Friday, September 07, 2007

A scoop for Dr M

Ice-cream. The latest IJN press statement said the former PM continued to make progress. Today's the third day after the bypass, and the doctors have promoted him to "soft diet" from yesterday's "liquid diet".
I asked Marina what soft diet he was on. Ice-cream. Dr M asked for ice-cream. She could't say what flavor it was or if it was Magnolia or Walls. But he had ice-cream.


  1. Anonymous3:06 pm

    Ice cream?

    Looks like he wants to clog up his arteries again.

    Anyway eat what pleases you as you will feel better which helps in the recuperation process.

    Well wishers could send him tubs of ice cream.

  2. Anonymous4:03 pm

    Reminds me of my late father. He'd asked for ice-cream after every meal during his bedridden days. It soothes his throat and must be refreshing, too. Also, ice cream is full of calcium.

  3. Anonymous5:03 pm

    That's a good news... :D

    Maybe we can buy him some Haagen-dazs... :D

  4. Anonymous5:41 pm

    that's really good to know.
    Hope he gets better and better.


  5. Anonymous10:22 pm

    a scoop of ice cream, wont do u any harm.

    in fact i did advised some of my patient to indulge themselves with ice cream for "tonsillitis" and it works well.


  6. Anonymous10:30 pm don't think it is good for any elderly person.

    Anywhere wish Dr Mahathir fully recover soonest to check on excesses of the the current administration before we become a Banana Republic.

  7. how abt new zealand ice cream? ada perisa..err...helen clark sikit..hihi...

    so glad TUN is getting better. cant wait to see him back on his feet again. take it easy dr M!

  8. You know, I used to hate this man during my schooldays, especially during the Tun Salleh Abbas episode.

    But as I grew and learned more about the complicated world of politics, I began to understand this man a little better and appreciate more of what he has done for the country.

    Malaysia is not an easy place to govern with her historical baggage and different races and religions. But the fact that he had managed to transform the country into a more modern and industrialized nation is a testimony to his vision, determination and capability.

    For a man who has been involved in politics way back before independence and has helmed the country for over 20 years, I believe Tun M still has something to contribute to the nation.

    So, here’s wishing him a speedy recovery and may he have many, many more happy years ahead of him.

  9. Err...please no ice cream avalanche please!!!

  10. Anonymous3:13 am


    You are one hilarious girl!!! Wakakakakaka

    Penanak Nasik