Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The March in Pictures

Putrajaya, 26 Sept 2007.

Miss FRU

No entry for the lawyers' buses

Edmund Bon leads the 5km walk after cops stop the lawyers' buses from entering Putrajaya

Nuraina A. Samad, journo-blogger

A prominent lawyer-politician

Imtiaz, Disquiet


As far as the eyes can see

People's Parliament blogger-lawyer Haris Ibrahim

Bloggers Shanghai Fish, Niamah, Zorro, and 3540 Jln Sudin
Several others turned up in support of the marching lawyers, including Jeff Ooi, Tony Yew, Elviza, Jules, E-Woon, Li Tsin & Nathaniel, Rikey Wattahack, and Shar 101, who represented bloggers for the 5km walk with Edmund Bon and gang.

The young lawyers

And the rain ...

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  1. Kudos to u LawGuys.and LawGals, u guys actually did it.I covered the event with my lens. and saudara Rock, the last Umbrella shot picture ,, classic,, i missed that .Good job to the Pixperson. And boy,, lady lawyers look Good now a days,, which cave was i living in...And to Pak Lah's advisors ,, Guys ,, get another job,PLEASE ! Tarak damage control at all ! Read the REUTERS , AFP , EPA , picture captions .U just make the guy look bad.U aint doin what ur seemed to be supposed to be seen doin doin at all.Well ,thats another story ,ending this with a bad joke k. Q: What do u call a thousand Lawyers tied together at the bottom of the Putrajaya lake ?
    A: A good START.

  2. looks fun really...

    me at a conference...

  3. Anonymous12:38 am

    In 1936, my idol Mao Tse Tung began his epic Long March and paved the way for the birth of the People's Republic of China. Now, the people of Malaysia have begun their long march. The march to putrajaya may be a short march but it is a symbol of our struggle against lies, stupidity, treachery, bigotry, racism and hatred perpetrated by Umno and its ilk. Our Long March has just begun. And Mao would have been proud of us. March on, brudders and sisters. By the way, i apologise to every marcher for not turning up for the historic march because i was down with a bad flu. But my heart was with everyone of you heroes.

  4. An FRU with Angelina Jolie-like lips .... yummy. Having FRU around won't be a deterrent but an attraction.

    Hidup FRU!

  5. There goes pahala terawih tonite ... now have to redo all 20 rakaat ... sigh.

  6. Sorry I couldnt join you guys yesterday. I had to be in Melaka to see a very sick aunt at the GH. I'm off again this morning after sahur for the funeral.

  7. Condolences to Capt Ancient Mariner & family.

    Kudos to Rocky and other fellow bloggers for the photo-report.

    Well done, members of the Police Force for maintaining today an uneventful protest march.

    Good luck to the three Tan Sris of the inquiry board.

  8. Anonymous8:35 am

    This looks fun actually as compare to the Batu Burok incident. Perhaps Malay Muslim opposition needs to learn on how to demonstrate in more civil manner. Don't have to copy Hamas or Hizbullah. :)

  9. Anonymous8:54 am

    i am very proud of each and everyone of you. well done.

    ~anon 12.55

  10. Anonymous8:58 am

    The event was indeed a good start for our nation. I'm sure if everyone is serious and knows what he/she/heshe is doing, the ending would be fantastic! Well done to all!

  11. Anonymous9:09 am

    ...anwar brahim baru tab sikit hangpa semua dah terkujat...apa barang..pelan-pelan kayuh la..jgn sampai terkucil dah lah..demi agmaku,bangsaku dan tanah melayu..

  12. Anonymous10:32 am

    Respect! finally, Malaysians dare to stand up and speak!

  13. damn, i wanted to join you guys but biasalah, work commitments..

    im proud to have seen these photos on all the blogs.

    well done guys. i've been longing to see the masses take it to the streets since 1998. with a clear and strong conscience.

    i came from the masses.
    went down to the streets.
    i learn. i think. i act.
    and take the street back to the masses.

    lawan tetap lawan!

  14. If the police thought the lawyers were as "lembeh" as those over-fed (sorry but pun intended) umnoputras, they were dead wrong; trying to intimate and prevent these "gallant defenders" of justice from getting to POJ on foot and forcing them to walk under the hot noon sun, they should have known better!

    I salute you, one and all. You guys are our heroes in shining armors. Malaysians owe you a big THANK YOU!

  15. Anonymous11:40 am

    ???? Independent Panel ????

