Saturday, September 08, 2007

Get a blog, YBs

Not enough coverage. It seems that Nazri Aziz, whom one has to consider a senior MP and Cabinet minister, was whining the other day about not getting enough coverage in the mainstream media.
A former NST editor happened to be at the function Nazri was officiating and has proposed at the same function, which was a media forum that MPs and Ministers set up their own blogs to reach the people and their constituents.

Jolly good idea. But will they have what it takes to maintain a blog?
Read what Pahit Manis had to say about Nazri and complaining YBs.


  1. The servile media is at their beck and call so why do they need blogs.
    Woe betide any UMNO/BN MP who starts a blog. He will die of a heart attack after reading the scorn, curses and swearing from the readers. He will never know how hated he is until he reads comments.
    The only MP who has the best kept blog is of course Lim Kit Siang and I bet my botton dollar not a single Barisan MP will measure up to him.

  2. Anonymous9:09 pm

    not getting enough coverage.OMG haven't we suffered enough.

    anyway Nazri plse start a blog cos love to give you a piece of my mind. and we will also know who is the goblok.

  3. Anonymous9:48 pm

    No body in the mainstream newspapers dares to blast him.

    He is most welcome to start his own blog and should not be expecting the same treatment from the bloggers....

    Stop crying like a baby, have the guts and start your blog Nazri.

  4. Anonymous10:35 pm

    Get a blog, YBs? Surely you mean "Get a life, YBs".

    Why bother? Why complain?

    Many of them will get re-elected without really trying at the next unfair elections. Their jobs are quite secure really.

  5. If the food is good, customers will make a beeline towards it. Likewise, if the leader delivers, there should not be any concern about a lack of media mileage. If someone is concerned that people should know what he has been doing, then he should first be doing what people are concerned. Has he? He should start by answering that question first for himself. So far the entire nation only associate him with two things: the word racist and the word stupid.

    That is hardly an achievement for a senior minister, let alone someone purportedly linked to those taxi licenses.

    How can our country ever make true progress like this?

    Sad he doesn't have a blog yet; he will surely miss this neat post.

  6. Anonymous1:02 am

    what do you expect from the barisan MPs? where got time to maintain blog. afterall, they need all the time to scheme big time money making projects ala KPA. And they need time to defend the indefensible corrupt comrades. birds of the feather flock together, brudar.

  7. Anonymous2:02 am

    was that why he was knocking blogs every chance he got? so that he got covered. Smart ass, he is.
    Then everybody started doing the same.

  8. Anonymous2:48 am

    Please don't start a blog.

    Continue your grand statements and ramblings in the "mainstream" media. They will, I guarantee you, be published ad nauseam (how I love that word).

    Continue to whine and snivel in those newsletters. They will be only to happy to publish them.

    And feel vindicated that because your words and only your words have been allowed in those rags,and not those with a different point of view, only you and your ilk carry the unvarnished truth. Why risk certain ridicule by bloging and detract from that great high you get when you get quoted, even if what you say says nothing and means even less.

    But please, please don't start a blog. We have enough wish-wash, drivel and bunkum in the media as it is. Limit your verbal diarrhea to those willing to lap it up and spew out its contents, ad nauseam.

  9. On the wall hangs the devil
    Meaning red eyes tongue wagging
    Looking at his deplorable conditions
    He tries to fool the people

    “Come to my kingdom
    You taste the good life
    Money comes easy
    You don’t have to cry”

    People smile knowing
    Hands gestures serve you right
    We aren’t coming to your dark world
    We want the light
    For truth and transparency
    In this government fooling us
    With slogans and peanut goodies

    The eyes turn red
    The narrow strip burning
    Alright you fool
    You don’t know what I can do

    The people say
    My god it is enough
    Of your lies and witch crafts
    It is time you are gone
    For truth will make the light

    The people throw stones
    On the wall the devil howls
    Falling pieces off the wall
    The children collect it
    Throwing into the deep well

  10. Anonymous9:32 am

    Rocky these guys are not stupid. They know when they blog they have to take personal responsibility for their own written words. And taking responsibility and practising accountability is alien to their virtues. By using the print media, who will be more than happy to print their bile, they can always claim they were misquoted when there is a public outcry agaianst some stupid comments or provocative speeches they have made.

  11. Anonymous1:16 pm

    Does the MP who was baying for Namewee's blood has what it takes to maintain a blog? The answer is a big NO.

    A popular blogger is one who is:

    1) proficient in the language they use.
    2) able to strkie a chord with the readers.
    3) a genuine person who doesn't crave for publicity but say things from the heart.

