Thursday, September 06, 2007

Star gets new Editor-in-chief

Wong Chun Wai. The country's largest English-language daily, The Star, has announced the appointment of Wong Chun Wai, 46, as its new Editor-in-Chief. Wong, who has been with the tabloid since 1984, when The Star was nowhere near theNST. Wong replaces Michael Aeria, who was one of the editors who interviewed me in 1985 when I applied to be a journalist with The Star.
Congratulations, bro Wong. Looking forward to more pro-blog views in your Off The Beat column.


  1. Sdr Rocky's Bru, I join you in wishing Sdr Chun Wai all the best.

    I hope he'll not have too many sleepless nights.

    Tahniah Sdr Chun Wai.

    Thank you.

  2. Anonymous1:17 am

    Tahniah Sdra Wong Chun Wai,

    Harap-harap Sdra dapat bertugas mengikut tahap professionalisme yang tinggi! Syabas!

  3. Anonymous4:48 am

    Wong Chun Wai plays the MCA and Barisan game - subservient, docile and non-controversial. In malaysia, if you play the game of the masters you move up. Rocky refuses to play the game of the powers-that-be, that's why he is watching from the sidelines. Congratulations, Wong Chun Wai for reaching the pinnacle. I hope Wong can sleep in peace with a clear conscience.

  4. Tahniah Bro,

    Semoga berjaya mengendalikan kapal besar. Bersedia untuk hadapi pelbagai cabaran.

  5. Anonymous9:33 am

    new gang eh!thats good!!

  6. i just finished reading his article on 2008 budget. :)

    I dont know much about WOng Chun Wai, but I would like to congratulate him also for the promotion. :)

  7. Anonymous11:14 am

    Congratulations Wong,The Star is well received .As Editor in Chief, please include more foreign/world news including on rising new superpowers India and Europe/Brazil,something like the China perspective page you have now.Keep it up The Star.Cheers.

  8. Anonymous11:38 am

    He is the real Ediotr-In-Chief. He reserved it. He is professional. No personal matter in his work. He write better and "ADIL" to every angle. Whoever dont like him "RUGI OHHH!!!".

  9. Anonymous11:44 am

    Congrats Chun Wai. Not an easy position balancing the needs of all and sundry but Unspun doesn't know anyone more deft at doing it. Try to keep everyone honest.

  10. Anonymous2:23 pm

    I buy Star nowadays for their classified and sports section only. They should do more balanced reports with dignity. Hopefuly our editor-friend can do something about this.

    Till then I rather read the Sun...

  11. Anonymous2:27 pm

    bro, congrats ! jangan jadi mcm kp utusan sudah dicucuk dan ditarik-tarik hidung oleh bebudak mentah tingkat 4!

  12. Anonymous2:29 pm

    A deserving appointment indeed!
    In his column and commentaries, Wong Chun Wai has consitently demonstrated that the mainstream media has something important to say and has the guts to say it.
    His article on Bangsa Malaysia last Sunday not only inspired me and my friends but motivated us to do a bit more to participate in the political process.
    Syabas! And may The Star continue to dominate the Malaysian market with its gripping news reports and insightful commentaries.
    You make Malaysians proud!

    **A FAN**

  13. He took both stands on the rakyat and on the Gov side when he 'was' still a journalist, expect that to change.

  14. Anonymous2:35 pm

    what is there to congratulate?
    sports news, classifieds and dear thelma, thats all i read.

    if you want to write decent, write it no holds barred like YB RPK!

    dont pusing left right center.

  15. Anonymous3:02 pm

    Let us hope he will continue to be "chun" and not be swayed by the many Pak Dalangs.

    Lets wait and see.

  16. Anonymous3:48 pm

    WOW! At 46 that's quite an achievement! Is he the youngest ever EIC?
    The Star will soar to greater heights under his leadership.

  17. Anonymous3:52 pm

    When Aeria took over, I knew he was only warming the seat for Chun Wai. So, will Chun Wai move his people into top positions like what Aeria did? In NST and The Star, it matters not who is in the hot seat as long as he or she speaks in the master's voice. The only bonus is the GE or GEIC gets to play God with his employees' lives. All the Chun Wai suck-ups can look forward to better days now. Those who fawned over Aeria, time to tuck in your tail and go lick the new boss.

  18. wow, the way "A FAN" described it,I think i have been reading an edition of the Star different from his.

    nstman -- can I borrow thy copy just to verify? IF PIGS COULD FLY...shall we also sing Let It Be?

