Thursday, September 20, 2007

Missing girls: Pasquale's theory

Blogger Pasquale says our police should get in touch with the Interpol to help solve Nurin's case. In his blog here, he takes us back to victims of worldwide snuff film syndicate, including Madeleine McCann, 3, from England kidnapped in Portugal, and Jon-Benet Particia Ramsey, 6, found dead in her house in Colorado Springs.

I think our cops can do with all the help. Nurin went missing 31 days ago and our cops have picked up NO suspect. Not one suspect.

p.s. Nurin's family believes that she is still alive and well. I visited the official blog dedicated to helping find Nurin, run by her uncle. It classifies her as "MISSING FOR 31 DAYS".


  1. I think we shouldn't dismiss his theory off. It carries water.

  2. so is it her or not?

  3. Anonymous2:03 am

    Semuga Allah memberi segala kekuatan pada ibu-bapa Nurin dalam menjalani dugaan berat ini.

    * * * * *

    Imagine this.
    You lost a child for more then 30 days. You distribute brochures, leaflets etc in trying to locate the missing child.

    Your mind is not focus. You are still clinging on hopes that your child is still alive.

    Naturally isnt it? Everyone deserves a good ending story.

    What worst can happened? Body stuff in a bag. The parents is going to be having a tough time `accepting` this reality. Real tough.

    Please do a few DNA test. Local & abroad. Leave no stones unturn. Dont just base on theory & assumptions. Satisfy the hunger of confirmation.

    a. Use the reward money to finance a few DNA test and bounty nab the killer/s.

    b. Set up a Task-Force to specialize on Child Kidnappers.

    c. Get funds from public to finance all the missing child.

    d. Get corporate organization or companies to participate in the searching of the missing child via distributing pictures and information through their product i.e. Corn Flakes, beverages, Tit Bits, KFC Wrappings, Mc Donalds etc.

    e. Mandatory punishment to the kidnappers. Death by Hanging and do it quick.

    Rest in peace, sayang.
    Justice for Nurin.

    John Labu.

    PS: Still clinging on miracles to happen. Praying hard for it. Insyallah.

  4. Bro,

    I'm really not comfortable with this posting.

    Pasquale and you may have good intentions in keeping the public informed and create an awareness for heinous crimes such as this.

    The perpetrator(s) who committed this abominable act is someone who did it with pre-meditation and evil intent. These are crazies who will strike again, simply, because of their debased nature. And they're still on the loose as we speak. If the perp was caught, it would be a different story altogether.

    Yes, the RMP would be wise to seek help from Interpol, especially, in profiling methods which may quicken their search in other unsolved cases.

    Meanwhile, comments and debates on this matter must be tempered with a sense of purpose and rational thoughts. Question is, will this be possible in a blog forum as compared to a 'controlled environment' whereby each person's input can be 'verified'.

    Snuff films and paedophilia are heavy stuff which not all people are acquainted with, hence, let's tread carefully, shall we.

    Lastly, we do not want to be falsely accused of creating 'copycats'.

  5. Anonymous6:16 am

    Bro Rocky ...
    My condolences to whoever parents to the dead child found in the gym bag.

    Why would the perpetrator(s) who committed this abominable act place the body in a bag and wanting people to find it?

    They could easily `blown it up easily?` dump into the sea or river , burried in some jungle etc.

    It is purposely done to let the police and the public know.

    Mysterious twist of event. As mentioned by Dr. Kamal Afendi - our home grown inhouse Sherlock Homes the perpetrator(s) is sending a message.

    The perpetrator(s) is challenging our cops with a daring statement.

    I believe the parents of Nurin might hold some stories that have yet to be told. Lots of possibilities.

    Interesting but not at the expense of a little girl life.

    Its a very disturbing story plot.
    My apologies. Lets not let this happen again, ever. I played my part in praying for Nurin safe return. I am not a relative or whatsoever with Nurin`s family.
    I am hurt and destroyed with the news.

    Maybe our highly invested astronout can orbit the earth and focus from space the killer/s for us. I am sure they have the most sophisticated system that can detect those killer/s bozos from space.

    Thats perhaps will rationalize the millions of ringgit of investment spent on the space education sight seeing tour.

    A note to all Malaysians who just celebrated 50th Years of Independence :- Get the Killer/s now !!!!


  6. The parents, Jazimin and wife, have accepted the body as their daughter as I have checked

    The status there is Nurin Jazlin is confirmed, murdered.

    My biggest condolences to her parents, may they continue to be strong to help the police catch those who killed their daughter and bring them to court.


  7. Anonymous11:07 am

    "DNA testing is the most accurate and reliable genetic analysis available for parentage testing. However, the accuracy or specificity of the DNA testing depends on the sample and procedure that the DNA laboratory has used. Since we utilize the most advanced genetic testing procedure, we are able to achieve at least specificity of 99.9%. In most cases, DNA testing will result in specificities of 99.99% or greater.
    If DNA patterns between the child and the alleged father do not match on three or more genetic markers, then the alleged father is excluded with 100% certainty. That means he can not be the biological father of the child.

    There is no test available which can prove with 100% certainty that a man or woman is the biological parent of a child. Thus, if the DNA patterns between mother, child and the alleged father match on the tested DNA markers, the likelihood of paternity is calculated with the general population of the same ethnic group. When the likelihood of paternity is greater than 99.9%, the result practically proves that the alleged father is the biological father of the child. Most courts in the U.S. accept 99.0% as proof of paternity." - University of South Alabama

    The parents could be in shock but the other relatives also said the Nurin has scars on her thigh while the dead girl does not. And there is no BCG mark on the dead girl's arm, saying she could be an illegal immigrants.

