Friday, September 21, 2007

I, Phantomed

[Note: pls read my earlier posting "Excuse me, WTF registered me as a Voter?" to have an idea of this posting]
An afternoon at the Election Commission.
And so I was at the SPR yesterday. The officers were able to answer some of my questions.

When was I registered?
How was I registered?
Someone filled up the form.
How come?
Before July 2002, political parties were allowed to register on behalf of constituents who had not been registered.

Some questions they couldn't answer.
Was it the BN or the Opposition that registered me?
We don't know.
Did I "vote" for the 1999 and the 2003 general elections?
We have no idea.
How did this political party in Taman Rapat Setia register me when I never lived there?
We can't tell.

Because my case is "unique", I have been advised to write to the EC Secretary Kamaruzaman Mohd Noor to state my case and get official answers.
I shall do that.

I have also been advised to lodge a police report.
I'll do that, too. Thank you.


  1. Anonymous2:10 am

    You should employ Dr Pete Venkman and the Ghostbusters!

    They can de-phantomise you........................

  2. The only piece of information that was of value was the "How Come?" answer, which I find incredulous as it can lead (and does, as in your case) to abuse.

    How did they get your details ? Did you lose your IC in the past ?

  3. Ok bro,

    Let's move on to the next step.

    Police report? Well, fine with me.

    But before that, some pertinent points to ponder on:

    a)What's so 'unique' about your case if there were more? If everyone who read your posting, subsequently check via the EC website to find out they too were registered without their knowledge, then, I think we're 'on the money'. We should get bloggers to open up the search for 'phantoms'.

    b)If political parties were allowed to register their constituents, it would only be for their registered members. Not the general public.

    c)And how can the EC say they do not know when you have to 'sign' the damn forms when registering. Plus every voter who turned up for an election have to 'sign in' on the electoral roll to obtain the ballot paper.

    d)"We can't tell" takes the cake. Not plausible deniability but plain and downright incompetence on their part. "Duhhh!" would have the same effect.

  4. I am no lawyer but do we have a case of getting the previous GE null and void here.

  5. For the question Was it the BN or the Opposition that registered me?

    Well BN Lah siapa lagi yang boleh buat.


  6. Anonymous5:26 am

    And so it goes...

    Another screwup, another search for answers, another attempt to keep the wheels of duplicity rolling.

    In bolehland, this is the modus operandi. When in doubt or when caught in the act of conning, bend the ball like Beckham.

    And instead of the buck stopping somewhere and honest owning-up, the culprit, with claws clearly in the cookie jar will say, "Who? Me?".

    While we smack our lips at such revelations and the prospect of nailing the perpetrators, they are proud to have pulled off such heists. And probably laughing at our flailings safe in the knowledge that all public apparatus and resources will be brought to bear to ensure that such misdeeds remain unpunished.

    But let us hope this latest episode will lead to something positive. Or it will just be another one of the achievements that bolehland leaders can score on their totem pole of trickery. And if that happens, it'll be back to business again - monkey business that is.

  7. Anonymous6:02 am

    1. Was it the BN or the Opposition that registered me?

    Answer: BN lah.

    2. Did I "vote" for the 1999 and the 2003 general elections?

    Anwer: BN lah

    3. How did this political party in Taman Rapat Setia register me when I never lived there?

    Answer : BN lan @ Umno Taman Rapat Setia.

    The election commission can easily check the address that you so called live in Taman Rapat Setia and trace to the person live there if they want to.

  8. Anonymous6:30 am

    Keep us posted bro, keep us posted!

    And when its lynching time, please, don't ever forget to call us! - Amir

  9. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    Just a thought, would it not be useful for the blogging community start a SPECIAL BLOG to enable the public at large to raise issues concerning the election system?

    Not everybody with a bad experience of being "phantomised" can march up to the Elaction Commission to seek redress.

    We journalists have that avenue but not members of the public.