  19. Anonymous5:30 pm

    aiyoh looks like a lot of bitter ex-star journos here like desi who was in the wrong camp?
    lots of ppl still respect the star.


  20. Anonymous6:22 pm

    looks like 'ex-newsman' is unhappy about stuff. maybe finding God or mediating will help.
    not much of a heavy news person but i like star mag and other pullouts (spa, beauty, clove, in tech, etc).
    congrats, mr wong.


  21. Anonymous6:41 pm

    hope more good things from the star. his column is one of the best in town compared to the saccharine crusted nst 'editorials'/columns.
    all the best.

  22. Anonymous6:56 pm

    Desi knows what he's talking about.
    Freelunch, obviously you are still on Wong Chun Wai's payroll.
    Fan, which paper have you been reading?
    Freelunch, get a life!
    Nstman, spot on!

  23. Anonymous7:28 pm

    i know desiderata2000 or YL Chong. he was editor at malaysiakini when i was there. i was so shocked when he betrayed steven and us by running to the star n other mainstream media about us being funded by soros.
    also forced us to write stuff on soh chee wen who he said wanted to promote him to editor in star last time.
    then after that betrayed DAP cos pissed kit siang n guan eng off so now in pkr.
    dunno la. all the cerita he make up, all talk kok?

    about this new star editor in chief wong chun wai. congratulations and good luck.

  24. Anonymous8:02 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    Hope WCW will uphold balanced reporting for the sake of the rakyaat.I also hope that he would not write about his daughter dropping a Merdeka note under his pillow like some dumb ass wrote recently.Btw, can we also be assured that he would not be made a CEO/Chairman/Exec Director of some cash flushed companies like the same dumb ass as above ????

  25. Anonymous8:16 pm

    he is the famous star writer right.
    very young...must be talented.
    syabas dan semoga berjaya.
    malaysia boleh.

  26. Anonymous9:10 pm

    Congrats indeed to Datuk Wong Chun Wai (in fact he has two of those titles. one is from Selangor and the second from Malacca). But I hear he is from Penang.He loves the island's food but hates the island's chief minister who is from gerakan. As for the other Penangite Aeria, he has no titles and did not stay long enough to collect one or two.
    Since Chun Wai is the youngest chief editor of a national English newspaper he should have a long and bright career ahead of him at the Star which used to shine. But in the past five to six years it has lost its shine like the place where it was born Penang. I stopped reading Star a long time ago. its no longer challenges or asks questions. brain dead la if i had carry on reading that paper. only paper lama fellow love that paper.
    my condolences to Aeria and cronys.
    will we see some bravery from the pages of Star in coming weeks. please don't hold your breathe man or you turn blue. the paper lost its guts in 1987 when its family jewwels got lost in the lallang. but there is always hope i guess.

  27. Anonymous10:08 pm

    Rocky, I still remember vividly Chun Wai who was a senior reporter at that time ( I WAS a cub reporter)kissing Dr Mahathir hand on arrival at the old Subang VIP Hall from an overseas visit. after Dr Mahathir no more a PM, he wrote that Dr Mahathir tenure was the most corrupted and Dr Mahathir could do more in his 20 years more as PM. Congrats in order for his apointment, sure not from me, unlike Tiger or AKJ who were cheap.

  28. Anonymous10:15 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    Didnt WCW had wrote in his column previously that he and his wife had dine and wine with KJ and Nori . Don t be blind brother.

  29. Anonymous10:19 pm

    two datukships and youngest chief editor. superman or supersmartman? wine and dine KJ and nori. good pr man. well congratulations on the top job, hopes the star will be braver and braver.

  30. Anonymous11:15 pm

    Aiya WCW will become a stooge of Tgkt 4. Must keep the job...toe the line...I too stopped reading The Star about 3years ago. Y ? All news there is glorified govt news + feel good news ..but NST abt 3-4% got real stuff embedded in the whole story.....get real lah!!!what congrats? Dis fella starting young like his fren KJ...soon same camp.mark my words...

  31. Anonymous6:37 am

    Anonymous said...
    A deserving appointment indeed!
    In his column and commentaries, Wong Chun Wai has consitently demonstrated that the mainstream media has something important to say and has the guts to say it.
    His article on Bangsa Malaysia last Sunday not only inspired me and my friends but motivated us to do a bit more to participate in the political process.
    Syabas! And may The Star continue to dominate the Malaysian market with its gripping news reports and insightful commentaries.
    You make Malaysians proud!

