Thursday, September 06, 2007

Liquid diet

More good news from IJN. Dr Mahathir is on liquid diet and has started exercising his arms and legs. Still at ICU but the doctors are very happy with the good doctor's progress.

Anwar ibrahim's aide sent me this mail at 2.10pm:

Doa Untuk Tun Dr. Mahathir

Saya, Azizah dan keluarga turut mendoakan supaya Tun Dr. Mahathir
dapat cepat pulih kesihatannya setelah menjalani pembedahan jantung
dua hari yang lalu.



  1. Dear Rocky,

    Very glad to hear that TDM is recuperating well.
    Its nice of DSAI to send the message. It is my hope that DSAI & TDM can patch up. Time to forgive & forget...

  2. Anonymous2:22 pm

    Alhamdulillah, semoga kesihtan bertambah baik, insyAllah - Amir

  3. Anonymous3:15 pm

    Sometimes I really struggle to understand the motives and thinking of political animals. Pls do not tell me that the human was born to be kind. I seriously doubt this message came from the bottom of his heart.

  4. Anonymous4:49 pm

    None of us wants to see the difference of TDM and DSAI to continue. Ramadan coming soon, time to patch up the difference, May I wish TDM of speedy recovery and I hope no more quarrel pls. DSAI has taken the first step. Happy days coming soon?

  5. Anonymous5:01 pm

    Thank God for the successful surgery. Gentlemanly of Anwar to send those good wishes. I refuse to think of ulterior motives for now. Hope Dr M will be back on his feet soon.

    galadriel needs to go on liquid diet soon as well.

  6. Anonymous5:03 pm

    Bull shit time to forgive and forget. this is a cruel and selfish individual. there will be no forgiving or forgive and forget is a crime to those who suffered because of his dictatorship and ironfist ruling. NO WAY MAT

  7. Alhamdulillah..

    I pray for his speedy recovery...

  8. Anonymous8:10 pm

    Ada pemimpim agong melawat Tun selepas Tun selamat menjalani pembedahan dan meminta rakyat mendoakan kesihatan Tun sepatutnya kita melawat beliau sebelum menjalani pembedahan kerana dikhutiri berlaku yang tidak baik.kita juga sepatutnya berdoa sebelum pembedahan bukan selepas pembedahan.cuba lah kita sama sama merenung disebalik peristiwa ini

    Pada pandangan Dr Butiq

  9. Anonymous9:12 pm

    Just one word.


  10. every malaysians are praying for TUN to get back to his usual self. I'm sure DSAI would love to see that too. I mean, come on, Anwar couldnt be that heartless could he? as a human being?

  11. Anonymous10:48 pm

    Anonymous said...
    Bull shit time to WISH and PRAY. this is a TRAITOR and POWER HUNGRY individual. there will be no forgiving or forgive and forget is a crime to those who COMPROMISE because of his HOMOSEXUAL, BACK STABBING and GREEDY RM100 MILLION LAWSUIT. NO WAY ANUAR

  12. Anonymous1:45 am

    there are still some decent people in Malaysia who don't go around knocking others when they're down and out.

  13. Anonymous2:18 am

    Wish tun Mahathir a speedy recovery so that he will have time to repent and seek forgiveness to Allah SWT and all Malaysians for all his cruelty taht caused anxiety and agony to fathers, mothers, wives, husbands and childrens. Mahathir you can be sick but this cannot release you from your CRIMES. We are not blind or dumb. We will never forgive you.NEVER NEVER NEVER.

  14. Anonymous9:35 am

    TDM get well soon!

  15. Anonymous11:11 am

    anonymous 2:18AM

    Pray list out Tun Dr Mahathir's crimes, as you put it.

    I know that during his time I was proud to be a Malaysian. Not any more...not under the clueless Pak_Le_Lah

  16. Anonymous4:18 pm

    anak muda

    Well, for starters, let's look at the interview TDM had with the political tabloid 'Siasah'. The text of that interview was published in the paper's Aug 26-Sept 1 issue.

    What did TDM say in that interview? Among other things:

    "...if we are not careful, the IDR will eventually be filled with Singaporeans. Past experience has taught us that we lost Singapore because the Chinese population exceeded that of the Malays.

    "And tomorrow, if the government allows Singaporean Chinese to occupy the a larger extent than the Malays, the IDR would be dominated by Singapore Chinese because the Malays cannot afford to buy homes there.

    "Malacca and Penang remain in Malaysia because the Chinese population there can be offset by the large Malay population. But in Singapore, the Chinese make up more than 75 per cent of the population while the Malays make up a mere 15 per cent. The Chinese there are rich and control the economy. For this reason, we had to release Singapore because the Chinese were too numerous and controlled the island...

    "Today, we are trying to invite Singapore to enter Malaysia by participating actively in the IDR through various incentives and investment procedures.

    "Eventually, the Johor Malays - who would initially refuse to sell their land - would be blinded by the highly lucrative offers for their properties and sell them to the Singaporean Chinese for instant wealth....

    "The IDR will then be filled with Singapore Chinese and Malaysian Chinese who can afford it. What if their numbers exceed the Malay population?

    "We will once again lose Malay territory to the Chinese, as had happened with Singapore previously".

    I have just one word to describe these views - RACIST!!!

    TDM oh,so conveniently chooses to ignore the fact that Singapore has attracted, and is attracting, much more FDI (foreign direct investment) than Malaysia. For example, ExxonMobil has committed almost US$11 billion in investments in Singapore.

    And how to account for the fact that Singapore will have a corporate tax rate of 18 per cent in 2008, while the corresponding rate in Malaysia will be 26%? And why Malaysia's international competitiveness is sliding downwards, whilst Singapore is rated amongst the top countries worldwide in terms of competitiveness?

    Or why so many foreign banks and MNCs have decided to base their regional HQs in Singapore instead of elsewhere in the region?

    Let's not even get into comparing the size of Singapore's and Malaysia's foreign reserves, or the comparitive sizes of Temasek Holdings and Khazanah Nasional. me, TDM is good at making selective and facile arguments. Nothing more. Period.

  17. Anonymous11:00 am


    If people can't afford to buy foods, they will beg for foods. People may even steal or kill for foods to avoid death. What's your thought on this? Throw them into Selat Tebrau? You have the means to get rid of these people? Assuming that you dont have the means, what will then happen? Imagine the year is 2025!


  18. Anonymous4:10 pm

    anonymous 11:00 AM

    Your point?

  19. lets not get personal.we are all just human being if not for the worst.god bless Tun.M for speedy recovery.....