    They are the ones who are in greater need of protection.

    If unscrupulous and criminal-minded party operators could steal your ID, what guarantee do the average rakyat have?

    Just a thought.

  10. Something is VERY wrong here. How come someone can register us when one of the most important document to provide is our identity card. There must be some kind of control here with regards to our ID card.

    If anyone can use our identity card to register us ANYWHERE, then what if someone use our ID to apply for a loan from a bank or even from ALONG?

    This can happen as precedent has been set by EC to accept registration with copy of ID without the present of the owner of he ID.

    Something is VERY-VERY wrong!!!

    However, I am a registered voter. I registered upon reaching the legitimate age to vote.


    You should have registered earlier and take control of your life.

  11. nora is right. opposition dont have the kinda power needed. ini kerja BN for sure.

    If judiciary can be screwed around, this is nothing.

  12. Anonymous9:15 am

    Malaysia boleh, this is how phantom voters work?

  13. Anonymous9:23 am

    Before July 2007, political parties were allowed to register on behalf of constituents who had not been registered ...

    In that same token, can political parties before July 2007 also allowed to vote on behalf of constituents who had not voted?

    Something smells really fishy!!

    No wonder BN gets to form the government 11 times in a row?

  14. Anonymous9:27 am

    Sickening! Absolutely sickening!!!

    Even the 'sacred' electoral process is tainted with UMNO shit!

    And UMNO calls this country an Islamic state? Where is the Islamic justice here?

  15. Ah, finally. I use to read about these kinda news, and I would think to myself, nah, can't be. We have trusted officers of the government dpiong the right thing....until now!
    Tell me when, bro, I will walk with you to the police station, and make sure that they will investigate this.
    Your press conference? Bila?

  16. Pardon me if I'm a bit skeptic about this. I read your log yesterday and I'm quite surprised (I also don't believe in 'hantu'). Nonetheless, after reading the EC officer's response, it occurs to me that maybe back in '99 somebody that you know might have registered for you. You were with NST at that moment and guess what?! Who owns NST?

    And, I wonder why the heck have you not registered as a voter? That's our right and responsibility. You are 46 and well educated. You should've exercised your right and responsibility long ago. I'm sorry but this is just another example of our ignorance. Bila sudah hujan baru kelam kabut cari payung.

    I suggest that you go to the post office or EC office and change your polling area just like what Datuk Kadir said yesterday.

    Please, everybody use your vested power in the next GE. Stop whining. Just act.

  17. Assalamualaikum Abg Rocky...

    I don't know why I wasn't surprised about this...

    Please read about my case at my blog, if you have the time... It's at:

    Selamat berpuasa!

  18. Bro,
    Yours are certainly not an isolated case. I truly believe that there are many more. How then do you explain that although my bapak who passed away in 1988 but still managed to cast his vote last election. ANd a brother of mine who changed his address when applying his mykad suddenly managed to membuang undi di dua negeri berbeza last election - Kelantan and Selangor. Ohh dah tak heran dah. Anyway agree with Nora, only BN yang capable...

  19. Anonymous10:31 am

    "Before July 2007, political parties were allowed to register on behalf of constituents..."

    Now that is one mighty big stinking loophole which may well have been abused to no end!

    Certainly makes it very important for all Malaysians of voting age, whether they have registered themselves to be voters or not, to check at the SPR website ( ).

    Who knows how many ghostly surprises that may reveal.

    As for the SPR's "We don't know" reply to Rocky's "Was it the BN or the Opposition that registered me?", I think that is entirely untenable.

    There has to be some paper trail. Someone somewhere filled in a form, and there will be some identifying information on it - who filled in the form, which political party if it was a party which registered Rocky) and a date.

    I urge Rocky to include that aspect in his police report, both to make it part of the official record, and to use it as a basis to pursue the matter.

    The SPR must answer who was behind Rocky's ghost.

