Friday, August 31, 2007

The art of diplomatic Bushit

Abdullah a constructive force, says Bush, who was surprised when told that the Malaysian PM had re-married (when, in actual fact, he had congratulated Abdullah on the marriage to Jeanne and even sent Abdullah a couple of flowers!). Gosh, is this guy for real?

Excerpts from Malaysian PM very constructive force for region, says Bush:
The camaraderie between the two leaders could be seen when the president said: "When his wife (the late Datin Seri Endon Mahmood) died, I tried to call him early just to let him know I cared about him."

When told that Abdullah had remarried, Bush appeared surprised and said: "Has he? Good. I'll congratulate him. Thanks for giving me that heads-up. I'm going to congratulate him. That's neat.

When told by his aide that he did congratulate the prime minister, Bush laughed at his memory lapse and said: "Exactly. I'm going to congratulate him again. I'll double the congratulations."

He later admitted that he forgot and asked his aide whether he had called or written a note to the prime minister. He was told that he had written a note.

"That's right, yes. (I also) sent him a couple of flowers," Bush said.


  1. Ah.. the so called world leader..

  2. Anonymous3:08 pm

    ...OR..that shows how much Malaysia or perhaps Badawi is important to US!

  3. Anonymous3:17 pm

    no hope..with all the idiots' ruling

  4. Anonymous3:24 pm

    Bush has mixed up in his choice of words.

    Oops, he actually mean disruptive force.

  5. Anonymous3:36 pm

    What I can call this scenario is BusHitLER.And actually Bush memory lapse is sign of senile dementia with chronic psychotic disorder.At least this time he may wrongly send the flowers not the Tomahawk.

  6. Anonymous6:47 pm

    ROFL. Once upon a time, Saddam Hussein are friend of USA. ;)

  7. Anonymous7:45 pm

    How appropriate that Bush should be praising Pak Blah, a made-in-Malaysia version of himself.

    I'm surprised that I didn't see the parallels between Bush and Bedol earlier: the ineptness, cronyism, fake geniality, corruption, right-wing tendencies and attempts at backdoor theocraticisation, media manipulation, surrounding themselves with sycophants and allowing supposed subordinates to make important policy decisions, etc...

    The only real difference is that there is a strong opposition and civil society in the US to (partly) check the excesses of the Bush administration, and Bush is constitutionally-limited to a maximum of two terms in office, which limits the damage he can do (though one might argue he has already done quite enough).

    We do not have these damage-control mechanisms in Malaysia. Unless we do something real to change the order of things, we're screwed. Imagine having Dubya Bush as President-for-life: that's what we have here.

  8. "Malaysia is an example of a country where frustrations have been channelled in a positive way."

    Uh huh...what on earth does that mean?

  9. People listen up! Here is the real take!

    Bush told Dollah Badawi if he did not heed his advise for Malaysia to allow Singapore to extend its territory to southern Johore (thus Iskandar), America would take action against Dollah Badawi's son for his complication in the nuclear centrifuge episode, a serious crime against America in its fight against terrorism!
    Brutal American foreign policy is all about American survival nothing more nothing less. America has always looks after after its own interest and the interest of its loyal allies such as S'pore, one of the deputy sherrifs in the region!
    So for those who are still clueless American neo-imperialism is already in full gear in this region, with the help of the red-dot, and our puny leadership is no match, I don't think! Good luck to all of us!

  10. Anonymous11:23 pm

    I just slapped my head in disgust. More Dubya moronism. Ah well, free entertainment to snicker away.

  11. Anonymous11:27 pm

    Bird of a feather.....

    Bush forgets.

    Abdullah never remembers.

    Bush sent a whoreship that killed Iraqi women and children to celebrate Abdullah's 50th Merdeka.

    A blatant show of force.

    So, I say matila, matila, matila!

  12. In other words: Bush has got AAB by the balls, unless Umno can, unanimously says "Bush you can have him (AAB's son that is)! But I doubt it since Umno is Moron and vice versa! This Merdeka Day I am most certainly not happy let alone celebrate! I really dont't know what to do, give me a sign, sigh, any sign!

  13. GWB=AAB and vice versa. Welcome to the 21st century and the age of Aquarius.

    Btw is there any way to check whether Dubya sent the first congratulatory note (and flowers) in 2006 or 2007?

    Am still wondering if that 'Nori stumbling onto AAB and JD in Perth' story has any credence.


    KJ raised the flag.

    We should declare Defcon 4 level, round up the wagons, goats and powder the muskets.