    Tan sri Haidar Mohamed Noor-

    Involved in the 1988 Judicial Crisis
    Trsutee of Perdana Leadership Foundation

    Oiiii, for crying out loud, is this case involved one Tun Dr Mahathir or not? Or, is he completely out of the picture?

    Tan sri Lee Lam Thye-
    Chairman of National Service Training Council, works closely with the Minister of Defence on National Service Training issues.

    Director of Media Prima- which is indirectly linked to UMNO.

    You call that INDEPENDENT?????

    Now I am not questioning the integrity of any members of the panel but surely as any lay-person in law could tell you that this is a highly prejudicial investigation.

    Whatever the outcome of the probe, neutrality will still be called into question. Go sit and think about it ......deeply!

  16. Assalamualaikum bro,

    Great photos here and I like the one up close of the FRU ladytrooper!

    Guess if teargas doesn't work, a charming smile might melt away the hearts of the protesters, huh?

    Anyway, thanks for the reports and pictures.

    MENJ and me had to walk quite a distance as a result of the roadblocks and arrived just as the main crowd was swirling out of the POJ compounds.

    Hope to meet up again with you in any future events.

    Take care and Selamat Berpuasa!


  17. Anonymous1:07 pm

    wee, come out to reclaim your pMP post and sue the crooked judge wh fix the judgement.
    no wonder, the crook is now dead silent and has to issue a denial thru the protector from UMNO.
    the investigation is nothing but bollocks. first, its highly restrictive as far as the scope is concerned. second, the panel members' credibility leaves too much to be desired.
    the "investigation" is nothign more than to buy time until the crook retires in Oct. after that, the government is gonna used the retirement reason as the basis for case to be closed and the judiciary will remain under the control of the executive.
    no way, jose. only a ROYAL COMMISSION will do. The King hear us? Send your support for the petition to

  18. Anonymous1:08 pm

    My deepest condolence, Captain.

  19. cutelah miss fru tu...
    bulu kening bukan main lagi...


  20. Am proud to see there still some 'conscience' in this country!

  21. Anonymous1:46 pm

    Let me state categorically, there will not be a royal commision. The independent inquiry will find a way for Fairuz to move on without being punished or wronged.

    This is what Badawi stands for: NOTHING. He has no strength to choose a side or stand for something his own. Mediocrity is the rule for his administration with the excuses after excuses for not doing the hard, the tough and the difficult.

  22. Anonymous1:55 pm

    Actually 2 of the saddest news.

    1. Nurin
    2. 1/3 of Langkawi fishes dead and poisoned by a Malaysian.

    How can there be murderers like that???!!!

    1/3 of fishes of the 4000 number - can you imagine? And these are the main display of Langkawi Aquarium. I am so sad. I went to that Aquarium and the fishes swam there for 12 years. The Shark was 12 years old killed by a Malaysian.

    We are losing our values.

    1. When we get angry, we threaten others and frame one another of wrong doings. The news we read of corruptions are those framed for revealing discrepancies in the govt.

    2. When we get threatened, we use C4 bombs from the government storage.

    3. When we get angry, we poison fishes that have been brought all over the world.

    What has become of us?

    Money is our god.
    Politics is our god.
    We are power crazy.
    We think that the short cut way is the way for Malaysians.
    We think that we can get what we want, however we want it.

    To solve problems, we murder.
    To get what we want, we steal even if the baby is a sweetheart of another.
    We resort to bribing and covering up.

    But Allah S.W.T. knows and sees our heart. Hakim Yang Adil menghakimi semua.

    Every action has a consequence.
    What we sow, we will reap.
    But, it will also cause others pain and misery.

    Why? Why do it?

    Just live an upright life and be patient.

    Rezeki setimpal dengan usaha. Allah S.W.T. akan memberkati segala ketakwaan dan kesabaran kita. Lebih baik menanti nikmat Allah S.W.T. dari merebut dengan gelojoh tanpa memikirkan akibatnya atau hukuman yang menanti.

    Marilah kita memilih makanan rohani dari makanan ego.

    Kita boleh menggunakan segala peluang untuk menjadi hamba Allah S.W.T. Bersyukurlah nikmat Allah S.W.T. dan menjauhilah dari ego yang tak tentu hala.

    Berikut kisah Rasulullah ketika Isra’

    Rasulullah S.A.W. mengalami pembedahn dada/perut dilakukan oleh Malaikat Jibril. Hati Baginda S.A.W. dicuci dengan air zamzam, dibuang ketul hitam (’alaqah) iaitu tempat syaitan membisikkan waswasnya. Kemudian dituangkan hikmat, ilmu, dan iman ke dalam dada Rasulullah S.A.W. Selepas pembedahan, didatangkan binatang Buraq untuk ditunggangi oleh Rasulullah dalam perjalanan luar biasa yang dinamakan Isra’

    Tiba di masjid al-Aqsha, Rasulullah turun dari buraq. Kemudian masuk ke dalam masjid dan mengimamkan sembahyang dua rakaat dengan segala anbia dan mursalin menjadi ma’mun.

