada Indonesia mengingat hal itu dilakukan secara beruntun, dan Malaysia tidak memberikan klarifikasi terhadap kejadian-kejadian tersebut.
    “Malaysia semakin menunjukkan kesombongan terhadap warga Indonesia dan GMNI sangat mengecam tindakan aparat polisi Malaysia,” kata dia.
    Menurut Palar, kesombongan Malaysia semakin nyata karena melalui perusahaan-perusahaannya banyak melakukan ekspansi ke Indonesia terutama menguasai kelapa sawit, perbankan, bisnis ritel, bahan bakar, dan telekomunikasi.
    Dia mengatakan sebenarnya Malaysia banyak belajar dari Indonesia di bidang pendidikan dan pengelolaan minyak, tetapi negeri itu mempunyai kemampuan untuk lebih maju dari Indonesia.
    “Sebenarnya Malaysia juga mendapat bantuan dari Indonesia dengan banyaknya TKI ke sana, tetapi karena kesombongan justru banyak TKI yang menderita akibat dianiaya, bahkan sampai meninggal,” kata dia, tetapi politik luar negeri Indonesia kurang tegas sehingga pelecehan selalu terulang.
    Di Yogyakarta, Gubernur Lemhanas Muladi menyatakan, jika dalam waktu dekat tidak ada jawaban atas protes tersebut perlu dilakukan boikot terhadap segala kegiatan olahraga yang berlangsung di Malaysia.
    “Kita secara resmi sudah melakukan protes keras, jika dalam waktu dekat tidak ada respons dari Malaysia, kita boikot saja setiap kegiatan olahraga yang berlangsung di Malaysia seperti Sea Games,” katanya.
    Kapolri Minta Sweeping Warga Malaysia Distop
    Pemukulan terhadap wasit Indonesia di Malaysia menyulut aksi sweeping terhadap warga Malaysia di sejumlah daerah di Indonesia. Kapolri Jenderal Pol Sutanto meminta aksi ini dihentikan.
    “Kita ini bangsa yang maju. Kita jangan bersikap seperti itu. Tolong ini diimbau,” kata Sutanto di Istana Negara, Jalan Vetaran, Jakarta, Rabu (29/8).
    Sutanto meminta masyarakat menyerahkan sepenuhnya kepada proses hukum di Malaysia. “Ini negara hukum, tentu harus melakukan sesuai ketentuan yang ada,” kata dia.
    Saat wartawan bertanya, apa perlu dikirim tim ke Malaysia, Sutanto mengatakan, hal itu tidak diperlukan. “Proses hukumnya sudah ada di sana. Di sana sudah ditindaklanjuti dan sudah dilakukan,” katanya. (detikcom/Ant/SH/Tbt/t)

  32. Wankers!

    Thank you, Anon (10.49pm) for saying it so appropriately.

    Bta(*) why is it people like you don't even bother to use a 'nick' when making such a profound statement.

    *But then case you can't figure it out.

    And you were saying....

  33. Anonymous8:43 am

    when we allow racism and corruption rule, this is what we deserve!

    we need ipcmc!

    today, if you are dealing with the police, you should know who you are dealing with, atleast you should be awared, they have guns!

    don't talk principle with them, don't argue, dont reason unless you want to test them but just to remind you, you could be beaten into they are very senstive about their race, their religion and their pride.

    in short they are uninsultable and they are the law!

    my experience with the law..

    no1. simple traffic offence which i felt i was not wrong so went 5 times to rawang majistrate to get my justice...i am from kl and i went down fighting and paid $50 as i can't keep going to rawang at their pleasure, you know they fix the time...niamah!!!!!

    no 2,
    a relative was reported to police by a kg. professor who complained about some electrical item he bought.

    result 5 days detention probably he as a young man knew little about about this cruel and unjust world, argued, got beaten until he cried and he only told us his ordeal one year later...(luckily he's not a girl..or is they any difference?)

    his car also detained... in order no hassle, the father phoned the police station chief in penang from kl to make sure all documents required...

    in penang he was told to wait more than half a day, the policeman incharged took the car key to some remote kg will only be back late.
    the station chief officer said document not enough, need some more or magistrate will not release car.....

    finally, after more than half a day....DEAL DONE....guess what?

    $$$$$ ok. How you complain chinese bribe?

    good experience...

    but i pity the karate coach, i pity altantuya, i pity the immigrants, i pity the principled fellow citizens who sufferings are even ten time, hundred times and thousands times more severe than us.

    we need ipcmc!!!!!

  34. Anonymous9:28 am


    Talk about 'emotional pricks' . So you've given us your name . So whats your point ? Obviously the others do not use as much expletives as you do.

    Go clear , opps, I mean , clean your mind first before posting.

  35. Anonymous1:12 pm

    After what the Indon (both: the government and rakyat) have done to us for years -- why some Malaysians always get itchy to be the drama queen over insignificant incident like this?

