Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"Rare protest march"

Proud to be fighting the causes with you. A simple message from Edmund Bon, who had to walk an extra 4km-5km, together with some 200 lawyers, when the buses they were traveling on were prevented from entering the Administrative Capital and they were forced to walk 4km-5km under the scorching Putrajaya sun to get to the Palace of Justice.
"Thank you 4 attending/supporting the largest non-political party based protest march with a historic 2000. I am proud to be fighting the causes with u."


  1. Anonymous6:59 pm

    My congratulations to the police for allowing the "protesters" to march to submit a memorandum to the PM.

  2. Anonymous7:18 pm

    OMG! im so proud of you guys! *huggies*

    but i believe that the "battle" isnt over yet. we want actions to be taken. we want to know that our government listens to our voices.

    hehe.. at least maybe this will give them some meaningful works to do.

    anyways, im proud of you guys!

  3. The 200 plus walkers who did the additional 1.5km walk from POJ to PMO can be considered as 'veterans'.

    They did their tour of duty TWICE!

    And then, we got drenched. Right down to our briefs/panties and socks/hosiery too.

    Zorro lost one 'sole' prior to the march, thrashed the other one along the way and left it at AAB's front gate. Must have given the bomb squad quite a fright when the description of the rather offensive and foreign object did not fit anything in their manual.

    Thank you E.Woon for the 'haram' smokes and Tony Yew for the comfortable, warm tee-shirt thereafter.

    And I hope Shanghaifish managed to get photos of lawyers under the pillars during the storm coz they seem to be 'upholding justice and democracy' for the nation. It was that surreal, man.

    P.S. 4/5km plus 1.5km. No way I'm doing this again that soon.

  4. Anonymous7:40 pm

    just something to point out, the article refers anwar ibrahim as former prime minister.. funny..

  5. Anonymous8:07 pm

    My admiration goes to those who braved the rain for about 40 minutes in front of the PM's Office while waiting for Bar Council President Ambiga Sreenevasan and three other representatives to emerge from the complex after handing over the memorandum.

    Quote of the day:
    "When lawyers walk that means there is something wrong." - Ambiga

  6. Wow! I wish I was there to see that!

  7. Anonymous9:25 pm

    Good stuff!

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  9. Right E Woon....

    We heard you. We also heard Ambiga.

    So what happened to the 11,000 plus lawyers & members of Bar Council who did not 'walk'?

    All of them conveniently 'unavailable' or 'indispensable'????

  10. Never respected Malaysian lawyers until today.
    Is the the beginning of the resurrection of Malaysia's judiciary?

  11. Anonymous11:15 pm

    I live in Johor and could not join the March of the Brave Souls today. After all the negative reports of racial disharmony and religious intolerance, I felt proud today to be Malaysian. And I am sure our Founding Fathers in Heaven must have looked at us with pride.It has given me hope that all is not lost yet.

    Even though I was not at the March, my heart and soul was and I watched Singapore's Ch. News Asia every hour on the hour for the news report. I did not watch Malaysian TV channels because I have no faith in them to report this event well. My teenage daughter joined me when this event was reported on Ch News Asia and I made it a point to explain to her the significance of the event and what it means to people of her generation. I told her that those lawyers and people in that march were there to protect a very fundamental right of our democracy and that is the independence and integrity of the Judiciary. She listened in silence and watched intently the news on the screen as the significance of the event sank in.

    Today, another young Malaysian is really born.

  12. Anonymous12:16 am

    Zakir's Zoo ... would i be accused of being presumptious to detect a sneer in your comment?

    The 11k plus who did not walk is not the point and you would have to direct that question at them for reasons only known to them. i can't speak for them. The fact that about 1500 "suits" and others took time off their schedule to show up and walked the 3.5km to the PM's Office, at risk of being thumped, speaks loads about commitment and verve to want to effect change.

    Without sounding offensive, i would like to ask this of you: where were you?

  13. Mr E Woon,

    I am afraid I was with the other 11,000 plus Bar Council members who were not there, being 'unavailable', 'indispensable' and 'something-came-up-last-minute' excuses' like "suffering from diarrhea and terrible pain in the ankle!".(I was happy as a clam recuperating in bed!)

