Thursday, September 27, 2007

Extra precautions at IJN

Making sure this time. Doctors at IJN have ordered super-stringent additional measures, especially with regards to visitations, to ensure that Dr M is not exposed to any more infection following the second surgery - for wound debridement - last weekend.
"... we now have to sterilise our hands, wear a mask AND a gown. And our long tresses have to be held back," according to daughter Marina's latest posting here.
Dr M can already sit down and eat soft food but will remain at ICU for now, according to Bernama here.


  1. The IJN admin should also quickly do these three things if they haven't:

    - demosquito the fifth floor; i have been bitten too many times there these past weeks;

    - check the sanitation of the aircond system of the ICU on the first floor; i have been inside it;

    - reinspect the conditions of the autoclaves and instrument sanitizing equipment and chemicals.

    hi, i am walla.

  2. hello walla,

    ye la.. kita kena cek sikit org2 yang datang pi tgk dr mahather kat sana la...