    And once that "registration by political party" (if such was the case), has been traced, the other registrations that party carried out at that time should also be scrutinised and verified. Were there any more hantu's? If there were, and especially if the number is high, that would certainly be cause for further investigation of registrations carried out by the party.

    And after that, perhaps the matter of action against the wrongdoer?

    I don't know what the chances are of the rakyat ever getting to see the results of such an investigation if it is carried out, but as a party with a personal vested interest, Rocky is well-placed to pursue the matter of his own phantom registration to the rightful end. And publish the findings and actions taken if he choses to.

  20. Anonymous10:47 am

    There another lesson .... there are people out there who preach us about politics but was never a voter! talk about the crab telling its offspring to walk properly

  21. Anonymous10:57 am

    Well Rocky,
    I am now officially scared of you.
    Now I wonder if this blog is really written by you or.......

    I saw a phantom today,
    He had long hair,
    Deep growl and,
    Piercing words,
    They call him....

  22. According to the law you are already registered. If you wait for the EC to investigate and come up with an answer, you will not be able to vote at the next GE. If all the particulars on record are correct (except for the address) can the EC register a change of address pending investigation?


  23. Anonymous11:12 am

    If someone voted as you at the two previous elections, he would have had to produce an IC to obtain a voting slip. So there's someone out there who has a duplicate IC (MyKad?) with your name and chip. And photo and thumb print. And find out where "he" stays and do a check at "your" residence there.

    Man, they should bring out the original application form to see whose thumb print was affixed on it and who signed it. And who in whatever political party submitted your form for you.

    If they submitted one (your) application form, then they could have submitted many other bogus forms. You know, the more the merrier. Maybe the person concerned know "you".

    Man, you should have just shut up and not make such statements in public like "Heck, I don't care about voting", "couldn't care less about registering", "haven't voted all my life" etc etc. There are many "friends" out there ever willing to take advantage of your tidak apa attitude and do it for you.

    So until things clear up, YOU, PHANTOM.

    P/s Also make sure you have not taken another wife or two and have families and relatives that are waiting to welcome you.

    And that you are not on the police wanted list.

    And that banks are not looking for you for that car and housing loan you defaulted back in 2003.

    And PTPTN is wanting you to repay back your study loan

    And you have not guaranteed anybody

    And you have not entered into any legal contracts

    And UMNO and BN have not been giving you any "benefits" for being a "good and loyal boy" without your knowledge

    And you have not applied for a licence to start an "entertainment" business

    etc etc

    Boy, are you in trouble, phantom.

  24. Anonymous11:19 am

    I lodged a complaint with EC some months ago when I learnt that I was still registered in Johor (as of last election). I had approached a temporary EC desk (with signages, forms, name tags, the works) at the Subang Jaya Carrefour early this year to register my wife and at the same time change my permanent address to Selangor, per my IC.

    We did and thought that was that. Not true. The EC confirmed that they have not had any booths at SJ Carrefour in years, and they have no records of our new registration.

    So mystery actually. In the next GE, I could be voting in several states and constituencies for all I know!

  25. Anonymous11:22 am


    just to share some experiences. I have been dealing with SPR and the electoral roll for more than 15 years. You can insist some answers from SPR. First whether some "phantom" using your name has actually casted votes on your behalf for the 1999 and 2004 General Elections. SPR certainly can check. Because at the polling station (i.e. classroom) every voter who enters the room to vote has his name underlined or marked when he/she takes the ballot papers. So don't believe they don't know (they can check the backdated records (electoral roll). Other wise how the shit can they come out with the statistics, as to how many casted their votes. Or in short, SPR called it, "Voters' Turnout."

    As to the registered form (application) as voter, they can also trace back. Don't let them get away so easily. It's because people don't bother that these problems keep propping up.

    SPR is full of worms. Registered voters got "transferred" to some far away constituencies WITHOUT their approval or CONSENT. Or despite having registered, their names went MISSING from the constituencies they were supposed to cast votes.