    We all know the MP lacks all the qualities stated above. If he wants attention, then starting a blog is the last thing he should consider. Better for him to turn to the mainstream media where there are many lapdogs anxious to lick him.

    Or hope for another Namewee to appear and thrust him into the limelight.

  12. Anonymous2:45 pm

    YB's blogging? Cool! But then, what one earth would they want to write about, taking into account their incompetency in matters of great concern. Well, save for few who are not - incompetent, that is.

    Then - hopefully not - they'd be asking for blogging allowances. Not for themselves, mind you, but to pay their cyber-troopers! And with gall, they'll announce "Hey! We're creating jobs, you see". - Amir

    ps. when something goes wrong, they'll blame it on those cyber-troopers, calling them goblok! Well, go-blogging, you BeeAnn YBs'.

  13. Anonymous4:27 pm

    Nazri who? Is he Malaysian?

  14. Good one, Anon... who is Nazi.. I mean Nazree?

  15. I wonder what on earth Nazri is whingeing about. They already have have the MSM parroting whatever they say. Almost every page in the NST, Star, Berita Harian etc. is filled with this or that government official saying some inanity or another.
    On potentially controversial issues, they have to wait for Permission from the government before they even dare to print the news.
    Goodness, are they looking to resurrect the Pravda here ?

  16. Anonymous6:14 pm

    there was a time where politicians were regard high on other people's life. you see, when a YB came into kampung, he gave so many things to the kampung .everyone benefited.

    but these days, when YB came to kampungs, orang2 kampung got to do many things - sembelih lembu, kenduri, etc etc for the YB.

    that's why no one ever give a damn on them these days. the same goes to 'Datuk' holders.

  17. good idea. The Y.B should have their own blogs as their messages especially pertaining the their policies are like cornflakes, if not marketed, they will not sell, then what is the consequences?

  18. When you seek more (blog)coverage
    Be sure you have enough raw courage
    To wear 'Emperor's New Clothes' as heritage
    And claim transparency as main (not maim) advantage

    Samuel Goh 090907

  19. Anonymous9:15 pm

    Hi Bro Rocky,Sorry to use this subject comment board for the hot news that has come off the oven just a while ago via TV3.

    KJ has been appointed the No 2 in FAM !!!!!!
    Is this the re-awakening of another ala "Dato Harun" thingy ?
    Dato Harun of the 70's was loved more for his soccer than for his administrative skills as the then MB of Selangor.
    What a waste of Oxford traits and qualifications.Or is it a stepping stone for bigger scheme of things to happen politically ?
    Winning the recent sub standard Merdeka Cup with the likes of Lesotho suddenly jolts people like him to ride on an illusionary ego trip.Where was he when we were beaten by the likes of Loas,Cambodia and Singapore?
    This clown prince seems to be really gifted with a magic wand.
    He seems to find positions via the backdoor without contesting in anything that he sets his sights on.
    What next? Maybe he could be our next man in space ....of course via back door( of the space craft)????
    Raja Ahmad......the death knell for you.....


  20. yo YBs,

    here's a suggestion. in your blog, you can touch on your disability. i'm sure you have plenty to write about...kahkahhh

  21. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    In the bahasa Malaysia segment, the largest and most widely read newspapers are no longer the political papers, i.e Berita Harian and Utusan Malaysia.

    Maybe because of too much politics and propaganda, these papers are losing circulation and readers. Utusan fell by as much as 10 per cent year-to-year.

    The biggest Malay newspaper today is the sensational tabloid Harian Metro and the fastest growing is Kosmo!

    For some politicians, it's actually a blessing if they are not reported. They make little sense and there're too many skeletons in their closets -- like partying in Singapore with fine vine and ......

    Thank you.

  22. Anonymous10:09 am

    Now globlok wanna be goblok X 2.

  23. Anonymous11:02 am

    Nazri, what's the difference between getting media coverage and having your own blog ? None.

    Compare the APEC Australia 2007 and Star of David logo. A lot ( of hidden agendas )

  24. Anonymous11:46 am

    May be Nazri should blog about govt companies being sold, or those buying up shares like crazy: e.g ecm libra makes 55 million profit - the bulk of which contributed by avenue - unfortunately govt got no share as avenue sold to ecm earlier...sigh..

    Tabung haji keeps buying up shares in chinese companies at high prices when major sharholders are selling. i suppose it's ok - it's not the officers' money - they belong to the poor kampung folks

  25. Anonymous11:42 am

    follow the leader we suggest follow our yb in hobby.20 to 30 pigs in the garden.