    Haha, you seriously believe it? I dont read the Star anymore than I do NST .. track back the new designate's journalistic path and you will know him for what he is... let;s hope he will be wise and not wily as he used to be.. congratulations never the less

  32. Anonymous11:04 am

    Congratulations to Datuk WCW or Jimmy as i used to call him. If he continues to write what he has been writing in the recent months, I'm sure he would help to make Malaysia a better place. Now that he has reached the pinnacle of his journalistic career, i hope he would continue to write what he thinks it's right rather than write to please the right people.

    May god bless him.

  33. Anonymous2:32 pm

    so much gossip in journalism. i am a mass comm student and hope to be a journalist one day. i've been following rocky's blog for a while and it seems journalists are a vindictive bunch. anyway, i hope this is just a case of a few rotten apples. i read wong chun wai and think he makes a lot of sense. he also seems quite modern and ask for more media freedom. congratulations and hope for "better days" malaysian journalism.

  34. Anonymous3:06 pm

    agree with anonymous at 2:32PM. wcw is definitely better than that kp waran who writes about his friends and family in his column and puts all his readers to sleep or playing guessing game as to what is the point of the long article.

  35. Anonymous3:16 pm

    Hahahahahahahahahahahah! I must say there's a lotta comedy on this particular posting. Freelunch, wot happened?

  36. Anonymous5:41 pm

    Many of you don't know shit lah.

    Wong Chun Wai is politically savvy and is close to the MCA leadership.

    As the country enters a politically crucial period, the MCA needs someone like him to man the helm at The Star.

    This is all about politics, and nothing much else.

  37. Anonymous6:08 pm

    not many can balance the fine line he does. congratulations.

  38. Rocky,
    Seems like you've been spammed by one person with multiple personalities disorder(schizophrenic). Who in their right mind would carry balls blatantly even when Bedol strolls through naked, nobody wouold praise he wears a nice 'Jean'. lolx

  39. mob1900,

    thanks for pointing that out bro. i was having my suspicions, too, but am not so tech savvy as to trace IP address or something like that. true what they said, there's no such thing as a free lunch.

  40. Anonymous7:35 pm


  41. Anonymous12:07 am

    well done, chun wai. always encouraging to see good and hard work rewarded.

  42. Anonymous4:58 pm

    I remember during the Ijok by election. He openly and blatantly wrote in his column "People should vote for BN".

    After tat no respect for him adi.

  43. Anonymous6:26 pm

    Wong CY is a suck-up!

  44. Anonymous7:21 pm

    why so many pppl air dirty linen on cyberspace...wong chun wai has always written intelligent arguments...he do well in the system...ito anonymouos 4:58pm, he wrote that cos pkr was using race politics, keep playing malay race card, and keep throwing baseless allegations at's like pkr will only accept the answers from najib that they want to hear...najib answer so many times..and still keep asking to answer....congrats to wong. bye bye nst.

  45. Congratulations to Chun Wai.
    As for many of you critics out there, it is easy to hide behind an anonymous faceless name to throw shit. Come on, Star is controlled by MCA and also need a govt license to operate. So there is a limit to what they can write without being closed down. How many of you remember that Star was suspended for many months? That Chun Wai was jobless during this period while having to feed a family? How often were articles "censored" because Star's directors and lawyers worry that they will be sued (Yeah, Star sit on a pile of hundreds of milions). Besides that Chun Wai is not from a royal family, and so he has no protection from the royal family in case UMNO gets offended by his writing.

  46. There is no way Michael could survive long sitting at the top in Star. Michael came from an admin background, and did not build up a network of contacts from years of journalism. Thus he did not build up enough political savvy to survive the vicious politicking necessary to steer through the obstacles needed to balance the conflicting demands of UMNO, MCA and the Rakyat. If you are not politically savvy, you can't do your job as the top man in Star.

  47. Anonymous2:01 am

    ya lar...pkr, why not just write najib's reply for him??? claim to be multi-racial but why choose khalid as calon? farcical and run by CIA-funded pengkhianat anwar ibrahim

  48. Congratulations Datuk Wong Chun Wai! You will have a lot of people, particularly journalism students, looking up to you. Show us what good journalism is about in Malaysia.

  49. Anonymous12:12 am

    Now the people knows what type of person Wong Chun Wai is. I used to admire this man too. Now I know he is just a running dog for Ong bros who fed him well. Wow wow.