    I am sure the other 11,000 plus Bar Council members spread all over Klang Valley had something of in between these sort of problems, don't you think so?

    Otherwise, how else could one explain why less than 10% registered members of the fraternity, 'walked the talk' in an event organised by the 'council'.

    Sneer comment? Hahhahahahahahahhaha

    Sarcasm is my middle name, right in between 'Cheeky' and 'resilient bastard!'...........

    "Duck, in coming shell!", so I shall be prepared for the flak.............

  14. Anonymous5:38 am

    oh mr zakhir,

    Go duck a spider.

    you already sound so stupid.

    pathetic even..

  15. Anonymous9:30 am

    Zakhir's Zoo ... be assured that this is no in-coming shell neither was i meaning to be contentious in my first reply to your comment. Let me try to explain myself.

    i read and take out what i see in print and although England isn't my mother-tongew i believe i have a fair understanding of the language to appear to be quite proficient at it.

    As for the sarcastic innuendo slotted between cheeky and a resilient bastard, as you put it, there's no way i could have sensed it. Ever more so when i did not have the benefit of hearing you deliver the words and myself certainly am no mind-reader.

    i will accept your explanation and i hope you do mine. Crossing sword with your goodself was never intended but an attempt to engage you for a better perspective as to where you are coming from was. i know better now, don't i? lol

    May i offer my grandmother's cure for your condition. Get a CAN of pineapple rings (it will probably set you back RM4) and consume its content - syrup included - straight out of the tin.

    Don't ask me why it works but it does all the time. Even the most hardcore cynics had been convinced.

    Have a speedy recovery, my friend.

    N.B. Please DO NOT ever try FRESH pineapples as an alternative - your condition will worsen!

  16. Anonymous10:15 am

    Or maybe, something as commonplace as knowing which side your bread is buttered on?

    Spare us the high-faluting sarcasm!

  17. Anonymous12:57 pm

    Some lawyers were not at the march because they had on-going trials at the Industrial and other courts. Lest you forget, lawyers do owe a duty to their clients too and would be jeopardising their cases by failing to show up in court. I believe the march is a first step. If there is no Royal Commission, hopefully there will be another march... and this time, the numbers will swell.

  18. Anonymous5:27 pm

    If Bar is sincere, how come they are not suspending VK Lingam, pending investigation and disbar the bugger if he's found guilty (actually even if he's talkng to the wall, he should be disbarred because of his conduct which clearly unethical. So Bar please walk the talk. Walking 5km from palace of justice to Seri Perdana does not count, if you can't even take action on something which is clearly within your control

  19. Anon (5.27pm),

    There is a certain truism in what you say about what the Bar Council should or can do towards VKL.

    It is also true that the rule of law defines a person is innocent until proven guilty.

    The ACA are investigating at this stage based on the evidence provided by Keadilan. The ACA now has the locus standi to proceed further on the issue to determine criminal intent and/or other chargeable felony.

    The Bar Council, in my opinion, do not but presumably, on ethical grounds, will fall back on their charter to pursue this matter at a later stage for professional misconduct. Furthermore, VKL is currently overseas with a tycoon, therefore, any intent by the B.C. to proceed with a suspension without his presence will be considered as prematurely hasty.

    And please desist from thinking that the VKL matter is the only issue on the plate because the 'Walk for Justice' encompasses a lot more than that. Even Nazri Aziz seems to think as such and equating the effort to influence from opposition parties.

  20. Anonymous5:42 am

    Shar 101,

    Sounds like lame excuse on Bar Council part to me. Well written argument though but in substance failed to convince lay man like me. Fact of the matter Bar and can or could have acted. Suspension pending outcome of an investigation does not necessarily imply VKL is guilty.

    Nothing in the memorandums that were submitted relate to subjects other than VKL issue and the setting up of independent judicial commission so I assumed that the Walk for Justice relates specifically to those two issues which you saying that is not the case, so what else does it encompass? Lina Joy case?