    Rasulullah SAW terasa dahaga, lalu dibawa Jibil dua jenis minuman - khamr (bahasa Arab yang bermaksud sesuatu yang memabukkan) dan susu. Lantas, Rasulullah memilih susu.

    Jibril berkata,
    "Benar, engkau telah memilih air susu adalah lambang kesucian dan seandainya engkau mengambil minuman keras nescaya akan tersesatlah engkau dan umat engkau."

    Jika mengikut nafsu dan kebiasaan minuman jahiliah yang menonjolkan sifat kelelakian, mesti dipilih minuman keras. Tetapi, dipilih susu walaupun tidak mencerminkan tindakan agresif dan kelelakian. Memang tidak masuk akal, tapi ini juga pilihan yang akan diberkati Allah S.W.T.

    Semoga kita memilih yang betul. Yang sudah memikirkan untuk memberi jawapan kesat atau jalan pintas, biarlah dipenuhi fikiran yang sempurna. Yang sudah mempunyai niat membabi buta, biarlah mengurung diri dan bersembahyang. Sembahyanglah sebelum disembahyangkan - sekarang lepas baca posting pun tidak terlambat. Masa akan menentukan apa yang bakal dianugerahkan kepada mereka yang sabar melaksanakan yang betul.

  23. Excellent, Rocky. Shanghaifish, using your camera, did manage to photograph them lawyers under the pillars.

    And Rocky, sorry to turn you down on the offer for the lift during the 5km walk but there was this lady, ex-lawyer and now with Sisters in Islam by the name of Lyn(sp?) who was adamant to complete the 'unscheduled' walk and I said to myself, "If she wants to do it, so shall I".

    Plus another elderly chinese lady lawyer (I forgot her name) who got off from her car driven by the hubby joined us too. She could have found another route to POJ but she didn't. Saw her later in front of PMO, all soaked up but looking jubilant nevertheless.

    Made myself useful by saying things like:
    a) Let's just be glad we're doing this and NOT pushing kapcais as well.
    b) Bright sunshine, and windy too. God likes us.
    c) This SB guy is video-taping us every so often, gets into his car, goes further up, and does it again. Let's puncture his tyres.
    d) Just imagine the standing ovation from the crowd at POJ when we arrive. Priceless. I was the All-Blogs representative huh?

    The rest was history, as people would say.

  24. Anonymous1:58 pm

    great pics!

    by the way the "young lawyers" are
    top left to right: Dorothy, Yu Jian, Lydia, Eng Boon, Clement.

    bottom left to right: Joe, Renan Justin Gautier, Fadzilah, Christina Loke, Kean Jin


  25. Anonymous2:09 pm

    Perhaps the lawyers can start something like this to fight the injustice perpertrated by the untouchables.

    (Brought to my attention by Rojaks.)

  26. Anonymous2:10 pm

    another diective from Internal Security to downplay the lawyers' march.
    another nail on the coffin for mainstream media as far as credibility is concerned.
    keep it up bloggers. your role as credible information provider is getting more important by the day.

  27. Denny Crane!

    I'd love to fuck a lawyer. Again.


  28. Anonymous3:42 am

    Sorry, to be sceptical, but i think lawyers tried to defend the interference of the executive in the judiciary in the 1980's. If they wanted to do it they should have done it then when the Lord President was sacked. True, the sacking could be justified and argued but the tribunal set up was chaired by the Deputy Lord President Tun Hamid was surely not a credible one as he stand to gain in the absence of Tun Salleh Abbas. Surely on this point alone the tribunal set up lost its credibility. True enough, the man became Lord President afterwards. Thats the turning point in the history of judiciary in this country. I also remember at the time there was a suggestion that the tribunal should consist of judges from the Commonwealth countries because the Lord President was the highest ranking man within the judiciary and secondly Malaysia's legal system was a carbon copy of the British legal system. For nearly 20 years there was injustice within the judiciary. Now, suddenly everyone has a conscience. The young lawyers (and the younger generations) dont even know how and when the system became rotten. The 80's was the turning point for a lot of things in this country; starting with illegalisation of UMNO.

    Penanak Nasik

  29. Anonymous2:04 pm