    In your case, the possibilities are many: Example: the culprits could register (or got hold of your particulars) from credit purchasers (i.e. involving instalment payments), even commercial companies involving sales etc. Or buy such names from them. The costs could be 50 sen per name. Credit card companies always love political party membership particulars too to promote their credit cards. Sometimes, entering certain buildings, you need to pass your IC/MyKad card for them to jot your particulars before giving you a "entry pass". See, all these are possibilities whereby culprits can "sell" your name and details to another group of culprits to further their ends.


  26. Dear all,

    A line from my posting read: "Before July 2007, political parties were allowed to ...".

    It should have read: "Before July 2002, political parties were allowed to ...".

    I have made the correction.

    My apologies esp to Leithasor and Macha, as their comments were in direct reference to the said line.

  27. Anonymous11:46 am

    Rocky, no harm wat. Go to Gopeng and vote lar.. Its still a valid vote..

  28. obviously BN voted for u.should thank those smelly buggers for doing u a favor,man.imagine linning up under the burning hot sun to cast a vote

  29. Anonymous12:17 pm

    Rocky wrote "Before 2002, political parties are allowed to..."

    Why must it be ONLY BN?

    Why can't the blame goes to the Oppositions?

    Oppositions don't do this 'voter registration' also?????


    Political parties are political parties. They do and exploit the situation and opportunities, to the max.

    That's why whenever BN wins in an election, especially by-elections, this "phantom voting" cry comes out. But NONE when the Oppositions win!

  30. people,
    I still maintain only the ruling party can have sole rights to manupilate and do all this dirty tricks ! and for all those who have been taking potshots and passing judgement on Rocky for not having registered as a voter earlier....don't be morons please..I still know people who are even older and never voted...remember that fellow in a wheel-chair and some top member of keAdilan ?(hey I mean no offence, just that I can't remember his bloody name !)just stop being such a fricking least he IS doing it now.(when you are a journo,...and a good one's hard to be impartial in your opinions and write unbiased stories, if you are secretly leaning to any one particular party !)Better late than never !
    You go bro...and ignore the morons !
    Cheers !

  31. why don't we also ask the auditor-general to audit spr?

    i am sure if a-g were to conduct a thorough audit juts like how it did on other government agencies, then there will be more explosive and scandalous discoveries.

  32. Anonymous2:30 pm

    aiyooo... what so bising2? just go n change ur address la rocky just lik Datuk AKJ said... hmmm phantom of what kind u r rocky?... hahahahah it's not new n not "pelik" now.. remember last GE??? BN won 91% of the Parliament seats contested.. huhuuhuhhu "call my name, call my name.." and all the phantom voters turn up to "vote" heheheh magic rite?.. hmmm crap BN, Crap EC n Crap GEs...

  33. This anomaly will arise again in the upcoming G.E. and it will be blatantly utilised in broad daylight as Barisan Najis needs the next win to cling on to survival.

    The only way to stop this is to endorse what BERSIH is trying to do, propose steps and initiatives to prevent these frauds from occuring again.

  34. Rocky wrote "Before 2002, political parties are allowed to..."

    funny. DAP had this registration booth at a night market in SS2, and it was there that I registered. this happened in oct 2006. It wasnt until June this year that my name finally appeared in the spr website.

  35. Anonymous9:30 pm


    Mu advise is.. coming next GE, go to Gopeng and vote... and in the same time, go to the address you're supposed to live and investigate.. who's living there... meet your 'Twin' from another dimention...
    (watch Jet Lee movie on duplicates from another universe/dimention)

  36. Anonymous10:54 pm

    I have help to spread the news at

  37. Anonymous11:48 am

    Wah lau eh! You so lucky to become registered voter without having to line up for 20 mins at post office!

