Thursday, September 13, 2007

Out of ICU and walking

Nine days after the bypass, the IJN said Dr M is out of intensive care, walking unaided, and eating regular diet.

Visits are still restricted, though, for fear of post-surgery infection.


  1. Anonymous4:18 pm

    God answers sincere prayers for a good being!

    Thank God and all those who took good care of our NumeroUno.

    Hope Dr.Mahathir would make fast recovery so that we could meet and kiss his hands on Raya morning.

    Get well Sir!!!


  2. TDM is one heck of a tough cookie.. Selamat berposo, 'bro.

  3. Hidup Mahathir! Hope he will recover fast to talk about some unfinished business.

    but he should take it easy if doctor feels he should not strain himself anymore. maybe he should just write or blog at a leisurely pace, instead of going on his punishing speaking circuit again, when he recovers fully.

  4. Anonymous10:08 pm

    82 year old with a body and mind of 25 years old!

  5. ya, dr mahathir akan kembali semula ke pejabat tak lama lagi...
    doakan beliau semoga sehat spt sedia kala dan dpt naik tangga office mcm biasa.. amin....

  6. Anonymous8:54 pm

    Moga Allah SWT memberkati umur panjang Tun.

    Salam sejahtera ke atas Tun. Salam sejahtera ke atas junjungan besar kita Nabi Muhammad SAW.