Thursday, September 27, 2007


Lancau? It stands for Lawyers National Campaign Against Untouchability, Nepal.
Thanks, blogger Two Sword Fish for directing this blog to Rojaks Daily, who thinks Malaysian lawyers could make an impact with their own Lancau. p.s. The posting was done before yesterday's march.
Click here to see Lancau.


  1. Anonymous2:53 pm

    Seriously? Whoa...for a moment I thought you were into profanities!

    Hmm...wonder what the Malaysian equivalent would be then? - Amir

  2. Anonymous3:54 pm


    are u kidding? hoohoohooo..

    our LANCAU version is not that good lah. better not ask the meaning of our LANCAU.

    and going back to the Walking Judges, why wouldn't they (the ones know and understand the law very much) act with more judge-style? i mean, put up a case about the matters they do not satisfy with.

    there are few bad apples, i am sure about that. but bringing down the house all together?


  3. Anonymous5:09 pm

    You naughty man...haw,haw,haw. whispering9.

  4. Locally its quite famous too , suprised u guys havent heard of them.They were in full force at Putrajaya yesterday.they are know as the .... Lawyers And Nerds Council Advocating Upheaval.

  5. Shouldn't it read Open here to see LANCAU?

  6. My god no other short abbreviation
    This is the equivalent to a male organ
    The middle finger if one shoots to the air
    Have the lawyers really defying the government yet?

    I know there is a start
    In life as well as fighting for change
    There must be a spark to ignite a fire
    Now the lawyers marching into it

    The fire must keep burning
    For the night will be haunted and cold
    The government won’t let it go easily
    Any opposition has to be crushed without mercy

    This is the law of jungle
    The power wants to rule
    There shouldn’t be any opposition
    Like in Myanmar the monks did
    But the soldiers ordered to open fire
    When power that be felt threatened
    It takes the worst measure to control
    By creating fear into the people

    When one walks peacefully
    Change will come albeit slowly
    One feels the strength in every step
    To finally arrive to make the change

    Let the spark burning
    Here in the minds of the people
    The leaders can’t fool all the people
    They now realize they are worried souls

    Lawyers marching for a change
    In the government in its administration
    Action will carry the weight
    In the ballot box so it will be

  7. hihi....what a dick.

  8. Anonymous11:33 pm

    Lancau is Lancau is A lancau.

    What else can Lancau be?

    A few wanna be "capital" LANCAU in our gomen such as the self proclaimed "Minister of Lor"

    That's one big LANCAU, another from Jasin, not too bright, one eye only, is also another Lancau, and another limp Lancau, always asleep 1.

    so Many lancau, csan form up the Malaysian Lancau Association.

  9. Anonymous12:13 am

    Hmm... that reminds me of a group that got their application rejected by ROS too.

    It was Persatuan Untuk Kaum Ibu.

  10. Anonymous7:34 am

    Bro Rocky, LANCAU is not that foul word in common chinese dialect. If you add an 'I' between the C and A ....Ahhh that is also not a foul word. Just a description of our lower important organ lah.
    Depends how we use the word....and how it was taken by the other person....then it can be said ..a foul word.LOL

  11. Anonymous2:02 pm

    say it loud.ha ha actually i'm not a chinese.