    I wish you guys were in Kota Kinabalu!

  36. Anonymous1:20 pm

    "No two ways about it. It's a clear-cut matter, as I see it: our cops brutally beat up an Indonesian karate referee when he was here, he countrymen are angry, so the Malaysian government should apologize because that's basic decency and it would help calm things down."

    How it would help calm things down? We helped Indon to get through the Dec 25 Tsunami -- and few months later they burnt our Jalur Gemilang. The reason was? A woman named Nirmala. What does domestic incident has anything to do with Malaysia as a nation? Indonesian people would always react the way they would. No matter what.

    "If that is so, why then did we apologize to China when our cops asked a woman believed to be a Chinese national (turned out that she was Malaysian!) to strip naked two years ago? Why did the Malaysian government apologize on behalf of the cops then and won't apologize on behalf of its cops now, Syed Hamid?"

    Because China never treats other countries like shit. China never poisoned us. You get what you derserves. :)

  37. Anonymous2:16 pm

    "We helped Indon to get through the Dec 25 Tsunami -- and few months later they burnt our Jalur Gemilang. The reason was? "

    Generally the Indons we know and met in Jakarta are nice people. Like in any country, there could be exceptions who behave like thugs but unlike Malaysia they are not part of the govt like the Umno Youth, cops, Immigration or Rela

  38. Anonymous3:36 pm

    "Generally the Indons we know and met in Jakarta are nice people. Like in any country, there could be exceptions who behave like thugs but unlike Malaysia they are not part of the govt like the Umno Youth, cops, Immigration or Rela."

    Yes, they are not part of the govt like UMNO Youth, Cops, Immig or Rela. Because they are worse.

    Can you explain why the Indon government reluctant to ratify the ASEAN Agreement on Transboundary Haze Polution? Seorang Kalapita atau Nirmala kena pukul teruk: how bad was that compared to the almost-yearly-Indonesian-brown-haze affects? Berapa ratus orang mati (sebab sesak nafas). Berapa bilion negara lain rugi.

    And it's not only us. This includes Singapore, Brunei, southern Thailand and Philipines. Did Indonesia ever apologise for that?

    And how about the PTI (Pendatang Tanpa Izin) issues? PTI that has been flooding Malaysia (esp. Sabah) for the last 10-15 years. They steal our wealth, they create problem, they make us to invest more on security.

    What does the Indo government do to help us combating this problem? Not only that they reluctant to invest more (to secure their own boundary) -- they even ignore Malaysia/Sabah's request to discuss and find solutions for this problem.

    According to Indon -- it happens in our land, so it's our problem. Why should they interfere? But when one Kala or Nirmala got beaten in our land -- suddenly, they have all the rights to interfere.

    I have many Indo friends. They are nice, civil and very considerate. That's on personal level. But IN GENERAL, I have to say that Malaysians are much more reasonable than the Indonesians. We never burn their flag. We never threat to 'ganyang' their people in Malaysia.

    And in reality -- they do us harm MUCH MUCH MORE than we do them. So, when it comes to Indonesia -- it's VERY VERY VERY WRONG to be an apologist. Apatah lagi dengan mewakili seluruh anak bangsa Malaysia!

  39. "there could be exceptions who behave like thugs but unlike Malaysia they are not part of the govt like the Umno Youth, cops, Immigration or Rela"

    Really? I wonder then who poisoned the human rights activist onboard Garuda Airlines? I wonder which country's president sent congratulations to Malaysia after May 13, 1969? I wonder which armed forces invaded East Timor and killed 200,000 people? I wonder which groups slaughtered 1 million people in 1965? I wonder whose militias rampaged in East Timor in 1999? I wonder which police force ambushed and killed American teachers in Papua? I wonder which state agencies torture and execute Papuans and Acehnese?

    I wonder which groups started the anti-chinese riots in 1998? I wonder which judiciary freed Abu Bakar and routinely pardons and reduce the sentences on the Bali terrorists come every August 17th? I wonder which prison provides tv, good beds and good food to Tommy Suharto the murderer of a judge? Every year without fail, I wonder which country exports pollution in the form of haze to its neighbours and instead of apologizing blame the neighbours (mainly Maalaysia and Singapore)?

  40. Anonymous8:06 pm

    "kalau tak suka, balik ke **"
    * China
    * India
    ** (latest edition) Indonesia

  41. Anonymous11:33 am

    anon 10.49

    how did you know the PM are no better than the were polishing his shoes when he apologised?


  42. Anonymous9:09 pm

    It is true that we do not know the entire facts of this case, and that we probably never will.

    It may have been a case where the Indonesian coach had actually been caught in the commission of a crime or that he had acted suspiciously for the police to question and detain him. Further, his attack on the police may have been unprovoked and that this man may actually be a mad man.

    However, the police has no right to defend themselves to the point where this visitor to our country has had to be hospitalised. Defence from attack has to be rationalised within limits. If a man shoots at you with a gun, you may very well shoot him back if it is within your legal rights. But, to then, beat him after handcuffing him is a crude infringment of his human rights.