  14. Anonymous1:33 am

    A case of bush and lah -s**t! Which is why we have a 4th flr langau! - Amir

  15. Anonymous2:35 am

    Bush, beating about the bush.

    Lah, beating about the Bush looking for his goats.

    What have they got in common? The bush? No. The goats? No. Both dead-beats, Lah.

  16. Anonymous2:37 am

    "That's right, yes. (I also) sent him a couple of flowers," Bush said.

    Really. Were they a couple of red roses?

  17. The earlier congratulatory messages and flowers were sent by Bush aides. He didnt even know about it so how could he forget?

  18. Anonymous10:44 am

    1. Nicol should be the one with the flag and not KJ.

    2. Dr. M should be the one to shout Merdeka - 22 years of contribution? it is our culture to disrespect the elders? Way to go Hadhari!

    3. Bush is an idiot. enough said!

  19. KJ has tainted the flag by carrying it. idiot!

  20. shar101,

    To be fair when Merdeka was declared in 1957 it was the deputy Umno Youth chief who raised the flag, so in keeping with the moronic tradition the flag was again raised by the deputy Umno Youth chief, and so happenedit was KJ!
    Hey, how about this for a round about turn! Why don't we ask for some contract from KJ, what the hell eh, what are we fighting for to begin with, I am beginning to get blur!

  21. Bro,
    This country is in the pits, man really in deep shit....we can use alot of adjectives to discribe the fake, Dubya but we forget this same words fit more appropriately to the hippocrites, pretenders and ass-lickers amongst us...just look at the choice of the flag hoisting thinggy !!- SIL... way to go pasquale puts it aptly...morons !!
    Shame on you Krishamuddin !Shame...shame !
    trying hard to renew my faith in this incorrigible government of the day.... hmmm....cannotlah... waiting anxiously and passionately for the GE !
    In the meantime ...I'll drink to my country's waning health... for she's been diagnosed a slow and cancerous death....thanks to the pretenders, hippocrites and ass-lickers !
    Thanks for the memories Malaysia, I salute you !
    Godbless and Cheers !!

  22. Anonymous2:09 pm

    Hmm...I wonder why Spore PM Lee Hsien Loong and his wife attended the Merdeka Day parade in KL. The Spore Straits Times reported that they were "warmly welcomed by Datuk Seri Abdullah and his wife, Jeanne Abdullah.

    Separately, Forbes magazine has ranked the Spore PM's wife, Ho Ching, as the world's 3rd most powerful woman, behind German Chancellor Angela Merkel and China's Vice-Premier Wu Yi.

    Ms Ho Ching is chief executive of Temasek Holdings. Temasek's investment portfolio is valued at US$108 billion. The Forbes report said that "her deal-making ambitions span the globe".

    I see closer links between Khazanah and Temasek, with Temasek definitely the big brother!

  23. Anonymous5:57 pm

    camaraderie? How could a chum not know that Abdullah has remarried. Bush wasn't even at his wedding? Reporters covering Bush always have trouble understanding "Bushism" (Bush's English). I think he feel quite comfortable in Malaysia with "Manglish".

  24. Anonymous6:20 pm

    Please allow me to share a joke:

    The Bush. George W. Bush was walking through an airport last week, when he saw an old man with white hair, a long white beard, wearing a long white robe and holding a staff. He walked up to the man, who was staring at the ceiling, and said, "Excuse me sir, aren't you Moses?" The man stood perfectly still and continued to stare at the ceiling, saying nothing. Again George W asked, a little louder this time, "Excuse me sir, aren't you Moses?" Again the old man stared at the ceiling motionless without saying a word. George W tried a third time, louder yet. "Excuse me sir, aren't you Moses?" Again, no movement or words from the old man. He continued to stare at the ceiling. One of George W's aides asked him if there was a problem and George W said, "Either this man is deaf or extremely rude. I have asked him 3 times if he was Moses, and he has not answered me yet." To which the man, still staring at the ceiling finally replied, "I can hear you and yes, I am Moses, but the last time I spoke to a bush, I spent 40 years wandering in the wilderness."

  25. Anonymous12:56 am

    common traits in these two men. both claimed to be religious and god fearing. both dont know whats happening right under their nose. and lying is like second nature to them.

  26. Haahaha.Before I resigned my previous job, this man stood to my laughter in my work place ( once the C.E.O could talk about this "BUsHiT" factor that he could only relate to some Bush behaviours. Jack is so forgetful in his duties and anytime he passed by Bush was the name baptised to Jack by theC.E.O