    I'm celebrating today by buying 4d from your last four digit of MyKad

  38. Anonymous9:51 am

    I am amazed that your Parliamentary and ADUN constituencies coincided with mine before the change, except that I registered myself using IC but somehow EC changed it to an address unknown to myself. Below was my comment in MT:-

    kosongcafe wrote:
    I have lost confidence in the EC a few elections ago.

    I registered using my new IC which has my address clearly stated. Yet, according to the EC records, I was registered in a village (which I did not know where) under Gopeng parliamentary constituency instead of Batu Gajah.

    For 2004 elections, I requested for change of address (ie. from incorrect through no fault of mine to correct) but was too late for that election because I did it in early January 2004.

    In July 2004, I checked EC's website and found that it was still under old address. In May 2005, I decided to check again personally. I was told it has been corrected.

    According to EC record, the date of application for change was Jan 5, 2004 and date of amendment was Jan 11, 2004!
    On record, it looked so efficient on EC's part but for election purpose, I had to vote according to the incorrect constituency! I wish they had stated the change using a date after the 2004 election.

    It clearly showed the poor control over any changes and I still cannot get over how and why my original registration got hijacked. Tip of the iceberg?
    09/01 11:45:19

    Topic title:
    09/01: 'EC unable to ensure free and fair elections'
    Category: General
    Posted by: Raja Petra
    Maria J.Dass
    The Sun

  39. Anonymous5:35 am

    Orang Melayu tidak peduli soal politik


    SUNGAI PETANI 23 Sept. – Rasa selamat tinggal di negara sendiri dan tidak mempunyai kesedaran politik merupakan antara punca sesetengah orang Melayu tidak mendaftarkan diri sebagai pengundi walaupun layak berbuat demikian.

    Menteri Penerangan, Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin (gambar) berkata, golongan tersebut bukan tidak mempunyai keyakinan terhadap sistem demokrasi tetapi mereka bersikap tidak mengendahkan perkembangan sekeliling.

    ‘‘Orang Melayu patut mencontohi kaum Cina yang kini mempunyai kesedaran tinggi terhadap hak politik mereka,” katanya kepada pemberita selepas melancarkan perkhidmatan e-sidang dan khidmat pesanan ringkas (SMS) Pejabat Pelajaran Daerah Kuala Muda/Yan di Sekolah Menengah Sains Sultan Mohamad Jiwa, di sini hari ini.

    Katanya, sikap ‘tidak apa’ di kalangan orang Melayu masih menebal termasuk dalam soal yang menjadi agenda politik bangsa.

    Zainuddin mengulas kenyataan Pengerusi Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR), Tan Sri Ab. Rashid Ab. Rahman bahawa sebahagian besar rakyat yang mendaftar dalam Gerakan Perdana Pendaftaran Pemilih yang berakhir bulan lepas adalah bukan bumiputera.

    Menurut Menteri Penerangan itu, pendedahan SPR itu bukan sesuatu yang mengejutkan beliau.

    Zainuddin memberitahu, usaha telah dijalankan oleh agensi kerajaan dan parti-parti politik termasuk komponen Barisan Nasional (BN) untuk mendaftarkan pengundi baru, tetapi langkah itu hanya berjaya menarik sebahagian daripada mereka.

    Sehubungan itu, ujarnya, usaha berterusan perlu dijalankan oleh semua pihak termasuk badan bukan kerajaan (NGO) untuk menarik golongan muda agar mendaftar sebagai pengundi.

    ‘‘Saya akan arahkan agensi-agensi di bawah Kementerian Penerangan menjalankan kempen masing-masing untuk menyeru orang Melayu mendaftarkan diri sebagai pengundi,” katanya.

    Beliau mendakwa orang Melayu lebih berminat untuk bercakap banyak tentang soal politik dan membuat kritikan tetapi kurang bertindak serta lalai dalam mempertahankan hak mereka.

  40. on a separate note... rocky... why arent you registered?

  41. Anonymous9:59 pm

    Certainly. I agree with you.