    We live in a modernised state, where there are laws that confine the general public from acting out in such a manner. There are rules and regulations that gives for and also restricts what a police officer may do in such instances, to protect them and civies. We should not just lie down and let this matter roll to oblivion.

    The government should apologise on behalf of PDRM, as the PDRM are civil servants of the people, instructed by the government.

    Which ever way this goes, I strongly believe the govt to be as guilty as the police officers involved and that further action should be taken. Perhaps a lawsuit would wake them up from their slumber!

  43. For the bloggers who think there are many reasons for us NOT to apologise incldg:

    -We only made 1 mistake against their many.

    - it's time we give 'em back as good as we got

    - they hv a poor human rights record so their ppl are fair game! you are advocating an eye for an eye right?


    - it does not matter that there is an innocent victim so long as that person is representative of the nation who wronged us?

    - it does not matter that there seems to be more of us bashing 1 of them up?

    - That fella musta done something to deserve this?

    HELLO ??

    Sounds like the arguments of terrorists to me...
    Is this what Msia has taught Truly Asian Malaysians?

  44. Gobloking,

    Not quite as you have put it.

    The assault incident here involved members of the PDRM. No public citizens were involved.

    The demonstrations there involved members of the public including the possibility of harming our badminton players in retaliation for a 'perceived' injustice.

    How often do you see our citizens going 'gaga' and burn the flag(s) of another nation on issues of national sovereignty.

    Malaysians are generally law-abiding and practice self-restraint whilst the folks over there tend to go over-board on the simplest of a 'perceived' provocation.

    Incidences of sectarian/religious violence continue unabated over there while 'seven' got arrested here trying to 'create' one recently.

    Weird analogy you have there on 'arguments of terrorists' and certainly in bad taste.

    Who's the goblok now, Gobloking?

  45. Anonymous8:28 pm


    Either you have problem in reading, or you truly live up to your self-chosen name 'goblok'.

    "We only made 1 mistake against their many."

    Nope. That's not the point. The issue is: the Indon government and its people have no right to specifically ask our government to apologise for every "human error" committed by one-two-three-or-four of its 25 millions rakyat.

    The point is: the Indons are extremely being SILLY, DUMB, RIDICULOUS, CRAZY, LUNATIC, ANIMAL-sih --- by burning our Jalur Gemilang, threatening the life of every Malaysian, condemning Malaysia as a nation-state --- just because of individual crime.

    “it's time we give 'em back as good as we got”

    Nope. We don’t want to give them back as good as what we got. We want to teach them how to approach things appropriately. We want to show them what is the different between human and animal.

    “they hv a poor human rights record so their ppl are fair game!”

    This is not part of the central argument. If you read carefully, those issues are brought up just to show that Indonesians, in general, are always ‘like that’. They would get angry over some small silly-silly things, and would kill anytime at will. The point is – don’t blame the government for the stupid pemberontakan in Indon. Even if we (read: Pak Lah @ Government) apologise instantly – we would still get exactly the same craziness from that mad country.

    “ you are advocating an eye for an eye right?”

    That’s soooooooooooo irrelevant here. Don’t try to prostitute Gandhi’s great mind for some cheap arguments.

    “it does not matter that there is an innocent victim so long as that person is representative of the nation who wronged us?”

    If Kala were innocent; then he deserves an apology from the guilty policemen. And Kala also deserves justice – from the legal system. Why do think the victim DOES DERSERVE an apology from Malaysia, Bangsa Malaysia and from me???

    “it does not matter that there seems to be more of us bashing 1 of them up?”

    Stop using ‘us’ here. That incident is NEVER a representative of Malaysia; neither to its people. This is an EXTREMELY isolated case. It’s not that our policemen beat foreigners every single day or every other day. Come on!

    “That fella musta done something to deserve this?”

    He doesn’t deserve it. Nobody does. As far as my reading goes, nobody here say so. The point is: Malaysia, and its government and people don’t deserve all the unnecessary pressure and stupidity (burning flag, etc). We DON’T deserve to be condemned and forced into apologising – in the manner the barbaric Indonesians do.

    “Sounds like the arguments of terrorists to me...
    Is this what Msia has taught Truly Asian Malaysians?”

    I don’t know about that. What I know is, the Indonesians ‘terrorised’ Malaysia into apologising. Dan inilah tabiat buruk Indonesia sejak zaman konfrontasi lagi. Taktik kotor. Bakar bendera. Ancam nak halau. Ancam nak ganyang. Ancam nak bunuh. So, those who are with them – you are terrorists. Just like them.

  46. Anonymous4:56 pm

    The assault incident here involved members of the PDRM. No public citizens were involved.
    like the man say,let PDRM handle it.
    what?not enough manpower.
    let the gomen handle it.
    what?the gomen can do nothing!
    and so on............