    Some of the question we should ask is what percentage of matched DNA patternity is our PDRM used as the benchmark in Malaysia? Are we using the latest DNA testing procedure?

  8. Anonymous11:46 am

    My condolence to the dead girl. Rest in peace.

    The 2nd DNA results have not been carried out! Why suddenly announce 'confirmed murdered'?

    I thought the 2nd DNA test was ordered. I don't think the result is out within one day if they are using a more reliable test procedure. Even the commercially available DNA test kit would take 3-5 days to get results!

    If the family does not accept the test result and had given their reasons why which I think it is acceptable to perform a 2nd more thorough DNA test, why is everyone pressuring the family to accept the scientific fact? Is DNA test like GOD? Is it 100%? Two century ago scientist said the Sun rotates around the Earth, everyone believed because it was a science fact. DNA is a relatively new technology, we can't say it has no flaws.

    MyKid was introduced in 2003, at that time if Nurin had registered, should have here finger print recorded with the JPN. If not just go to her bed room, her toys, anywhere in the house to get a sample of her finger print, compare it with the dead girl.

    Is the finger print match as well?

    I urge the police in charge of Nurin's case to do his job more thoroughly. No sloppy job, please!

  9. Bro,
    this is for Shar101, I don't think there is anything to be "verified" here as these are heinious crimes by grown men or women with derangued minds, againgst kids !
    Everyone MUST be aware of the goings-on here and the rest of the world and ONLY then these evil perpetrators would know how many people in this world are aware of their "sickness".copy-cats will be always there whether this snuff is publicied or otherwise !
    These are very sick people in need of psycatric (spelling ?) help! period !Cheers !

  10. Yo SS,

    If it's a public forum held in a community hall where each person present is accounted for to discuss and create awareness on grave issues like this, it would be ideal and encouraged.

    A blog forum has it's pros and cons but we do know Rocky's blog reaches far and wide, and there are impressionable minds, young and old, out there. The burden of publishing an inappropriate comment coming from an unknown source will clash with the need to maintain freedom of speech.

    For example, a minor may not be allowed to attend a public seminar addressing such issues but on the net, the anonymity and age of a commentator is 'unverified'. Let's not even consider readers who do not comment at all.

    Specifically, 'Ramadan' mentioned above that our highly invested astronaut may be able to utilise some sort of sophisticated system to detect the killer(s) from space. Wow! It must be a Malaysian invention and I believe the americans would love to borrow it from us to find Osama. So do we see the futility of free speech in this nation sometimes?

    Still, I have faith in Rocky's ability to separate wheat from chaff, hence, will leave it to him to moderate accordingly.

    And bro, "cheers" will be inappropriate under the present circumstances.

  11. I think Shar101 is in love with the sound of his verbose English that borders boredom to many, and his mimicry of the language blinds him of the real issue. I agree with shanghaifish, copy cats will be there yes or may not be there, but people, parents especially, must be told of evil such as snuff movie! I think Shar101 should stop mimicking American television language!

  12. Ahhh..sometimes the chaff do creep in somehow..oh well.

    Wonder when the local vcd peddlars will be offering a new movie genre on their 'must have' list.

    Can you see where we're going with this, Pasquale? Or do I need to speak in Quebecan french with a snotty accent?

  13. Shar101,
    Look in the mirror you look like a molester yourself, and you give me the creep when I see you around the Pres Club. You remind me of that character in Silence of the Lamb, the guy who could not get an erection!

  14. Pasquale,

    That's a low blow but then again, quite expected from a person such as yourself despite the seemimgly high standing you claim to have in the real world.

    Your abrasive nature on the net is equal to the condescending manner you portray yourself in the presence of others.

    The only reason you feel intimidated by me is because you can't stand the verbal repartee we exchange with each other. Somewhat incongruent from someone who looks intelligent. Perhaps, it's the inferiority complex which some malays suffer nowadays after 450 years of servitude.

    Quit hiding behind a facade of antiquated pompousness, will ya.

  15. Shar101 whoever or whatever you are,
    I never claims to be anything as you have said, but you should know this, everyone there is very polite to you especially Rocky, but no one there actually is very comfortable with you, as all my friends, stress on the word friends and you are definitely not one of them, will say that I will express my gut feeling about you, you are not what you seem to portray yourself to be and I have checked. I am only abrasive to people who are not sincere, so you really should go find another place to spy on!The presence of you people there are making a lot of people uncomfortable. I will not reply to your rejoinder anymore!

  16. Well, people, that's Malaysia. And if you don't like it, you can GETTT OUTTT!!!

  17. Hey Pasquale, you are trading personal insults here on someone else's blog. Good breeding says you do not visit a friend who has a visitor and slam him with insults. Forget the snuff bit, lets just get the murderer. If you do not like the visitor, just get out like a gentleman. He was in the friend's house before you. I expect some civility amongst professedly mature adults and not personal insults.There are more important issues. We will continue to respect others opinions, but will not contaminate with blatant insults.

  18. Anonymous11:12 am

    if the gov decided to take legal action on their parents for letting this happen, are they considering taking legal action towards to police, towards the gov themself for letting this happens in the country. what the heck...

  19. I agreed with the theory, we need help to find the missing girl. Moreover, just because the girl was abducted in Malaysia, it doesn't mean that she would not be taken outside Malaysia. We also need help from outside Malaysia!!! Cases like this have been happened to other girl from nationwide. Complaining and suggesting is not enough, we need to act too!!! Even posting news and suspect poster in any profile or blogs such as myspace, friendster, etc ... would help. And to be more helpfull, try to remember suspect and victim face, you never expect how closed they were. Maybe I'm being mean here, but sometimes, I wonder why we can't save most of the missing girl, is there any people from inside... that help the abductor and lead to failed the mission to find the girl??? Just wondering...